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❄ Character Christmas Gifts
12 Days of Charming - Day III

[Image: giphy.gif]

Post your responses to Day III below!

Even if you're not doing 12 Days, still post here! I want to see what your characters are gifting!! <3

No need to PM me, as I'll be checking here to determine the order.

Pleaes note, direct PMs to me will not count!

[Image: gvM7opq.png]
Ambrosia: The children are getting new items of clothes (hats, dresses, suits, etc. depending on what they need), the majority of the family are getting her hospitality on Christmas Day and Trystan can have some festive sex as long as they don't end up making a Christmas baby. Her best ever gift was the year she first transformed and someone said they were impressed.

Trix: Hates her family so they're getting nothing from her. If Kris pops round at any point he can have a quickie in the cupboard.

Connie: Will be sending confusing sweets to her muggle relatives courtesy of Honeydukes. Holly is getting a book of maps to encourage her to explore the world and an awkward hug. Best ever present was the year her muggle siblings introduced her to their families after years of being estranged.

Konstantin: Amelia is getting a first edition of a magizoology book and an antique locket. His brothers and other close male relatives are getting cigars and/or whiskey. Dio, Xena and Zelda are getting kid gloves. Best present was whatever Amelia is getting him this year <3

Marlena: Eugene gets warm scarf, Helga gets a selection of hair pins and Veronica gets a nice broach - Lena found all of them in Diagon Alley at a pop-up stall selling items that have a tiny bit of amortentia in them so the wearer always smells something nice near to them. It will probably wear off by January. Best present was a massive stack of books she got when she was fourteen about experimental charms that led her into the DoM and experimentation in general. not like that

Morwenna: Is gifting her son several bottles of whiskey in the hope that he'll fall asleep on Christmas night and won't notice her locking herself up in the cellar.

Temperance: LOL. No one gets presents. Blythe can have an orange and be grateful it's not coal. Temperance may also put a new cloak under the tree and claim its from Blythe's dad but if no one saw her being soft then it doesn't count.
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fabulous set by Lady <3
Favorite present she ever got for Christmas was the first set of brushes she received from her father.
Martin is getting a new pocket watch
Sophie is getting a set of gloves
Chrysanta is getting paint supplies because I'm sure Acacia is still trying to teach her to paint
Orinda is getting a new dress
Dunstan is getting a book to match one of his electives
Ellsworth is getting a painting of Hogwarts, in honor of his retirement
Grandma is getting a scarf
Cousins are getting things best suited for hobbies or clothing, depending on how close she is to them
Step-siblings are getting stuffed animals.

His favorite present is a book on the history of India, given to him by his father.
His siblings are each getting books of their favorite genre because he's to stressed out to think of anything more meaningful - and yes Sybille, that means a book on baking

Favorite gift is her pet dog.
She's getting her mother a new dress with matching jewelry. Margaret is getting a new necklace. Arthur is getting several books that Dorothy hopes he likes. Her youngest sister is getting books on ladies modern fashion.

She gets bored so easily with gifts she is given. Whatever her dad last got her that she actually liked, most likely (here for the attention).
Getting her father something that some fancy painting. Ambrosia is getting a really ugly broach that Liliana swears is the latest fashion it isn't and she knows it. Cad's getting an etiquette book. Hortense is getting a book on potions that's really advanced. Youngest legit Selwyn child is getting a book on how not to blow up the house while making weird things. Her courting man is getting an society appropriate sweetheart gift. Everyone else is getting the gift of being blessed by her presence.

Loves the crystal figurine of a phoenix that her father got her the year she was named prefect.
Hugo is getting a book that Rosie barely put thought into. Albin is getting a new broom. Isolda is getting a really big book on poetry. Emma is getting a stack of several modestly sized books. Zach hasn't gotten anything because Rosie is still too flustered by everything.
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Magic by Elaine!

I'm not doing 12 Days, just wanted to post gifts!

