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Kidnapping Investigation Underway
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 1st, 1889
Kidnapping Investigation Underway
Lukeson Mother Potentially Alive?

On the morning of January 29th, Mr. Ace Lukeson received a letter claiming that his mother, the late Mrs. Guinevere Lukeson, was allegedly still living—and more startlingly, was being held captive!

The letter, penned by a mysterious “Claus U. Skelton”—an individual the Ministry’s investigative department can confirm does not exist—demanded 25 galleons for Mrs. Lukeson’s safe return. Nothing is yet known about the whereabouts and condition of Mrs. Lukeson herself, but authorities have cause to believe the letter warrants further investigation.

“Our department is currently investigating the death records of Mrs. Lukeson to locate potential fraudulent activity,” said head auror Edric Umbridge. “We hope to resolve this case swiftly to ensure safety for all parties. The investigative team asks anyone with relevant information to step forward.”

Ian Pengloss
Written by Bree, Kelly, and Ocean

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