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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Caroline Darrow
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Played by Fallin
Wife of Evander Darrow
21 year old Halfblood
Wife of Evander Darrow
5 ft. 5 in.
❤   Engaged
Full Name: Caroline Rosheen Delaney

Nickname(s): Cara & Caro

Birthdate: June 3, 1869

Age: 21


Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Half

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: N/A - [Ilvermorny - Thunderbird]

Wand: cedar, 11", slightly yielding, dragon heartstring

Joseph Delaney | [b.1825] Father, Founder of Delaney Imports Christianne Delaney neé Fredericks | [b.1829] Mother, Seamstress Jeremy Delaney | [b.1851] Brother, Manager of Delaney Imports [i]-and family[/i] Marcus Delaney | [b.1853 d.1858] Brother, deceased Shawn Delaney | [b. 1855] Brother, Ship Captain Nimiane Delaney nee Bellchant | [b. 1862] Sister-In-Law Lincoln Delaney | [b.1859 d.1860] Brother, deceased Anthony Delaney | [b.1863] Brother, healer Leonard Delaney | [b.1866 d.1866] Brother, deceased
Caroline tries to present herself as a proper young lady, she is slim and dresses in the latest muggle fashions. She does dislike the size of her bosom but often carries herself in such a manner that one would think anything other than what she is wouldn’t fit her. She stands at an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Her face is feminine with full lips, large blue-green eyes (she believes this to be her best feature), and a dainty nose. Following the dictates of fashion she often adds just enough makeup to be fashionable without enough to gain any gossip about her. While many might find brown hair to be boring Caroline loves her long chocolate colored locks and especially likes having her maid twist it into fashionable new styles. Caroline’s wand hand is her right hand although she did attempt to learn to wield it with her left - only to some avail.
- Early Years-
1869: Caroline is the final child to be born into the Delaney family. While Caroline does not remember much of this year she has been told over and over again about her older brother Shawn’s fondness of her as an infant. 1870: As Caroline begins to toddler she displays adventurous tendencies, often escaping from the nanny to toddle outside. As she learns to talk she often babbles endlessly to anyone who will listen, but rewards them with frequent smiles. She does begin to display signs of a temper, especially when Shawn returns to school, she cries ceaselessly for two days, no one gets much sleep. 1871: On Caroline’s third birthday she is refused a second slice of cake, she displays her first sign of magic by levitating the cake down the table to her and ends up with a face full of cake. When Shawn returns to school in the fall, instead of crying Caroline begins to needle her parents about when they can visit her brothers. 1872: Caroline begins to discover that being a girl and not being allowed to be as adventurous as her brothers is not necessarily a bad thing and that sometimes she can get her way easier than others, especially if she smiles. 1873: Caroline is excited to have Shawn back home from school for good. It’s quickly apparent that he’s not taking too it though and she often hears her parents having hushed conversations about what they will do with him. While she is not thrilled with the plan that her brother will be at sea soon, she does get to enjoy the rest of the year with him home. 1874: Anthony goes off to school and Caroline begins to wonder when it will be her turn to go to school. Shawn leaves for England and Caroline finds herself stuck at home with only her stuffy eldest brother Jeremy who she finds boring. She is often loney and begins to enjoy listening to the grown ups talk behind closed doors. She is also introduced to several young girls in an attempt to make her more ‘lady’ like. It works - in part. 1875: In the early Spring Caroline goes missing. She’s found in the middle of town trying to make her way to her friend’s house. It is determined she is old enough to need a governess - if only to have someone keep an eye on her! 1876: Caroline shows promise as a young pupil but also still delights in getting out and about, enjoying trips to town, the docks, and the country all equally for the ‘adventure’ they present. 1878: It is an especially stormy spring and Caroline is often confided to the house. Her mother indulges her in books, as she discovers Caroline has an interest in novels and even ship logs for the adventurous stories they tell, in the hope it will keep her wayward daughter from putting herself in a situation to be in danger.
- School Years [1880-1887] -
1880-81: Finally it is Caroline’s turn to go to Ilvermorny, she believes it to be a grand adventure and is thrilled to no longer be left behind. She is delighted when she becomes a Thunderbird. Caroline finds it is easy to make friends at school. The schoolwork is interesting and the classes seem fairly easy. She often tries to find adventures on campus and often manages to get herself out of trouble without anyone realizing she was in it in the first place. When she returns from the holiday break she finds that Shawn has begun to court a young woman, Imogen Van Helsing. Caroline is wary of Imogen during their first few meetings, but the two bond rather quickly after her initial distrust dissipates. 