@Roberto Devine - a Quidditch themed pair of cufflinks and a new corset for herself (lol)
@Porphyria Dempsey - A leather bound journal, a fancy quill, and a carefully crafted list of mistletoe partners during her Christmas Eve ball.
@November Malfoy - a romance novel disguised as a book of poetry, and an actual book of poetry.

Zelda- as discussed
@Evander Darrow - a book on cartography on the off chance he'll get really into navigational science and they can bond over it
@"Caroline Delaney" - a few chocolates and a letter preemptively apologizing for Evander not buying her anything nice for Christmas, because Alfred's sure he won't.
@Charity Lloyd - a book of Grimm's fairy tales and a small journal
@Hamish Darrow - booze

@Aldous Crouch and @Roman Crouch - top shelf booze from Jewell + a work related thing like a fancy paperweight or a letter opener.
Nova - some fancy bath salts

@Zachariah Binns @Rosie Binns and all her friends- yummy treats from local vendors (jams, breads, cookies, etc)
@Emma Binns - rabbit treats
All her research subjects - heartfelt, handwritten Christmas cards and small treats like candy canes

@Billie Farrow - a broom care kit & a pair of riding gloves, plus enough edible treats she won't need to eat real food again until February, lol
@Augusta Robins - an advertisement for ice skates and a standing invitation for lessons any time she wants this winter
@Quincey Honeyduke - booze and an over large scarf
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• Her mother gifted her a small, but pretty, hairclip that has been passed down through the firstborn daughters for generations. She has never worn it because she's too afraid to lose it.
• Her friends and siblings (with the exception of Cameron) are all receiving various pieces of Honeyduke's Candy. Sisse is being gifted a scarf that Alice made (it's not perfect, but she couldn't afford much more than the yarn to make it). Ned is getting a neatly organized notebook containing meticulous notes for Herbology class (including but not limited to charts on how to grow specific plants).

• Has never experienced a great Christmas before. Even last year, which was likely his best one, was spent moping in a tent. That being said, he likely has never received more than the passing candy or card for Christmas.
• Eva is getting a Highland Cow that should have its calf around New Years. Murph is getting whatever his favorite alcohol is and Fergus is getting a toy that he talked about wanting with Eva.

• Some lady he liked gifted him sex for Hannukah. All eight days. Nothing has ever topped it.
• Not really the type to have the forethought for gifts. He just shows up at family gatherings and expects to be fed.

• If Julius ever gifted her anything for Christmas that would be her favorite. Otherwise she'll say whatever random gift popped into her head at that moment as her favorite.
• Linford is getting nothing because he's back home. The kids are all receiving intricately carved toys. Siblings and spouses are all being jilted because her presence is enough tyvm. Julius will receive the gift of sex if it is made possible somehow.

• is more of a gifter than a lover of gifts. She probably claims Malou moving in with her after school as her greatest gift.
• She will not have time to purchase anyone gifts this Christmas as she's undercover from mid-November to Christmas.

• Nothing is sticking out as a favorite gift. She has a chest of her childhood toys that she still has, so likely a doll or something similar gifted when she was young.
• Deanna is getting a charmed coin that will alert her mother when she's in labor (still months to go but can never be too prepared) and fancy bath salts. Daniel is getting a new pair of cufflinks. August may get something depending how their thread goes? Watch this space.

• doesn't typically celebrate Christmas with her family anymore. (First year she's been home since graduating.) She would claim some random gift given by Saturn while abroad as her favorite.
• Her family are all getting some random trinket from Egypt that she wrote and asked to purchase. Zachariah's gift is a warm fuzzy evening together.

• Her elder sister bought her a first edition Transfiguration textbook the year Melody got her OWLs. She keeps it in her bedside drawer like a bible.
• Natal family is getting nothing because she is disowned. Ben's family is getting whatever Ben thought to gift because Melody doesn't know them well enough. Ben is being gifted something practical and useful since they're broke. Also whatever broom polish is he tends to favor for Adelaide.

