Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Family Members
    Adoptable Family Members

    Members can reply to this thread with characters that they would like to be adopted. These characters must be related to or involved with your existing character in some way. If you're interested in a specific plot - see the Adoptable Plottable Characters thread instead.

    To see a member-made list of all available relatives (however distant) for the families on Charming, you can see them here.

    — Please include the following in your request:

    Character's name, age, race, history, and how they are involved with your character. (Other information can also be added.) It is also suggested to include contact information if you would like the player to contact you for permission to register the adoptable character's account. If you'd like guests to contact you, be sure to include an e-mail, AIM, or other means of contact aside from PM.

    Kayte's Adoptables

    Welcome to your seduction ;) Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
    • Please reserve your character with me before apping!
    • Obviously, I'd prefer activity from anyone to take these on XD If, after six months, I don't think you're doing much with them (I have very lax standards, don't worry!), I reserve the right to ask you to give them up so someone more active may take them on.
    • I'll give you two weeks after loosing a character in an AC before I put them back up for grabs! If you drop them via Maintenance, they become immediately available again. If you just want to temp drop them, talk to me first! :)
    • Anyone picking up one of my ads must include the family and personality sections. I provide the family in all my applications so just mentioning the names is quite fine by me. Personality can be as minimal as three basic traits, just so I know for sure that our ideas of the character mesh.
    If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Odira Potter, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)
    Last updated November 9th, 2017

    Wanteds for...
    These characters are all those that I would like for a specific thread or ongoing purpose. They'll have full-length ads and be a bit more defined, generally.

    These characters are all tied to mine, but not needed for a specific purpose. They all have streamlined ads, with hovers for more information. I'll also link to other people's ads tied to my characters here! Click here for these ads!

    You should also take a gander at my plottables!

    I'm looking for...
    #Ethnic Diversity #Criminal #Family Drama #Muggle
    #Lower Class #Middle Class #Upper Class #SWP7
    #Girl Power #Beard #Old

    ----- FOGG
    [Image: VtmmLnO.jpg?1]
    The daughter of a noted transfiguration scholar, ---- had the world ahead of her…until she fell in love with her father’s apprentice the summer after her OWLs, found herself pregnant by him, and eloped with him for good measure. Cast out by her family and his alike for their foolishness, she struggled to adjust both to motherhood and her new, poorer lot in life for two years before deciding to begin training as a mediwitch. In 1877, she finally badgered Bernard Simpson, then healer-in-charge, to accept her professional credentials instead of academic ones; she is now a fully trained healer in two departments, and works in one of them at the hospital (or infirmary) of your choosing. ----- and Alby have an affectionate relationship—one in which she holds the bulk of the authority. The suggested PB is Robin Wright.

    Immediate Ties: @Aurelius Fogg, @Ramona Fogg
    [Image: O0ny7AL.jpg?1]
    Rupert accidentally ruined his parents’ lives by being conceived. Oops. Spending his early years in a working class home has instilled in him a strong work ethic and a great deal of ambition—he works in any class-appropriate job with potential for upwards mobility. Though presently unmarried, he is now confident in his ability to support a suitable wife and has turned his sights to doing so, for all that he would prefer a husband. The suggested PB is Pilou Asbæk.

    Immediate Ties: @Aurelius Fogg @Ramona Fogg
    [Image: 7DicLca.jpg?1]
    B. 1874 | MCHB | ANY | THIRD YEAR (’87)
    Raised in greater comfort than his brother, Simon is almost patently unambitious, barely skating by in his courses in spite of nagging from both parents. At their insistence, he enrolled in two elective courses instead of the one he had hoped for—though didn’t tell them that one is art or music, not academic! He was denied access to Hogsmeade for his third year, and told that this would be re-evaluated over the Christmas holidays if his grades improved. The suggested PB is Jaeden Lieberher.

    Immediate Ties: @Aurelius Fogg @Ramona Fogg
    [Image: ZSWqpbE.jpg?1]
    Alby’s brother, Remus’ arrival brought about their mother’s end, leaving them with only a highly ambitious father for leadership. As such, the two were raised with a great deal of competition between them leading to tense relations growing up. It was only when Remus proved the only member of his family not to sever ties after Alby’s elopement that the two began to develop a positive relationship. Today, the culture of one-upmanship they share is still very much present, but far more good-natured. Remus is human, married or widowed, with one to three children. Like his brother, he has a strong sense of humour and a smashing beard. The suggested PB is Kristofer Hivju.

    Reserved for Bee

    Immediate Ties: @Aurelius Fogg @Ramona Fogg

    [Image: EyZmarH.jpg]
    The youngest of the Sharpe children, born in 1860. Xavier has lived the most conventionally muggle life of the three of them thus far, finding a position in his early twenties as a tutor in an upper class household. When the family, however, had to move to America for business purposes, he was reluctant to go with them, and instead—with his brother’s help—found work doing the same in a mixed magical/muggle household in Irvingly. He keeps a small cottage in Dovecote for himself and is able to walk to work each day, and relishes the fact that he gets to live close to his brother and sister. The suggested PB is Chadwick Boseman.

    Immediate Ties: @Atticus Sharpe @Belladonna Normanson
    [Image: AAJpqj6.jpg?1]
    B. 1875 | MCHB | ANY | HOGWARTS REJECT | #SWP7
    Belladonna's oldest child, Jessa finished her first year at Hogwarts only to be unable to return for a second due to ambiguity where her father's parents are concerned. As such, her only option for the fall is the Irvingly Schoolhouse, which is hardly ideal for a witch! Of her siblings, she is the only one to know that her father was sent to prison for lewdness—and the only one to know that her mother is actively hiding from him. She has a sensible head on her shoulders, and her uncle hopes that will stick around into her teenaged years (but one never knows). She was previously played.The suggested PB is Quvenzhane Wallis.

    Immediate Ties: @Atticus Sharpe @Belladonna Normanson

    [Image: pyr5cMW.jpg?1]
    B. 1873 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | THIRD YEAR (’87)
    The eldest of the group, “Abel” is in Slytherin or Hufflepuff, and knew “Thomas” prior to beginning at Hogwarts. Abel is the youngest of six children, and as a result wavers between horribly immature and thinking he’s much more ‘adult’ than his peers. He dreams of one day being an auror like his father and oldest brother (sub in some high military rank if you make him MB). The suggested PB is Ty Simpkins.

    Reserved for Alex

    Immediate Ties: @George Waterford, @Julian Dearborn, @Thomas Sanger

    [Image: q9rWhdf.jpg]
    The youngest child of Brandon and Elizabeth Carmichael, George was born between September 2nd and 30th of 1866. While at Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor, but he now works under Sydney Podmore at St Mungo's, where a coworker has caught his eye and he’s not quite ruled out convincing them to run away with him. Like his siblings, George made the Unbreakable Vow never to reveal his sister’s secret, but has often felt that keeping it quiet isn’t the most useful thing that can be done for her. Helping her dispose of a body might have been, though. The suggested PB is Miles Teller. George was previously played.

    Immediate Ties: @Virginia Carmichael @Elliot Carmichael
    Bonus! Ties: @Sydney Podmore @Gwenda Cadwallader

    [Image: 7PFxFpA.jpg?1]
    Hiram’s grandfather, Francis has owned and operated Billings Bakery in Diagon Alley since his mid-twenties. Margery was his only child with his late wife. He attended five years at Hogwarts in any house but Slytherin. Presently, he is grooming Orpha to take over the bakery when he retires or retires, and serves as a loving but stern guardian to the troublesome Zadie when she is not at school. The suggested PB is David Attenborough.

    Immediate Ties: @Hiram Birch @Ottilie Pine @Hudson Pine @Zadie Pine
    [Image: 35izvxj.jpg]
    Twin to Ottilie, Orpha is Hiram’s half-sister and was born in 1864. While she was at Hogwarts, Orpha was in Hufflepuff. She completed five years before leaving school to work with her mother and grandfather at Billings’ Baked Goods in London. Now, she is training to make more advanced pastries as her grandfather hopes to expand their clientele. Orpha is set to inherit the business when her grandfather passes, and is the only one of the grown children to live apart from the rest of the family, living in a small flat above the bakery. Her wand, oddly enough, is made of pine. The suggested PB is Shailene Woodley PB is Cara Delevigne.

    Immediate Ties: @Hiram Birch @Ottilie Pine @Hudson Pine @Zadie Pine

    [Image: Pw7LFYM.png]
    B. 1871 | MCHB | RAVENCLAW | SIXTH YEAR ('87)
    The eldest of the Fudge brood, Somersby has generally an open personality, with the caveat that he (wisely) keeps any ass-like characteristics he might have from his parents. Perfect for those looking for a fairly open character with existing, played ties on-board! He is offended by Herbert's joking attitude toward his death, putting a bit of a gap in their relationship.The suggested PB is Landon Liboiron. Somersby was born in 1871 and had his first act of magic in 1874. He is in Ravenclaw house and is close friends with Ben Turner.

    Immediate Ties: @Herbert Fudge @Winifred Fudge @Holliday Fudge @Irene Fudge
    Bonus! Ties: @Benjamin Turner @Phaedra
    [Image: mSGz3yJ.jpg]
    B. 1877 | MCHB | TBD | CHILD
    Born in 1877, Paxton’s first act of magic occurred in 1880 and saw him electrocute a muggle fisherman with a bolt of lightning #whoops. The suggested PB is Elias Harger. He is absolutely delighted that his father's a ghost instead of properly dead, and has taken to hunting him around the resort.

    Immediate Ties: @Herbert Fudge @Winifred Fudge @Holliday Fudge @Irene Fudge
    Bonus! Ties: @Benjamin Turner @Phaedra

    [Image: xfbur6.jpg]
    B. 1874 | UCPB | SLYTHERIN | THIRD YEAR ('87)
    Simon was born in 1874, and showed his first sign of magic in 1880. He's always been something of a momma's boy, but will complain when told as much. Rather soft in nature, he often finds himself bullied or manipulated by step-cousin Elijah, who he greatly dislikes as a result. He is too nervous to tell anyone of this, though. Following his father's death, it was revealed that all the Yaxley children are technically bastards. As such, Simon's reputation is 3. The suggested PB is Jacob Davies with alternatives to be ginger.

    Immediate Ties: @Honoria Urquart @Katherine Yaxley @Caspar Urquart @Elijah Urquart

    [Image: 72awav.png]
    B. 1869 | MCHB | GRYFFINDOR | ?
    Ismene's brother and Castor's best friend, Myles was born early in 1869. Though friendly and intelligent, he frequently clashed with his father—and sometimes with Castor—over his disinterest in quidditch. With his father’s death in the summer of 1884, he constantly worries that he is not shaping up as the ‘man of the family’. As his mother is an etiquette monster, he tends to be polite and well-behaved, though can be led astray by his friends. Myles finished school in May '87, and has taken on a career appropriate to the middle class image the family presents. He has recently become deeply infatuated with one of his sister's closest friends, though has yet to make his feelings known. He was previously played. The suggested PB is Kyle Gallner.

    Immediate Ties: @Ismene Swift @Castor Allaway
    Bonus! Ties: @Loretta Browne @Dorothea Potts

    [Image: TvZEAYX.png]
    B. 1873 | MCHB | NOT SLYTHERIN | FOURTH YEAR ('87)
    The second child born to John and Elizabeth, Joanna arrived in August of 1873. She has always clung rather sharply to the step part of Mary Ann’s title; while she is fond of her stepmother, she often challenges her. She wishes very much to play quidditch and spends her time home from school trying to convince her father to allow it. Thus far, she has been unsuccessful. She is the spitting image of her late mother. Joanna lives in London when not at school. The suggested PB is Mackenzie Foy.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith @Cora Smith
    Bonus! Ties: @Julia Gibbons @Georgia Gibbons
    [Image: kNy2ZD1.jpg?1]
    Mary Ann is the youngest of John’s wives, and the one most likely to crumble under the pressure of raising five children—and having recently discovered she has another on the way! She does love the life of a solicitor’s wife, though, and will do anything to secure it; whenever John is “away” she busies herself running the house and paying calls. A muggle, she is ignorant of the magical world and thinks the children just keep going off to random boarding schools—if she ever starts to wise up, John’s casually befuddled her here and there. She lives in London. The suggested PB is Gemma Arterton.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith @Cora Smith
    Bonus! Ties: @Julia Gibbons @Georgia Gibbons
    [Image: c0eEnUd.jpg?1]
    B. 1877 | MCHB | TBA | CHILD
    John’s eldest with Mary Ann, Johnny was born in 1877. His infrequent but large outbursts of magic concern his father, for it is growing more and more difficult to keep magic a secret from Mary Ann. Johnny is an insecure young boy whose confidence is not helped by his father’s frequent absences. He lives in London. The suggested PB is Art Parkinson.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith @Cora Smith
    Bonus! Ties: @Julia Gibbons @Georgia Gibbons
    [Image: Ye2VySf.jpg?1]
    John’s best friend since their first year at Hogwarts, Walter was also born in 1846 and was also in Hufflepuff. He’s also also a solicitor. They’re different people, honest. Though engaged to marry someone else, Walter fell in love with Julia and eloped with her in 1870, causing a great deal of friction between the two families that has since been repaired. He works with James and John at Gibbons, Wilson, and Smith in London, working quietly out of their Irvingly branch as well but only as needed. As far as Charlotte and her children are concerned, he’s family friend _____ Gibbs who they met in 1881, a childless bachelor who she’s made it her mission to set up. He lives in London. The suggested PB is Allen Leech.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith @Julia Gibbons @Georgia Gibbons
    Bonus! Ties: @Cora Smith
    #Middle Class
    [Image: via2xtu.jpg?1]
    B. 1850 | MCM | MUGGLE ED. | NURSE | #MUGGLE
    John’s second wife, and the only one to have ever known about his magic, Charlotte was born in 1850 and lived a ‘painfully dull’ life up until meeting and marrying him in 1872. Had she gone to Hogwarts, she would almost certainly have been a Gryffindor—bold and full of joy, John could not resist falling in love with her. She lives in Irvingly, and misses John dreadfully when he’s away in London for “work”. To busy herself during his absence, she works as a nurse at the Infirmary. As far as Charlotte and her children are concerned, Walter is a family friend _____ Gibbs who they met in 1881, a childless bachelor who she’s made it her mission to set up.
    The suggested PB is Laura Carmichael.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith
    [Image: PcVXLQM.jpg?1]
    B. 1877 | MCHB | NOT RAVENCLAW | THIRD YEAR ('87)
    John’s first son (though only select people know it!), Jack was born in 1874. He is rather reserved in nature but has his mother’s stubbornness. While not at Hogwarts, Jack lives in Irvingly. The suggested PB is Romann Berrux.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith
    [Image: pRdiyUT.jpg?1]
    B. 1876 | MCHB | TBA | FIRST YEAR ('87)
    The younger of the children born to Charlotte and John, Charles was born late in the year and will go to Hogwarts in September. He’s developed a bit of a bad habit of showing involuntary magic in public, leading his parents to wonder if it truly is involuntary. He has already had ~words from Ministry officials on three separate occasions. Charlie lives in Irvingly. The suggested PB is Nathan Mack.

    Immediate Ties: @John Smith

    Below are my less pressing needs as well as some links to "external" (read: other people's) ads that I have a vested interest in. You can hover over the "looks like" and the "more" fields for extra info! While I would be thrilled to thread with any of these characters, they have less innately going on than those above.

    Bennett, Archibald @Nikolai Sleptov Late 1872, MCHB Timothee Chalamet Click Me!
    Darrow, Alistair @Hamish Darrow Feb. 1872, MCHB Tall, angular, redhead Hover for more!
    Darrow, Gilderoy @Hamish Darrow June 1872, MCHB Thin, wiry Hover for more!
    Fudge, Sunday @Holliday Fudge July 1878, MCHB Dark hair Hover for more!
    Gallivan, Nathaniel Jr. @Nathaniel Gallivan May 1882, UCHB Blonde Hover for more!
    Gibbons, Arthur @John Smith Jan/Feb 1872, MCHB Open Hover for more!
    Gibbons, Susannah @John Smith Late 1875, MCHB Open Hover for more!
    Normanson, Annalise @Atticus Sharpe 1878, MCHB Mixed-race Hover for more!
    Normanson, Gulliver @Atticus Sharpe 1880, MCHB Mixed-race Hover for more!
    Normanson, Johnathan @Atticus Sharpe 1850, MCAB Mixed-race Click Me!
    Prewett, Fabian @Fitzroy Prewett Dec. 1868, UCPB Redhead Hover for more!
    Weasley, Arthur @Catigern Weasley 1822, MCPB Brendan Gleeson Hover for more!
    Weasley, Briseis @Catigern Weasley 1830, MCPB Open Hover for more!
    Weasley, Caradog @Catigern Weasley Sept. 1853, MCPB Domhnall Gleeson Click Me!

