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Hamish Darrow
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Played by Kayte
“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” — Mark Twain
History of Magic Professor; Hufflepuff Head of House; Deputy Headmaster
77 year old Halfblood
History of Magic Professor; Hufflepuff Head of House; Deputy Headmaster
5 ft. in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Hamish John Darrow


Birthdate: June 21st, 1815

Age: 77

Gender: Male

Occupation: History of Magic Professor; Hufflepuff Head of House; Deputy Headmaster

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: South Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus

Wand: Pine, twelve inches, with a veela hair core.

Morag Darrow née McGonagall, First Wife [1825-1843] Ramsay Darrow, Son [1843]
— Elsa Darrow née Finnegan, Daughter-in-Law [1850-1882]
— William “Billy” Darrow, Grandson [1869]
— Alistair “Allie” Darrow, Grandson [1872]
— Saundra Darrow, Granddaugher [1873]
Gillian Darrow née O’Toole, Second Wife [1835-1863]
Casper Darrow, Son [1854]
Caitriona Darrow, Daughter [1857-1861]
Fairy Darrow née Porter, Wife [1849-1881]
Mercutio Darrow, Son [1865]
Tessa Darrow, Daughter [1867]
Margaret Darrow, Daughter [1868]
Gilderoy “Roy” Darrow, Son [1872]

John Darrow, Father [1772-1867]
Lillian Darrow née Brown, Mother [1793-1884]
Aileen Denbright née Darrow, Sister [1812]
— Winfield Denbright, Brother-in-Law [1799]
— Leander Denbright, Nephew [1834], and family
Barclay Darrow, Brother [1818-1879]
— Evangeline Darrow née Hardacker, Sister-in-Law [1828-1884]
— Evander Darrow, Nephew [1849], and family
— Evelina Lloyd née Darrow, Niece [1853-1879], and family
Johnny Darrow, Nephew [1854]

Oona, dachshund acquired in 1885
Orpha, her daughter, born in 1886
At five feet, nine and a half inches, the man has never even vaguely resembled a giant, though he is pleased to be taller than the majority of his students. His build is best described as portly; never thin in his childhood, his girth grew as his height did, and while he does not have quite so round a shape as his son, his larger figure is one of which he is quite proud. Hair that was once dark has since lost moist of its colour, though his bushy eyebrows, set above grey eyes, still retain theirs.

His body is peppered with a dozen or so minor scars from his travels around the world, and typically clad in whatever doesn't look too ragged—though not a fashionista by any standards, Hamish is a man who likes to look well-kept. He is not one for over adornment, but after Fairy's death had his three wedding bands melted down and made into a chain for his grandfather's pocket watch. Hamish is left-handed.
1815 | Hamish is born the second child and first son to John and Lillian Darrow.

1818 | Barclay, the third and final child in the family, arrives. Around Christmas, Hamish makes his first display of magic when he lights a candle in the dark, however he does not show any more magical ability until he leaves for Hogwarts—his mother even convinces herself she hallucinated it, and that her son is a squib!

1826 | Hamish receives his Hogwarts letter, his wand, and his first owl before going off to school, where the diligent lad is placed into Hufflepuff. While not overly gifted in any of his classes, he does not struggle, either.

1828 | Hamish begins his third year, picking up Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures as electives.

1829 | Barclay begins at Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor.

1831 | Now in his sixth year, Hamish drops Charms, Herbology, and Astronomy to focus on the subjects that are of greater interest to him.

1833 | With his schooling complete, Hamish signs on with the Department of International Magical Co-Operation, hoping it will give him an opportunity to travel. He remains in the position for half a decade, saving up to pursue his interests later.

1838 | He leaves the Ministry to begin studying specifically a number of ancient cultures and their magical practices.

1840 | Hamish's first book is published, and he becomes acquainted with his publisher's daughter, a Miss Morag McGonagall.

1842 | A smitten Hamish marries Morag.

1843 | Morag gives him his first child, called Ramsay. Unfortunately, her constitution was never as robust as her personality, and the birth takes too much out of her. She dies a fortnight later, leaving a distressed husband and infant son behind. Instead of blaming his son for his wife's demise, Hamish views the child as Morag's last gift to him, and he proves to be a very hands-on parent.

1847 | Late in the year, Barclay marries.

1852 | While researching muggle folklore in Ireland, Hamish meets the young Gillian O'Toole, with whom he is quite taken. Thiers is a brief courtship, and they marry later that year.

1854 | Ramsay begins at Hogwarts and Hamish accompanies him! Having been signed on as the History of Magic professor, he is a bit reluctant to leave his wife and their newborn son on their own, but he had wanted the job for years—putting it off only because of Ramsay.

1857 | Just before the end of the school year, Gillian gives him their second child together, a daughter called Caitriona.

1861 | What should have been a happy occasion—the completion of Ramsay's schooling—was forever marred by the accidental drowning of Caitriona in the bath. The nurse at fault is immediately fired, but this does not ease the woes of either parent. Later that summer, Ramsay startles family and friends alike by announcing his internship at St Mungo's. By Christmas, Gillian is driven quite mad by the loss of her daughter, and Hamish is left with little option but to place her in an asylum.

1863 | After refusing to take food for several weeks, Gillian passes away in October.

1864 | One of his students, Fairy Porter, performs abysmally in her OWLs and is given a shotgun coming out by her parents in the hopes that she can marry in spite of her dim nature. She is quite pretty, and surprisingly takes quite quickly to Hamish. While he never comes to love her as he did his first two wives, they become quite good friends in spite of their intellectual differences.

1865 | Fairy delivers their first child, a boy she decides to name Mercutio. Hamish thinks it a bit silly, but doesn't question her judgement on the matter. In the fall, Casper begins at Hogwarts.

1867 | Fairy delivers her first daughter, Tessa. She is quite adorable, and so quickly gains a nickname to suit: Tessie.

1868 | Hamish gains another daughter, Margaret. She is primarily called Maggie. That same year, Hamish becomes the Head of House for Hufflepuff.

1869 | Ramsy marries a Miss Elsa Finnegan. Later that year, Ramsay's wife affords Hamish his first grandchild, William, who the family promptly takes to calling Billy.

1872 | Hamish gains his second grandson, Alistair, and his last child (to date), Gilderoy, in the same year. The lads are called Allie and Roy, respectively. Casper finishes his schooling, and finds work in the Ministry.

1873 | Hamish's third grandchild proves to be a girl called Saundra. He is not entirely sure how, but she gains the nickname Sunny.

1879 | Ever the adventurer, Barclay gets himself eaten by a dragon.

1881 | Early in the year, Fairy catches a severe chill, and does not live much beyond it.

1882 | Ramsay's wife dies.

1883 | Mercutio completes his schooling, and finds work as an auror in training.

1884 | Hamish is heartbroken when Ramsay nearly perishes in the laughing plague, and his recovery is a long and slow one. Sunny is at last revealed to have magic after all!

1885 | A prank played by some graduating students sees Hamish end up with a new pet, his dog Oona.

1886 | Hamish is appointed Deputy Head of Hogwarts and Ooona has her first litter, from which he claims Orpha for himself.

1887 | Ramsay at last returns to work at the hospital.
The Magic of the Nile (1840)
The Gods of Muggles (1844)
Faeries of Ireland: Fact or Folly? (1852)
A Wizard’s Guide to Ancient Rome (1870)
A Wizard’s Guide to Celtic Legends (1876)

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