• Her dad gifted her her first tool set and it has remained her favorite ever since.
• Nemo is the only person she's buying a gift for, and even that is a day trip to Paris for New Year's. Elias will get baked cookies and a promise not to let in feral cats for at least a week.
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Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
I'm only doing the three gift recipients right now because my brain is tired, but I'll probably edit this later and add others <3

Billie Farrow:

1.  Billie's favorite gift isn't a tangible thing.  Her favorite gift is being able to spend Christmas with Gideon, especially that first Christmas.
2.  For Gideon: She tried very hard to make him a wand holster with his name on, but she failed miserably. Instead, she made a sign that says "Gideon's Wands - The Best Ollivanders" to put in his shop window so people know they should go to his shop and not his brother's. She also got him some of his favorite candy. |  For Quin:  She installed burglar bells on all of his windows, convinced that he might have another dungbomb break-in. She also let a street cat loose in his basement, since she can't catch rodents for him while at school. | For Gus:  She probably consulted with Hermia about what quidditch players would really want for Christmas, couldn't decide, and instead made her a terrible looking card and packed candy that supposedly would make her "faster." | For Jimmy: A Christmas card with trick candy inside that will make him temporarily go bald.

Edison Moony:

1. I don't think Ned plays favorites with anything, but his broom is one of his most cherished since, even as a hand-me-down, it was an expensive gift.
2.  For Anne: A book of useful spells for defense and an outing that's just the two of them (Anne's choice) | Alice: A (somewhat battered) book about healing injuries from spell damage. | For Sisse: A book about dueling written by a woman to prove women can be duelers, too.

Zachariah Binns:

1. His flippity, floppity, ugly-as-sin traveling hat, probably.
2. For Jo: The world. A chair of her own for his study for when she visits, so she's comfortable (though that likely showed up without comment). Wandless magic books. He probably stole her away for an evening walk. | For Emma: Adventure books. |  For Jules: Research supplies and a few papers he dug up about werewolves from his connections. The latter is given to her in private, of course.

Archer Belby:

1. Honestly, socks.
2.  Annie:  Some candy from Honeydukes  |  Flora: A book about toads.  |  His Mother & Sister: He wasn't sure what to get them, so, in true panicked fashion, he picked out pretty diaries.  Probably not the best gift, but it's something.

Eli Fox:

1. Drawing Paper
2.  For Hestia:  A drawing of her.  |  For Jay: A drawing of him working in the shop.  |  For Simeon: A curious, stolen, magical trinket.
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[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
- His favorite holiday gift was a charmed journal that only he can read.
- Aristide is getting Adrienne a book on magical creatures that he thought she would enjoy and new arrowheads he made himself. He got Liliana, Ambrosia and the other Selwyn womenfolk a floral painting done by his own hand. Trystan, Emrys and Daniel each got a portrait of themselves in some sort of glory.

- Her favorite holiday gift was a pair of earrings given by some lover.
- She is getting Jay some fancy looking book ends, she got Hestia a dagger with a pretty handle with an "H" engraved. Eli got more sketching paper and a handkerchief to help him wipe his face clean after sweeping chimneys. Imogen got chocolates. The rest got some candy.

- A book on flowers and their meanings.
- She is gifting Samuel a bookmark that consists of a pressed flower with the meaning of "hopeful love". Daffy Potts is getting flower seeds that are rare to find. Eloquence Higgs and the others of the friend group are getting chocolates and a card.

- A necklace one of her sisters gave her last year.
- Darling is getting Handsome some new mens gloves and a tie. Sweetie is getting a drawing she did depicting the picnic they had. Cupcake is getting a book about how to bake better. Honey is getting chocolates.

- A music box that one of her siblings gave her years ago.
- January is making cookies and giving them to all of her siblings. February also gets a snowglobe and Edric gets some cigars because she assumes thats what married men like. Their child gets a pair of booties. @Jack Cardew also got cookies and the continued gift of January crushing on him.

