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June 1892
June 1892

This month, the full moon will be on Friday, 10th June. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of May.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3

What: "Lift Your Spirits" Festival by Jewell
Who: Jewell's Distillery is hosting in partnership with a local illusionist (available for hire for all your fancy parties this season) and a company specializing in party decor. Anyone who buys a ticket can attend.
Cost: Yes; tiered entry. Cheap tickets include entry to the general admission tent and two complimentary drinks (more can be purchased from the bar on the ground level). VIP tickets include entry to the VIP tent and unlimited drinks. VIP tickets are accessible to UC folks, cheap tickets to anyone.
Where: Padmore Park, with tents set up for the occasion.
Why: Promoting their products at the start of the season in the hopes of drumming up more business.
When: June 11th & 12th

Jewell's latest liquor line will lift your spirits, literally: taking drinks will cause the imbiber to levitate in proportion to how intoxicated they are. Drunker = farther up. To encourage folks to drink liberally, both tents are full of multi-tiered wonders that can be explored as you make your way to the top of the tent, featuring exotic landscapes, dazzling light displays, conjured animals. It is rumored that if you make it all the way to the top of the tent, you're able to do actual battle against a conjured dragon. The VIP tent has slightly grander illusions and the promise that your company will be of your own station, but is otherwise the same fare as the general admission tent. Finger food is available in both - for purchase (in general admission) or complimentary (in VIP).

Your character's clothes should still be normally affected by gravity, so ladies won't have to worry about their skirts drifting up over their heads (unless you somehow manage to turn yourself upside down, which... could happen). After a reasonable period of time the levitating effects ebb and you will drift harmlessly to the ground.

Leaving the tents while levitating is not advised.

Contact Player(s): Reuben Crouch


MJ made this <3

What: Sailing Classes at the Sanditon
Who: Group lessons designed for young women ages 16 - 26.
Cost: Yes, but a reasonable one for anyone not destitute.
Where: Sanditon Resort
Why: Because sailing is one of those Accomplished Young Lady things, like painting watercolors or riding horseback.
When: Tuesdays in June & July, 1892

Lessons take place each Tuesday afternoon during June and July. Although each class is sold separately they are intended to be attended in series, as the information and skill level builds throughout the duration of the class. Young women will be paired up and will take a sailboat out together. Alfred will provide instruction to the group before departure and will visit the various boats throughout the sailing window either to provide more hands-on instruction or to help anyone who is particularly struggling. Young ladies need not know how to swim prior to attending but proper leisure outfits are encouraged so that if they do fall overboard or crash they don't sink straight to the bottom of the sea. Following each day's lessons the ladies are invited to tea at the Resort to interact with each other more socially.

Contact Player(s): J. Alfred Darrow


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MJ made the most Alfredy of sets and then two years later she made it EVEN BETTER

What: Spirit Ball
Who: Spirit Div is handling logistics but it's really by and for ghosts. Any ghost in good standing with the Ministry (ie, they have not violated a restraining order/movement restriction in the past decade) will receive an invitation; they may then invite guests as they please (spiritual or living). Spirit Div employees are on hand for the night to resolve any issues that arise. Rather than having one host, this ball was put on by a small committee of spirits.
Cost: N/A
Where: Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom
Why: It's an annual affair.
When: Wednesday June 22nd

It's hard to make something work for both living and dead attendees, and as a result this event does only a passable job at either. At one end of the ballroom is a table of food for living folks, at the other is a smaller table of rotted food for ghosts (with some charms to ensure the smell doesn't permeate the ballroom except for the few feet around the table). Music and dances will be coming from just about every era. As was typical in the renaissance/medieval era, there will be opportunities for performances of song/dance/poems interspersed throughout the evening. There will not be ghost hounds at this one but stay tuned for other potential ghost-driven shenanigans.

Contact Player(s): Fortitude Greengrass


Set by Lady!

What: Mulciber Youth Ball
Who: Hosted by Rufina Mulciber for the future debs/bachelors of Magical Britain. Attendees are 13-17, fully human, UCAB/MCPB, and they and their parents are of good reputation. The current socialites (in Rufina's good graces, at least) are invited for an evening of judging supervising and gossip.
Cost: None
Where: Mulciber House, Wellingtonshire
Why: Show of Flora, tbh.
When: June 15th

Fairly generic aside from the ages of the attendees, tbh. There is exactly one alcoholic punch bowl (for the matrons) and, in theory, it's being watched like a hawk (unless it was switched before the party began... it was).

Contact Player(s): Aldous Crouch


— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: TrSGeWR.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —

What: Poppy Dashwood's Debut Ball
Who: Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Dashwood request the pleasure of (UCPB/UCHBs)'s company at Miss Poppy Dashwood's "Coming Out" ball. (See more in invitation.)
Cost: Only your invitation
Where: Dashwood Hall, Surrey
Why: Self explanatory.
When: June 17, 1892 @ 8 o'clock

Attire: Formal evening dress.

Aesthetic: White peonies and french blue accents. Grand, extravagant, and beautiful. Georgina Dashwood did not spare any expense for her eldest daughter's debut. The ballroom boasts extraordinary chandeliers, an overabundance of florals and floating votives, and the ceiling has been enchanted so that it looks like flowers have grown upside down. (A little of this, some of that, + there, and a whole lot of wow.)

