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Evander Darrow's Ward
Evander Darrow's Ward

8 year old Halfblood
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played by Bree
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Charity Lloyd

Full Name: Charity Freesia Lloyd


Birthdate: August 30, 1881

Age: 8

Occupation: Orphan

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Uncle Evander's house in Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Unknown

Jonathan Lloyd, Father [1845-1890]
Evelina Lloyd (née Darrow), Mother [1853-1883]

Barclay Darrow, Grandfather [1818-1879]
Evangeline Darrow (née Hardacker), Grandmother [1828-1884]
Evander Darrow, Uncle [1849]
J. Alfred Darrow, Uncle [1854]
A perfect mix of both her parents, Charity might be considered a pretty child if not for the mess of tangled orange waves she inherited from her father. She has her mother’s face, though, including her hazel-green eyes and wide smile. She’s missing a number of teeth, though, and has recently become self-conscious about the fact. She is an average girl in weight and height. She usually dresses in white sand blues, but never—never—pink or orange. She is right-handed.

Suspicious. Perfectionist. Well-mannered. Impatient. Loves reading, but more importantly, loves appearing smart and useful. Inquisitive. Clingly. Morbidly curious due to unacknowledged trauma. Uptight. Talkative. Eloquent for her age. Very concerned with appearances and reputation.
    — Fluent in English. Speaks good French, but cannot write it.
    — Has good penmanship for her age.
    — She enjoys logic puzzles, riddles, and any game that requires use of her mind.
    — She has a solid black cat named Posey who will attend Hogwarts with her.
    — She has a strong fear of being a disappointment.
1881 | After years of struggling to conceive a child, Evelina Lloyd gives birth to a healthy baby girl with bright orange hair in their London townhome. Charity, sensibly named by her sensible mother, is spoiled and rarely seen in the arms of anyone else when her mother’s at home.

1883 | Evelina dies suddenly, leaving two-year-old Charity confused and inconsolable. She cries for her mother for weeks after, having to be comforted by a nanny morning, day, and night. She eventually mellows out, and although she’s too young to understand the permanence of death, she no longer frets about her mother’s absence.

1884 | Jonathan moves himself and his daughter out of their London townhome and into a different one in the heart of muggle London. While still seeing her magical relatives on holidays and in passing, Charity grows up under more muggle influence than most magical-born children. Weekdays are spent with her muggle grandmother, and evenings are spent with her muggleborn nanny.

1885 | A governess is hired earlier than usual after a number of public meltdowns that leave Jonathan’s mother with the impression that Charity is in desperate need of intervention. The four-year-old resists the new influence in the household, but learns to control herself after it becomes clear that her governess favorite disciplinary method is the rod.

1887 | Charity displays her first sign of magic. It is met with excitement on her father’s part and uncertainty on her grandparents’ parts, but Charity is simply relieved to be a witch like her mother once was.

1888 | A fight between Charity’s father and grandparents leaves the two families estranged—and leaves Charity feeling more lonely than ever. She is gifted with a kitten for Christmas, but even a new feline companion does not compensate for the loss of her family.

1890 | Jonathan perishes after a battle with a head injury sustained during a stampede at the Candle Lighting Celebration at the Ministry. Charity becomes an orphan and the ward of her two uncles, Evander and J. Alfred Darrow—two men with very little experience with small children. She goes to live with Uncle Evander in Irvingly.
— She is related to the Darrows through her late mother, Evelina née Darrow.

— She was orphaned in early January of 1890 and taken into the care of Evander Darrow, her mother's brother.
— Of her estranged muggle relatives.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour

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