- A new, fancy looking sewing kit.
- She got Odira a book, likely similar genre to one she noticed Odira reading in the past. Gideon got chocolates. Calliope got a new handkerchief and the continued gift of letting her pick on Loretta. Pruedence got a book on broomcare. All the connected kids got some candy.

- He got Ophelia a new necklace and earring set that consists of sapphires. Their kiddo got a toy broom because Roberto has hopes for the future.

- He got @Clue Leverett a book on the different spiders in the world, both magical and not. Also a passable but not "epic" poem about his eyes. XD

- Got @Arven Fisk a new pair of gloves that protect from the cold without hindering his movement. She also got Virgil a little hat and scarf set that she knitted. As Dove, that is.

- Probably gave @Ernie Nuffer the gift of his harassment and some booze.

I'll probably edit as I think of more.
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magical set by mj!
--Tyb - homemade gingerbread cookies, a little pruning kit for his little apple tree, and a late night visit ;)
--Family - baked treats for the gents, embroidered handkerchiefs for her sisters and a needlepoint piece for her mother.
--Her favorite Christmas gift was anything Tyb's gotten her.

--Beau - Eva saved up and bought him some nice work gloves for the fence mending.
--Conall - a warm scarf
--Murphy & Fergus - what Emma said
--Amelia - a pretty broach she saw at the marketplace
--Her favorite gift is this incoming Scottish cow that she will call Henrietta and the baby Harold.

--Brothers, nothing there's too many; her love and affection and a promise to be less annoying. She tried to make her mom something pretty, but failed, so bought her some chocolates.
--Friends - sweets and handmade cards, but they're terrible.
--Cameron - uhhh watch this space.
--Her favorite holiday gift was her first broom. Her actual favorite gift is her charm bracelet.

--has way too many siblings, nieces and nephews to get everyone something for Chanukah, just offers to babysit when necessary.
--Penny - a pretty pocket watch with her favorite flower embossed on the front.
--His favorite gift was probably something Penny made or fixed up for him.

--Theseus - some nice blocks; a little wooden train and a rocking horse.
--Family - a visit from their grandson/nephew.
--Nanny - a couple days off for the holidays and a generous Christmas bonus.
--His favorite gift was likely his first broomstick as well.

I may be back for the rest at some point xD
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[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
(December 13, 2020 – 7:59 PM)Ophelia Devine Wrote:  @Porphyria Dempsey - A leather bound journal, a fancy quill, and a carefully crafted list of mistletoe partners during her Christmas Eve ball.

