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24 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 4 in.   ❤   Spinster
played by Bree
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Jemima Rosier

Full Name: Jemima Anna Rosier


Birthdate: August 18th, 1865

Age: 24

Occupation: Activist

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna ('83)

Wand: Reed, 12¼, Dragon heartstring, Firm

Henry Rosier, Father [1835]
Evalina Rosier (née Mulciber), Mother [1844]
Enoch Rosier, Brother [1860]
Griselda ----- (née Rosier), Sister [1861]
Jemima has always possessed the makings of a soft, delicate debutante, which perhaps makes it all the more disappointing that she chose another path. At an average five feet, three inches tall, Jemima has a slim figure and willowy limbs. Her little curves are hidden by dresses that do more to express her vibrant personality than highlight her assets. Her hair and eyes are the same soft brown color, and her skin is prone to glowing red when embarrassed or exposed to heat. She is right-handed.

    — Like most wealthy ladies, Jemima speaks fluent French. She is, however, less skilled in writing French and avoids it at all costs.

    — Jemima has an especially awful singing voice. She prefers the harp if she must play.
1865 | Jemima is born the third and final child in the Rosier household. Like most children of her upbringing, Jemima was quickly passed into the arms of a nurse and later a nanny, spending little time with either parent even in her first year of life.

1869 | Her earliest lasting memory comes in the form of a harsh scolding she receives from both mother and father. After wandering out of her nanny's sight one afternoon while chasing a butterfly, Jemima is discovered covered in dirt, mud, and—as her mother claimed despite her insistence otherwise—manure. She is banished to her bedroom, but not before watching her dress be burned in the family fireplace.

1871 | Enoch goes off to Hogwarts, leaving Jemima at home with her parents and elder sister. She cannot say she misses him much, nor does she miss Griselda when goes with him the next year.

1874 | Jemima shows her first sign of magic at the late age of nine, which proves to be both a source of happiness and anguish. While delighted that she is, in fact, a witch, her mother cannot stop talking about how "it's about time" and generally making her feel like a disappointment.

1876 | Her time to shine comes. When all the shopping is done and her luggage is sorted out, Jemima boards the Hogwarts Express alongside her siblings. She opts to sit with strangers instead of her siblings, which in hindsight would affect her school years to come. She makes friends almost immediately, but she does not dare utter their names to Enoch or Griselda out of fear of being lectured about befriending the "right sorts". The Sorting Hat sorts her into Gryffindor, which sees her separated from her siblings both physically and socially. She finds her home among her house-mates, many of whom welcome her with open arms.

1877 | Tensions between the muggle and magical world grow higher as muggles begin to rise and revolt. Jemima spends most of the summer watching the London streets from her bedroom window, and occasionally sending letters out in the night to her Hogwarts friends.

1878 | Jemima begins her third year with the addition of Muggle Studdies to her schedule.

1883 | Jemima graduates from Hogwarts with four NEWTs. Familial pressure sees her ditching her wand for debutante dresses, but she ditches the gowns before the season even ends. She takes up a volunteer position at the local library and puts little effort into finding a suitable match.

1885 | Having shut herself away from society for long enough, Jemima puts herself back out there—not as a debutante, but as a supporter or numerous charities and foundations that sway from her familial values. She is not stupid enough to participate in protests and instead chooses to champion causes from behind the scenes, often befriending supporters of liberal causes and schmoozing political types from the Ministry in an attempt to sway their opinions on the causes she support. It doesn't earn her much favor with her family.

1889 | Resigned to the life of a spinster, Jemima looks forward to being treated as a woman—albeit an unmarried one—rather than a silly girl. She is not closed off to the idea of marriage, but frankly she would rather eat dirt than end up like Griselda.
— Jemima has remained unmarried by her own choice.

— She is a champion for the poor and the weak, and often is involved in controversial left-leaning campaigns and fundraisers.

— Her brother, Encoh, is an auror.
— Her family looks upon her with disdain for her decision to not settle down prior to now.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

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