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

    For Tybalt, Atticus and Bianca. The Kirkes are a middle class, muggleborn family hailing from London. Despite their parents being muggles, four out of five of the children have magical blood, likely due to some faint magical ancestry. Though they still visit their parents occasionally, relations with their muggle brother are strained. Name and age are pretty fixed, but mostly everything else is flexible; PBs are open as long as there is some family resemblance.

    lavinia ---- nee kirke
    [Image: lavinia5_zpsbwyghf0c.png]
    After Atticus' wild nature, Lavinia (born 1859) has always been the steady-going sibling, only needing to be her proper self to please her parents. She has always been intelligent, thoughtful, and particularly responsible, possibly a prefect during her time at Hogwarts (in the house of your choice). Though she has also become more maternal over the years, she tends to disapprove of some of her siblings' choices, often interfering and even openly criticising them. She married a muggle in 1882, and may well have children by now. She lives in Irvingly or London.

    For Salazar. MCPB, Hogsmeade. Salazar and his wife Elvira have a rocky relationship and three children: Francis (1877), Clara (1880) and Alexander (1884). (Technically all three are playable, but I’m only putting the eldest up rn!) They also have some played extended family through Salazar’s brothers-in-law, Edric Slughorn and Ambrose Bell.

    francis slughorn
    Salazar and Elvira’s eldest son, born in 1877. Although his parents’ strained relationship does upset him, Francis - having learned by now never to expect the same answer from mother and father - can take advantage of knowing when to go to which parent with different dilemmas and requests in order to always get what he wants. A curious boy, he probably took to his funny uncle Godric more than Salazar would have liked; Salazar only hopes he will avoid absorbing too many of the Slughorn family’s eccentricities. He also has played uncles and some played cousins!
    For Basil. Both of Basil’s sisters moved into the spare room of his Hogsmeade residence to ‘keep him company’ after his wife died (and to take advantage of being nearer to the heart of the magical community whilst saving on rent). They still both live with him, and the pair of them are a regular pain in the ass. The Strettons are all lower class halfbloods. Most details here are flexible, and beyond some family resemblance, PBs are open!

    angelica stretton
    [Image: stretton%20sister%201_zpsjabvnglf.png]
    Born in 1842, Angelica is the eldest child, and no one doubts it. Overbearing at the best of times, she nags Basil and butts heads with her younger sister constantly. What she cannot match in shrewdness, she makes up for tenfold in sheer loudness. Angelica is a spinster: although she has been engaged twice over the years, both suitors jumped ship before marriage on account of her tyrannical temperament. She has been working since she left Hogwarts, possibly as a mediwitch.

    laurel stretton
    [Image: stretton%20sister%202_zpssbqgywmp.png]
    Born in 1854, as a late surprise to her parents, Laurel is a secretary (at the Ministry or DP) and is the Most Efficient. She has the strategic mind of a chessmaster and is a good five steps ahead of the people she is employed under; supremely organised and a workaholic, she could probably run the whole circus herself. She’s steadfastly unmarried, but hopelessly in love with someone who is so generally hopeless that she’s rather ashamed of what’s come over her; she shows this to them by being especially crabby and unforgiving of their screw-ups. She can’t stand sharing the space at home with her older sister but like hell is she going to give her the satisfaction (and Basil some peace) of moving out first.

    (Alternate name possibilities for either sister because the herb theme appeared out of nowhere: Rosemary, Jasmine, Saffron)

    oscar stretton
    [Image: stretton%20son%203_zps6mgvhxww.png]

    Basil’s only son, born in 1870 (school year is flexible: if you would like to try him out for prefect in June, he would be born after September). His mother died in 1875, which has left Oscar and his father truly quite close. (With a razor-sharp wit and just a dash of his mother’s recklessness, Oscar is Basil’s BFF, basically. Though away now at Hogwarts in any house, this gives them each space and means they both still enjoy the holidays (though there’s a touch of that teenage embarrassment on Hogsmeade days when Oscar’s with friends at the Three Broomsticks). Oscar serves as Basil’s editor sometimes for the penny dreadful serials Basil writes; when he’s stumped, Basil sends an owl and his son helps brainstorm ideas.

    susannah stretton
    [Image: stretton%20cousin%201_zpsk3mrzgxu.png]
    A cousin to Basil, Susannah was born in 1861. Her father was Basil’s father’s younger brother, but when her parents were both killed in a house fire in 1866, her aunt and uncle took her in, seeing her through five years of Hogwarts. Though truly quite bright, a crippling anxiety about exams saw her achieve lacklustre OWLs, crushing the high aspirations she’d had for her next step. Instead, for lack of a better opening - and determined not to continue to be a burden on her aunt and uncle - Susannah immediately went into domestic service, and continues to work as a housemaid, however little she enjoys it. Generally deemed quite pretty, she suffers a fair amount of attention from gentlemen. Her older cousins still look out for her, though she is probably closest to Laurel. She joins them for sunday lunches occasionally on her half-days.

      SEAN REID, Adaline’s husband. Lots of plot potential and a fully played family and I will be your slave if you take him.
      Calliope’s stepdaughters, Morgana (b. 1872, Ravenclaw) and Gwyndion (b. 1876).
      Jeremy's siblings, Irvingly muggles. Requirements can be found on the canon list.

    If you’d like to take anyone up, catch me in the cbox or PM Elias Grimstone!
    [Image: oFllNz.png]
    Bee's Wanteds!

    Up Front
    01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's app linked at the left :]
    02 | Bolded things are strongly preferred, but I'll work with you if I can. Names and Ages are pretty fixed as the families are pretty established. Please include a personality section!
    03 | Play bys are flexible as long as they fit the establish family dynamics. Run them by me, I'd be more than happy to help! If they are labeled "Open PB" just run it by me first please! I'm just looking for family resemblances!
    04 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. My only concern is loss of character in activity checks. If I notice you go two consecutive ACs without posting, I'll drop you a line to see where you stand. Also, if you willingly drop a character please let me know your intentions; is it temporary or can I put them back up for adoption? I rotate through my characters myself so I'm not fussed! No notice or communication of intentions leaves the wanted back under my discretion.
    05 | AS ALWAYS, love and graphics to whomever picks them up!

    BEE'S Wishlist: Betsy Cooper and Mrs. Podmore!

    Also Up for Adoption
    Plottable Characters
    Playable Household Staff

    Founded by Elsie Beauregard
    The family of Vincent and Stella Beauregard are originally from Liverpool, England. Vincent is a manager for a very large merchant shipping business and spends the majority of his time traveling for work. They have six children, though in 1883 lost their eldest son. They also have a family ward who is grown and moved out, Shay Ross. The most dominant trait in this family bright blue eyes, though the children are a pretty good mix of their parents' features. This is not required, though most [but not all] of the suggested play-by's have light eyes. Any other hair/eye color combination would most likely come from their mother's genes. :] See Elsie's application (linked over to the left) for full family and up to date history!

    Vincent's younger brothers, Charles and Maurice are both married with children. They are of the middle class (halfbloods) and most likely their wives work as well.

    Currently Played Beauregards:
    Children of Stella & Vincent
    Adella Alice, Elsie Violette, Harvey Vincent, and Charlotte Jane Bentley, was killed in a fire in October of 1883. Shaymon Ross was a ward in their house starting just before his Hogwarts schooling, he is considered as close as family can get; Elsie introduces him as her brother.

    Children of Charles & Edna
    Lucinda Vienna, Sebastian Elijah and Phoebe Sophia.

    Children of Maurice & Alice
    Emmett Amos.

    Owen --- Beauregard
    May 23rd, 1871 | Gryffindor | single
    6th Year Student
    Chandler Canterbury

    A quidditch nut through and through, Owen is not the best of students. He and his twin, Charlotte, are not always close, but they do get along fairly well. They're opposites to say the least. He could play for the house quidditch team if there's space! Adventurous and outgoing he's pretty quick to make friends, but can sometimes be a little flakey.

    He was previously played so register with extra characters, NONE of that development needs to be continued!

    Chester --- Beauregard
    Early 1862 | open house | single
    Ministry or Shop Manager
    Brant Daugherty

    Oldest of all of the cousins and oldest son of Maurice and Alice, oldest brother of Theo, Emmett and Leah, he and Bentley were born the same year, but Chester was a year head of Bentley in school. The two were always like brothers. Geared toward ministry work at a young age, Chester likely holds a ministry position, however in order to help board ratios, he may also be a shop manager. Former house (though probably not a Gryff) as well as which department in the ministry are up to the player. How he's handling Bentley's death is also open. See sibling apps (above) for family details.

    He was previously played so register with extra characters, NONE of that development needs to be continued!

    Theodore --- Beauregard
    1864 | open house | single
    Open Occupation w/in Reason
    Landon Liboiron

    Theo is almost the forgotten child of this branch of Beauregards. Second son, not nearly as attention-hogging as Emmett or Leah, Theo just kind of goes with the flow and rolls with the punches. His former house and personality are largely open, as is his occupation.

    Leah Lorraine Beauregard
    April 1872 | Slytherin | Single
    5th Year Student
    Chloe East

    The baby of all the Beauregard cousins, Leah is very content with that. She has a personality all her own however and with 3 older brothers has never had any issues making herself heard. She can come off as a bit bratty, but isn't a complete snob. Other than that she's pretty open!

    She was previously played so will need extra characters!

    Founded by Everett Grimm
    A solid middle class family deeply rooted in quidditch, Everett married Grace Gallagher, former captain and player for the Holyhead Harpies. Ev has a low rep because of ~past indiscretions (including two of his beautiful "daughters") and a scandal during his time as flight coach at Hogwarts. He has long since fixed his dastardly ways and is very, very settled down with Grace and their soon-to-be 4 girls. Also played is his brother, Edmund!

    Ella Marie Grimm
    Feb. 21, 1882 | no house yet | single
    Adorable Child / Future Quidditch Star
    Theon Zagorskaya (pictured) or Pauline Pylylenko

    Oldest of Everett's daughters, her mother is unknown to her, though Ella briefly spent some time in her care in 1884 (she was kidnapped) but doesn't remember much of it. She is very much a daddy's girl but has had no issues welcoming Grace or her new sisters into the family. She enjoys quidditch like the rest of her family and has a toy broom that she likes to zip around the house on. She's very protective of her younger sisters and tries to help in taking care of them when she can. Their house elf, Flopsy, is her BFF. Her low rep comes from the fact that she was born out of wedlock, poor adorable bastard.

    Founded by Veronica Grantham née Cooper
    The Coopers are a bit of a Clusterfuck. (Vic's app has the whole shebang.) Maybelle Cooper has had a serial string of loves/men in her life. Some last and some don't but she is incapable of being alone. The resulting children from those relationships are mostly half-siblings though some do share a father. This set a horrible example for the Cooper children and many of them made poor choices in life. None of them got to attend Hogwarts for more than a year, so they have mostly had to fend for themselves and stick together over the years.

    Also played is her new-ish (to her) brother-in-law, Leander Grantham.

    --- "Betsy" Cooper
    1862 | house | single
    "Skilled" Occupation
    Britt(any) Robertson

    Her first name can be anything that could lead to the nickname Betsy, or she could have just been named that, it's up to you! Betsy moved to Pennyworth with Vic an Le in the middle of June 1886 after the Pennyworth to get out of her mother's house. They live in a small three bedroom house in Pennyworth, thanks to the addition of Betsy's income so she must have a job that's pay level 5/6 meaning she has to have some kind of skilled trade job; seamstress, baker, etc. She did not attend Hogwarts and in 1872 she and her brother Trenton ran away for a short stint before realizing that did not work out well. Since then she's buckled down and learned to be more responsible. Her relationship with her siblings is largely open, but she obviously gets on well enough with Vic to come live with her.

    Founded by Sydney Podmore
    The Podmores are a relatively low key group. Sydney is the assistant head of creature-induced injuries at St. Mungo's; Valerie [1852] and Hudson [1847] are both married with children (and available if anybody wants them!). Sylvia is a the most dramatic of the bunch, with a flair for stories and adventure. They are first cousins to  Elsie and her siblings (Elsie's mother is Virginia's sister), in addition to Jenny's Podmores.

    Also played are Clinton and Vera!

    Virginia "---" Podmore née Beauregard
    1825 | open house | married
    Emma Thompson

    Virginia goes by her middle name, which is up to you! She is a meddler. She purposefully and without shame tries to make connections for her kids; but only romantic ones. She is immensely proud of all of her children and naturally only wants the best for them, which means she wants to see them settled down and happy.

    I mention all of the time IC that Virginia is 'ill'. She may actually be and is putting in extra efforts to see her kids shipped or she may be totally putting on a show to gain some sympathy (and for coercion), especially from Syd the healer. It's totally open either way.

    Founded by Daffodil Potts
    The Potts family are well... a little weird. Mother Laurel decided that owning a florist was not enough- she was going to name all of her daughters (yes only daughters) after flowers, and not normal ones either like Rose or Lily. They all also have equally ridiculous nature middle names (like Daffy's "Meadow").

    Upon relocating to Hogsmeade in 1877 they bought a large chunk of land on Thimbletwit Turn where they would start their greenhouse and gardens over. Basil, being a marine herbologist was quite content to move into a study of the Black Lake and its plant life. Most of the sisters work in the florist shop on High Street The Florist Potts though Amaryllis chose to move onto healing.

    Their PBs are open as long as they fit the established family dynamic and are age appropriate (aka Bee is bad at finding PBs) just run them by me.

    Currently played are Daffy, Senna, Zinnia and Calla!

    Amaryllis --- née Potts
    Jan - April 1862 | open house | married
    Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer, Hogsmeade
    Dakota Johnson

    Amaryllis is recently married without children as of yet. She was focused on her career and happened to accidentally fall in love when she wasn't looking. She is quite sensible, responsible and more grounded than her mother and tends to try and mother her own sisters. If you'd like to put her husband up for adoption, let me know!

    Thistle Potts
    1865 | open house | single
    Florist @ The Florist Potts
    Esther Heesch

    Thistle is the family scientist. She excelled in transfiguration at school and likes to experiment with the flowers in the shop, crossing breeds and working more with the magical plants than the muggle. She is working on some benign Top Secret Project that she won't even share with her sisters. What is up to you, as long as she's not like breeding venomous tentacula with fanged geraniums.

    She was previously played so register with extra characters, NONE of that development needs to be continued!

    Dahlia Potts
    1873 | open house | single
    Incoming 4th Year Student
    Efrosinia Kushnir

    Dahlia can be more shy than some of her sisters, but is very bright. She sometimes worries that her family's... oddness makes people look down on them. She does love the family business, but isn't sure she wants to continue on with it herself and her third year electives may reflect that! Her personality is largely open as long as she isn't super judgey. (She may also be an incoming 3rd year, depending on her birthday!)

    Founded by Nathalie Jennings
    Three out of the five Jennings children showed magic, Stephen, Robert and Nathalie, while James and Annabeth did not. There is an evil reason and it involved an affair on their mother's part. Magic unnerves James just as much as it fascinates Annabeth.

    I want them all so we can cause family drama. Let's uncover that #affair, friends. It turns out that only James and Annabeth are Cecil's kids. Brielle was having an affair with a wizard (unbeknownst to her) for several years resulting in the conception of her magical children. Only David knows this, though Annabeth has her suspicions. IF we get that far, we can put Brielle and Cecil up for adoption too. >D

    I am not married to their PBs (except Annabeth’s because THAT is a similarity), as long as they fit the look of the played family members.

    Stephen --- Jennings
    1855 | open house | single
    St. Mungo's Hospital
    Tom Mison

    Saddled with a lot of responsibility in his life, Stephen serves as Nathalie's guardian in Irvingly, the heir to the family, and he also keeps his mother's deep, dark secret. For the sake of the family, he has chosen not to give Brielle up, but resents the fact that he must keep everything to himself. This is part of the reason he decided to move to Irvingly, bringing Nathalie along with him. He works for the ministry/hospital possibly in a lower administrative position such as assistant head.

    He was previously played, going by his middle name, but feel free to go by either Stephen or a middle name.

    Robert --- Jennings
    1858 | open house | single
    A More “Muggle” Occupation
    Dean Geyer

    Robert is very much a second son and he kind of prefers it that way. He doesn't want all of the focus like David has, and likes keeping to himself for the most part. He gets along better with James and Annabeth than the other two, despite his attendance of Hogwarts, he doesn't do a whole lot with magic now and lives in London because of his work.

    James --- Jennings
    1860 | attended university | single
    UC Muggle Occupation
    Max Thieriot

    Magic flat-out unnerves James down to the core. He was relieved not to go to Hogwarts and is highly suspicious of Stephen and Nathalie because of their obvious enjoyment at school. He and Annabeth still live with their parents in Hampshire, England. However he could be pulled to London with Robert if needed. Possible jobs include lawyer, architect, etc.

    I know he would be hard to network, because #elsewheremuggle, but I still think he would be fun! I'm flexible with him for the most part. An amusing twist would be if he started to fall for a witch, unwittingly at first, and then there would be lots of #drama when he found out!

    Founded by Sloane Bixby
    The Bixby family is centered around quidditch. Carson played and now coaches he could be the flight instructor if it ever opens up most of the boys play as well or have some involvement with brooms. Even Ma Bixby works in the Broom Regulatory Office. Sloane is the baby and only girl, but she doesn't want to be treated as such! They're kind of quirky (thus the 4 rep) dad is super laid back and all about the sport and mom just goes with the flow, though she would like Sloane to have some ladylike qualities.