Alright, here's the list she came up with:
  • @August Echelon-Arnost because he was engaged to a vampire and Phyri is sort of like a vampire except alive.
  • @Lionel Lupin because he works in Investigations and that seems like it might possibly hold Phyri's interest for a hot second
  • @Roman Crouch because she would really enjoy Phyri and Nova being sisters but thinks Aldous' limp is disqualifying.
  • @Julius Scrimgeour because he's handsome but also his family is disgraced which makes him sort of tragic so maybe Phyri will want to write poetry about him
  • @Octavius d'Orsay because he teaches DADA and therefore might not be totally turned off by Phyri talking about spectres and ghouls and shit
SOMEONE GO KISS PHYRI PLEASE. Or at least have an awkward thread under some mistletoe that I can stalk
  • Her favorite Christmas gift she's ever received is a cloak from her father when she was fifteen. It still fits.
  • Gifted to @Martin Ruskin is a new pocketwatch, a custom feather quill and two new bottles of ink - a celebration of his promotion, really - and a new tie tack and cufflinks set. Because new husband gets a little bit of spoiling.
  • Gifted to @Acacia Ruskin,  a new vanity set, silver-plated with a delicate floral pattern.
  • Gifted to @Chrysanta Ruskin, a new vanity set, silver-plated with engraved bats (whatever Martin says, Sophie will indulge Chrysanta's love of spooky).
  • Gifted to @Dunstan Ruskin, a new pocketwatch, and a book on magical beasts in Europe.
  • Gifted to @Sherah Drago, a new vanity set, silver-plated with an engraved wing pattern.
  • Gifted to @Ariel Sherington will receive a toy broomstick, and a new set of dolls.
  • Angelique's favorite Christmas gift is actually two gifts - Chérie, her Percheron riding-horse, and Eloise, her Chartreux cat, gifts from her aunt Claudette.
  • To her mother, Angelique will be gifting a set of ivory gloves trimmed with a touch of lace.
  • To her aunt Claudette, Angelique will gift a fresh tin of wand polish and an English hair comb.
  • To her uncle Jean-Luc, she will gift a silver pocketwatch - because a gentleman never has enough of them.
  • Her favorite Christmas gift in her past would have to be the necklace her mother got her last year. She wears it often.
  • To Earth, Vanessa will be giving a fine new writing set. No stationary included, though - it doesn't feel quite appropriate to replace another person's stationary.
  • To Saturn, Vanessa will be giving a bag of miscellaneous shiny things (for Mr. Shiny of course), and a book on the Mermish language.
  • To Mars, Vanessa will be giving two sets of new gloves and a fan.
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[Image: agr8A1.jpg]
Lilypie Pregnancy tickers Daisypath Anniversary tickers
(December 13, 2020 – 10:16 PM)Ophelia Devine Wrote:  
(December 13, 2020 – 7:59 PM)Ophelia Devine Wrote:  @Porphyria Dempsey - A leather bound journal, a fancy quill, and a carefully crafted list of mistletoe partners during her Christmas Eve ball.
Alright, here's the list she came up with: [...]

omg ily Lynn. You have made my Christmas and ruined Phyri's xD who wants threads
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Cameron's favorite Christmas present is whatever magical thing Ambrose probably bought him their first Christmas as a family (since prior to that he only got muggle gifts except very small things from friends). His gifts for this year:
Maddy — a new pair of quidditch gloves with her initials embroidered on them.
Greta — a diary because it's girly and Cameron does not know what she's really into.
Ned — some generic magic book that Cam thinks he'd like.
Calla — a flowerpot he probably tried to paint but ended up mixing the colors into an ugly swirl pattern because he doesn't art.
Alycone — a quidditch book
Sloane — a new charm for her charm bracelet.
Sisse — a generic holiday card.
Alice — a generic holiday card, but less sincere.

Charity has celebrated muggle Christmases in the past because she lived muggleborn father who kept her around his muggle relatives during the holidays, so I imagine her favorite gifts were things muggle girls got: dresses, books, or anything practical. Her gifts for this year:
Evander — Copy of Cinderella and a book on magical law.
Alfred — a decorative compass that she found in a trinket shop that doesn't actually work.

Dionisia's favorite gift was her marriage to Ari that saved her from destitution and scandal. Her gifts this year:
Ari — a pair of shoes
Elliot — a plush mandrake that screams when it gets lost
Zelda — something practical, probably a new wand holster
Fisk boys — some trinket relevant to their career

Edric is inactive but I'm listing him anyways. His favorite gift was probably he sex he got from Febby in '88 and '89. His gifts this year:
Febby gets a new dress, a pair of amethyst earrings, and he's taking a day off work to spend with her.

Eldin's favorite Christmas present was a broomstick, probably. His gifts this year:
His mother — A necklace with her children's initials on it (and he'll insist putting it on her, and @Finnian Byrne definitely left a hickey there, jsyk @Elladora Black)
Rosamund — A potion-making kit
Vesta — A new parasol
Little Beckett — Toy broomstick

Flora probably gets spoiled every Christmas and she can't pick a favorite, but her favorite Christmas was definitely the one where she got the most stuff. Her gifts this year:
Rufina — a painted picture of herself and Merriweather
Ernest — a painting of the Black Lake from Hogwarts.
Sirius and Rex — over-the-top scrapbook-style Christmas cards that she made herself
Hesper — a wooden hair comb that she painted herself.

