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The Matchmaking Menace
Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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Getting To Know You
April 6th, 1889 — Gladstone Residence; Ireland
Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me
Getting to know you

Putting it my way
But nicely
You are precisely
My cup of tea
It had been almost two weeks or so since Miss Lacey had taken up residence with his youngest sister. It was not a situation that could last forever, obviously. Miss Lacey's guardian didn't seem concerned as to her whereabouts either. Likely knowing he would be the one painted the villain, the scoundrel. For now, though - he wanted Miss Laceys only worry to be about what to wear for supper or some such.

His sisters family along with Miss Lacey had come over for afternoon tea and would apparently be staying for the rest of the weekend. Richard suspected Lenora of attempting to act as a matchmaker if the 'discreet' glances towards him whenever he so much as breathed in Miss Lacey's direction were anything to go by.

It was a restless evening and soon Richard wandered into the library, his eyes landing on Miss Lacey who seemed to have been of the same idea. "Are you settled in quite well?" He asked, feeling slightly awkward about the entire situation.
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Of course Killian couldn't be bothered to investigate. Though she was surprised that he hadn't gone looking for her while he was drunk. It seemed that his mind seemed to be everywhere. Guilt was not one of the things she felt that his mind landed on though. The thought of him haunted her. Even now. But she tried to distract herself when she could. Mrs. ____ seemed quite lovely of a host. How long could this last though?

Perhaps Lenora had noticed the brief looks that Regina gave to the pictures placed of Richard around the house. Or perhaps it was simply a sister like instinct. She wouldn't know anything about that. But today was certainly a day to hint at matchmaking. And Regina could not help but hope that it was successful. Though she tried to keep that to herself. Did he notice the hint of a blush that she had whenever he said something to spark such a thing? Or her heart flutter when they got just a bit too close?

And the fluttering began moments after Regina had sat down to read a book in the library. Catching sight of him, she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face. "As well as I can be. Your sister certainly is a kind hostess." It was nice to be in such a warm, loving household. It felt like years since she had last felt the slightest bit at home.

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"I'm glad," Richard said when Miss Lacey said that his sister was a kind hostess. Even so, Miss Lacey could only stay for a couple of moreweeks with her at the most. Polite society would already begin to speculate even before that so that would already be stretching it. And he couldn't ask Lenora to shoulder this for much longer. It really wasn't any of the Gladstones place to figure out where Miss Lacey was going to do or do next, if one really thought about it.

"You do need to figure out your next step," Richard stated as he sat across from her. "But for now, care to tell me what you're reading?" It was an awkward approach to striking up a conversation but Richard was never fully comfortable around the blond since her abrupt arrival.

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Where would she go next? Maybe by the time she needed to leave, Avril's life would be a bit more calm. She wasn't getting into trouble. Keeping her head down and attending social events were key to keeping her from falling. Killian wasn't too stupid, or social for that matter. She'd be fine, as long as she was smart.

She nodded to his words. Though she was sure that his family knew that she was trying. Hopefully they knew, anyway. She smiled slightly as he took interest in what she was reading. "Poems by various authors. The variety is nice." She wasn't too sure if she would be very willing to read a whole poetry book by the same author. It felt different than novels to her.

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"What sort of poetry interests you?" Richard asked curiously when Miss Lacey told him what she was reading. "Do you enjoy reading often?" He could not help but be a bit curious about her likes and dislikes considering how often he tended to come to be in her company.

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A hint of a blush spread on her cheeks. "The ones of romance have always intrigued me the most." Like many other girls, she thought to herself. Quite unoriginal. "I do, though it is not my favorite hobby." Might as well be honest.

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"I'm quite partial to romantic poetry myself," Richard said, a little taken with how the blush looked on Miss Laceys cheek in the low library light. "Oh? And what is your favorite hobby? Horseback riding?" He asked, referencing one of their past conversations where she had mentioned enjoying doing so.

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She restrained herself from biting her lip due to nerves. How was she any bit nervous? It was a welcome surprise to hear an interest that they had in common.

Her face lit up when he mentioned horse riding. Had he remembered her talking about that? The blush turned the slightest shade redder. "Indeed. What is yours?"

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"Oh, I don't know. I enjoy such a variety of things but mixing up potions, I suppose. I also do play the piano but then again, I suppose most of our ilk do." He wasn't the best player in the world but it did relax him some and there was something satisfying about music being made by simple taps against something.

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Potions was interesting, though not surprising. One had to be good at potions to be a healer, she assumed. "What is your favorite potion to brew?" Not a complex question, though it did tell whether or not he liked the more complex or simple.

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