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The Journal of Miss Blossom Spinnakers


Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
February 24th, 1793

It has been recommended that I write my thoughts down. Ever since the change, it has been hard to go about my day. Living in my old home again, working separate from those who work for me. I have resorted to writing letters in order to communicate those who had taken me in after father had died. It is they who suggest I write in this journal. Though I doubt that I will be writing in it often. Work is to be done. Still, these new adjustments will take time to get used to. I will not allow myself to become a monster.

Miss Blossom Spinnakers

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
April 17th, 1794

It has been over a year since I've written in this thing. Several months since I've even thought about it. But as I write, I think on the new decisions I have made. Would father be disappointed with how I am changing the family business? Or would he be proud that I have made the best out of a troublesome situation. Not only for myself, but for other vampires who might even come from worse situations than I. There are not many opportunities for those of my new kind.

My plans will include being sure to find these vampires homes so they are more presentable to the public as they work. However presentable a vampire can be, that is. Training will be difficult. Some I can trust with the humans to be taught what I can not teach, but others will simply have to make due with what I personally know in the trade. I will personally keep a close eye on my more vampiric employees. Their behavior will certainly reflect back to my business.

Miss Blossom Spinnakers

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
June 1, 1877
I forgot about this thing. Only two entries. How disappointing.

Humans are crazy. All of these muggles running around attacking those of magical origins. For the sake of safety, I've arranged for my vampiric employees to temporarily stay in the funeral home until things calm down. I wouldn't want anyone to be harmed.

Miss Blossom Spinnakers
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Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine

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