Contact Player(s): Basil Foxwood


© Fox

What: Annual Irvingly Spring Celebration
Who: Mainly for muggles but magic folk are welcome but are reminded to mind the no-magic rules of Irvingly. This is an annual event put together by a small committee of Irvingly muggles.
Cost: N/A
Where: Irvingly - Salem Square
Why: To celebrate the upcoming end of spring and give both working class and muggles more events they can attend
When: June 18, 1891

An event that usually takes place mid-May, it was moved to June this year due to unforeseen circumstances. (Aka Kit forgot to post this when it was actually May)

There will be the usual vendors selling their wares as well as Victorian Era festival type food.
There are booths set up with a variety of Victorian Era festival games.
Children will get some free wood-carved toys to take home and enjoy - these are non-magical.
There will be a street dance starting from about 3 in the afternoon into the late evening.
The night will end with a display of fireworks.

Contact Player(s): Clarissa Cosgrove


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What: Protterbottom Picnic
Who: Are you or your spouse a child or grandchild of Harriet Prewett, Jameson Potter, or Hermione Longbottom? This is the event for you! Initiated by Frances Crabbe, but probably with its (more than) fair share of input from Harriet and the female cousins.
Where: Hawthorne Hollow, a nice little clearing about ten minutes down the path from the church.
When: Sunday, June 12th

Picnic blankets for the kids for authenticity, tables, chairs, and tents for the grownups. Buffet-style, run by Frances' house elf. A croquet course and badminton net have been erected, and Fitz will probably try to organize a pickup quidditch match.

Contact Player(s): Aldous Crouch


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mj makes pretty things
upper MC-UCAB| REP 7+ | House Party

What: House Party
Who: A well known socialite and her husband are having a house party.
Cost: none
Where: Their fancy country house
Why: No real reason
When: June 9th to 11th

The house has been enlarged to accommodate all the people staying - hunting, fishing, lawn games, and a ball are all on the menu!

Contact Player(s): Dante - Madeleine Backus


I am my mother's savage daughter, The one who runs barefoot cursing sharp stones
[Image: x2GW7DK.png]
I am my mother's savage daughter, I will not cut my hair, I will not lower my voice
MJ made glory
ACAB | REP Any | Prize Fight

What: The Prize Fight Round 1
Who: Fighters to take part, Sponsers to pay, people to watch!
Cost: A few knuts to watch, sponsors can pay for fighters training in the hope of winning a share of the purse, betting is limitless and probably shady
Where: A boxing arena in Shoreditch, muggle London, but spelled to keep muggles away.
Why: #Money, money, money, money money....MONEY!#
When: 30th June

This is the form setting round. There will be male and female fighters although they will be separated by genders but will fight in a round robin to show form and hook fighters up with Sponsors and allow professional betters to get a sense of how the fights will go.
This will be a potentially brutal event - bare knuckle, so expect bleeding and snot flying.

The main prize fight will be in July, but there will be a smaller pot for the fighter of each gender.

Contact Player(s): Dante - Isis Silverthorne


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MC-UCAB| REP 7+ | Ball

What: Midsummers Night Ball
Who: Natsuko Mountbatton is hosting.
Cost: n/a
Where: Her London house, the ballroom has been expanded to accomodate
Why: Meh - Natsuko wants to do things
When: 24th June - Midsummers night

The room has accents of english and Japenese design.  Like this.  The dance floor and music will be english, light by magica artificial stars, candle light and fireflies - everything very soft and romantic in dark shades.  Evening flowers like Night jasmine and magical night blooming flowers which give off great scents and soft bioluminescence. 

Food drinks and dancing. A few of the dances, at random will make the couples dance on fluffy blue grey clouds and whisk them into the air.  The couple needn't worry about falling, the cloud will follow them.

It gives a little more intimacy to the couples.  It's random - so you might end up 'whisked away' with someone you don't especially want to be whisked by.  People she like might get a few more intimate dances with a few nicer peoples. 

Contact Player(s): @"Natsuko Mountbatton"


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[Image: 1h84GbB.jpg]
Gin made something stunning


What: Country Ball
Who: Angelique Parkinson's first ball as hostess for the upper class crowd.
Cost: Nope!
Where: Angelique's estate in Coventry
Why: The Season
When: June 29

To celebrate her first season as a socialite, and potentially her only before having children, Angelique Parkinson née Farbridge has decided to host a ball. The decorations are simple but, in Angelique's eyes, perfect, consisting primarily of white, crystal, and silver. The hostess has provided commemorative dance cards for the attending ladies.

The party is intentionally non-alcoholic, serving only lemonade and small sweets. However, they are not checking guests to see if they have brought in any liquor. As such, drunken incursions upon the evening are possible.

Contact Player(s): Angelique Parkinson


[Image: 9R7Kxv.jpg]
beauty by lady
UCPB, UCHB | REP 8+ | Dinner Party

What: Dinner Party and Dance
Who: Friends, acquaintances, Debutants (with proper escorts),
Cost: N/A
Where: Malcorvus Flint's Estate in London
Why: Returning to Society
When: 6pm, June 25

After nearly two years of mourning for his late wife, this will be the first dinner party Malcorvus hosts. Anybody who is friends with Malcorvus, member of the Wizengamut, or otherwise known to Malcorvus can participate. Halfbloods are welcome providing they are Upperclass and influential/powerful and thus worth keeping on friendly terms. Any questions feel free to PM me.

Contact Player(s): Walter Staghart


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