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Margaret Goyle
Full Name: Margaret Iris Goyle née Wittmore
Nicknames: Anyone familiar with her calls her Maggie.
Birthdate: August 20th, 1857
Current Age: 32
Occupation: Widow
Reputation: 9, general oddities in her family. Edmund was once caught having an affair with his female coworker.
Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Dogwood, Phoenix, 13 3/4", Flexible
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Middle
Edmund Goyle | Husband | b.1846 d.Dec 19th, 1889
Oliver Goyle | Son | b.Aug 1879
Sebastian Goyle | Son | b.1886
Adelaide Wittmore | Niece & Ward | b.1883

Charles Wittmore | Father | b.1824
Gwendolyn Wittmore née --- | Mother | b.1831
Charlotte Wittmore | Sister | b.1852 d.1856
Dennis Wittmore | Brother | b.1853 d.1884
Frederick Wittmore | Brother | b.1856
Anne Wittmore | Sister | b.&d.1859
Nicholas Wittmore | Brother | b. 1860
Brandon Wittmore | Brother | b.1863 d.1884
Victoria Wittmore | Sister | b.1864

Hector Goyle | Father-in Law | b.1815 d.1876
Julia Goyle née --- | Mother-in-Law | b.1820
Lucille --- née Goyle | Sister-in-Law | b.1843
Peter Goyle | Brother-in-Law | b.1850

Far too many in-laws, nieces, and nephews to keep track of

Maggie resembles the maternal side of her family in all ways but her eye color. Whereas Gwendolyn has icy blue eyes, Maggie has warm, chocolate brown eyes. Her dark brown hair tumbles straight down her back when left loose, though it's normally in a neat bun on the back of her neck. Not one for the latest fashions, Maggie prefers functionality over beauty. Now that she's in mourning she's typically in black or other dark colors. Maggie stands at 5 feet five inches and has a curvy frame given to her by her many pregnancies. Maggie is right handed.

The Pre-Maggie Years
Charles and Gwendolyn Wittmore were a match made of convenience that blossomed throughout the years into respect. The three children born before Maggie were doted upon by Gwen until the loss of Charlotte in 1856. What appeared to be a cold was suddenly something far more devastating, as the four year old survived for just under a month before succumbing to the illness. Gwen was changed after the loss. Anxiety and grief caused her to distance herself as much as she could from the children. Charles tries to distract and help her as much as he's able, but as the sole provider for their household he has to be at work far more than he's at home. They reluctantly employ a nanny to assist Gwen throughout the day, and truthfully, if not for the nanny the children would've caused chaos in the house.

The Child
1857: Maggie is born on the hottest day of the year to parents who didn't want another child. What was a night of comfort to them resulted in further financial strain and anxiety. Nevertheless, Maggie is a happy baby, content to watch her siblings play.
1859: Gwen gives birth to another daughter, and this one is sickly from her very first day. Maggie watches with confusion as her mother frets about everywhere. The nanny distracts the children as best as she's able, but not even she is able to fully ignore Gwen's frantic (and sometimes manic) pacing. Anne dies in late May.
1860: Nicholas, likely the result of another night of comfort, is the fifth child to join the Wittmore's. He's a collicky baby, and his cries keep the entire household awake throughout all hours. Maggie finds herself angry at the tiny child because of her sleep deprivation. Finally, after three months of misery, one of her parents is wise enough to cast a silencing charm around the nursery.
1863: Shortly after the new year, Brandon joins the family. Maggie is more interested in playing with her older siblings than doting on the tiny infant. Besides, Gwen's nervousness insists that the older children be kept away from the baby to prevent illness.
1864: Dennis leaves for school the same day as Gwen goes into labor with her final child. The dynamic shift between the children left behind at home provides Maggie something else to focus on other than her new sister. Dennis, being the oldest surviving child, was always the leader of the pack. Any games played were orchestrated by him, so without his presence Maggie is left feeling uneasy. In order to mask her own nervousness (for she's old enough now to realize how it has ravaged Gwen), Maggie takes charge of organizing the games they play.
1865: Her first display of magic comes three days after her eighth birthday. Brandon, the mischievous toddler that he is, makes off with her new doll. Maggie discovers this as he is still running from the room and forces both he and the doll into midair in order to stop him. Gwen hears Maggie's frantic shouts for help and nearly faints when she sees her baby floating about the room.
1867: Freddie joins Dennis at King's Cross this year, leaving Maggie as the eldest of the remaining three. She's grown to be more tolerant of the babies, but they are still only babies. They can't play the games Freddie and she invented, nor can they race around on brooms. Maggie quickly grows bored with spending all her time alone in the gardens and begins to hide in the family's meager library instead. At least with her nose buried in a book she doesn't feel as alone.