    Carson --- Bixby
    1834 | open house | married
    Professional Quidditch Coach
    Eric Bana

    Patriarch of the Bixby clan, Carson is very much a laid back creature. Most everything in his life revolves around quidditch. His boys play, he's totally down with Sloane playing and his wife works with brooms; it's all relevant. He and Fiona married for love and get along quite nicely. He is pro-female athletes and could easily be  considered a soft feminist. He coaches a pro team (likely the one he played for professionally!) but always makes time for his kids! I wouldn't say no to him being the flight instructor at Hogwarts, if it ever opens up!

    Rufus --- Bixby
    1864 | open house | single
    Professional Quidditch Player
    Nick Jonas

    Depending on his house, a quidditch career at Hogwarts may be tough (but not impossible if you're open!) but he could have been heavily involved with club quidditch and flying club to make up the difference. I can see him going one of two ways; Rufus is a humble guy  who puts his all into the sport and his family. The notoriety of being a professional quidditch makes him a little skittish and he's kind of awkward around ladies.

    OR He could be That Guy ™ who loves the attention and tries to soak it all up as mush as possible; comfortable in the spotlight and eager from attention for women.

    He could go either way but he and Sloane are particularly close!

    Reserved for Fallin!

    Alvin --- Bixby
    1867 | open house | single
    Apprentice Broom Maker
    Dylan O'Brien

    Certainly the brightest of the family Alvin may or may not have played quidditch in school, but if he did, probably was not as good at is as Rufus, which he may have been self-conscious about. Regardless, after graduation he chose to follow more in his mother's footsteps and pursue an apprenticeship wit a broom maker. Delighted, Fiona encouraged him to give it a shot!

    Harrison --- Bixby
    1870 | open house | single
    7th Year Student
    Quinn Lord

    A traditional middle child, Harrison is the balance of the Bixby siblings and the most likely to baby Sloane especially now that she's at school; which she can sometimes resent. He's a decent student and likely plays for his house team in quidditch (or is in Club Quidditch!)! He may or may not choose to go into quidditch after school, or may go into the DGMaS instead!

    Wallace --- Bixby
    1873 | open house | single
    4th Year Student
    Jake Short

    Wallace is the only other sibling to rival Sloane in energy. He was a little put out when she was born, especially since she was a girl and took a while to warm up. They have an okay relationship and he is most likely to encourage her adventures and is a mediocre student. He probably plays for his house team as well (or Club Quidditch!)

    And remember automatic  graphics to whoever picks one up, regardless of the condition of my shop!!
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    Olive's Wanteds

    The Blacks
    The Blacks are a canon list family with ties to many other pureblood families including the Flints and the Crouches. See here for the family tree

    Faceclaim suggestion: Mark Vitebsk
    Phineas Algernon Black is a pureblood wizard born February 6th, 1883. He was secretly fathered by the former Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter, whose protruding ears he has inherited. His mother openly disdains him and does all she can to see that his ears are hidden from view.

    Faceclaim suggestion: Dark haired age appropriate male
    Arcturus Black is a pureblood wizard born July 28th, 1884. He is legitimate and may be frail as a result of his mother forming an opiate addiction during his gestation. He is largely forgotten by his mother as she neither dotes on him as she does Sirius and Belvina, nor loathes him like Phineas.

    The Crabbes
    The Crabbes are an OC upper class family and close relatives of the Prewetts. See here for the family tree

    Family Members Played:
    @Frances Crabbe
    @Amariah Crabbe

    Faceclaim suggestion: Stepan Rozhkov
    Ichabod Crabbe is a pureblood born 1880. He currently has no siblings. As an only child, he has been spoiled a great deal by his mother and gets away with all sorts of mischief. In May, 1884, he was trampled by a carriage and nearly died. In October of 1886, his mother went to live with her mother after a "miscarriage" and only returned in April. Not only did he not get a sibling but his mother vanished for almost half a year so that probably impacted him negatively.

    The Laytons
    The Laytons are an OC middle class family with ties to Britain and Japan. See here for the family tree

    Family Members Played:

    @Suzuko Layton
    @Oscar Layton

    Faceclaim suggestion: Dark haired, mixed race
    Eiko Layton is a halfblood born 1862 in Japan to a British father and Japanese mother. She has four younger siblings. Eiko attended Mahoutokoro from 1869 – 1880. She came to Britain for the first time in the summer of 1880 and fell in love with it, choosing to stay behind which suited her father just fine, however, her mother was furious upon finding out. Enamored with all things European, Eiko embraced her British heritage very forcefully. The preferential treatment shown to her brother upsets her deeply. Her middle name is British, she may have chosen to go by this name instead of Eiko. She is probably married now, although this does not have to be the case.

    Faceclaim suggestion: Dark haired, mixed race
    Sumiko Layton is a halfblood born 1869 in Japan to a British father and Japanese mother. She has three older sisters and a younger brother. Sumiko attended Mahoutokoro from 1876 – 1887. When she has finished her schooling, Sumiko will be forced to come live with her father and siblings (except for one sister who is married in Japan). She has been spending the months between school in Britain since 1880 and her parents' marital troubles are a constant source of anxiety for her. She would like to see her mother and sister again but is afraid of offending her father and being forbidden. She is a very private young woman and abhors conflict and stressful situations, she dreads the end of the school year. Her middle name is British.
    Beanie's Want-Ads


    • Names are usually negotiable
    • Anything not bold is negotiable
    • Reservations last for two weeks
    • Play-bys are negotiable, but please talk to me!
    • Direct all PMs to Cassius Lestrange

      [Image: Timothee+Chalamet+m4kY9Sdm7KPm.jpg]

      @Rosaline Bennett's son, Archie, was born after September 1st in 1872. He was born in Chicago, where his dad (Felix Bennett) was herbology-ing and Rose eventually became a professional duelist. In 1879, his father died and Rose & Archie moved to Hogsmeade to be close to family. Archie and Rose have always been super close, and Archie basically thinks his mom is the coolest person ever.

      In 1884, Archie started at Hogsmeade and soon enough, Rose joined him as the Ravenclaw matron! He is very okay with this. His favorite class is DADA. After their house burned down in 1885, Rose and Archie moved in with the Sleptovs in Wellingtonshire. They've been boarding there ever since (because Rose is banging Nik, shh) meaning that Archie lives with @Nikolai Sleptov @Petra Sleptova @Eva Sleptova Nik's son and Nik's wife. #awkward. He was at the WWM Market Disaster with Eva Sleptova and Rose, and did not die. His suggested PB is Timothee Chalamet with alternatives to be human.

      Harriet Sasha --- (Lassey)
      [Image: tumblr_onrhw9n8dN1reqk6jo9_r1_400.gif]

      Harriet is @Rosaline Bennett 's sister, and they've never gotten along. Harriet is a MCHB. She was born in 1857, and while Rose was the PITA who wanted to duel people at nine, Harriet was always the good kid. Whether or not she's similarly reckless to Rosaline is up to you. In front of their mom, at least. They had separate social circles in school, and Harriet was not a Ravenclaw. Harriet got married in 1878 to some middle class d00d, her husband isn't dead, she may or may not have an occupation, and she's fluent in Russian. Her SIL is @Elle Lassey who recently was at a Murder ball. Harriet can be attached to any family you wish barring like... mob connections or whoring, I guess. Pictured is Yael Grobglas but I don't care.


      A MCHB family, the Fisks have a lot of kids and a lot of conflicting personalities under their various roofs. Reps 5ish. Their mother died in the plague in 1884, and their father can be sort of a hard-ass. Currently played Fisks include @Zelda Fisk @Xena Fisk @Nemo Fisk @Dorian Fisk and @Ari Fisk - and we'd love to have the rest of them join us!

      Julian Aramis Fisk
      [Image: tumblr_npdyhnnlRG1tk22j8o4_500.gif]

      Julian is a former member of any house, born in 1853. He's the sort of person who is bemused by just about everything - especially people he interprets as being ridiculous, and he interprets a lot of people as being ridiculous. Julian used to be a cursebreaker, but retired when he lost his leg in an accident in 1882 . He changes the story of the accident every time he's asked about it.

      He could probably recognize Xena's ex-fiance, @Lupus Jameshill should he ever run into him, at least enough to get a sense of deja vu.

      Julian lives in Hogsmeade and wears a prosthetic leg. He currently writes adventure stories to make a living. He was previously played and should be registered with extra characters. Pictured is Richard Rankin, with alternatives to have reddish or brown hair.

      [Image: original.gif]

      Born in 1861, Leonid is twin to Xena though they have little in common. He is currently a Hit Wizard - he wanted to be an Auror, but flopped on one of his NEWT exams and was not accepted to the program.

      He might be able to recognize @Lupus Jameshill depending on how home he was / how much he hung out with Xena, but you should talk with Lynn & Jenny.

      Formerly a Hufflepuff, Leonid used to play swords with Zelda to pacify her, but only when their father wasn't home. He would never directly disobey his father - at least, not in a way that he thought Brannon would discover - and is rather content with the world as it is. His suggested PB is Daniel Malony, with alternatives to have brown or reddish hair. He was previously played, and should be registered with extra characters.


      The Keenes
      These are Barrett's nephews and niece through his older brother, Christopher! Chris was an auror who died in 1874 and since then Barrett has been their main father figure and he enjoys playing house with their mother a bit too much #class. They also get to be Bax's second cousins!

      Quentin Keene
      [Image: wantad_zps503c868b.jpg]

      An MCHB born in 1869, Quentin is slightly reckless and a tad ambitious and is either an incoming 7th year or recently graduated from either a Gryffindor or a Slytherin. He's also a workaholic like his uncle and Baxter. They also share the Keene family awkward trait because of course they do.

      Pictured is Jahmil French with alternatives to be black or half-black.

      Zona Keene
      [Image: wantad_zpsa1b8e51d.jpg]

      A MCHB born in 1872, Zona just finished her fourth year at Hogwarts. #ADDAFOURTH Cheerful and clever, she is a member of any house. She is very close to her uncle and frequently tries to hurl him at people so someone should make her because I think that's hilarious as shit. She takes Ghoul Studies.

      Pictured is Zendaya Coleman with alternatives to be black or half-black.
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    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    So before we start, here's some basic rules/info!
    • Reservations last for up to two weeks!
    • The play-bys are not set in stone, and we're flexible on this as long as they look age-appropriate.
    • All names and birth years are generally fixed, please ask before changing anything!
    • Personalities are flexible - it's just something to go off of if you're blanking!
    • Here is the Van Helsings family tree - it's not their entire lineage, but still fairly large regardless.
    • As is a long-held tradition, Van Helsing women debut at fifteen into Dutch society in order to introduce them to other vampire hunters.
    • Male family members begin their formal vampire training at 6-years-old. The women, on the other hand, are taught basic defense techniques, but are usually married off to other vampire hunters for their safety. As a result, a lot of interrelation marriages have taken place over the years, and it's not odd to find that your first cousin is also your third cousin once removed, and so forth.

    Contact Miri or Beanie for more details
    Currently Played:
    Sophronia Van Helsing by Beanie
    Persephone Van Helsing by Miri
    Terpsichore Van Helsing by Nichole
    Imogen MacFusty (née Van Helsing) by Miri

    The Van Helsings, while filthy rich and mostly respected by members of good society, are not your typical Upper Class family. Renowned for being vampire hunters (which is technically illegal in the British Isles, though they are careful only to attack ‘feral’ vampires, at least on paper) and founders of the Order of the Dawn, the family prides themselves on their profession and long-held traditions, and are generally tolerated by at least part of Upper Class society. All of the below are upper-class halfbloods. Though Abraham’s daughter Artemis (perma-NPC) gave birth to an illegitimate son in 1882, and she has since taken off to the continent - much of the family either claims to or actually has cut her off, as her father has. Abraham has also recently been trying to re-styling the family as “vampire experts” for the sake of social ease/never getting arrested/whatever. Whether or not his efforts have proved effective still remains to be seen.

    [Image: EOoU3Fa.jpg]
    Born in 1841, this Halfblood is the patriarch of the Van Helsing clan. He was terribly in love with his first wife - (whom he married when he was very young, oops!) - and took her loss hard - and all of his children thought him to be absolutely mad when he remarried in 1880 to Miss Sadie ----. He is casually progressive though a little bit forbidding, and he genuinely does love all of his daughters even though some of his parenting methods (namely: teaching them how to hunt vampires) can be considered rather questionable. Though Abraham had the option of sending his children to Beauxbatons because he is Dutch, he sent them to Hogwarts instead both because their muggleborn mother was English and because he had decided to temporarily settle in a house in the English countryside by the time Sophronia was going to school. He owned a house in Wellingtonshire that sort of burned to the ground in the summer of 1884, but he had rebuilt on a larger plot of land, and they now reside on Morgana Crescent. Pictured is Eric McCormack.

    [Image: Spn1itS.jpg]
    Born in 1849, Mrs. Sadie Van Helsing (née ------) married Abraham in 1880, and is considered to be an enemy by her step-daughters after she attempted to betroth them (which failed spectacularly) and blatantly make it her mission provide Abraham with an heir. In the latter, she succeeded, though in the end the baby boy was stillborn, which some say that the loss of her son made her go a bit crazed (Post-Partum Psychosis?), resulting in her brief but quiet admittance to an asylum out of the country in late 1882. Annoyed that none of her husband's daughters have yet married, and Abraham is seemingly doing nothing about it, Sadie came up with a plan to send his two youngest to finishing school, and her intentions, while coming across as well-meaning, are more for her benefit than for Sephey and Cora's. Pictured is Amy Beth Hayes, though any blonde and age-appropriate play-by would also be acceptable.

    [Image: LTmAXWJ.jpg]
    Born in 1863, Corinne is the second eldest of the Van Helsing daughters, and the only one to have been sorted into Hufflepuff during her time at school. Family-oriented and loyal to a fault, Corinne decided against vampire hunting after she graduated, and became one of the Family Healers instead. She has a significant dowry, and though she'd never admit it out loud, Corinne is secretly a bit disappointed that she is still unmarried. However, she continues to hold out hope that she'll one day meet someone. Of her six siblings, she is closest to her older sister, Sophronia. Pictured is Gabriella Wilde, though anyone blonde and age-appropriate would be acceptable, also!

    [Image: SKYtMSf.jpg]
    Born in 1866, the ex-Gryffindor is easily one of the most respectable of the Van Helsing sisters. However, she is still a vampire hunter. Her favorite sister - and possibly her favorite person - is Valentine. She tends towards being maternal, and occasionally steps on Sophronia’s metaphorical toes because of this. She has a significant dowry, though her heart seems to belong to a fellow vampire hunter she had met during the family's vacation to Bavaria in 1884. While there have been promises made between them of a future together, they are not officially engaged yet, as his profession keeps him from wanting to settle down right away, but after three years of waiting, Roxanne is becoming less and less certain that there's even a future for them at all. Pictured is Candice Accola, though anyone blonde and looks age-appropriate would also be acceptable.

    [Image: z8ITou1.jpg]
    Born in 1867, Valentine was a Ravenclaw while she was at Hogwarts, and is generally the quiet, bookish sort. In the summer of 1871 when the family was vacationing in New York, Valentine went to the theater with her mother, and Mina was attacked and killed by a vampire. She was naturally slightly traumatized by this, and has never taken to vampire hunting because of it. Instead, Valentine became the family's recordkeeper once she graduated from school, and has been doing so ever since - something that she feels rather guilty about. Much like the rest of her sisters, she has a significant dowry, though has shown very little inclination to find a husband thus far. Pictured is Dakota Fanning, though anyone blonde and looks age-appropriate would also be acceptable.[/b]
    Scarce, but still around! <3
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you!
    [Image: 6ipiXdu.jpg]
    signature and avatar created by the talented ladybug

    Ferdinand Striebel
    [Image: 1zyj76f.jpg]
    Ferdinand Striebel is the father of Luitpold and Georg Striebel and Sophie Luisa Wolke and the husband of Alwine Striebel (nee Alker). He is a muggle from Kassel, Germany who moved Ipswich in 1876 and started a photography studio which is reasonably successful. He is a generally uptight and controlling person, though he can be very pleasant to his customers and to his wife. He beats his sons when they misbehave or disobey him and (mostly Luitpold because, quite frankly, he loves Georg more) but he would never lay a finger on his wife or daughter (who is, by far, his favorite child). If you take him, the family would have to be moved to Irvingly (because they are muggles and muggles must live in Irvingly to be played), which they might reasonably to in order to secure a tutor for Georg that knows something about wizarding history, spell, etc. The photography business might not do well there, but that's for whoever takes him to negotiate. His pb is Stefan Kurt. It is somewhat negotiable, but strongly preferred. Contact me for more negotiable information if you want to take him.

