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Renny's Networking Thread

General Info

Player Name Renny

Contact: Discord: Renny #7516 , PM, or Skype.

About Me: I love to rp, in fact one might say I'm a bit of an addict, and perhaps that I am way too energetic for my own good when it comes to plotting! With that said feel free to contact me if you have an idea for one of my characters, and if you see an open thread of mine your interested in jump on in!  I am 100% ok with anything and everything including Mature rated rp, gore, mutilation, etc. In fact, I have a habit of torturing my characters in one capacity or another. My only request is that if you have a desire to kill one of my characters please discuss it with me first, as I do love my babies.

Current OOC situation: Although I do have a life beyond Charming I have a quite a bit of free time at the moment and am generally quick to respond to your inquiries and posts. Just keep in mind I work Mon - Fri 7-4 central standard time, so may be a bit slow during those hours.


Character Availablity

Characters available for threading: @Felicity Gallagher , @Simeon Fox , @Percival Weston , @Charles Operine , @Greg Evans , @Useal Maclodon

Characters unavailable for threading: None

Deactivated characters: None


Currently looking for an Irvingly adoptable or character, please check my requests tab to see what kinda characters catch my groove.

Renny's Slum Research - Want to know more about Victorian slums check out my research thread. I hope it inspires you the way it inspires me!

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Age: 18/"5"

House: Unknown

Grad Year: N/A

Class: U

Reputation: 6

Blood/Race: PB

Occupation: Former Stone Child

@Percival Weston

Quick Facts: Percy is a former stone child and as such he is a bit behind on the times despite being the eldest child of Hope Weston as for all intents and purposes he is still a five year old child. Needless to say this means he is still a curious little boy full of energy and ready to seize the day.

Friends: Family members, playmates his age, people who give him sweeties.

Enemies: People who take his sweeties from him and people who are bullies.

Hurls: He's five, girls are icky.

Needs: Playmates and family relations.

Plot devices with Percival:

- Have a character roughly his age who he can play with.

- Have a character who will bribe him to do something for sweeties.

- A riend of the family.

- A former acquaintance from when he worked in the workhouse/chimney swept.

- And more!

Age: 20

House: H

Grad Year: 1887

Class: U

Reputation: 7

Blood/Race: PB

Occupation: Museum Curator at the Magical Museum of Miscellany

@Charles Operine

Quick Facts: Charles is quite the gentleman and well versed in all activities required of a socialite, there is just one problem. He is quite self conscious about his beastly features which he gained after a potion accident. He can be found at the museum and at home, so the best way to engage him is through work or one of his many family members.

Friends: Family members, and those who can see beneath his physical ailments.
Enemies: Superficial people, or those who treat him beneath his class.

Hurls: This beast needs a Belle.

Needs: Friends within the Upper class.

Plot devices with Percival:

- Perhaps someone can see beneath his exterior.

- A half breed's side of the story to shed some light.

- Someone who frequents the museum.

- Former schoolmates.

- And more!

Age: 53

House: R

Grad Year: 1853

Class: M

Reputation: 5

Blood/Race: PB

Occupation: Owner of Fox & Son

@Simeon Fox

Quick Facts: Simeon Fox takes tact to a whole new level. He quiet and soft spoken, but if one pays attention to his body language they'll find he doesn't really need to say much. He runs a tight ship at his shop and pays well to those who serve him well. Slip up however, and Dante's Inferno will look like a children's story. On the other hand towards his customers he's rather pragmatic, and little is known about the man behind the "pleasant," smile.

Friends: Customers, people in power, people who can provide intel, people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, people who are afraid to get their hands dirty.

Enemies: Anyone who threatens his business or those he claims as his own, unless they did something stupid and deserve what's coming for them.

Hurls: If you have a female that you believe is equally clever and calculating I can see something happening, or a female that isn't bright, granted it would be more of a fling if that was the case, and she would be disposed of whenever he grew bored.