Freddie's favorite gift was probably a time where he was treated to a new wardrobe because his sense of fashion sucks without guidance. His gifts this year:
Harriet — a bottle of wine, a card with a handwritten note, and a vase with flowers.
Faustus — a book and something for his kids.
Fitz — booze.
Felix — a fancy quill.
His sisters — various girly stuff.

Frida's favorite gift was a bible she received from her aunt and uncle when she joined the Church. Her gifts this year:
Meta — a "magic they don't teach you at Hogwarts" type of book.
Gretchen — something generically girly, probably a hand mirror.
Uncle Priam & Aunt Nephele — handmade cards.

Holly's favorite gift is whatever Connie is getting her for Christmas, because she usually gets very impersonal gifts. Her gifts this year:
Connie — her presence and probably a quill or something practical.
Camille — new sheet music

Justice's favorite gift was a stack of history books he got about his newest hyperfixation when he was ~12ish. His gifts this year:
Faye — a book about necromancy and inferi (but nothing instructive, of course >.>)
Clementine — hair ribbons
Jemima — a card, because he can't pretend he doesn't still care

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set by MJ <3
Favorite holiday gift: Her mother bought her a silk shawl the winter before she debuted and embroidered it with designs she knew Caroline would love
- Evander is getting a copy of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America, she embroidered a small bookmark for him that is nestled in the pages the design is a tasteful display of wands producing magic which she enchanted to make look like they are moving
- Nimiane is getting an expensive perfume in a very intricate bottle
- Shawn is getting a map of America to go in his study at the cottage
- Antony is getting a scarf that Caroline knit in his favorite color

Favorite holiday gift: He will never own up to this but when he was a toddler his mother gave him a stuffed Cerberus and that remains his favorite gift
- Freya is getting a golden rose that is enchanted to bloom and go through the cycle of blossoming, death, and rebloom
- Trystan is getting a book on finance that will reveal it's enchantment twenty four hours after Trystan opens it so all the words as spells backwards
- Emrys is getting a compass that will be enchanted to only point south
- Tanwen is getting golden knitting needles that are enchanted to keep yarn from splitting (not that Daniel knows anything about yarn mind you)

Favorite holiday gift: The Christmas before her mother died she gifted Malou a creamy woolen shawl she had knit
- Fallon is getting a scarf that Malou knit, but she is also getting some homemade soaps, a couple of satchels that Malou made, and a plate of cookies
EDIT: oh and apparently a pretty bead necklace that I had her buy in a thread and forgot about (i do that in rl too)
- Elsie will also be receiving the new Isolde Bennet novel (that yes, came out this year and Fallon forgot to plot for)
- Rosamund is also getting some homemade scented soaps

Favorite holiday gift: When he was very young his mother got him a book of enchanted animals that moved on each page
- Annabeth is receiving a bouquet of her favorite flowers (she will be getting a wedding gift on New Years though, and one after the honeymoon)
- Cat is getting a bracelet that features emeralds
- Lissy will be mailed jeweled hair pins
- Maggie would have received a letter but Percy wrote it and then tossed it into the fireplace on second thought

Favorite holiday gift: The journal her mother got her when she was 10
- Alice is receiving satin hair ribbons in green, blue, and gold as well as a sachet that Sisse made and a handmade card
- Calla is receiving a drawing painting of her plot in the greenhouses in full bloom as well as a sachet that Sisse made and a handmade card
- Sloane is receiving a sketch of the Gryffindor quidditch team playing against Slytherin a sachet that Sisse made and a handmade card
- Maddy is receiving a sketch of the Gryffindor quidditch team playing against Slytherin a sachet that Sisse made and a handmade card
- Cameron is receiving chocolate frogs and a handmade card
- Ned is receiving chocolate frogs and a handmade card (she wanted to get him something else but her mother said it was inappropriate so she worked extra hard on his card)

... Hopefully more to come

[Image: FLXUg8.png]
An amazing MJ set
Kinda still reeling from how few active characters I have atm.

