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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Young and Unafraid
April 9th, 1889 — Great Hall, Lunch Time
Everyone in her family seemed to have resigned to avoiding one another aside from Darling whom she shared a common room with. It has been that way since the death of their grandmother. As if losing the adults of the family was enough, she was slowly losing her siblings as well. Especially with Sweetie. When summer comes she’d be away with their Uncle just like Christmas.

Perhaps she just had to get used to this. But what of after graduation, will this be the kind of life her sweet sister have to endure? Away from her family? Other than that there were these rumors about her wanting to become an animagus. Not that there was anything wrong with it but she wanted to confirm it herself and catch up with her sister. “May I join you?” She smiled at her sister as she sat down on space beside Sweetie.
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It was hard not to avoid her sisters when Sweetie was constantly studying. Aside from that... she didn't know what Handsome would do to her sisters if he found out that they had spent time with her. Who knows what goes through his head at this point. Would he simply disown Darling for going over to visit after Christmas? It was a worry of hers. But then she remembered that strong memory in the patronus class. That was so strong, and yet she didn't know what to think of such a thing. She had thought of it on a simple whim.

Despite her attempts, she didn't really want to get used to all of this. But she couldn't bare to continuously be singled out by her brother. She had been trying to protect her family. And after that encounter with Miss Farley, she couldn't really see a reason why that was such a bad thing. What Handsome had called meddling, she had called protecting. Looking up when she heard Honey's voice, she gave a small nod. "Hello Honey."

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Honey earned a few stares from the other snakes but she shrugged them of. “I hope you’ve been well, sister. You've been busy, ” Her sister appeared tired, she noticed while filling up her plate. “I’ve heard that you are being tutored by Professor Yi” There was a slight pang in her heart at the thought that her Sweetie might have told someone else about her plans and that she got to know of it through gossip. She never bothered to ask Darling or Pumpkin if they knew. But if they did know about it, Honey would never admit of being jealous.

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