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Clementine Rookwood v. Harrison Vance
Feb 9, 1889 - Great Hall
Rose knew Miss Rookwood's brother, because he was a Ravenclaw, and tended to be of the opinion that Mr. Vance was a snot. So this might be interesting. Rose went through the instructions and directed Miss Rookwood to begin.

While she didn't know Harrison Vance very well, his reputation preceded him. He was an awfully unpleasant boy to be around, and he bordered on being an absolute bully. One couldn't choose their dueling partners, though, so she would have to make due. While she wasn't the most accomplished dueler of her year, she did like to have fun with it. So, her first spell was one for her amusement, "Densaugeo." To enlarge his teeth.

@Harrison Vance
Harrison wasn't exactly fond of the little Miss Rookwood even if she was his friend's younger sister. Though, since the diary had come out, that friendship may not have been on the best of terms. Especially with all the nastiness Jemima had to say about him.

He gave a curt nod and bow before raising his own wand and cast a stunning spell quickly in her direction.

@Cassius Lestrange / @Rosaline Bennett

[Image: xxcijP.png]
Mr. Vance's teeth were enlarging, but not at the ideal rate, and Miss Rookwood was very solidly stunned. With a wave of her wand, Rose prevented the teeth's progress - although they did not shrink, Mr. Vance would have to stop by the infirmary later - and turned to Miss Rookwood to revive her. She bade Mr. Vance begin the round.

C 7, H 10
@Harrison Vance
Harrison's glare only intensified on Miss Rookwood as he reached up to feel his enlarged front teeth. She'd definitely be paying for that. "Furnunculus," he all but growled as he cast the curse with clear intent for her to break out in awful boils.

@Billie Farrow

[Image: xxcijP.png]
Ever since the release of the diary, Clem had become a bit fiesty. She didn't realize it, but she was using the duel as some sort of outlet. Next, she cast the stinging hex.
Yikes, quite the jinxes on both sides. Rose cast spells to mitigate the worst effects of both, and awarded the round and duel to Mr. Vance.

H 11, C 9
@Clementine Rookwood

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