I'm shook.

Tig — Her favorite past Christmas gift... She probably doesn't know any better than I do tbh, she's not exactly the appreciative type.
For gifts she's giving this year:
@Tiberius Lestrange — she's probably going to steal one of his possessions on Christmas Eve and have her maid wrap it up for her to give back to him the next day. Maybe also some sexytimes.
@"Tatiana Lestrange" — a pair of gloves that look surprisingly nice considering whom they're coming from. They've been thoroughly doused in itching powder.
@Ellory Lestrange — a vial of non-lethal poison falsely labeled as an elixir of relaxation. The note claims it's from one of Ellory's distant cousins.
@Angeline Malfoy — a very fetching hair comb.
@Bellona Zabini — a somewhat less resplendent hat pin.

Charles — His favorite Christmas gift is probably whatever his mother gave him last Christmas and it will be replaced by whatever she gives him this year.
He will be giving:
@Helena Macmillana macaroni picture frame a book he thinks she'll enjoy and a handsomely framed photograph of his daughter because he's noticed that she seems to like her for some reason.
@Edward Macmillan — a book on how to raise good daughters because he damn well better not get a son first.
@"Tatiana Lestrange" — some flowers and a pricey gift box of sweet treats because apparently anything more is unseemly.

Hesper — her favorite Christmas gift is a doll she's pretty sure her parents gave her the Christmas before they died.
She will be giving:
G.A. Jessamine — some embroidery
@Flora Mulciber & @Sirius Black — are both getting chocolate because that was probably challenging enough for her to get her hands on, never mind anything fancier.

Nova — her favorite Christmas gift is probably the most depressing book she's been gifted to date.
Her gifts this year:
@Gaius Malfoy — a really nice pair of slippers because she's creative like that.
@Aldous Crouch — see above.
@Roman Crouch — a pleasantly herby smelling shaving soap.
@Reuben Crouch — a recently published Quidditch book with a personal dedication in the front.
@Ophelia Devine — a pretty feather quill from some exotic and potentially endangered bird.

Ursula — her favorite Christmas gift is probably something @Thom Pettigrew gave her.
She will be giving:
@Phineas Black — the cold shoulder.
@Elladora Black — the warm shoulder and a rather macabre looking brooch featuring real animal fangs.
@Sirius Black — a quidditch book and a new leather bag for school.
Belvina — she's spoiled, every day is Christmas.
Other children — a toy each. Except Cygnus. Cygnus gets the same gift as last year which is continued existence.
@Rufina Mulciber — one of Ursula's current favorite romance novels and an ornate little trinket box that is enchanted so that it's impossible to lose, it'll be summoned if Rufina suddenly can't remember where she last put it.
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August's favorite gift (this year) will be the card the housekeeper had Lysander make him, because he is a sap
Elsbeth is getting expensive wine
Lysander is getting a lot of puzzles, they're his favorite
@Freya Selwyn is getting a book of poems, unmarked

Camilla's favorite gift is whatever the fanciest pair of earrings she gets each year is
@Bellona Zabini gets a ruby necklace
@Ama Zabini will receive a weird, clock-based trinket she finds at an antique store in Hogsmeade
@Calliope Zabini gets nothing, because Camilla "forgot"
the Italian Zabinis get deliberately ugly items of jewelry <3

Kieran's favorite gifts are all whiskey based.
@Jude Wright Songs of Experience by William Blake
@Eileen Buchanan gets a bottle of whiskey, and also he knitted a stupid hat for the kitten
@"Fallon Abernathy" gets a magic compass, but instead of pointing north it always points to London

Sirius' favorite gift is still the magical train set Ursula got him when he was much younger. He doesn't use it anymore, but it has a place in his heart!
@Ursula Black gets a bracelet 
@Phineas Black the traditional gift to all emotionally constipated upper class father: cufflinks
@Elladora Black a taxidermied raven

