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First Year
First Year

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Annie Moneypenny

Full Name: Nancy Amorancy Moneypenny

Nickname(s): Annie always.

Birthdate: August 14, 1879

Age: 11

Occupation: First Year

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor ('97)

Wand: Hornbeam, 13.7 inches, Kelpie hair, Swishy

Felix Moneypenny, Father [1847]
Olivia Moneypenny (née -----), Mother [1850]
Albert Moneypenny, Brother [1870-1885]
Samantha Moneypenny, Sister [1873]
Eunice Moneypenny, Sister [1875]
Bridget "Birdy" Moneypenny, Sister [1877]
Thomas Moneypenny, Brother [1877]

A politically liberal couple from London, Felix Moneypenny found his footing in the banking industry while his wife is a proud feminist. The children were raised on VE-appropriate feminism: belief in a woman's suffrage, gain and retain one's own money and property, and to have equal academic opportunities to men. All except for Annie are muggles.
"Bright" and "sunny" are two ways to describe Annie, as it is uncommon to see her without a smile one her face. She has a round, dimpled face that's peppered with freckles, and her teeth are straight and without cavities. Her eyes, which range from light hazel to soft brown depending on the lighting, are framed by heavy lashes and thick, straight brows. She has always been thin and somewhat athletic, but prefers walking to organized sports. Her dark hair is thick and difficult to keep styled, so tight ringlets are often preferable to an updo that can fall out. She wears bright colors whenever possible, and finds brown and shades of grey dull and dreadful. She writes with her left hand.

Energetic. Naive. Quick to make assumptions. Has an overly optimistic view of the world around her. Little suffragette. Struggles to show empathy. Has a very "my way or the highway" outlook. Friendly but not the most compassionate. Not fond of certain societal expectations, while others she routinely uses to judge other people (poor people should have educational opportunities, but they should not be social climbers, etc.). Very opinionated. Not fond of structure.
  • She can speak conversational French, but she reads it much better.
  • Annie (& her family) are nonreligious.
  • Her greatest strengths lie in arithmetic and speech.
  • She has a orange tabby cat named Rudy.
1879 | Nancy Amorancy Moneypenny is born to Felix and Olivia Moneypenny. She is intended to be named Amorancy after her mother's father, but a compromise is made to name her Nancy. However, after Amorancy Moneypenny is enraged to find that her granddaughter would not be given her name, the couple decides to insert it as an ill-suited middle name. "Annie" quickly becomes the preferred nickname around the house.

1881 | Annie takes part in her first suffrage protest at the ripe age of two. She carries a sign that her mother made for her, only to trip on it and scrape her knee. One breakdown later the family is on their way home, although Annie recounts fond memories of the march later that day.

1883 | Nobody is there when it happens, but it is not a moment Annie soon forgets. While stuck inside during a rainstorm, Annie sits by the window and mentally laments about how rain is useless because it never makes her window flowers sprout. As if responding to her thoughts, a colorful assortment of tulips sprout right before her eyes!

1884 | Annie joins her siblings at school for the first time. She is an eager student and loves to show off, but she is quick to write off topics as "boring" or "unnecessary" when she's unable to immediately grasp them. She is fond of reading and writing, but hates mathematics.

1885 | While on a trip with his friends to a nearby lake, Albert drowns. Annie, incapable of processing her feelings in a healthy way, tries to pin the blame on anyone and anything she deems culpable. She eventually gets over herself and is able to mourn with her siblings, but nothing is quite the same at home.

1886 | Another peculiar incident occurs during a family dinner. Annie's plate seems to continue filling itself after Annie wishes there was more pudding available. She is accused of stealing food off Thomas' plate and is sent to bed (luckily not on an empty stomach!) even after denying the accusations.

1888 | Samantha gets an invitation to go to Brighton with one of her wealthier friends from school. Annie finds this terribly unfair and resolves to make friends with people who will take her on trips. Unfortunately, most of the students in her class at school are boys, and mighty unfriendly ones at that!

1890 | With Samantha considering a private finishing and Annie beginning to struggle at school, it's becoming increasingly different for Annie to get the positive attention she so desires. Moments of being ignored are met with anger, and anger is met with sudden, sometimes scary anomalies that the family cannot ignore for long. Her father believes the house is beginning to wear, but her mother has other suspicions.
  • She's a muggleborn.
  • Her family believes in woman's suffrage—the men included.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour

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