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First Day Debrief
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1st September, 1873

I write to you with my new quill and my new ink from my new common room. This, as you said it would be, has been a day of new beginnings, and I believe myself to have handled it with dignity.

Though a part of me had hoped to follow in your footsteps, to sport the green and silver of Slytherin house, the Sorting Hat saw through to my bravery and to the good manners instilled in myself by you and by my governess, and deemed me most apt for Gryffindor house. My belonging had already been stored for me when I arrived in Gryffindor Tower, and the common room felt almost like home even upon my first steps into it. I think this to be a good sign that the Hat was correct.

I should be lying if I said I did not suspect it, at least in part, but I could not have foreseen my separation from the others: while Gabriel Rosier was indeed placed in Slytherin, Wesley Abbot was for Hufflepuff and [The Ravenclaw] for Ravenclaw. We are rather adrift from one another, but I believe strongly that our shared history and strong friendship shall allow us to remain close friends indeed. Even so, I think it would do me well to seek out friends within my own house. One Alexander Echelon seems to come from a dignified sort of family; perhaps we might become good friends as the months wear on.

It embarrasses me to confess that I was nervous when the time finally came to descend from the train and make my final approach to the castle. Even with my friends at my side and my enthusiasm for what lay ahead, I felt a sense of apprehension. I hope that you will not think less of me for this; I could not in good conscience keep my true thoughts from you on this matter, as you have raised me to be upstanding and honest. I am sure my nerves will pass as I grow more accustomed to my new life here at Hogwarts, so long as I have my family's well-wishes to spur me forward.

Our classes are to begin tomorrow, and I will be starting the day with Defence Against the Dark Arts, according to the timetable given to me by my head of house. I think it both apt and auspicious that my first instruction at my new school is to be the one most connected to the career I so long to pursue, and it is my hope that my own hard work, coupled by the lessons you yourself have taught me, will allow me to excel and to uphold the pride of the Scrimgeour family. With this in mind, I should, I think, begin to wrap things up—it nears ten o'clock, and I should hate to be overtired for my first day of lessons!

Please give my love and best wishes to Mother and to Araminta. I hope Mother will be pleased to hear that my first day at Hogwarts has, indeed, gone well. I shall write to her personally once I have a few days under my belt.


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