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May 1889
May 1889

This month, the full moon will be on May 15th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of May.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!

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Bit late but posting for reference...

What: Beltane Bonfire!
Who: Hosted by     Ewart and Ailsa Fraser, a direct invitation will have been sent to any family/friends, but anybody in Irvingly who might see the fire and be drawn to it is welcome!
Where: Ten minutes walk into the parts of Hawthorne Hollow that lie beyond the Church of St. Fergus will find an area cleared especially for a pair of bonfires fifteen feet apart.
Why: To honour the beginning of summer. and get drunk in the woods
When: 1st May, 1889.
If you go down in the wood today,
You’re sure of a big surprise,
The Fraser parents have gone and built,
A few fires to light the skies.

It’s Beltane Night so come along,
And share in the food and wine,
Jump through the fires, don’t singe your skirts,
We’re sure it’ll all be fine.

Don’t be shy to join in the fun,
We don’t want the summer to hide,
We’ll gather the ashes, to pour on your heads,
The kids will be mortified!

Contact Player(s): @“Elladora Black” @“Elias Grimstone”
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