The Student
1868 - 1869: After years of waiting, it's finally her turn to board the train. Maggie tries not to sit in awe of what she's experiencing, but it's impossible not to. Her brothers gift her treats from the cart and she watches the scenery go by with giddy excitement. However, her excitement creates the perfect distraction for her new frightened kitten, Athena, to scurry off into the crowd. Maggie's desperate searching introduces her to Percival, who is attempting to coax the kitten out from under a bench two cars over. From that moment on, the pair are best friends. Not even being sorted into separate houses can keep them apart.
1869 - 1870: Dennis slacks off in his final year of schooling, not realizing what his mediocre remarks will cause his younger siblings. Upon receiving his NEWT scores, Charles decides he will not send any of their other children to school after their OWL's unless they earn it. Maggie couldn't imagine not heading to school for all seven years, as life at Hogwarts is vastly more interesting than their sleepy little town. She vows to maintain excellent remarks.
1870 - 1871: Maggie goes into her third year with the added classes of Care of Magical Creatures and Divination on her plate. If not for Percy's help during the year, she likely would have only had an average grade in CoMC.
1871 - 1872: Nicholas is the fourth Wittmore child to board the Hogwart's Express. Seeing as it's tradition, Maggie and Freddie treat him to candy from the cart. Nick is the only of the Wittmore's to be sorted into Slytherin, a strange decision but a fitting one. Maggie had always found him the most serious of her brothers. It's this year that she begins to realize her warm feelings for Percy are more of a crush than they are great friendship. If he notices the flush in her cheeks when they work on their homework together, he makes no comment on it.
1872 - 1873: Freddie elects not to continue school after his fifth year, leaving Maggie and Nick as the only Wittmore's at the school. Determined not to fail like her elder brothers, she spends the bulk of her fifth year studying. She even goes as far as to stay at school for Christmas to have continued access to the library. Eventually, when she is burnt out and near tears from denying herself any fun this year, Maggie passes her OWL's with marks high enough to secure her an academic scholarship for the next year.
1874 - 1875: She and Nicholas introduce Brandon to the family tradition on her final first day of school. The NEWTs unnerve her much like the OWLs did, however this time she's more confident in her abilities. She makes the time to spend with her friends, Percy in particular, and even cheers for her housemates at quidditch matches. This year is by far her best year at school. In the end, her NEWT scores aren't as excellent as her OWLs were, but she isn't heartbroken over it. (Or so she claims, truthfully she resents herself a bit for not pushing herself harder).

The Debutante
1875: Her family isn't so desolate that they cannot afford her to have a Season for a year or two. Gwen gives Maggie some of her newer gowns to be altered, and both parents sincerely hope she is successful in finding a husband. Maggie has a vain hope that Percy will find a way for them to be together though, so she doesn't flaunt herself as her parents wish she would. It's on the outskirts of the dance floor that she meets Edmund Goyle, and while he is certainly not Percy he isn't the most awful man around. Still, Maggie does her best to keep him at arm's length while she waits for Percy.
1876: And waits. The correspondence she and Percy tried to maintain following their school days slows until Maggie isn't sure when she last received one. What she had thought to be a mutual affection turned out to be unrequited. Deciding she cannot spend her life waiting for a letter that never comes, Maggie accepts Edmund's offer of a courtship. Much to his surprise. Victoria is the last Wittmore to leave for school.
1877: Her and Edmund's family both decide to quickly relocate to Hogsmeade as tensions brew between muggles and wizards. The courtship with Edmund is bland and sparks little to no passion. Despite this, when he proposes in August Maggie finds she has no reason to refuse him. He's steady and kind. His ministry job will provide for them and any children they may have. Maggie settles for a life of security as opposed to waiting for someone who will never arrive...that is, at least, until he does. Percy surprises her with a visit a few weeks after the proposal with an offer of his own. Regardless of how desperately she wishes to say yes to him, to do so would ruin them both. The last time she sees him is in the back row of her December wedding.

