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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Thomasina Dempsey
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Played by Beanie
Artifact Incidents Healer
28 year old Halfblood
Artifact Incidents Healer
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Thomasina Carmella Dempsey nee Pomfrey

Nickname(s): Sina

Birthdate: March 19th, 1863

Age: 28

Gender: Female, perceived as female

Occupation: Artifacts Incidents Healer @ Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Dempsey Residence outside of Galway, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Walnut and unicorn hair, 10", whippy

Family: Dr. Hippocrates Pomfrey, Father [1828]
Amrita Pomfrey nee Kapadia, Mother [1835-1884]
Wystan Pomfrey, Brother [1858]
Anandhita Pomfrey, Sister [1874]

Dr. St. John Pomfrey, Grandfather [1797-1884]
Dorothea Pomfrey nee Belby, Grandmother [1803-1854]
Florence — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1827], and family
Thessalus Pomfrey, Uncle [1828], and family
Elizabeth — nee Pomfrey, Aunt [1840], and family

There is also a Husband (Ozymandias Dempsey, b. 1856.)
General | Sina is taller than one would expect, given her siblings' heights; she stands at 5'4". She has dark brown hair and brown skin, and brown eyes. Her build is slender. She is right-handed.

Expressions | Exaggerated; Sina is always rolling her eyes, grinning mischievously, or raising her eyebrows at people. She flushes when she's angry or experiencing other intense emotions. When she is genuinely annoyed or uncomfortable, her face becomes stony — it could be called a resting bitch face — and that this is never directed at Ozy is a tell that she does actually like him.

Deportment | Sina is always leaning on things, dancing around people, taking up more space than she ought to be able to. She talks with her hands, and makes herself small when she's actually upset.

Fashion | Bright colors, fashionable cuts — if she's at home or at work, her hair can seem a little scattered where she's pinned it up, but she is much neater at parties. She prefers muggle attire, and is often rolling up her sleeves.

Scent | Thomasina favors perfume that smells like fragrant herbs; she finds it conflicts less with the hospital.

Face Claim | Hannah Simone

1863Thomasina is born.
1864 — 1873Childhood passes largely uneventfully; Thomasina takes lessons with a governess, she has an elder brother, and she is a very bright girl. The areas she is exposed to are different — while Stan is the only boy, and therefor a future doctor, Sina still learns healing and medicinal techniques. She is very fascinated by human anatomy, and memorizes the names of bones. Stan leaves for Hogwarts in 1869, and Sina misses having someone to hassle, but is not bereft like some other children tend to be. She studies Ancient Greek and Marathi, as well as French.
1874Sina goes to Hogwarts, and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Anandhita - Ani - is born.
1875-1881Sina's time at Hogwarts passes largely uneventfully. Most of her friends are other Ravenclaws, and like her, they are very academic but willing to push the boundaries of what they are taught. Sina would likely be more popular if she wasn't so convinced she is the funniest person she knows, and making little jokes about those around her.

She is not named Prefect and does not play Quidditch. She receives very high OWL scores and continues with seven classes into her NEWTs; when Sina finishes her seventh year, she announces that she will seek employment at Hogsmeade Hospital as a healer rather than become a debutante. (She never gives anyone a good answer as to why Hogsmeade, but privately it is because Sina is fond of quieter places, and because she does not want to be another Healer Pomfrey at St. Mungo's.) No one with any good sense is surprised by the 'healer' part.
1881-1882On receipt of her NEWT scores, Sina becomes a trainee healer at Hogsmeade Hospital, as planned.
1882-1884Thomasina joins the Artifact Incidents department as a junior healer. Things would have been significantly less eventful had the plague not struck in the summer of 1884; Thomasina remains unscathed, despite working as a healer and being trapped in Hogsmeade for much of the summer, but her mother and cousin pass. Her father is never entirely the same. She flings herself more into her work.

That fall, Sina is promoted to become a full healer.
1886 Sina meets Ozymandias Dempsey, who is one of the most aggravating people she has ever met. She starts planning their verbal sparring well in advance of events where she is likely to see him, and is eventually delighted that he's one of very few people who can keep up with her.
1887To everyone's surprise, including her own, Mr. Dempsey proposes to Sina. To everyone's surprise — except Ozy's — Thomasina says yes. Just about everyone assumes they are only marrying because she is pregnant or because they were caught in the throes of passion — neither are true — but months pass, and while the couple seems no more willing to tolerate each other during the months of their engagement and into their marriage, Sina never becomes visibly pregnant and the rumors die down. Sina is happy to move to Ireland.
1888Married life suits her. Thomasina and Ozymandias fight all the time, but that suits them, too. People seem to think they don't share a bed, based on their fighting and based on Sina's continued lack of children. (Untrue, but people can think what they wish.)
1892Sina is still happily married, happily working, and happily not-yet-a-mother.
Sina thinks she is both the smartest and the funniest person she knows; these things can be obvious when you talk to her.
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