Needs: Spies, relations with powerful people both good and ciminal, a lawyer.

Plot devices with Simeon:

- Have a character of considerable power that Simeon can owe a debt too.

- Have intel that could prove useful to a man who collects various artifacts.

- Hard times require possessions to be pawned off.

- Need to get rid of an item quickly.

- Looking for a particular item.

- Information is always a bargaining chip in Simeon's case.  

- And more!

Age: 23

House: S

Grad Year: 1881 (drop out)

Class: W

Reputation: 4

Blood/Race: Half Veela

Occupation: Con Artist/Proprietor of Golden Hearth Theatre

@Felicity Gallagher

Quick Facts: The Gemini can be seen as a bit of a duel nature individual. In business matters regarding The Golden Hearth Theatre, which s/he owns, she appears dressed as a man who goes by the name of Phil. In her personal life she appears as she is. This is all due to the fact that she get's better results in the world of coin as a man than a woman, but be that as it may her magic tricks have kept any and all none the wiser in such matters. So, regardless as to who the person in question knows her as what else is there to say. She's shrewd, ambitious, and has charisma out the wazoo. With this said it should be noted that as Phil she behaves a bit more as an eccentric due to the liberties she feels being a man gives her.

Friends: Anyone who can help her build up some business or is a being of half breed.

Enemies: Anyone who threatens her business or way of life.  

Hurls: Felicity is the kind of girl who likes to play. She'll take friends with benefits who allow her to maintain her autonomy, or become someone's mistress on the down low, but she's not interested in marriage.

Needs: Performers, regulars, a crime boss.

Plot devices with Felicity:

- Perform a vaudeville act for the Golden Hearth

- Come to review her show for one of Charming's publications

- Be a heckler throughout a show.

- Have some connection to the underworld that may require money laundering

- Be a crime boss, racketeering is a thing.

- Host a fund raising event at her place.

- And more!

Age: 32

House: H

Grad Year: 1871 (drop out)

Class: W

Reputation: 7

Blood/Race: HB

Occupation: Barkeeper at Three Broomsticks

@Greg Evans

Quick Facts: Greg is a God fearing man who goes to church regularly. He does his best to maintain a good image in the face of society, but can't help but feel like something is not quite right, as hard as he fights it. He has a daughter and wife, but his marriage is rather platonic. He is a good, kind hearted soul, who is willing to donate his time to charity, as well as money if he has any to spare.

Friends: Three Broomstick patrons and church goers.

Enemies: Anyone who threatens him or his family.

Hurls: The question is can your character get him out of the closet, or even to admit that he's in one?

Needs: Patrons for Three Broomsticks, coworkers, fellow church goers. I may also be putting his wife and daughter up as adoptables; haven't decided.

Plot devices with Greg:

- Attend church with him and his family

- Try to talk him into lightening up a little bit.

- Be an obnoxious drunk at Three Broomsticks.

- Be friends of the family.

- Accuse him of some heinous act.

- Invite him to a fundraising event.

- And more!

Age: 28

House: R

Grad Year: 1872 (drop out)

Class: W

Reputation: 4

Blood/Race: PB

Occupation: Quality Quaffle and Snitch factory worker and occasional Burlesque Performer

@Useal Maclodon

Quick Facts: Useal, fondly referred to as Ronan by many, is rather rough around the edges. Her language is poor, her accent is thick, and her education is lacking, but underneath the rags she has a big heart. Her upbringing has made her a bit more practical then most and extremely resourceful in all ways save for religion. Despite the existence of the magical church she is a devout Catholic.

Friends: Fellow factory workers and slum dwellers.

Enemies: Anyone who threatens her or her family. Fair warning she always carries a rock.

Hurls: Preferably someone who is of working class who know that life isn't easy and can also deal with a hot tempered red head.

Needs: More fellow factory workers and slum neighbors, of Irish blood if it can be helped.

