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Acacia Ruskin vs. Eldin Bones
February 9th, 1889 — Hogwarts’ Great Hall

“Miss Ruskin will cast first,” Nikolai announced, gesturing to the half-vampire, after reminding both duelists of the tournament’s rules. “Begin when ready!”

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@Acacia Ruskin

set by soph!
Acacia thought of her options as quickly as she could. Running through which would be best for a first spell. In the end, she decided that a spell to cause confusion would likely be a good start. "Confundo!"

@Edric Umbridge

Magic by Stefanie!

Eldin attempted to silence Miss Ruskin before she could speak her incantation.

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Post Log
“Mr. Bones takes the first point and will begin our second pass!”

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@Eldin Bones/@Edric Umbridge

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Eldin tried to enlarge Miss Ruskin’s already-exaggerated canine teeth.

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Post Log
While Acacia was not typically a very competitive person, something about loosing at this point was not an option that sat well with her at this point. Casting a shielding charm, she concentrated on it as much as she could.

Magic by Stefanie!

“And it appears Mr. Bones is our victor!”


set by soph!

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