    Alwine Striebel (nee Alker)
    Alwine Striebel is the mother of Luitpold and Georg Striebel and Sophie Luisa Wolke (nee Striebel) and the husband of Ferdinand Striebel (nee Alker). Like her husband, she is a muggle (or at least mostly, she may have a squib somewhere several generations back in her ancestry) and is from Kassel, Germany. She immigrated to Ipswich in 1878 with her children and currently lives there with her husband, youngest son, Georg, their cats, Dagmar and her kitten Gerda, and, during holidays, her older son, Luitpold and his kitten, Günther, who is a littermate of Gerda's (though, if taken on as characters, the family would have to move to Irvite rules). Her daughter returned to Kassel in 1881 to marry. She is a generally kind and nurturing woman who loves all of her children deeply and does her best to shield her sons from their father when he gets too harsh with them to the point of not telling him when they misbehave or fall short of his expectations. Consistent with convention, she gives him a great deal of purview in the household and will not speak against him in public, but, that said, she is no pushover and he knows better than to cross her in any significant way. She will often withhold sex from him, give him the silent treatment and sometimes not prepare meals for him if she is particularly displeased with him (indeed, at the moment, she's freezing him out a bit for having nearly killed Georg by forgetting to dilute the acidic developing chemical that he makes the boys drink from time to time when they really tick him off). She has no suggested pb as of yet, as I've been using this picture of an anonymous as her pb. Any pb should be brunette and resemble that woman, her daughter, Sophie Luisa , whose pb is Maude Branscombe, and her youngest son, Georg.

    Other Striebel and Alker Relatives

    For further potential characters, Alwine has two surviving sisters, and Ferdinand has a surviving brother and an older sister who died in 1871. All of these siblings (who I have first names for) have children (who I don't have any names for). some of which are adults, others of which are not. None of the siblings are wizards, but I'm toying with the idea that at least one of the cousins (preferably connected to Alwine's side of the family, though that is not entirely necessary) is a witch or wizard because there is a squib somewhere back in in the family ancestry. To be played, he or she would have to live in or move to the UK. The wider family would not be aware of the fact that this cousin is a witch or wizard, so if the character is a hogwarts student, his or her branch of the family could not be terribly close to Poldi's as he would have had to have gone a minimum of several months without knowing that he was going to school with his cousin.
    [Image: 5ovxb9.jpg]
    Poldi speaks with a thick German accent.

    First and foremost:  please talk to me if you are interested in making someone.  Mostly I just want to chat with you about them.  Most things are flexible, within reason.  Reservations last two weeks and if a character goes inactive I may put them back up for adoption.  

    The Shacklebolt's are a pureblood family that eventually gets included in The Sacred Twenty-Eight.  They are not purist.  Instead they see their status as something of a family heirloom to be treasured and protected but not lorded over anyone.  Everyone has a reputation of 5 except Georgie who has a 3 for playing Quidditch professionally and then marrying up. Basically Georgie and Fitz did a tango, got pregnant, and had to get married in a hurry whether they wanted to or not. The family knows the truth but the official story is they married two months before they actually did because they were in love or something. Played family members include Kingston, Louisa, Elizabeth (Mama S), Leonora, and Georgianna
    * Theodora *
    "Dora" | 1858 | MCPB | Middle Child Syndrome | PB: Sonequa Martin
    By the time Dora was two Kingston had already decided that she was a far better sister than Nora.  This was mostly because Nora picked on him and Dora did not.  Their current relationship is open for interpretation.

    Having always done what she was expected to, often with out being asked, Dora should be the darling of the Shacklebolt siblings but unfortunately she gets the Middle Child treatment and is often over looked. So much so that while she prefers her full name her family has always forgets/ignores/has no idea and still calls her Dora.

    Her older sister had some liberties with whom she married and her younger sister had liberties with playing quidditch so naturally Dora had no such liberties.  She did not play quidditch, she very likely did not work, and married a pureblood. It was a respectable match and she is either still married or was widowed by the Laughing Plague in 1884.
    * Winsome *
    “Winnie” | 1867 | Hurlable | MCPB | PB: China Anne McClain

    Winnie was born several months after the death of her father and therefore is the only child who does not have at least some memory of him.  Her mother took slight liberties in naming her but she was still raised traditionally.  She might have been permitted to play quidditch while at school (if she wanted!) but will not be playing professionally.  Georgie sort of ruined that chance even before she got knocked up out of wedlock.

    She will face perhaps the strongest repercussions of her sister's indiscretions. Yet unwed and entering her second season she will be subjected to both her mother's and older brother's efforts to see her well matched in an effort to compensate for their failure with Georgie
    Meri is a Seer. PM me for all things visions-related.
    ~When I find myself in times of trouble Mother MJ comes to me, creating sets of wonder let it be?~

    Jenny's wanteds

    -Contact me first please (on Annette Fontaine or in the CBox), and I also appreciate being able to look over your app before it's posted. I also may have a basic outline done which can save you time. If you don't do this, I reserve the right to ask for the character to be deleted.
    -Characters can be reserved for one week, after which they go back up for adoption.
    -Please include the personality and family sections in your apps.
    -Unless stated, ages are fixed for continuity puposes.
    -Should you drop the character through maintenance, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption unless we discussed it first. The same goes for those who have failed an inactivity check, with the addition of a two-week holding period.
    -PBs are only suggested, and appearance/names can be changed if you have a major issue, but please check first!

    [Image: 88ddd3e02982809755054d95488016a7.jpg]
    Genevieve Marie Fontaine, nee Levesque is the Fontaine Matriarch. An only child, she was born in 1817 in Bath, England, where she lives now and was betrothed to Alfred Fontaine from birth. The circumstances of her betrothal can be found here. She attended Hogwarts, most likely as a Gryffindor but married at sixteen in 1833 when her mother became gravely ill and wished to see her settled. She has a strong preference for Britain over France, but lived there from 1833-77, when her youngest (and favourite) daughter died, though during this time she did spend extended amounts of time in Britain. Genevieve now runs the show, or likes to think she does. Pierre was her least favourite child after he messed up and it was through her that Adeline’s marriage was facilitated. She is currently helping Alex’s match with Charlotte Lethaby, and is on friendly terms with Diana Lethaby and Mama P. She also has notoriously accurate jinxes and is rather formidable. Her family tree is here. Currently she lives with three wards (see below) and also spends a lot of time with her grandchildren, including Charlotte.
    Suggested PB: Janet McTeer

    [Image: 1587405ac98545174946963e92d7d1a4.jpg]
    Roesia Fontaine is an upper class halfblood, born in 1868 as one of a twin. Her father is a leading naturalist in Paris, where she lived in an expansive town-house until the New Year, when her father’s travels necessitated her move to Bath and her withdrawment from Beauxbatons. Her mother is dead and her father doted on her, with no female role-model, which has made her an unbearable snob and rather petty (think Lydia Bennet with a snobby streak). She knows her English cousins from holidays, however despite speaking perfect English actively prefers French to the point of rudeness. She and Anne don’t get on at all, though they may grow out of this, and Roesia is very bitter about not getting her education, but mainly over also not getting to come out until she is at least of age.
    Suggested PB: Elise Eberle, alternatives to be brunette ideally.

    [Image: e7c4b37710fae6ad4ac663e4443aeae8.jpg]
    Xarles Fontaine is an upper class halfblood, born in 1868 as twin to the above. He is distraught over leaving his education as he is highly intellectual with a passion for astronomy. He can be a little snobby but is more tolerable than Roesia. Xarles really wants to apply to a muggle university and intends to do so as soon as he can. He was the closest of his siblings to his father, but now feels rather betrayed.
    Suggested PB: Israel Broussard, alternatives to be brunette ideally.

    [Image: 04ad0aa80513a926b702a1ebf6c44c45.jpg]
    Celeste Fontaine is an upper class halfblood, born in 1870. She is the most excited about moving to Britain and idolises many of her older cousins. In particular, she intends to nag Anne and Johanna into taking her to balls come the summer. Enthusiastic but a bit sheep-like she is rather easily led. Genevieve dotes on her utterly.
    Suggested PB: Dasha Vasyutinskaya
    , alternatives to be brunette ideally.


    [Image: eaae71ad89c53e8897db457da2e58a35.jpg]
    Nymph Eirwen Carmichael (middle name changeable) is Fairy’s middle sister.  An upper class halfblood born 1869 Nymph is the brightest of the three sisters but isn’t exceptionally academic and she will be expected to complete at least a year at finishing school, either after her OWLs, or if she comes up with a good excuse, after her NEWTS. She is immensely grateful for not having an totally out-there name (like Unicorn) and is a promising future socialite. She aspires to be the perfect wife and is rather proper, sometimes to the extreme.
    Suggested PB: Zlata Terekhov
    , alternatives to be dark blonde ideally.

    The Trimbles are a firmly middle class family, tending towards upper middle, and are largely conservative in their beliefs. The women may have an intellectual job, and the family are also purists, but not outspokenly so, with a rep of 5. The family tree is available here. Their brother, Alexander, was a freelance lawyer and died in the Ministry explosion, leaving his children to Newton.

    [Image: tDM1FZ1.jpg]
    Newton Trimble
    Newton was born in 1848 and works as a private investigator for his own firm. He is possibly already married, but could also be hurlable. A former Ravenclaw, Newton worked briefly as an unspeakable before deciding that the DOM wasn’t mysterious enough for him. Generally, he is a little awkward but is professionally (just not personally) capable, spending most of his free time researching a very wide variety of subjects. He is currently hired by the Denbrights to find Pennilyn Boot. Since early April, he has also taken in his niece and nephew, and largely defers to his sisters when it comes to their care after he took them on a murder case.

    Suggested PB: Nick Wechsler, alternatives to be dark haired.

    [Image: fx3FzWw.jpg]
    Margery Romsey, nee Trimble
    Margery was born in 1849 and married a MCPB after her coming out. Her husband is a businessman who runs his own firm, however a rogue spell hit him a few years after their wedding, leaving his brain a little addled. She secretly runs his business, conducting the whole thing (with his consent) by owl where possible, using polyjuice when meetings are absolutely unavoidable. She despairs of her brother being in charge of children, having children herself.

    Suggested PB: Minka Kelly, alternatives to be dark haired.

    [Image: CYiwchO.jpg]
    Edony Trimble
    Born 1854, Edony is the youngest of the siblings and a spinster. She works as a high-ranking healer, probably at St. Mungos, starting her training straight out of school whilst also balancing at least one season. Edony’s time-management is legendary and she arrives, minute perfect, to any meeting. She has written a small series of books on healing at home, designed to help housewives treat their households, and is enormously practical. She always carries around a surplus of handkerchiefs that she hands out to anyone who sneezes in close proximity to her.

    Suggested PB: Meghan Ory, alternatives to be dark haired.

    [Image: 1nTHTek.png]
    Quentin Trimble
    Born 1870, Quentin is Alexander’s only son and now an orphan. He lives with Newton, and has been taken to a murder scene before Margery put her foot down. A little awkward like his uncle, Quentin is a future headmaster and author and currently wants to be an auror.

    Suggested PB: Blake Jenner, alternatives to be dark haired.

    [Image: RROFHtX.jpg]
    Eleanor Trimble
    Born 1874, Eleanor is her father’s only daughter and now an orphan. She lives with Newton, and has been taken to a murder scene before Margery put her foot down, although she played up how traumatised she was to get a new dress. She fluctuates between wanting to be a famous socialite or healer and admires her aunts greatly. She is very intelligent and good at manipulating people.

    Suggested PB: Yolanda D., alternatives to be dark haired.
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me

    A family big on tradition, the Connollys and their extended family reside at Connolly House which is…somewhere unplottable in Ireland IDEK. The Connolly way dictates that the entire family live together in the sprawling, rather dated manor, which is good because it also dictates that inheritance be an even split so no one could afford to keep a large house/hold on their own otherwise. This sort of communal living means the children grow up very close to their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Connolly House is also home to various portraits.

    And a few other notes:
    • Connollys are always Gryffindors. When you are not a Gryffindor, it is considered to be a sign of bad luck because Connollys are always Gryffindors. This, of course, does not extend to spouses, who are seldom Gryffindors.
    • The girls are under a communal governess from the time they are about five until they go to Hogwarts. Once the youngest is in school, this educational/chaperone need is met by a mother or aunt.
    • Boys likewise have a tutor during the same period.
    • The family is not a purist, but marrying a straight-up muggle would be heavily frowned upon.
    • While aspects of their traditions can be rather peculiar, they prefer period normalcy from anyone not honor bound to behave otherwise.
    • Your oldest child always does something research based, becomes a professor, etc. If they don’t, they’re letting the family down.
    • The next always goes into the law, either enforcement or a legal profession. If they don’t, they’re letting the family down.
    • The third always goes into healing. If they don’t, they’re letting the family down.
    • The fates of subsequent children depend largely on the personalities/opinions of their parents.
    • Blanket reputation of four because of being unconventional.

    I’ll add to this as it becomes relevant xD


    Doyle Connolly – Maeve’s Grandfather [1792]
    The Connolly patriarch, Doyle was the only child born to his parents; while he had two cousins via his aunt, they died of natural causes before reaching adulthood. He spent at least two decades as a professor before retiring, and now works in the Department of Magical Education
    Notes: Average height. Values intellect and morality above all else. Was once rather wild, but long since settled down. Never did care for Desmond.

    Eileen Brennan née Connolly – Maeve’s aunt [1820]
    Eileen has established herself as an expert on transfiguration, mastering her animagus form at 25 (the same year she was married) and writing a crap ton of scholarship on various transfiguration topics. She dotes heavily upon her grandson, but has a no-nonsense attitude towards her children and nieces/nephews. Her greatest weak spot is her husband.
    Notes: Average height. Dark hair. Doesn’t actually mind that Cillian was a Ravenclaw but would never admit that much to anyone but him and her husband.

    Cillian Brennan – Maeve’s Cousin, son of Eileen [1848]
    The first Connolly born into his generation. His being sorted into Ravenclaw was considered an ill-omen for him and his cousins, though he has yet to see any ill effects. He has some sort of Ministerial research profession or works in the library, and is actively looking for a bride.
    Notes: Dark or ginger hair. Above average height but under 6 ft.

    Donovan Connolly – Maeve’s older brother [1855]
    The first Connolly of his generation to actually bear the (sur)name. After graduating, he traveled around the world doing some sort of research for four years before returning home to live with the rest of the family. At present, his work sees him deal heavily, if not exclusively, with the museum. He is hurlable!
    Notes: Dark or ginger hair. 5’2 to 5’8. Does not get on with Niamh for undetermined reasons.
    Played by Steph

    Connell Byrne – Maeve’s cousin, son of Siobhán [1852]
    Always lusting after adventure, Connell would have loved to have a more active job—he actually pitched work as a curse breaker to the family, who vetoed it entirely as not being academic enough for a first born. With great reluctance, he found a position as a potions apprentice, and now is a full-on potioneer in his own right. In spite of his loveless marriage to his job, he chose to stay with the family when his father left. His hangover cure is legendary amongst the (male) cousins of his generation.
    Notes: Under 6 ft. Fair hair.

    Dublin Connolly – Maeve’s cousin and close friend, daughter of Gilroy [1861]
    Born to a rather useless father and an eccentric mother and named for the city in which she was born, Dublin and Maeve have always been close. Though she has the Connolly fire, her reactions to things are more measured, tempered by reason. She has been courted three times, but all involved parties have either disappeared or died—which she does not have a hand in, honest! She works as an unspeakable.
    Notes: Average height. ¼ black via her mother.
    Played by Ori

    Pádraig Connolly – Maeve’s father [1823]
    An auror himself, Padraig was the only one to actively support Maeve’s desire to follow suit, though bent to his wife’s wishes on Brighid to avoid further argument. Though jovial and easy going in his personal life, professionally he is effective, methodical, and even considered to be a bit of a hard-ass.
    Notes: Average height. Dark hair. Collects quidditch figurines, though himself never played.

    Connolly Brennan – Maeve’s cousin, son of Eileen [1853]
    Another auror (and hurlable!), born in the autumn. He had a falling out with Finnian after refusing to serve as his mentor, resulting in his cousin’s being booted from the program because no one else wanted him either. He may have gone on to the Investigation department if you so choose.
    Notes: Above average height, but under 6 ft. Dark or red hair.
    Played by Hawke

    Finnian Byrne – Maeve’s cousin, son of Siobhán [1857]
    Oh Finnian. The biggest disappointment of all the vaguely successful Connollys, save perhaps for Lorcan. It took three tries for him to be accepted into the auror training program where, in his second year, he flunked out for performing so poorly that no one wanted to mentor him. This lead to a falling out with his cousin (his uncle was spared for already having taken someone on). Now, he fulfills his family obligation as a lawyer. He was the only one who struggled to decide what to do when his father moved out, but ultimately chose to remain with his maternal family.
    Notes: Hurlable. Dark or light hair, but not ginger. Average height.