Plot devices with Useal:

- Be her drinking buddy.

- Be a slum neighbor who, "borrowed," something from her.

- Work in the factory with her and start some trouble.

- Threaten her daughter or sister.

- Have a female who is a former Maggie as well.

- Have a middle class man who is an insufferable land lord.

- And more!

About My NPCs

My NPCs work a bit like video game NPCs, they are meant as fillers in their designated area to help move stories along. In other words William and his colleagues will always be in The Golden Hearth, and any of your characters are free to interact with them to help build and move story.

[Image: hrDsZIe.png]

The Golden Hearth NPCs

William – William is half giant and acts as the bouncer at the Golden Hearth Theatre. He is akin to an Uncle for Felicity’s  and the two call each other, “Little Fella,” and, “Big Fella,” respectively. He often has back and joint pain due to his large size, but Felicity has made sure to master expansion charms so that at least he can have some creature comforts while in the Golden Hearth Theatre. After all the world doesn’t exactly cater to giants of any abnormal height.

Griphook – Griphook is half goblin and is Phil’s assistant manager, and at one point was Mr. Gold’s right hand man, no wonder Felicity trusts him so. He helps keep the place in check and often communicates on Phil’s behalf when Phil is away handling matters of business. He also helps balance the books and makes sure the coin passing through is genuine.

Silvertip – Silvertip is half goblin and is Griphook’s wife. The two met on the road working under Mr. and Mrs. Gold and have been inseparable ever since. While Griphook helps manage the business side, Silvertip takes care of the more homely matters: keeping fresh linens about, food on the stove for the patrons, mending costumes and the like.

TugNug – TugNug is 14 and Griphook and Silvertip’s son. He has a knack for coming up with, “grand” ideas which often get him into trouble, but he also has nimble enough fingers and is small enough that nobody tends to notice when their purse becomes a bit lighter by a coin or two.

Tookey – Tookey is 12 and Griphook and Silvertip’s daughter. She’s quite conscious about her appearance and dreams to someday be famous. If only she could find her talent. Each week she appears to be up to something different: juggling, wand swallowing (deck the stage with vomit), singing (anyone here a banshee?), dancing (with two left feet), the list goes on but if anything she will persevere.

Nanny – Nanny is 1/4th part hag and man’s the bar at the Golden Hearth Theatre. Though she was born among the upper class, she takes from her father’s genetics who was part hag, and thus life has not exactly kind to her. Ostracized from society both muggle and wizarding alike, she has managed to find a home and a family among those at Felicity’s theatre, not to mention she has a voice of an angel, shame she also has tremendous stage fright. ALSO she has an absolutely huge crush on @Aldous Crouch

[Image: cwnDebc.png]

Fox & Son NPCs

None at the moment.

[Image: CJlzFJk.png]

London Slum Boarding House NPCs

None at the moment.

Open Threads

Open For Buisness - Just a general open thread with Simeon that anyone is welcome to! Have an item you need to get rid of, or interested in buying something or perhaps a question of a more personal nature? Let's see how it goes.

WIP Stamps  

Stamp: Streaker Stamp

Particular Character: Felicity Gallagher

How this effects our play: In an effort to make sure I have enough posts to last me from July 8 - August 7, 2019 I will only be writing one post a day with Felicity, but not to worry I will inform you on what day you'll get your starter/response. So feel free to keep rping with this character!

Looking To Adopt  

Alright so I have a goal, I desire to adopt a character from each player who has an adoptable.  I take adopting characters seriously and want to make sure I'm the right match for your story arch. Here are a few things I look at when considering an adoptable if you wish to PM a request that works with this list feel free:

Conflict - For me rp is about story first and foremost, and every story has a good conflict. Where does the character you want me to adopt fit into the conflict, how long will that conflict be sustained, and will more conflict emerge from the resolution or is it going to be a sitting duck once the idea is up? Please no sitting ducks.

