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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Professor Ruskin vs. Professor Valenduris
February 10th, 1889 — Hogwarts Great Hall

With the only members of faculty older than Darrow stood before him, Nik knew he was in for either a very good show or a very funny one—for the sake of the men’s prides, he hoped it was the former. With the rules known to both participants already, the professor was able to simply gesture for Ruskin to begin.

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@Ellsworth Ruskin/@Sisse Thompsett

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It had been many decades since Ellsworth found it odd to be working with his one time teacher. Now he was sure many of his younger colleagues felt the same about him, yet he found himself not in the least bothered by it when it came to Valenduris. In fact he rather got on with the potions master.

With a bow and a merry twinkle in his eye Ellsworth cast a silent wind charm intending to knock Valenduris to his feet or to loosen his grip on his wand before another spell could be cast.

@Meserimus Valenduris
It still tickled Meserimus to see his former students, not teachers- and indeed old men in their own right. He hoped this duel would be a bit of fun.

He saluted his colleague and with a flick of very very long wand Meserimus intended to cast a mirror charm to send the spell back at it's caster.

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It seemed, for now at least, that Ruskin's relative "youth" gave him enough speed to win him the first point.

"Professor Valenduris, if you would."

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@Meserimus Valenduris

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'Bravo Ruskin, I'm blown away as it were' Meserimus joked when the round was awarded. When Professor Sleptov called for the next round Meserimus raised his wand to cast a bindingspell to tie the other up.

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Bee is amazing

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