    Belfast Connolly – Maeve’s cousin, son of Gilroy [1867]
    With his quieter personality often overshadowed by cousin Brighid, it was his small retaliation to be able to enter hit wizard training after graduation while she was relegated to finishing school. Was born in Belfast, hence his mother’s hugely original naming of him.
    Notes: Average height. ¼ black via his mother.
    Played by Beanie

    Niamh Hanlon née Brennan – Maeve’s cousin, daughter of Eileen [1855]
    Thus far, the only child of her generation to marry. Niamh works as a healer at St Mungo’s. Her husband, also a healer, perished in the plague of 1884, but left her with a son (b. 1881 and a metomorphmagus).
    Notes: Between 5’4 and 5’7. For whatever reason does not get on with Donovan.
    Played by Nolan

    Finlay Connolly – Maeve’s brother [1862]
    Though too young to wed, Finlay is horribly infatuated with one of his work colleagues. He works at St Mungo’s or Hogsmeade Hospital as a healer. Frequently the target of Maeve’s pranks even into adulthood, but whether he finds them charming or vexing is up to you!
    Notes: Between 5’3 and 5’6. Dark hair.
    Played by Rori

    Lorcan Byrne – Maeve’s cousin, son of Siobhán [1861]
    Of age with Dublin and Maeve. After completely failing his potions NEWT, he had to fall back on being a mediwizard, rather than a full healer. He is prone to falling ~madly in love~ and lacks the common sense required to reliably not try to act on it. From Maeve’s application: “Lorcan earns a reputation as a flirt, going as far, at the tender age of eleven, as offering a female professor a kiss in exchange for a better grade. He earns four detentions for this transgression alone.” When his father moved, he went with him, believing he would be happier away from the Connolly scrutiny.
    Notes: Average height. Dark or light hair, but not ginger.
    Played by MJ

    Colm Brennan – Maeve’s uncle, husband to Eileen [1817]
    Also a first cousin to Caitriona. Colm has a very mundane Ministry job for which he receives little recognition and absolutely no accolades. As such, he is quite jealous of his wife’s success, loving her dearly but still bringing it up bitterly when they argue. The favorite uncle to most of his nieces and nephews.
    Notes: Precisely 6 ft. Light or red hair.

    Caitríona Connolly née Brennan – Maeve’s mother [1831]
    Caitríona was born to the middle class because of her father’s finances, and met the man who would be her husband at her cousin’s wedding. She probably has the most #VictorianOpinions of anyone in the household. Caitríona has never worked, but is a skilled hand with needle and thread.
    Notes: The same height as Maeve. Red hair. Will cut a bitch if they mess with her offspring.

    Brighid Connolly – Maeve’s sister [1867]
    Bee is playing her and she will be awesome.

    Domhnall Connolly – Maeve’s brother [1870]
    The baby of his generation, his first failure came when he was sorted into Slytherin or Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor. It is assumed this will not be the last. He was once expected to stay home with Niamh’s baby while the rest of the family did something because #youth and took great offence to being equated with a toddler.
    Notes: Below average height but will mature at at least 5 ft. Dark or red hair.

    Desmond Byrne – Maeve’s uncle [1825]
    Desmond works at the Ministry. No one was really overjoyed when he married Siobhán, but she was happy so they put up with him. When he moved out—with Lorcan in tow—however, they saw this as an insult to the Connolly way, and have since taking to freezing him out.
    Notes: Dark hair. Average height.

    Gilroy Connolly – Maeve’s Uncle [1829]
    With a world of opportunities before him as the fourth child, he utterly disappointed his parents when he decided to play quidditch professionally instead of doing anything useful. Now, he owns a small Irish broom production company, which is much more impressive, but his father’s opinions towards him are soured nonetheless.
    Notes: Between 5’7 and 5’11. Dark hair. Played for, and still supports, Kenmare.

    Keira Connolly née ----- – Maeve’s aunt, wife of Gilroy [1832]
    A former quidditch professional for Holyhead, one too many bludgers to the head both ended her career and left her not entirely there from then on. She is a dear woman, but often overlooked. She frequently adds comments to conversations she had up to a fortnight prior.
    Notes: ½ black. Average height.
    Té's Guidelines
    • Please let me know to reserve your character for you before you app! Reservations last one week.
    • Names/ages are fixed. Play-bys are not.
    • If you're going to drop a character, please let me know. If you lose one in the AC and do not reactivate within a week, I reserve the right to re-request.

    Please read Declan's application for the family's backstory.
    Note that their mother, Rosa Wood, was murdered by a serial killer in the Hogsmeade slums 3 years ago. Up until that point, they lived in a one room dirt-floor shack at the edge of the slums. The Earl and Countess Etherium @Eleora Etherium took the children in as servants and assisted in funding their schooling. As of August 1886, the family has been hired on by @Wesley Cavanaugh and his family, who are continuing to fund the girls school while Declan plays quidditch for the Chudley Canons.
    1877 | 8 | HALF-BLOOD
    Suggested play-by is Alina Savinkina. She should be brunette with gray or green eyes and is identical to twin sister Joella. Her personality is open.

    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]
    Nolan’s Adoptables!

    • Please contact me about any reservations before you take the character.
    • I have no formal restriction on reservation time, however I would ask that that you give me a time range upon the estimated completion of the app.
    • Any of the bold information is either set in stone or strongly recommended.
    • If a character falls inactive for more than a week without notice, I have the right to place them back up on the list.
    • Please include the personality within the app just so I can see your interpretation of the character!
    • Most play-by’s are very flexible - any that I have listed will only be suggestions based on certain traits.

    • Family with easy plots!
    • If you want, I can make sets for them
    • Posting with you will be a priority!
    • I’m a pretty laid back person and understand RL situations, lack of drive, insufficient posting fuel, etc. so you needn’t worry or be scared about contacting me about anything that may be bothering you regarding the character/me/things.
    • If you would like to contact me for a quicker response, feel free to add my skype: nolandinview
    • If you don't have skype, you are more than welcome to PM me on this account (Theseus Greengrass)!

    The Wraiths

    The Wraiths are an OC LCHB family that is respectable! Only one child, Morris, attended Hogwarts, as he was the only one who showed signs of magic, but was forced to drop out due to financial reasons. The maternal grandparents moved to Hogsmeade and, per request, allowed Morris to move in a year after the town's development. The rest of the family currently lives elsewhere HOWEVER could potentially relocate if there is a reason to / just cause. Unless otherwise specified, personalities are open!

    Currently Played:

     Mrs. Judith --- Wraith neé Ramseyer
    [Image: Judith_zpsrtn3oiyy.jpg]
    58 | Mother | Widowed | LCHB | Seamstress / Other | Open House | Rep 5

    A caring and depressed woman, Judith values her children as treasured objects. She was deeply disheartened when Morris moved but accepted his choice nonetheless. Her husband was a cruel man which tore at her sanity over the years. She now works a rather similar profession as and lives with her only daughter. Suggested PB is Sandra Bullock with alternatives to have dark brown, preferably straight, hair.

    Miss Rhoda --- Wraith
    [Image: Rhoda_zpsgiyshqfa.jpg]
    38 | Sister | Unmarried | LC Squib | Lowly Occupation | Rep 5

    Practically the bane of Morris's existence, at least in child hood, Rhoda is a dramatic and emotional spinster who is rather bitter about the fact that no man has paid interest in her - despite her attempts. She has managed a job since she was young, typically physical labor / maid / etc. The suggested PB is Jessica Biel with alternatives to be dark haired and age appropriate.

    Mrs. Lorena --- --- neé Ramseyer
    [Image: Lorena_zps2hjvo8la.jpg]
    60 | Maternal Aunt | Married | MCHB | Open Occupation | Open House | Rep 5

    Though not as financially distraught as her sister's family, Lorena's presence remained minimal in her niece and nephew's upbringing. The distance developed after her brother-in-law began to show signs of abuse which also created a rift in her relationship with Judith. Lorena and her husband remain estranged to the Wraiths as of now. She may have children of her own. The suggested PB is Juliette Binoche with alternatives to be brown haired of any shade.

    Mr. Julian --- ---
    [Image: Julian_zps1zfxno0d.jpg]
    68 | Uncle | Married | MCAB besides Pure | Open Occupation | Open House | Rep 5

    Julian was able to provide a suitable income for his family (which may include children) after a rough upbringing. It is believed that he may have been the reason Lorena decided to abandon her sister. He's a proud man who values his work and is angered when someone isn't trying to the best of their ability. The suggested PB is Michael Keaton with alternatives to be anything you so desire that is age appropriate!

    Mrs. Rowena --- Ramseyer neé ---
    [Image: MorrisGrandmother_zps34gy2560.jpg]
    79 | Maternal Grandmother | Married | LCHB | Open Occupation (within reason) | Open House | Rep 5

    Morris' grandmother is, ideally, a very sweet woman. She's basically the extremely nice old woman who feeds birds and stuff in the park who also, most likely owns cats. She accepted Morris into her home in the Slums until he was able to get off on his own and, to this day, continues to exhibit a lively personality and social life despite her finances. The suggested PB is June Squibb with alternatives to be grey/white haired or light brown. Preferably portly!

    Mr. Thaddeus --- Ramseyer
    [Image: Thaddeus_zpseyayyby1.jpg]
    82 | Grandfather | Married | LCMB | Open Occupation (within reason) | Open House | Rep 5

    Husband to Rowena, Thaddeus shares a similar personality to his wife. He is also a very kind gentleman who has recently been injured at work which has led him to take up a less physical occupation. He's typically found with his wife and rarely leaves her side - even when out on simple shopping trips. The suggested PB is Robert Duvall with alternatives to have grey/white hair or light brown. Preferably portly!

    The Normanson's

    The Normanson's are a semi-respectable MC family that was struck with unfortunate news in 1883; Jonathan Normanson was incarcerated for allegedly defiling a house elf. It was Belladonna that was truly affected by this news which led to her move to Irvingly in order to stay with her brother Atticus Sharpe and three children (whom can be found in Kayte's Networking). The siblings co-founded the Irvingly Arms in 1884.

    Currently Played:
    Belladonna Normanson

    Mr. Jonathan Normanson
    [Image: bmars_zps7hf9isqu.jpg]
    33 or 34 | Husband | Technically Married | MCAB | #justgotoutofprison | Open House | Low Rep

    Born in 1850/1851, Jonathan took to Belladonna while she was in her fourth year and, in the second semester, began spending quite a lot of time together. The couple marries in 1873 and end up having three children -  nothing serious or dire is brought to Belladonna's attention until the "incident". He was a loving husband and father though may have had ulterior motives during the marriage (or, rather a lack of bed play beyond child making) that led to his actions toward the house elf. He has been in prison since 1883 and, once picked up, is intended to come back and potentially stalk his family because Belladonna isn't paranoid enough about it. The suggested PB is Bruno Mars with alternatives to be mixed-race!
    Last year of undergrad + internship + lack of muse = a very inactive Nolan. If you need anything, please send me a PM on this account or Skype me!
    Have a character who would like a pseudonym, wouldn't like to be featured, or has no issues with being mentioned in Witch Weekly? Check out this thread!
    [Image: INGAcQ.png]


    With such a large house, they’re bound to have it full to the brim with portraits! Some hang only in the house, while others have locations elsewhere in Wizarding Britain.

    [Image: Wa5dnUF.jpg]
    The Auress, painted 1724

    A portrait of Sinéad Connolly, the first female auror in Britain, painted six months after she completed the auror training program. The painting hangs both in the larger of the Connolly’s parlours as well as in the Auror Office at the ministry—she’s only present in one frame at any given time. The painting captures her logical nature, her haughty air, and her meddling tendencies.  She enjoys hearing the story of how she died in combat at age thirty, and will offer suggestions on what she might have done differently to see a better outcome. Suggested PB of Rooney Mara to give her appearance similarities to @Niamh Hanlon!

    [Image: egwzABt.jpg]
    In the Mists, painted 1701

    A portrait of Donal Greyson. Though not a Connolly himself, he married one and became the first noteworthy author of gothic novels in the wizarding community—well before they originated in the muggle sphere! The painting hangs in the Connolly library, the Hogwarts school library, and on the first floor of Crowdy Memorial Library inn London—he’s only present in one frame at any given time. The painting likes to tell eerie stories to whoever will listen, frequently hints at knowing secrets but seldom reveals them, and scoffs at the rumors that he became a vampire after his death in 1751. He is accompanied in the painting by a large black dog, rumored to have been his animagus form—though he was never registered as one. Suggested PB is Bill Nighy.

    [Image: a7Y8vdR.jpg]
    A Lady By Certain Standards, painted 1532

    Presently hanging in the bedchamber of one of this generation’s male cousins (@Connolly Brennan), the portrait depicts a beautiful, but tawdry, woman prone to unlacing her gown to reveal the tops of her breasts. She is a horrible flirt and has survived in the house only by the use of a permanent sticking charm in the 17th century. While she does not have portraits anywhere else in the wizarding world, she can enter frames elsewhere in Connolly House. Suggested PB is Natalie Dormer.
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       Sybille Lukeson, Xavier Smith
    * Please pm me before you make someone, as some details may change as the characters plots develop
    * Faces, for the most part, are open, as long as you keep them age/racially/family appropriate.
    *Details can be changed within reason
    * Holds are not guaranteed
    * If you drop the character with fewer than 30 posts, I reserve the right to re-advertise them (Presuming I made them up)
    * Please don’t kill anyone without letting me know

    [Image: tumblr_inline_o15yx7ObZc1tk5rqt_500.gif]
     OPEN NAME  // 26  // Beast  // N/a  // Suggested Playby Q'Orianka Kilcher  
    Aeror’s younger sister, she is sensible and serious, and is very close to her big brother.  Her sensible and level headed nature mean that he listens to her council quite a bit.  Despite the fact that she is technically under the cheifteness control she is one of his main advisors.  She also acts as a healer for the herd.  

    [Image: untitled_by_xreader2001-d8u0ejf.jpg]
    OPEN  // 23 // Beast  // N/a  // Suggested Playby Amber Midthunder  
    The little sister  -a bit of a spitfire – She breaks her brothers heart by wanting to be more independent mostly because he still sees her as a child.  She is a talented seer and her visions are incredibly accurate.   Aeror would like to encourage her to take a more active role in the life of the herd but she would really rather not get involved in all of the politics.  She is more Romantic than her older sister, and has developed a bit of a crush on a human wizard who spends his time in the forest.  
    [Image: sidebar06.gif]
    OPEN  // 20 // Beast // N/a // Suggested Playby Forest Goodluck
    Aeror's little brother- he calls him runt because he is smaller than him but then there are few who are larger than Aeror.  He is talented with a bow, and determined to live up to his big brothers reputation and example.  The brothers are very close and often hunt/spend time together, he is a little self-conscious of the fact that he is the chiefs brother and has rather large shoes to fill.  

    Played Family:

    [Image: hugh-jackman-actor-pictures-wallpaper-wallpapers.jpg]
    Jon Carmicheal // 45+  // UC // PB  // Suggested Playby Hugh Jackman  
    Jonathon is a Widower - Wife was unbeknownst to him, a Veela who died in childbirth, he is still very much in love with her memory, and considers her the perfect woman.  The source of his wealth is in Diamond Mines in India.  The family lived predominantly in India when Cecily was growing up and the fluu back and forth between the two on regular basis.  He has incredibly wealth, both from a sizable inheritance, good business investments and the mines.  However, he is a kind and generous man.  He is nice to his servants treating them as friends, which make them loyal and hard working.  He has sponsored more than one servant’s child through Hogwarts, and does not dismiss married female servants if they wish to continue to work.  He dotes on his daughter, and spoils her utterly, giving her everything she wants.

    [Image: rachel-weisz-hair-eyes-white-face-black-...-image.jpg]
    Alegra Carmicheal // 24  // UC // PB // Suggested Playby  Rachel Weisz
    Cecily’s new stepmother, the two have not met yet, but will when next she is home.  Alegra is an Italian witch, who is both well connected and well educated.  She is cool, cunning, manipulative, and intelligent - she dislikes children, and has a particular dislike of Cecily, because she suspects Jonathon is still in love with his dead wife.  Her history is up to the player, and she can either have genuinely been courted, or she can have sprung a potion on him or something of that sort.

    [Image: Sayajirao-Gaekwad-III-Founder-of-Bank-of-Baroda-BoB.jpg]
    Ram Dass // 45+ // LC  // AB // Suggested Playby Errol Sitahal
    Ram Dass is the unmarried servant of Mister Carmichael, and runs his house in London and India, he is Cecily's guardian when her father is away.  He completed his magical education, and is very well educated ergo Mr. Carmichaels trust in him, and Jonathon treats him more like a close friend than a servant, indeed Cecily thinks of him as an uncle and often calls him Uncle Ram Dass.  He has a pet Monkey, and is a monkey animagus himself, indeed his patronus is also a monkey, because despite his sombre and serious appearance he is a puckish and fun loving man.  Ram Dass is very fond, and paternalistic towards Cecily, who loves and respects him back.  He does not like Mister Carmichaels new wife, who he sees right through.

    Played Family:

    [Image: screen-shot-2015-11-03-at-10-05-22-pm-300x200.jpg]
    Hudson Podmore  // 40 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby RDJ
    Hudson Podmore is the, husband of CIRCE PODMORE. He is generally a nice man, and takes his role of head of this particular branch of Podmore’s very seriously.  As the oldest, he's an heir and so doesn’t need to have a job if he doesn’t want one, but would otherwise have a respectable position in the ministry. Because he has financial freedom he could do something 'quirky' like be an inventor, or a kooky Holmesian type of investigator - basically he does what he does for fun.  Their relationship could be: (a) functional and purely plutonic, based on his desire to increase his side of the families pureblood connection and hers for social elevation so it's pretty loveless (b)They are well suited personality wise and are actually in a fairly affectionate marriage ©Something in between; or  (d) Something with lots of drama.  It’s fairly open.  

    [Image: Etan-Patz-001-1-300x200.jpg]
    _____ Podmore // 7 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Any
    A kind and sensitive boy, who is very like his father.  He takes himself very seriously and likes to think of himself as rather older than he.  He likes to sit in his fathers study with him (like the other ‘men’ do) and cannot wait to go to Hogwarts.

