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The Diary of Octavia Rose Fawley
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Lady makes such lovely things.
31th May 1890

Dear Diary –

It is the morning after the coming out ball at Hogwarts. I sit here, at what has been my desk now in my room for seven years for the last time. Mother thought a diary an apt graduation gift and it is well received. The girls around me are finishing packing the rest of their belongings. I should be doing that as well, but it is hard to bring myself to it knowing I will never return to this room with these girls. We've all done it. We've graduated. Seven years of school gone and over and even though I know what comes next, I do not know what to do. To not wake to classes and sit and finish my charms homework here.

To loose the nights with these girls. It feels as if I'm losing a part of me. We will still be friends as I will with the girls younger than be as the girls older with me are with me but it is different going from living with each other every night to having to plan our meetings. I've sat on it and figured out how to describe the feeling - it feels like as if I'm losing sisters. We will never fall asleep to childish fits of laughter or the silence of anger ever again. I am supposed to be happy for the next stage of my life - and I am,  I really am - but the echos of this life will haunt me as well.

On the flip side, I am excited.  Last night was my first glimpse of society as a member of society rather than an onlooker viewed as just a child. I danced with men and I briefly met Mr. Abbott (Di's fiancee) though I will insist upon a proper meeting this week. I'mhappy for Di but now that she is engaged,  Mother's full attention will be on me this season when I had counted in sharing it. So many expectations weight form on my shoulders but I think these heaviest are my own.  I've concocted this ideal of being engaged or courting before this season ends which leaves me spo much too do. I can't marry before Di now that she is engaged so hopefully their engagement is not long. I'd quite like a winter wedding.

(In which Tavie will describe the ball.)

Anxious and Excited,
Octavia Rose

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Lady makes such lovely things.
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Lady makes such lovely things.
7th June 1890

Dear Diary –

Today was the first time I have been mentioned my Witch Weekly directly by name, rather than obvious illuding as there was once before. I have tucked in the article for safe keeping. Well, actually the whole issues. I am on the cover - well, my classmates and I. It was Witch Week's yearly review of the Hogwart's debutantes. It was a litttle strange to read it this year, when it was my classmates broken down to nothing but facts and their families. Myself included. It had far less disconnect than the prior years, even if I still knew the other women. It isn't wrong. Not a single fact they said was wrong, but it was still strange to see them reduced to that.

Maybe the Whitledges tend to be a little scattered, but the way the present Darling's sister is so... flat. They say she treated the whole thing with disdain and would make a horrible wife. But they fail to look at how intelligent she is. For a man that wants a wife who can hold a conversation, she would be brilliant. But, I think she wants to work. I shared a dorm with Miss Finch for seven years. She is far more than her sister's mistake. In reality, she is so sweet and has such a lovely smile.

... As for the rest, I tried to find something nice to say. I really did but I don't know them well enough. I mean, Miss Ruskin is a half-vampire for goodness sakes! I'm not sure how to find any positive about that. Any of her children will be a quarter vampire. (Assuming she marries a human - if she marries at all.)

According to Witch Weekly, I am the "Least Disappointing Debutante of the 1890 Season". It sounds like such a wonderful thing to aspire to. I can't help but roll my eyes. That doesn't paint a good picture of me if you just read the heading. Still, the commentary was nice, even if they weren't the most hopeful about my sister. They said I'd likely make a quicker and more prestigious match than Mr. Abbott. That and they like my dress. I'm so glad they did. I did get it to specifically match the bracelet Cassie got me and the earings from Di. I think I might be walking clouds for the next few days after that though.

Still, I'm sure once Clarissa debutes in a few days, I'll no longer be the only saving grace.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Miss Naomi Hertz sent out invitations to her wedding. I cannot believe her audacity! She actually scheduled it the same day as Mr. William Pendergast and Miss Cornelia Lestrange. Why would she even think of scheduling her wedding on the same day as a Pendergast/Lestrange wedding? As I have been invited and am family to the Lestranges and Pendergast, I will be attending that wedding. Even if it wasn't the same day, I could never attend a Ruskin wedding. Miss Hertz will be step-mother to a bunch of half-vampires! Widow or not, marrying a vampire lover is not acceptable. Frankly, she is bound to be killed.
Feeling Excited,
Octavia Rose
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Lady makes such lovely things.

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