1881-82: Caroline returns to school without Anthony for her second year. She finds that she is completely fascinated with transfiguration and potions. She works hard on the rest of her courses knowing that the more information she can get the better she will be. 1882-83: Shawn proposes to Imogen and Caroline is excited for the wedding. Shawn leaves to Great Britain a fact that she secretly begrudges of Imogen. She returns to school for her third year and is excited to finally begin to choose courses she wants to take. Half way through her third year she receives news that Shawn has gone missing on the voyage back to the states. Caroline, feeling sympathetic to her future sister in law writes her to tell her the unfortunate news. As the months pass and there is still no sign of her brother, hope falters. By the end of the school year it is believed that Shawn died on the journey back. Caroline doubts this assumption, but her family, too familiar with the death of their children, easily accepts this as the harsh truth. 1883-84: Caroline begins her fourth year of school. It no longer feels like an adventure and she is often bored with her surroundings. 1884-85: Caroline’s fifth year begins without much fanfare. Feeling as if she is more of a grown up now Caroline spends much of her summer with her lady’s maid overlooking the docks and makes eyes at many of the sailors. She is careful to make sure rumors don’t make it back to her parents but finds that it is fun to toy with men. 1885-86: She returns to school for her sixth year and develops a crush on a young man at school. Nothing comes of it as she returns home for the summer following her sixth year and begins to think the young man immature as she develops feelings for a sailor in her father’s employ. By the time she returns to school it fizzles into nothing as she begins to think realistically about her future. 1886-87: Caroline’s seventh year [i]finally[/i] begins, she is excited to be able to finish school and most of her seventh year is spent enjoy the time with her friends for one final year. The highlight of her year is receiving news that Shawn has returned to them and was not lost at sea. She can’t wait to return home to see her long lost brother.
- Early Adulthood -
1887: Returning home from school Caroline debuts in Bostonian magical society, but quickly deems most of the men as not good enough or too boring. Caroline grows closer with Shawn as she helps him piece his memory back together again, including reminding him of Imogen and his love for her. She is convinced that Imogen’s love was as strong as her own and like Caroline, Imogen has not yet given up hope on Shawn. At the end of the year Shawn begins to discuss returning to Great Britain to find his fiance, Caroline, bored with the prospects of life in Boston, begs and wheedles her way into accompanying him on the trip. Shawn relents and she manages to convince her parents that she will have better prospects in Great Britain, they remain hesitant to allow her to go. 1888: Caroline finally convinces her parents that she should go. She and Shawn depart for Great Britain after a few months of preparation. She is excited for the Grand Adventure they are embarking upon. Only a few months after arriving Fogsmeade sets in and her first season is remarkably dull stuck in London while most of society is in Hogsmade. Her brother Anthony joins them in London. Dullness is made up by the Pink Letter Scandal in September. Anthony and Shawn both receive letters and Caroline encourages them to pursue them - especially Shawn. Meanwhile she is accosted by the annoying and in her opinion (probably because she failed to find her own pink letter when it was delivered) slight deranged Tybalt Kirke. By November it seems everyone has forgotten the Pink Letter incident - except Shawn. Caroline encourages him to pay suit to Nimiane Bellchant who he had been paired with. Shawn and Nimiane soon begin courting. In December Tybalt attempts to remedy things. Over the next few months the two actually become friends. 1889: Yet another season passes by in London, this one quite better than the last. In September Shawn leaves with little to no notice, Nimiane with them. When she hears from them next they are engaged. In October she helps Evander Darrow defeat a boggart in Diagon Alley. A flirtation begins between the two of them. 1890: Shawn marries Nimiane on the first day of the new year. Caroline is a bit put out to not have attended, but not wanting her parents to bring her back to Boston she opts to stay in London with Anthony. Her mother begins to press her on the importance of a match and by spring her father is hinting he will find a match for her if she does not marry soon.
Caroline is the picture of a charming young woman, everything she should be. Sweet, charming, calm and poised disposition. However, this is a front to her underlying talents, which are much on display for her family should they choose to see them. She is a strong willed young lady, determined to get what she wants, often meaning that she has underlying reasons for every action. She does this with a pragmatic approach, looking for ways to subtly (or even sometimes not so subtly) put in place a plan. Sometimes this comes through charm, sometimes through her sheer determination and stubbornness, and somethings through a plan that benefits all parties involved. This is spurred on by the fact that she is both adventurous and easily bored - a dangerous combination. She is fiercely loyal to her family, and while independent and willing to charge ahead on her her own, she is willing to fight for her family when needed, especially her brother, Shawn.
Caroline claims she is scared of nothing, but she is terrified of being locked away as a wife and only a wife.
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