    [Image: matisse-lb-photography-9705.png?w=300&h=200]
    _____ Podmore // 4 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Any
    A rather spoiled and petted child.  Whether she is spoiled rotten, or spoiled sweet is up the player.  She should have a rather vivid imagination and she is used to getting exactly what she wants.  She demands her big brothers attention a fair bit.

    Played Family:

    [Image: win03.thumb.jpg.f44958a6d6e7d1247299d84fcb35ba89.jpg]
    OPEN // 22  // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Daisy Clemintine Smith  
    Francois good, virtuous sister - she's is the exact definition of 'accomplished'  - she's intelligent, educated, skilled in all feminine graces, speaks multiple languages (At least English, German, French).  She's the youngest and very petted by her older brother who dotes on her.  She will be coming out in England - She is determind to find her brother a wife - as much as he is determined to find her a good husband.  She is a little suspicious of her purebloods - after what happened with their brother.  She is aware that as a woman of wealth and standing that she has a social responsibility and takes this very seriously.

    [Image: 12-1609141435470-L.jpg]
    OPEN  // 11 // UC  // HB // Suggested Playby Kristina Pimenaova
    Does not know the circumstances of her parentage - but is aware that her father is dead, and her mother is 'sick' -and so she lives with Uncle Franco and her Aunt.  She is a little spoiled, gets everything she wants but isnt a selfish/mean spirited child, instead she is sweet and, like her aunt, understands that her wealth means she must do service to society.  She aspires to imitate her aunt and impress her uncle.  She will be attending Hogwarts as a first year.  She has a good command of English and French.  In my head she is hufflepuff, but that could be her uncle muse just hoping for it but could be any house.

    Played Family:

    [Image: donald%20sutherlin.jpg]
    Bertram Blackwood II // 60+  // UC  // PB // Suggested Playby Donald Sutherland  
    Bertram is a fairly jovial man, his son his is best friend and he thinks of his daughter as much younger than she is.  He dislikes his wifes keeness to marry her off so quickly but accepts it as part of life, even though he is secretly rather pleased that his daughter is a quidditch player.  His views on blood purity are up to you

    [Image: julianne_moore_3.jpg]
    Eugenia Blackwood // 45+ // UC // PB // Suggested Playby Julianne Moore
    Eugenia believes that women have a powerful role to play in society but thinks that Ginny is a bit too radical and that the woman's role should be the velvet glove to the man's iron fist.  She HATES the fact Ginny is a quidditch player and wants her to marry as quickly as possible.  She fears that her profession will put off any eligible suitor.  She has an acidic wit, and is very intelligent (most likely Slytherin or Ravenclaw Alum).  Blood purity opinions are up to player.  

    [Image: getImgIntranet-2-13-300x200.jpg]
    Bertram Blackwood III // 30 // UC // PB // Suggested Playby Keifer Sutherland  
    Gryffindor Alumni, Bertram is a kindly older brother, who worries about his little sisters habits and hobbys, partly out of concern, partly because he doesnt want a spinster sister to look after when she is older.  He and his father are very close and he is keen to take over the family business.  He is keen to court and considers himself something of a catch.  He cares about blood purity and the purity of the Blackwood line.  

    Played Family:

    [Image: post-60960-0-00214800-1347491466_thumb.jpg]
    Rye Backus // 22 // LC // HB // Suggested Playby Open
    Rye is a fairly typical older brother, he fusses and teases his younger siblings but is also rather quick to jump to their defence.  He is keen to take on more management at the bakery, and he is skilled at what he does.  He has his father’s flair for the trade.  He did not complete his education.  He was a Hufflepuff and left after his OWL’s as he will inherit the bakery and so it was more important for him to learn the trade than to complete his magical training.  He has modern notions on how to improve the business. He speaks fluent Russian and English.

    [Image: gkzmiwtnw4simukelh6m.jpg]
    Herb Backus // 15 // LC // HB  // Suggested Playby Alex Pettyfer  
    Herb is a quiet Ravenclaw student, the only sibling to be in that house.  Naturally intelligent he hopes to complete his education and get a good ministry job.  He is fairly sensitive and doesn’t like being babied, despite being the youngest.

    Played Family:

    [Image: 112425-actress-artwork-keira-knightley-p...rtwork.jpg]
    ___ Valenduris // 25 // UC // PB // Suggested Playby Kiera Knightly
    An incredibly intelligent and confident woman, Mrs. Valenduris doesn’t have much consideration for the good opinion of society.  She dearly loves her husband but will also acknowledge that it is odd, to have step children old enough to be your own father!  She has a reputation of 4, for general eccentricity and her odd marriage.  She is faithful, and doesn’t see her husbands age when she looks at him, but finds him funny and engaging.

    [Image: Class-16-300x200.jpg]
    ___ Valenduris // lots  // UC // PB/HB // Suggested Playby OPEN
    Meserimus has been married 3 times, his second wife was a woman of colour, and so any children of that marriage should also be POC
    • 1. SON ____ Valenduris // 54 // from 1st Marraige
    • 2.SON ____ Valenduris // 46 // from 1st Marraige
    • 3. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 37 // from 1st Marraige
    • 4. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 27 // from 2nd Marraige
    • 5. SON ____ Valenduris // 24 // from 2nd Marraige
    • 6. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 21 // from 2nd Marraige
    • 7. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 20 // from 2nd Marraige
    • 8. SON ____ Valenduris // 8 // from 3rd Marraige
    • 9. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 6 // from 3rd Marraige
    • 10. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 3 // from 3rd Marraige
    • Son 1 - Wife, Children between the aged 15-20
    • Son 2 - Wife, Children between the ages of 5-16
    • Daughter 3 - husband, Children between the ages of 5-17
    • Daughter 4 - husband, Children between the ages of 1-7
    • Daughter 6 - Possibly - husband Child aged 1-3
    • Daughter 7 -Possible husband child aged 0-1

    [Image: great-horned-owl-in-black-and-white-jill-lang.jpg]
    Archimedes Valenduris // 110-120 // UC // PB // Suggested Playby Open- but you know he's an owl.
    Archimedes is a cantankerous and rather angry sort of man - he had a talent for transfiguration, and wanted to develop a new type of animagus transformation whereby the wizard would retain the power of speech - he succeded - sort of. He managed to turn himself into an owl, and he could speak - the problem -he hasn't been able to turn back.  He has spent the last 60 years as an owl, living with Meserimus and his family.  He HATES children so Meserimus job choices and family size are a type of living hell for him.  He dislikes people and will sometimes pretend to be a stuffed owl if new people come to see Meserimus just so he can avoid talking to them, and explaining his condition and his failure again. He lives in Hogwarts with Meserimus during term time and splits his time between Meserimus rooms and harassing students in the Owlery.

    [Image: 1476389738712.jpg]
    (Remegius) Valenduris // 110-130 // UC // PB // Suggested Playby Patrick Stewart
    Remegius is just a suggested name, he is the 'baby brother' of Meserimus -the two are best friends but also squabble like they are still children.  The Younger Valenduris has an equally large and sprawling family as Meserimus, and has either been married at least twice, or married once with LOTS of children (think 13+) and mocks Meserimus 'small' family.  He is jovial, young at heart, and incredibly intelligent, think top flight ravenclaw back in the day.  He is more of a bookish academic than Meserimus, for while Meserimus wanted to be a success Remegius wanted knowledge for knowledges sake.   He could be a professor, and the two brothres could argue over which subject is better.  He is shorter than Meserimus and is thusly referred to as 'squirt.'

    Played Family:

    [Image: Angelina-Jolie-Does-she-wear-baggy-cloth...00x200.jpg]
    Undine Gradgrind // 30  // UC // AB  // Suggested Play-by Angelina Jolie
    Undine is the daughter of a self made man, her families focus was always on education and advancement through hard work and sacrifice.  She isn’t frivolous, and sees balls and social occasions as a necessity of society rather than something she explicitly enjoys.  She loves her children dearly but does not spoil them, and supports her husband’s strict disciplinary approach.   She is not a fan of halfbreeds, but it’s more like pity than hatred.

    [Image: mnhfdijlw3gamcyzzzymmelkzgnbv8kzvnlxeox7...966d65298f]
    Persephone Gradgrind // 10  // UC // AB  // Suggested Play-by any
    Persephone, on the surface, is a product of her parents beliefs.   Her parents have raised her to disregard emotions and see everything in terms of facts or statistics.  Secretly Persephone wants to be a dancer, and see going to school as her opportunity to explore the more emotional and sensitive parts of herself. She asked the hat to place her in Ravenclaw, because she knew her father would be upset if she was in Gryffindor, which was its other choice.

    [Image: innocent-300x200.jpg]
    Mordecai Gradgrind // 10  // UC // AB  // Suggested Play-by Open
    Mordecai is like his sister, he has never heard a fairy tale, he has never been exposed to ‘toys’ other than those designed to teach something.  He is a quiet boy, who struggles to express his emotions, and is prone to bouts of extreme anger and accidental magic as a result. He is likely in Ravenclaw

    [Image: default.jpg]
    Nicholas Gradgrind // 8  // UC // AB  // Suggested Play-by open
    Nicholas, was always a sickly child as such neither of his parents put much effort into bonding with him and as such he has been mostly ignored by his parents and raised by a nanny who actually let him play.  He is still a bit frail but is otherwise a happy child who doesn’t understand his older siblings reserved natures.
    Mordecais Siblings – potentially married
    • Antonia Gradgrind - Sister -42
    • Josiah Gradgrind - Brother -37
    • Jeremiah Gradgrind - Brother -35
    • Lorelai Gradgrind - Sister -30

    Played Family:
    • @'Mordecai Gradgrind’

    ________ Harrington // 35+  // UC // AB  // Suggested Play-by Ioan Gruffudd
    ________ is Natsuko's Guardian.  He is a cynical and pragmatic man, who is a born survivor.  He was most likely a member of Slytherin House.  He was a friend to Natsuko’s spinster MB Aunt, as he hoped he would inherit her property when she died and was greatly angered when a meddlesome niece appeared.   He was even more annoyed when he was made that meddlesome nieces guardian.  He may, or may not, have vague designs on Natsuko’s fortune, or is at least trying to work out how to turn the situation to his advantage.  He spends most of his time hunting in the country, or living at his club.
    Played Family:

    [Image: p22davidinterviewDG_ND_2158-BW_USE-327lk...hanpqi.jpg]
    Fitzhugh Vane-Tempest // 40+ // UC // HB // Suggested Playby David Gandy
    Fitzhugh Vane-Tempest is a confident and charismatic man who has all the swagger and bravado expected of a first son.  From a long and dinstinguished Magical peerage Fitzhugh is modern man in most sense.  He can see the value of self made men and is involved in business himself, and as such is rather modern in his thinking about women, Class, blood and other ethnicities.  His relationship with his wife is very mutual, and they consider themselves something of a power couple.  
    [Image: hdigCSrV.jpg]
    Lord Earnest John Sherington // 21 // UC // HB // Suggested Trevor Sigourino
    ’The Spare’ – he is a wizard who attended Hogwarts, and was probably in Slytherin house, he is ambitious and keen to make a name for himself, since he will not have the benefit of  inheriting.  Earnest is just back from his grand tour.  He is keen on an international career and will be deciding between a ministry or muggle ambassadorship. As such he speaks multiple languages, like think 6+ at least in some form or fluency.
    [Image: pbgysimeodzanxts2wephkjwcqiwsygl9ycryive...849c2cb145]
    Verity Diane Sherington // 17 // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Open
    Lady Verity Diane Sherington is the youngest Sherington daughter, she attends Hogwarts and her house is open.  She is sweet, lady like, and a bit timid.  She is not overly liberal but is nice to anyone regardless of class or background.  The relationship between herself and Gwen can be strained at times because Gwen doesn’t think her little sister is ambitious enough in her prospects.  She is looking forward to being a debutante, and is involved in charitable pursuits at school.
    [Image: harrison-ford-wallpaper-wallpapers-men-desktop.jpg]
    Cornelius Sherington II  // 60+ // UC // Mug // Suggested Playby Harrison Ford
    The first Cornelius knew about magic was when his wife broke the news to him.  Since then he has adapted well to the change in his life, if he finds it all a bit odd, and generally considers his childrens ‘antics’ as amusing.  He HATES having his mother in law in the house.
    [Image: Carrie-Fisher-wziela-kokaine-opiaty-ecst...382699.jpg]
    Laurel Sherington // 50+ // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Carrie Fisher
    The current countess Harringby, she puts a deal of pressure on her children to make advantageous marriages but considers wealth and power above rank and blood. For example she would prefer her children marry magical commoners rather than muggle nobles, even though she herself married a muggle.  She loves her husband but is the primary source of pressure on the heir to marry.

    [Image: debbie-reynolds.jpg?c=0528]
    Gradma Lovell  // 85+ // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Debbie Reynolds
    The mother of the Countess of Harringby, and Grandma of Gwen and her siblings, the late Grandma Lovell died sometime before Gwen was born and under circs which are open to the player.  However, she didn’t quiet realise she was dead, or at least didn’t care and continued with her life.  She spent the time since her death in the attic of her son in laws home, and when her grandchildren displayed magic she was invited to move into the main house.  Now she takes turns visiting with her grandchildren, and bothering her son in law who she knows doesn’t really want her in the house. She is a ghost

    [Image: dita-von-teese-.jpg]
    Georgiana Harcourt  // 28 // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Ditta Von Tees
    The  elder sister of Gwen, Georgiana is otherwise known as Baroness Lamston, and is married to Arlington Harcourt.  She attended Hogwarts and was a Gryffindor, she has had at least 1 son but may have other children.  She is putting pressure on Gwen to produce an heir as soon as possible.  She is a generally quiet person, and is the perfect lady in all respects.  She married her first season out. Her views on halfbreeds/liberality are up to the player.  

    [Image: Jack-Harrison-Actor3-300x200.jpg]
    Arlington Harcourt  // 35 // UC // HB // Suggested Playby Jack Harrison
    The current Baron Lamston, is the husband of Georgiana Harcourt, and brother in law to Gwenolyn Vane-Tempest.  He is an affable but serious man who has an interest in politics, both muggle and magical.  He is a member of the Tory party and is one of the few magical peers who actually takes their seat in parliament.  He is also intending on entering the wizengemot and fancies the thought of running for Minister of magic at some point.

    Played Family:

    [Image: znh9enma1w4x_by_chi_yoko-db8uxhy.jpg]
    _____ Greyback // 40   // UC // HB // Suggested Play-by Kristofer Hivju
    ________ is the oldest son of the Greyback family.  He is the husband of Antonia Greyback, and father of a number of children.  He is serious, sensible, long suffering, and rather quiet.  While with his family, where he feels most comfortable he is jovial, commanding and the life and soul of the gathering, it is only with strangers that he retreats.  Partially because he mistrusts those outside the family for fear of their reaction to his lycanthropy.  The family in general have some strange opinions on werewolf-ism and purposely infect every son when he turns 18 as a rite of passage to manhood.  His occupation is largely open, as the eldest he could be a gent of leisure but his personality won’t abide idleness, so most likely he is a gentleman farmer, herds/breeds something dangerous, or even something like a werewolf hunter #irony #hidinginplainsight.    
    [Image: Massachusetts+Child+Photographer+Photos+...ormat=300w]
    _____ Greyback // 11   // UC // HB // Suggested Play-by Open
    ________ is the oldest child of Antonia and _____  Greyback, he is very like his mother! He is a bit of a scamp, prone to mischief and outgoing.  He is very excited at the prospect of being a werewolf, and will pretend to be one on the full moon just so he can be like his older male relatives.  He is excited to go to school, but knows he must keep the family secret, where he will most likely end up Gryffindor.  He wants an exciting job when he gets older like dragon tamer, and doesn’t understand why his uncle Marcus wants to do a girl job like designing dresses! Reserved for Nichole 31/5/17
    [Image: scout-tours.jpg]
    _____ Greyback // 9   // UC // HB // Suggested Play-by Open
    Is the older twin by a total of 8 minutes, but would much rather have been the younger twin because she thinks that that is somehow much more feminine.  _____ wants to be the ultimate lady, and is rather besotted with her uncle Marcus and his dresses.  It seems like the ideal job, and she rather hopes to go into his line of work someday.
    [Image: scout-tours.jpg]
    _____ Greyback // 9   // UC // HB // Suggested Play-by Open
    _____ enjoys being the young twin, mostly because it annoys his sister.  He does however wish he had been the oldest son, as he is a rather serious and scholarly boy, and will most likely end up in Ravenclaw.  He can’t wait to get to school, and has already had a run in the with the ministry for underage magic when he pilfered his mothers wand to ‘practice.’
    [Image: innocence_by_really_girl-d3llvkj.jpg]
    _____ Greyback // 7   // UC // HB // Suggested Play-by Open
    _______ is a suffragette in the making, she loves the freedom that her mother grants her to explore her boyish side and loves that she is allowed to play outside in the glens with her siblings and cousins.  Like her mother at that age, she doesn’t understand why she can’t do all the things the boys do, and why she cant be a werewolf and a debutante.  She dreads going to school because she knows she will have to ‘behave like a girl.’ She has a long suffering wolf hound, that she talks to, dresses up, and makes up stories about.  She once tried to fluu him to the ministry of magic believing that he is the transfigured minister of magic, and hoping they’d give him his job back.