Zelda's favorite Hanukkah gift is probably something she received from her mother as a teen that she's attached sentimental value to
Siblings are getting enchanted wristlets (women) or ties (men) that change from blue to red if you're running late
She is also sending @Amelia Evans a scented candle, as a sign of good will
Nieces and nephews get mostly-age-appropriate trinkets
she's giving alfred his present in thread xoxo
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Annabeth Jennings
  1. Her favorite gift she has ever received was that of a book of modern scientific theories on genetics (muggle ones though she has written in most of the margins noting about how magic might impact certain ideas).
  2. For Christmas gifts, the following will get:
    • @Percival Adlard Jr. will receive a book on exotic muggle animals, an embroidered bookmark because her mom decided she needed to give him something more traditional, and some dog toys.
    • @Nathalie Jennings will receive a new book set from her favorite author.
    • Her other siblings will receive gifts catered to their interests as well though all muggle.

Calla Potts
  1. One of her first Christmases at Hogwarts, she was gifted a set of her own quaffles from one of her sisters.
  2. For Christmas gifts, the following will get along with freshly baked cookies:
    • @Sisse Thompsett will receive a new sketchbook and set of pencils. They are not the best quality but not the worst either. On the cover of the sketchbook, Calla has drawn a very intricate peony and had an older sister spell it so that the plant waves slightly as if in the wind.
    • @Sloane Bixby will receive a set of player figurines from her favorite quidditch team.
    • @Alice Dawson will receive a simple planner for the upcoming year with a dittany plant drawn on the front cover, also enchanted to move.
    • @Cameron Gillenwater will receive a set of practice quaffles that change color upon contact with the ground to make them easier to find. A slight playful jab that he misses a lot.
    • @Edison Moony will also receive a planner for the upcoming year, his with an aspen tree drawn and enchanted on it.
    • @Daffodil Potts a new set of gardening tools and an anatomical sketch of her favorite plant. Slightly more care was placed on her drawing to ensure correctness.

Cornelia Pendergast
  1. Her favorite gift was the thing she received from her mother the last Christmas she was alive. The object itself she doesn't really care for but rather the sentiment behind it.
  2. For Christmas gifts, the following will get:
    • @William Pendergast will receive a pocket watch with his initials and the Pendergast family crest on it.
    • @Cassius Lestrange will receive a small assortment of mystery books.
    • @Seneca Lestrange will receive a collection of hard to find potions ingredients.

Demelza McGonagall
  1. One of her favorite gifts was a pair of earings that were from her mother.
  2. For Christmas gifts, the following will get:
    • Timothy McGonagall will receive a gift relating to whatever sport he is interested in.
    • @Ruby Urquart will receive a present as well, though admittedly because her parents told her to get something. It will be a book of the star/planet position and astrological events set to occur in the next year.
    • She'll also get something for her closet friend as school whoever that is.

Linnet Umbernauld
  1. Honestly any book she has ever received.
  2. She will not be getting anyone Christmas gifts as she finds the idea quite silly and isn't much of a gift-giver regardless.

Tanwen Selwyn
  1. Her favorite gift is likely a specific toy she received as a child.
  2. For Christmas gifts, the following will get:
    • @Trystan Selwyn will receive a fur-lined cloak that is spelled to be weatherproof and not produce much noise.
    • @Ambrosia Selwyn will receive a gold silk scarf that has had peacock feathers embroidered across it.
    • @Anthea Selwyn still received a bag with an expanding charm. The bag will be embroidered with wands that produce sparks.
    • @Emrys Selwyn will receive scale carving of the first ship he brought after inheriting the shipping company.
    • @Daniel Selwyn will receive a painted fountain pen. It does not have a distinct pattern but rather is made up of moving swirls of his favorite colors.
    • @Freya Selwyn will receive a quilt. While she did not actually make the quilt herself she has embroidered a meadow scene across the quilt and embedded it with a soundproofing charm that muffles outside noises to make sleeping easier.
    • The other children will receive age-appropriate gifts geared towards their interest.

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Lady is utterly amazing!!

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