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Socialites Found!
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
July 10th, 1889
Socialites Found!
Missing Women Alive, Mostly Well, in Mongolia

Three women gone astray via a misdirected portkey have been located in, of all places, Outer Mongolia. Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew, Mrs. Ophelia Devine, and Mrs. Calliope Riley will all be safely returned to their Hogsmeade homes in the coming week.

The socialites had intended to attend an event hosted in India by Mrs. Evelyn Abercrombie of the Pendergast School for Young Roses, but failed to make their rendez-vous, a fact that was not discovered until dinnertime that night. Since, an international search was mounted and three individuals fired from the Portkey Office for the mishap.

Reportedly, they happened upon a muggle farm and used magic to alert the local authorities to their presence. No word yet on their method of transportation for the journey home.
Archie Skeeter
Written by Kayte

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