    (4 year old sibling also available)

    [Image: salvador-dali-21.jpg]
    Alejandro Cortez   // 65+  // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Salvador Dali
    Alejandro Cortez has spent more of his life in England than he ever did in Spain.  He is an easy going and affable man who thinks everyone else gets too uptight too easily.  His reputation will be about a 4 for general eccentricity but he isn’t a straight up loon.  He is still intelligent and would have been a ravenclaw, he may or may not have gone to Hogwarts – think more Dumbledore than father Lovegood.  He is a member of the Wizengemot and was a former member of the department of magical law enforcement.  He has no issue with halfbloods
    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Constanza Cortez // 55+  // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Sonia Braga
    Constanza is a fiercely maternal woman, she is very much in charge of her family, with her husband deferring all familial decisions to her and considers his wife very much a partner in life.  She is a commanding woman who probably would have been a CEO had she been born 100 years later.  Antonia takes after her in both looks and personality.  She is also outspoken and politically minded but isn’t’ sure about her feelings on halfbreeds
    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Juan Diego Cortez // 33+  // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby age and race appropriate
    A member of either the international magical co-operation or DMLE, he finds his sisters political leanings amusing, not in a condescending way but rather because of the way other people think of it.  He is hurlable, or recently married, and has no issue with halfbreeds but does not know about his in-laws furry condition.  He may have married a woman from the middle class.  He was a ravenclaw or a slytherin
    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Catalina _____    // 27  // UC // PB  // Suggested Playby age and race appropriate
    Catalina is gay, she knew from her first few weeks at Hogwarts when she developed a crush for her dorm mate.  However, upon finishing her education she duely married a man she though generally rather nice and pleasant and with whom she had become well acquainted.  She likes him, and thinks of his with affection but she isn’t in love with him.  She is still desperately in love with the same girl, she was dorm mates with and the two are best friends, the other has no idea of Catalina’s love for her.  Her views on halfbreeds are not extreme, she was not a slytherin
    [Image: luna-blaise-2.jpg]
    Isabel _______ Cortex   // 25  // UC // hb  // Suggested Playby Luna Blaise
    Isabel is a Romantic with a capital R! She had offers of marriage almost as soon as she graduated from Hogwarts but she was waiting for the grand love story.    Eventually, she ended up marrying the man who turned out to have been the first one to ask her.  He was initially rejected because she didn’t consider him dashing enough, but as she matured, she learned to appreciate the quality of his personality rather than just his looks.  He’s not an ogre, but he isn’t a storybook prince, but he has all the other grand Romantic qualities she was looking for.  Her views on halfbreeds are moderate, but she is warey of veela, and she was a slytherin, or a Gryffindor.  
    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Esteban Cortez   // 24+  // UC // hb  // Suggested Playby Andrew Garfield
    Esteban is jovial and easy going, like his father.  He doesn’t take things too seriously and isn’t especially interested in politics, or any of those heavy subjects, not because he doesn’t think them important, or because he isn’t capable but rather he prefers to leave them to those with proper interest. He was likely a Gryffindor or a hufflepuff.  His views on half breeds are moderate.
    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Bianca Cortez   // 22  // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby age and race appropriate
    The youngest and most ambitious Cortez child.  She doesn’t understand Antonia’s marriage – at all, or why she would want to marry a socially disinclined man.  She attended, at least for a while a finishing school, and loves being a debutant.  She is determined to marry the best possible partner in life to elevate her to Olivia Prendergast levels of social notability.  She is wary of halfbreeds, and may believe they are a danger.  She doesn’t extremely hate them, but she believes what she reads in the papers about the dangers of them.  She was either a Gryffindor or slytherin.

    Other Family
    •  ______ Greyback – Father of (Husband) Greyback – Pack Alpha
    • ______ Greyback, Nee ______– Mother of (Husband) Greyback
    • ------------------------------------
    • _____ Greyback – brother of (Husband) Greyback
    • _____ Greyback – Brother of (Husband) Greyback
    • _____ Greyback  - Sister of (Husband) Greyback
    • ------------------------------------
    • _______ Greyback – Brother of Pack Alpha
    • _______ Greyback – Sister in law of Pack Alpha
    • Children and grandchildren of this pair
    • _______ Greyback – Brother of Pack Alpha
    • _______ Greyback – Sister in law of Pack Alpha
    • Children and grandchildren of this pair
    • _______  Neé Greyback – Sister of Pack Alpha
    • Children and grandchildren
    • _______  Neé Greyback – Sister of Pack Alpha
    • Children and grandchildren
    • _______ Greyback – Brother of Pack Alpha
    • _______ Greyback – Brother of Pack Alpha
    • _______ Greyback – Sister in law of Pack Alpha

    Played Family:

    [Image: viola.jpg?fit=300%2C200&ssl=1]
    Lucretia Zabini   // 50+  // UC // PB  // Suggested Playby Viola Davis, or Lynn Wittfield
    Lucretia Zabini wasn’t married for love, she married for blood and magic and was disappointed that her husband HATED spending money and everything  they owned was cheap, second hand or simply very old.  As soon as he died, and the money passed to Severino she was more than thrilled to move her family to England and launch herself onto the social scene as an opulent and lavish socialite.  She has high expectations of her family and will accept nothing less than perfection, but its mostly because she thinks of her children as amazing and talented people who deserve nothing less than the very best in life.  She wants grand children as soon as possible and so is keen for her children to marry.  Her purity views are open.  

    [Image: childish-gambino.jpg?fit=300%2C200&ssl=1]
     Cesare Zabini // 27 // UC // PB  // Suggested Playby Donald Glover
    The older twin, Cesare and his brother are jovial fun loving and humerous.  They often tease Severino for his seriousness and the fact he is so quiet.  They love gambling, travelling, and other typical upper class gentlemanly persuits.  Cesare enjoys the fact that he is not the heir, that he has no demands on him but his own.  He may have a job, but probably nothing too ‘taxing’ or serious.  At school Cesare would often pretend to be his brother and when it came to exams they divied and conquered, with Ceasre taking half and Cesareo taking half.  He was in Gryffindor.  He is not purist because it seems like too much effort.

    [Image: childish-gambino.jpg?fit=300%2C200&ssl=1]
    _ Caseareo Zabini// 27 // UC // PB  // Suggested Play by Donald Glover
    The younger twin, and probably the more cunning of the two.  He has a puckish sense of humour and loves staging elaborate jokes with his friends and siblings as the butt.  He also has a profession, but it is not the ministry or healing, because while not unintelligent he lacked the discipline to apply himself.  He was a Gryffindor.  He may have worked out Severino’s interest in a certain lady. He is not purist.

    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Lecretia (Lucie) Zabini  // 22 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Any(POC)
    Lucie Zabini is an accomplished young lady, she is maternal, sweet and generally the sort of person who would end up working in an orphanage if it wasn’t totally unacceptable to her mother.  She may have dreamed of being a healer, and she was good at healing charms and domestic magic but her mother put an end to that thinking her daughter too good for that sort of work.  She was a hufflepuff, and then a Prendergast Rose.  She is hurlable or already married.  She is not a purist.

    [Image: superthumb.png]
    Allegra Zabini // 19 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Any
    Spunky, and outgoing, Allegra has definitely been more influenced by The Twins than she was by her big brother and sister.  She would love to work in magical law enforcement, or ideally as an auror as she was good at spell work and a talent witch but her mother wasn’t having it and instead she was shipped off the Prendergast School as soon as she finished Hogwarts.  She wants more than to just be a wife and mother but hasn’t quiet worked out how far she would be prepared to defy her mother.  She was a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, and is not a purist.

    [Image: superthumb.jpg]
    Federico Zabini // 16 // UC // HB  // Suggested Playby Corbin Bleu
    The youngest Zabini, he is picked on mercilessly by The Twins, but is very close to Severino, to the extent that he lives with Severino during the holidays.  The two are very similar in personality and temperament, both being rather bookish and quiet, preferring close company to wild parties, or raucous events.  He is very family orientated and takes a great deal of care of those around her (cough*prefect*cough) He is  ravenclaw, and his purity views are open, as are his aspirations and future profession, but it will likely be something either academic or with rather high academic requirements.  

    Played Family:
    • @'Severino Zabini’
    [Image: ItXbzb.png]
    <3 Nolan sets are crack!
    Daisypath Friendship tickers[Image: haddie_zps26uqdttk.jpg]
    I'm Doing a Challenge! HELP
    Kelly's Family Adoptables

    • Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about it.
    • Show me your app before posting. I can tell you if I want something changed.
    • Try to give them a Play By similar to their family members.
    • Please get a set if you don't want one from me or Ocean.
    • Please let me know if you're gonna be inactive for more than a month, because I will put them back on this list. (I get that life gets in the way, so don't worry about it.)
    • I'd prefer that their personality is put up on their app.
    • Family portion of their app is required, but I don't care if it's just names and how they are related.
    • Reading their family's apps are recommended for more understanding of what's going on.
    • Please talk to me on Skype (foreveramultishipper) or PM (@Acacia Ruskin) before taking one of my characters or reactivating one.
    • Reservations for characters are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    Orinda Ruskin | Kemen Grayrose | Aurora Stoneshire | Topaz Stoneshire
    Ace Lukeson | Adamar | Hubert Rey | Edgar Rey

    Acacia Ruskin's Wanteds

    Ocean Made The Lovely Tree

    The Ruskins

    Opal Ruskin née Moon
    [Image: LbgPivA.jpg]
    She was married to Errol Ruskin in the year ____. Where he was very closed in views of non-magic folk, she is much more care free and open-minded. She is, however, very stuborn when it comes to family loyalty. She was most likely a Hufflepuff. She did, however, support the arranged marraiges of her daughters, wanting them to have good husbands.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1813. Her suggested play by is Meryl Streep.

    Orinda Gormlaith Ruskin
    [Image: Zhs2ZWX.jpg]
    Her two older sisters have always acted very protective. Acacia was the more motherly sister, and Crystal was more of the 'I'm gonna beat you if I catch you doing something stupid' sister. The summer of 1887, she finally comes face-to-face with her mother, and she hates her deeply. Followed by that, her brother dies in the Wizarding World Market, as she was stuck home with her mother (reason is up to player). Both of her sisters witnessed the death of her brother, where as she did not. Crystal has been kidnapped by the Half-Breed Asylum as of the 18th of August. Her and Acacia are both worried.
    All of the siblings care for their father dearly, even though he doesn't have the best judgement. Her relationship with her sisters are up to the player (about how she feels towards them), but I would prefer that there are at least some positive feelings towards her sisters. Her former (because, site-wide plot) house is open, but I would prefer either Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
    She is a Middle Class Half-Vampire (#SiteWidePlot) and Half-Witch - Half-Blood who was born in 1874, post-September (Suggestion is November). Her suggested play by is Kendall Vertes.

    Heavenly _____ née Ruskin
    [Image: gb4xKHz.jpg]
    She is the oldest daughter of Erick Ruskin and Aurora Stoneshire (former Ruskin). Acacia is her cousin. She is the mother of one daughter (Family Tree). Her opinion of her mother remarrying to her former uncle, now step-father, is completly open. Her house is completely open.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1858. Her suggested play by is Phoebe Tonkin.

    Morning _____ née Ruskin
    [Image: zf4u5Z0.jpg]
    Second child of Erick and Aurora, she has five children (Family Tree) and might be pregnant again. She doesn't really like her mother, and how she has started behaving ever since her step-father died (she does know that Aurora took Crystal to the Half-Breed Hospital, and does not approve). She is probably a feminist and hates the bans as well. She is the twin of Evening. She is a former Hufflepuff.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1860. Her suggested play by is Kristen Stewart.

    Evening ____ née Ruskin
    [Image: lW0ONHi.jpg]
    Third child of Erick and Aurora, and she had not had any children yet. She is in agreement with her twin sister of her mother's actions, but tries to be more sympathetic. She does, however, agree with the marriage-ban, thinking of half-breeds as something that should be avoided, but once they are in the world, might as well give them an education so that they do nothing stupid. She is the twin of Morning. She is a former Ravenclaw.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1860. Her suggested play by is Esti Ginzburg.

    Lunar ____ née Ruskin
    [Image: PlwTzld.jpg]
    Fourth child of Erick and Aurora, and also has no children yet. She wishes deeply to bond with Martin and his family, but has a hard time doing so when she is also quite close to her mother and wishes to respect her as well. She is very torn, and not very outspoken of her opinions (though that could change upon players choice). Her house is open, though not Gryffindor (unless she is a complete Gryffinfail).
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1862. Her suggested play by is Frida Gustavsson.

    Solar Ruskin
    [Image: 69Du8wp.jpg]
    Fifth child of Erick and Aurora, and has not yet married. This is due to her being placed in the Pendergast Rose, though it is open to her being betrothed upon players choice (preferably with a played character, but that is open). She is practically a young version of her mother, wanting to give her future children weird names and everything. She does not like Martin and his family, and thinks what her mother did is smart, and that they should send the rest of the sisters, along with Lisa. Her house is open, but prefered is whatever her mother is picked to be.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1869. Her suggested play by is Chloe Moretz.

    Eclipse Ruskin
    [Image: mpTCHRd.jpg]
    The only male child of this branch, he is the sixth and final child of Erick and Aurora. He is still in Hogwarts. He thinks his family is just weird, but is curious to get to know Martin's part of the family, and had started doing so in school with first spending time with Acacia and Crystal, though not much time with the youngest sister, Orinda, yet. He is sad not to have met Dunstan. He does not like his mother, thinking her rude and annoying. His house is Hufflepuff. Has a possible betrothal option with @Mozelle Rios, if player wishes.
    He is an UCPB who was born in 1871, born either January or February. His suggested play by is Hunter Rowland.

    The Stoneshires

    Aurora Stoneshire p. Ruskin née Dawnsong
    [Image: NoLNn74.jpg]
    Aurora is the widow of both Erick Ruskin and the recently passed Ash Stoneshire. She is in deep mourning of Ash and their son, Smoke. She used to be very sweet, though her first husbands death left her less open regarding views of others. She does not like the marriage of Martin and Lisa, especially given that it was the same year as her husband's death. She was pregnant with Eclipse when becoming a widow the first time, and had him near the beginning of the following year. She later marries Ash 1875, having bonded with him during his mourning of Ruby, who was pressumed dead (and was divoresed just in case she's still alive and abandoned them), and the fact that they are both single parents. After Ash dies, along with Smoke, Aurora turns bitter. Her hate for half-breeds and their parents grows. She decides that the Half-Breed Asylum is a perfect way to change these 'monsters' into better people. She first does this by sending Crystal, who she sees as the most wild of her siblings. Acacia has found this out, and is deeply upset by it. Her former house was either Slytherin or Hufflepuff (She has, after all, changed a lot).
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1840. Her suggested play by is Helena Bonham Carter.

    Ruby Stoneshire née Ruskin
    [Image: BdInxJA.jpg]
    #SurpriseNotDead. Well, at least, not fully. She was turned into a vampire in 1870 (not by Lisa). She accidently killed Erick, from newbie vampire hunger. In her horror and shock, she ran away, letting her family think she was also dead. Since then, she had been living in the Vampire Caverns. When Lisa went there, they lived together, as well as her half-breed daughter, Topaz Stoneshire (though, she has turned into a terrible parent, which shows in having her daughter live with her in the dangerous Forbidden Forest). Her marriage to Ash was arranged, but they were quite happy together. She is a former Ravenclaw.
    She is a Lower Class Vampire who was born in 1850, and she looks 20 due to that being her age when turned. Her suggested play by is Ali Collier.

    Flame Stoneshire
    [Image: EoDuenn.jpg]
    She is the first born child of Ruby and Ash Stoneshire. She is the older twin of Smoke Stoneshire (both having been born first and the fact that he is now dead). She is mainly an open character, though I do like the idea of her being open to wanting to get to know Martin's family, but would avoid Lisa. She never liked Aurora after uncle Erick died (so basically her full memory of Aurora). She is currently in mourning. She is a current Gryffindor.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1869, post-September. Her suggested play by is Brooklyn McKnight.

    Smoke Stoneshire
    [Image: IqJLzM0.jpg]
    He is the second and last child of Ruby and Ash Stoneshire. He is the younger twin of his sister, Smoke, which annoys him greatly at times. He is mainly an open character, though I would like him to be very close to his twin (as well as her to him), and would share similar views as her. He died in the Wizarding World Market. He was a Gryffindor.
    He is an Upper Class Ghost who was born in 1869, post-September. His suggested play by is Dylan Everett.

    Dusk Stoneshire
    [Image: O7rrCeR.jpg]
    She is the first child of Ash and Aurora. She and her younger sister, Midnight, have been known to be the most pampered by their parents. Dusk does tend to let it get to her head, and follows her mother around when possible. Aurora has a deep soft spot for her and Midnight. #PlayAYoungster
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1877, after September. Her suggested play by is Brighton Sharbino.