Personality - I love a good stereotype and among them the seductive, eccentric, and twisted characters really get my muse going. The further I can stretch their personalities the better. My specialties are sirens, clowns, and villainous sadists. One time I had a character (she was a Pooka) only spoke in riddles, what a fun challenge!

Background - I torture characters, it's part of my relationship with story conflict. Why send them up a tree when you can have them fight for their lives in the climb of Mt. Everest? Maybe this is why I am drawn to the Working Class, not to say I won't play other classes.

My Adoptables

None at the moment.


While Elsie here would have been in her year at school (though a Gryffindor) she likely would have been pleasant in their overlapping years at Hogwarts, as Elsie was not one to really shun anyone, after Felicity dropped out that likely my have been the end of it.

@Tala Moreno is my working class herbologist, she's pretty outgoing, fairly outspoken and a bit of a feminist. She also hangs around with the local activist group called the Revolutionaries in London so isn't super concerned with appearances etc..

@Eavan MacKay  is my WC magizoologist, and she's American so she doesn't much give a flip about reputations or anything like that either. I imagine it might be tough for them to meet as Eva lives in Irvingly, but perhaps Phil needs a magical creature for the theater for some reason and inquiries lead to Eva?

Let me know what you think, welcome aboard!

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
Hi Renny! Welcome to Charming!

My best oddball eccentrics potential connections for Felicity...

@Ishmael is a vampire who often lurks about Hogsmeade. He keeps to the shadows of society so likes the seedy joints but is also quite the social butterfly, and likes making connections wherever he can.

@Jude Wright is one of those activists Bee mentioned above! Jude has no interest in the arts or thievery but would be very impressed/interested in her support of halfbreeds and would be keen to hear more about that.

@Leila Scott was a Slytherin in the year above Felicity, but was middle class at the time so might not have been super tight with her. Once she graduated, however, she got mauled by a werewolf and is now a publicly known werewolf herself, so is slumming it up and incredibly grumpy always. But is in dire need of friends.

@Porphyria Dempsey is a lover of all things dramatic and macabre and eccentric so would take great pleasure in showing her face at said hole in the wall xD

@Tybalt Kirke was in her year at school, was a fun class-clown type but might have lent her a coin here and there out of friendliness. Now he's pretty broke and trying to straighten himself out/smarten up though so probably wouldn't be hanging around her place these days, but he probably would have found her fun back at school.

I don't have toooo many people for you, but here's who I can offer:

@Gilbert Whitechapel
I am bringing him back this month from being inactive, so he's open for thread plotting! He's younger than Felicity, but he's definitely an eccentric. He current works as a magical maintenance worker at Hogsmeade Hospital, but he's an inventor on the side. If she needed help building sets or other sorts of things, he'd totally do it for some spare change. Her show would also interest him.

@Jonathan Lawrence is likely to stumble in. He's new to Hogsmeade, and he's an American magizoologist. He would find her theater interesting, though, he'd probably have to accidentally happen upon it.

@Billie Farrow is a kiddo, but she'd be utterly fascinated by Felicity. Haha

Welcome to Charming!!

[Image: gSiiwYS.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
(July 8, 2019 – 10:49 PM)Elias Grimstone Wrote: Porphyria Dempsey is a lover of all things dramatic and macabre and eccentric so would take great pleasure in showing her face at said hole in the wall xD
Phyri is also very good friends with Ophelia, so if she's been to the Gold Hearth before and is familiar with their work that might be a good bridge to the fundraising thing we'd discussed before! Ophelia could lament her lack of creative new charity ideas, or maybe even have a performance of some sort in the works but then her original performers (foreign ballet troup or something?) fall through and she needs a new group on a short turn-around.

And I bet Phyri would get some twisted pleasure out of fooling a bunch of rich stuffy types into paying high ticket prices for what really amounts to a rag-tag vaudeville show from the slums xD Though Ophelia would need some assurances that everything presented was going to be at least mostly appropriate.

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