The Wife
1878: Maggie announces to Edmund two months after their wedding that she is expecting. Their excitement is ended in late spring when she's awoken in the middle of the night with sharp pains. She spends the summer struggling to move past the loss and buries herself into her first Season as a wife. Edmund returns to her bed on her birthday and by October she is pregnant again.
1879: Being heavily pregnant in the middle of summer is miserable. Maggie retires from society as late as socially acceptable and spends her remaining time meandering around her house in as few layers as she dared. Finally, on the most humid day in recent memory, her pains begin. Oliver Goyle is born early in the evening after what felt like an eternity. Maggie loves the tiny baby fiercely and dotes on him constantly.
1880 - 1882: Maggie watches Oliver grow up alone. She rarely dares to tell Edmund of any pregnancy she suspects, for they all are lost eventually. Gradually, the grief becomes more difficult to cope with. The bright and eager girl Edmund married turns inwards and towards Gwendolyn's nervousness. Maggie suspects Edmund is relieved to be among those drafted to the expedition, for at least he has an escape from the cloud raining depression on his household. Thankfully, he survives and is granted a parcel of land in Swallowbury. The family of three moves to the growing town as soon as their house is constructed. Maggie finds the change of location relieves some of her guilt, and begins to hope for a new beginning.
1883: Edmund is promoted to a higher ministry position. The workload increase coincides perfectly with her pregnancy. She doesn't dare to tell him until she feels the first flutters of movement. At last she is confident that Oliver will have a sibling. She goes confidently into her labor, certain that nothing could happen now that they've made it this far. She's wrong. The perfectly formed baby, a girl she silently names Eleanor, is stillborn in April. It takes Maggie months to come to accept the loss, and even then she's never truly over it.
1884: The Laughing Plague ravages the magical community throughout the summer. Maggie forces Edmund to take a leave from work and the family quarantines themselves in their home until the worst is over. Luckily, no one in their household or their staff catches it. Brandon, Dennis and his young wife aren't so fortunate. The latter couple are among the last to perish, leaving behind an orphaned daughter. Maggie immediately offers to be a guardian to the one year old Adelaide and is given the baby. The girl looks nothing like the dainty infant she lost, none could ever compare. Though, Addy does help heal the hole in Maggie's heart.
1885: Edmund achieves another promotion and is now the head of his department. Maggie rarely sees him, and truthfully, she prefers it that way.
1886: This time, her pregnancy is marked with an overwhelming sense of dread. Maggie takes every precaution and consults with numerous physicians. No one can tell her whether or not this baby will survive. The feeling leaves her only when they lay a screaming infant on her chest. Edmund names him Sebastian, for Maggie is too caught up in the relief of having a living baby to think of names.
1887 - 1888: Despite the new baby, Maggie and Edmund grow further apart. He's home for dinner so infrequently that when he does walk through the door the servant has to scramble to set a place at the table. Maggie suspects he's unfaithful, and when confronted with evidence he does little to deny the charges. They decide to continue the charade of a faithful marriage in front of the kids, but he is never to cross the hall to her room again.
1889: A relatively quiet year is ruined when Edmund, the bastard that he was, dies as a result of the ministry catastrophe. She is brought in to identify his corpse, for the only remaining identifier was the oddly shaped birthmark on his shoulder, and faints at the sight. Any request for details on how her husband died are flatly denied. Maggie struggles on how to inform the children and ends up botching it anyway. Oliver is furious. Addy and Sebastian cry. It's a mess. Victoria comes to stay with her to help with the children.

The Widow
1890: Mourning is weird. Maggie has lost the security of a husband and a set income, and finds, oddly, that she misses glaring at him across the dinner table.

Kind. Bright. Nervous. Compulsive. Curious.

OWL Grades
Care of Magical CreaturesO
Defense Against the Dark ArtsE
History of MagicE

NEWT Grades
Care of Magical CreaturesE
Defense Against the Dark ArtsA

Amortenia: Unknown
Animagus: Unknown
Boggart: Her three surviving children dying in horrific ways
Patronus: Emperor Penguin
Name: RSG
Age: 26
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