    Midnight Stoneshire
    [Image: ZfWhWRE.jpg]
    She is the second and last child of Ash and Aurora. She and her sister, Dusk, are the most pampered. She doesn't fully understand why, but, she's like, four. Her personality is so flexible at this age that it would be very interesting for her to be picked up and see how she shall grow up. #PlayAYoungster
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1883. Her suggested play by is Everleigh Soutas.

    Topaz Stoneshire
    [Image: 5yH6Y2E.jpg]
    Topaz Stoneshire is the daughter of Ruby Stoneshire and a wizard father who has no knowledge of her. Due to terrible parenting on Ruby's part, Topaz was raised in the Forbidden Forest. She has always wished of joining the magical school just outside of her home, but upon hearing of the ban the very year that she was to attend the magical school, she is enraged and hates those who denied her the things that she has wished for. She is a trouble maker sometimes, though a bit naive of social interaction, mainly due to little interaction with others. Her would have been house is open. She was previously played, so perhaps a quick look at the previous app would be good, and extra characters upon registering will be needed. Do it for the site-wide plot. There is a small plot for this character, please PM me for details.
    She is a Lower Class Half-Vampire (#SiteWidePlot) and Half-Witch - Half-Blood who was born in 1875, after September. Her suggested play by is Loren Gray Beech.

    The Ozaras

    Juliet Ozara
    [Image: 8cJEmP7.jpg]
    First born of Jade Caligo (Previously Ozara) and Chase Ozara, she and her brother live with the Stoneshire family, given that they are officially orphans (unofficially, their mother killed their father, though that is unknown to the public). She does not know what really happened, and thinks that her mother died as well. Her personality is very open, but I do see her as always wishing that she knew more, and probably could try to find out by trying to get in contact with Martin for the full reason of trying to get him to tell her (because other than that she doesn't have much interest in that part of the family). Her house is open.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1873. Her suggested play by is Acacia Brinley.

    Christian Ozara
    [Image: pvC7ePj.jpg]
    Second born and last surviving child of Jade and Chase, he is more open about the world, and would love to get in contact with Martin's family given the chance. He does, however, agree with what his aunt did, but only because he truly believes that it would help. His house is open.
    He is an UCPB who was born in 1875. His suggested play by is Hayden Byerly.

    The Caligos

    Jade Caligo p. Ozara née Ruskin
    [Image: GEzjlOs.jpg]
    Jade is the youngest sister and sibling of Martin Ruskin (all of their blood-related brothers are dead). She has always been a kind, yet over-emotional woman. Her marraige to Chase Ozara was an arranged one, and it was not nearly as happy as Ruby's marriage. But, they did end up having children together anyway. During her last pregnancy with a child of Chase, she got into an accident, and though the baby did not survive, Martin insisted that Lisa turn her, much to Lisa's protest. Lisa did, however, do as Martin wished, and Jade was saved in 1876. A few weeks later, Jade is at Martin's home in the dead of night. She had killed Chase and his mistress (a maid), who she had caught in the act in their bed. She did not tell any of this to Martin though, too horrified to speak of it. This sparks the the arguement that lead to Lisa leaving. To most, both inside and outside of the family, they think that Jade was also dead, having never been in the home of Martin and his family, to protect from further damage to their rep (after all, this was in the middle of the night, not many around to witness and since this happened only once, it is a safe bet that Jade got lucky to have no witnesses out). Jade and Lisa went seperate ways very soon after leaving London. It is up to the player of how Jade ended up 'marrying' (or marrying) the father of Jade's newest child, Jezebelle Caligo, born in 1886. But he is now dead (though that is also flexible). Her previous house is open.
    She is a Lower Class Vampire who was born in 1855, and she looks 21 due to that being her age when turned. Her suggested play by is Anya Taylor-Joy.

    Bihotz Whitney's Wanteds

    Played Characters:
    @Zoraida Vasile
    @Bihotz Whitney

    The Grayroses

    Kemen Grayrose
    [Image: rGG77EA.jpg]
    He and his mother are very close, as he is also with his only full sister. He adores the both of them, and even got to join his sister in school for the same years. He was sorted into Ravenclaw. He has been teaching his mother magic since June 30th, 1879. He and his sister are labled Half-Vampires by staff and students in Hogwarts from the moment they arrive. It is strange for the both of them, but it is his sister who writes to their mother. They both find out about their first step-father's abuse towards their mother in the summer of 1875, and neither are sad to see him pass on June 5, 1879. He is not close at all to his half-brother, Winton, but is slightly close to his half-sister, Blanche. He is open to single/courtship/being married, though Kelly ships him with Azure. He is in full support of his sister's hopes to run for Minister.
    He is a Middle Class Half-Vampire (#SiteWidePlot) and Half-Witch - Half-Blood who was born in Late in 1862. His suggested play by is Cameron Dallas.

    The Hortons

    Winton Horton
    [Image: GBNS5eB.jpg]
    Taking after his father in personality, he is not close to his mother or his older siblings. He misses his father deeply, and if he were to marry, would possibly be like him in the same attitude as well. He is bitter towards his mother for the favoritism that is clearly shown to her first two children above him, and his sister even though it is less intense. He has a soft spot for his sister, as she is the only one that he is not bitter towards. His Hogwarts house is open. He is not supportive of his half-sister's hopes to run for Minister.
    He is a MCHB who was born in 1870, pre-September. His suggested play by is Justin Bieber.

    Blanche Horton
    [Image: ARnfzff.jpg]
    She loves her family, even with the favoritism. She has seen how sensitive her mother was towards her father, and has guessed as to why it would be hard to show love to his children. However, it still hurts. She adores her siblings, and tries to be the peacekeeper of the family. She is even friendly to the three newest additions to the family (Lyle and his daughters). She is a current Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. She is in full support of her half-sister's hopes to run for Minister.
    She is a MCHB who was born in 1873, post-September. Her suggested play by is Ashley Boettcher.

    The Whitneys

    Lyle Whitney
    [Image: nEor7ex.jpg]
    It was a slow relationship between him and his new wife. He is very understanding, and personally appretiated the slow relationship. December 2, 1885 was the beginning of their official courtship, over a year after meeting. Four days later, he introduces her to his two half-veela daughters. Him and Bihotz married on November 30, 1886. They are now expecting their first child together. They do love each other dearly. He was a widower (of the veela) before marrying Bihotz. How that marriage was is up to player. He is in full support of his oldest step-daughter's hopes to run for Minister.
    He is a MCHB who was born in 1828. His suggested play by is Robert Carlyle.

    Azure Whitney
    [Image: JQbfKp7.jpg]
    She is a lovly girl, and not a brat despite the veela DNA. She likes her step-mother and step-siblings, already considering them as part of the family. She was excellent in school, and is upset about the ban. She was a Hufflepuff. She is open to single/courtship/being married, though Kelly ships her with Kemen. She is in full support of her oldest step-sister's hopes to run for Minister.
    She is a Middle Class Half-Veela (#SiteWidePlot) and Half-Witch - Half-Blood who was born in 1867. Her suggested play by is Hailee Steinfeld.

    Krystelle Whitney
    [Image: VeoNVqV.jpg]
    Unlike her older sister, she is more bratty, but not enough to getting expelled looking at you, Miss Mohr. She is a slight flirt, and does like the attention that her charms give her. She was a Slytherin, and is very angry that she is not allowed to return, but (out of pride) feels that it was not Miss Mohr's fault. She currently has no job, hoping to wait until the ban runs out of steam. She does not mind her step-family, though is not as excited as her sister and father. She is most likely single, though with a few admirers. She is in full support of her oldest step-sister's hopes to run for Minister.
    She is a Middle Class Half-Veela (#SiteWidePlot) and Half-Witch - Half-Blood who was born in 1872. Her suggested play by is Kalani Hilliker.

    Bláthnat's Wanteds
    Help with site ratios, make a centaur today!

    Played Characters:

    Bláthnat's Parents

    [Image: 88KD4RL.jpg]
    Formally a warrior of the herd, he then got a terrible shoulder injury in 1870, leaving a scar and his shoulder never being the same again. He is married to Bébinn, and father of Bláthnat. What he does for the herd now is fully open, though it would be great if he could fit into one of these descriptions (please not the more crazy ones). He and his wife help their daughter by watching her children sometimes, giving her times of quiet, as she is still upset by the loss of her husband.
    He is a Centaur who was born in 1818. His play by is open.

    [Image: 88KD4RL.jpg]
    A healer of the herd, I would like her to be lead medic if the spot is not taken by the time she is played. If it is, any of the others will do (please not the more crazy ones). She and her husband help their daughter by watching her children sometimes, giving her times of quiet, as she is still upset by the loss of her husband.
    She is a Centaur who was born in 1837. Her play by is open.

    Bláthnat's Children

    [Image: 88KD4RL.jpg]
    A fair girl, she is born to Bláthnat and Cathair. She has the maturity of around a 15-17 year old. She is still shaken by her father's death after the attack of a werewolf. She does not want them in her forest, and wishes that her mother wasn't so willing for them to be there. She has a fiery spirit, and looks up to the male leader of the herd. She might wish to challenge Sorcha when she is older, but she has not voiced that opinion to others, especially due to her mother being the advisor and best friend of Sorcha.
    She is a Centaur who was born in 1885. Her play by is open.

    [Image: 88KD4RL.jpg]
    Don't let his birthdate fool you. Given that centaurs grow fairly fast, he should be around the maturaty of a 3-5 year old human (from what I'm guessing, but asking staff would probably be a safe bet). He normally can be found around his mother, who tends to keep a close eye on him. And when not with her, he is typically with his grandparents.
    He is a Centaur who was born in June, 1887. His play by is open.

    Guinevere Lukeson's Wanteds

    The Reys

    Edgar Rey
    [Image: 8zhp7y0.jpg]
    He is the father of Guinevere and her siblings, and husband of Lacy Rey. The rest of his family is fully open. He is a stubborn man, and a complete purist. He adores his wife, but wishes that she would share his views. Ever since the discovery that Hubert is a squib, Edgar has refused to acknowledge him as his son. To the rest of his children, especially his daughters, he pampers a lot. He is a member of the Blacks Gentlemen's Club, and is open to more. His house was Slytherin or Ravenclaw.
    He is an UCPB #BloodPurist who was born in 1816. His suggested play by is Michael Keaton.

    Lacy Rey née ____
    [Image: VNOLNqr.jpg]
    She is a bit 'out there'. She is the mother of Guinevere and her siblings, and wife of Edgar Rey. The rest of her family is open (family connections would be great!). She was sad when learning of her son being a squib, having not had a vision of it before finding out. She is not too open about her gifts, not wishing for judgement from others, or to be used.
    She did have a vision of Sybille being a powerful witch one day, on the day that Sybille shows her first signs of magic.
    She is an UCPB Seer who was born in 1827. Her suggested play by is Phyllis Logan.

    Jade ____ née Rey
    [Image: QEo2PXP.jpg]
    She is a spoiled brat, and very stiff. She is the first daughter and child of Edgar and Lacy Rey. Now that her brother Charles is dead, and Edgar refusing to give Hubert the fortune, she is now the heir in his will (whether that is legal will be up for debate when Edgar passes). She does not like Guinevere and their mother, finding them annoying. She is truly a 'daddy's girl'. She is a stubborn purist. She married Alex, and is quite happy. The family she married into is open. Family connections would be great. She does have children, how many is up to player. Her former house is Ravenclaw.
    She is an UCPB #BloodPurist who was born in 1846. Her suggested play by is Charlize Theron.

    Alex ____
    [Image: U6dhBj0.jpg]
    He loves his wife, but is much less stiff. Though a purist, he does not judge his sister-in-law for still being close to Hubert. His family is open (See Jade's wanted). His house is open.
    He is an UCPB who was born in 1840. His suggested play by is Ethan Hawke.

    Hubert Rey
    [Image: rH7OqLG.jpg]
    He is the first son and third child of Edgar and Lacy Rey. He is the older twin of Charles Rey, who passed away during the Market Disaster of 1887. The moment that it was discovered that he is a squib, his father practically disowned him. Edgar has refused to acknowladge Hubert as his son, and refuses to give him title as heir. It is only of Lacy's begging that has kept Hubert under their roof until he had gotten a good job and kept himself in Upper Class. His father refuses to speak to him, and when he moved out, it was much easier to do so.
    Guinevere had introduced him to his wife, who was a friend of hers from Hogwarts. She is a muggleborn, and they love each other dearly. They have three chilren together, Edgar II (Edgar I is not happy about that), Bellerose, and Fleur.
    He is an Upper Class Squib who was born in 1850, pre-September. His suggested play by is Ryan Gosling.

    Brenda Rey née ____
    [Image: ABnjrnT.jpg]
    She is a very sweet woman, and is best friends of Guinevere Lukeson. They went to school together, both being in Hufflepuff. Though not quite as bubbly as Guinevere, she is very loyal to those she cares about. She does not like her other sister-in-law, Jade, and the feeling is quite mutual. Family is open. They have three children together, Edgar II (Edgar I is not happy about that), Bellerose, and Fleur, and she is currently pregnant.
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
    She is an Upper Class Muggleborn who was born in 1851. Her suggested play by is Nicole Beharie.

    Fleur Rey
    [Image: OFuiNGm.jpg]
    She is the second daughter and third child of Brenda and Hubert Rey. She is their final child for now. She was born the same year as Sybille, and they are incredibly close. Unlike her siblings, she does not care that she will be a school year behind her cousin, as her siblings were the same way with King and Jolie. It is up to player whether she loves cooking and baking as much as Sybille, if at all.
    She is a Halfblood who was born in 1877, post-September. Her suggested play by is Brooklyn Rae Silver.

    The Lukesons

    Ace Lukeson
    [Image: SIEn8ik.jpg]
    He is the first born son and child of Guinevere and Ryder Lukeson. He is smart, ambitious, and brave. He looks up to his father, taking after him in many ways. He had shown his first signs of magic in the beginning of 1880, right before going to Hogwarts the same year. He is in mourning of Leroy's death, along with his uncle's death. He just graduated Hogwarts. His former house is open.
    He is an UCPB who was born in 1869, pre-September. His suggested play by is KJ Apa.

    Avril Lukeson
    [Image: 2v2858W.jpg]
    Avril is the first daughter and second child of Guinevere and Ryder. She is eligant and calm, not taking after either of her parents much, if at all. She was in Ravenclaw, up until this last year. During the summer of 1887, Guinevere decided that she should be put into the Pendergast Rose, as well as every other daughter that reaches that age, after finishing that year of Hogwarts. Avril wasn't too thrilled, feeling it was too soon, and would have suggested waiting until after she finished her NEWTs. Oh well, she got her OWLs done. She is a seer. She is currently mourning Leroy's death, along with her uncle's death.
    She is an UCPB Seer who was born in 1871, pre-September. Her suggested play by is Rachel Gelmis.
    Claimed by Ocean.

    King Lukeson
    [Image: 4FfzMZS.jpg]
    It is hard when one is named King, he should totally meet Knight In Shining Armour, please. It is even harder when said person is named such a name and is the youngest son. He is the fourth child of Guinevere and Ryder. And always feels the pressure of his name weighing on him, even though his parents don't give him any pressure. It doesn't help when one of his older brother dies, and it gets worse that he was there, along with one of his little sisters, Jolie. He is currently mourning Leroy's death, along with his uncle's death. His house is probably Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, though it would be interesting if he was in Ravenclaw.
    He is an UCPB who was born in 1873, pre-September. His suggested play by is Johnny Orlando.

    Jolie Lukeson
    [Image: hIBz8Zo.jpg]
    The second to last daughter and child of Guinevere and Ryder. She is very upset that Ace has graduated, as she tends to follow him around like a puppy. It did not help anything that they were in seperate houses (though her house is open). They had only spent one year in school together, and she does not like his absence. She also does not like the fact that Avril was pulled out as well, given that she has only one sibling left to talk to at school, besides King, but she worries about his stress levels enough to talk to him about her own stress. She is tramatized by the deaths of her uncle and brother, and is in mourning. She finds her sister, Sybille, to be slightly weird and tends to avoid her. She is very close to her cousin, Bellerose Rey. Her name is pronounced zho-LEE.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1875, pre-September. Her suggested play by is Delaney Rose Stein.

    Sybille Lukeson
    [Image: UZtK0F9.jpg]
    The last child and daughter of Guinevere and Ryder, she is definitally an interesting little girl. She tends to mimic her mother's actions half of the time. The other half, she is obsessing over cooking and baking, much to her mother's protest. She is spoiled by her parents, as is all of her siblings, but she seems to feel that it is mostly her (it is not, they are all treated equally because Guinevere would never want any of them to feel less then and would probably yell at Ryder if he started favoring any of the children above the others). The main reason for this feeling is that she is the only one home now, so all of the attention that would normally be divided equally among the siblings, has been mainly directed at her. Her first sign of magic was shown in 1878, and her grandmother says that she shall be a powerful witch one day, on the same day. She is very close to her cousin, Fleur Rey. Unlike the rest of her siblings, she does not believe that her father is a werewolf, thinking it to be a joke when she was told, and the family has not bothered to correct her. She was previously played, so perhaps a quick look at the previous app would be good, and extra characters upon registering will be needed.
    She is an UCPB who was born in 1877, pre-September. Her suggested play by is Diana Kuleshova.

    Free set by me or Ocean.
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