Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Nostalgia Train
    Open Thread 
    Follow the match!
    If anyone from the Ministry inquired—though given it was a Saturday, his movements did not require such justification—Alby Fogg would simply say he was at Hogwarts in his professional capacity as Head of the Department of Magical Education. The former Gryffindor tried not to allow his sillier side to show through at work, but today marked not only the first quidditch match of the season, but a Gryffindor match, against Slytherin. That, and an opportunity to see Ramona, the only one he would have before the Christmas holidays with it being her first year at the castle.

    The wizard sat in the stands of which he had once been so fond, waiting quite patiently for the match to begin as he chatted to the wizard on his left. Ramona was sitting with her friends (he would have insisted she had, had it not already been her intention, for he would meet up with her briefly after the match) and so Alby’s only companionship were those who sat to either side of him. A scarf in Gryffindor colours was wrapped about his neck to protect from the November chill—a cold amplified by their altitude—and make it clear for which team he would be rooting.

    “I hear from my daughter that there are a number of youngsters playing for both teams today,” the wizard offered conversationally. “In my own day, it was a rare sight indeed to see anyone play for their house prior to their fourth year!”
    Open to another adult!
    rune is a graphics wizard!
    [Image: fBhZ638.png]
    Thom was often invited to Hogwarts Quidditch matches, which was, to be honest, a good part of the reason he curated his friendship with Headmaster Black so well. The two were friendly besides, but Thom took care to invite Headmaster Black out at every possible occasion, whether he knew the man to be already engaged at the school or not, specifically because polite society then dictated Phineas had to invite him out to things as well. Thom knew very well that the man was no host, and it was rare to see a Hogwarts match opened to the public that Thom did not have an opportunity to attend.

    He had been rather disappointed by the teams this year, truth be told. Although he did enjoy watching Quidditch, half the reason he came to these matches was out of professional interest, so that he could suss out potential future players before the other sponsors had a chance to snatch them up, but there was very little point in watching a game played by children.

    "I'll say," he agreed amiably enough. The man may have been wearing a Gryffindor scarf and therefore most likely rooting against Thom's alma matter, but it seemed rather childish to hold old house rivalries against someone who had probably been out of school at least as long as Thom had been alive, from the looks of him. "I suppose that's bound to be the case when so many of the students had to leave. Perhaps they'll hold a second batch of try-outs in the second semester, when they return--though I can imagine that could simply shatter one of these tiny little first-year players."

    Not that Thom particularly cared about the feelings of first-years who had only gotten a spot on the Quidditch team through lack of competition. He was, however, sympathetic, since he himself had never been athletic enough to play--and he could well imagine how disappointed he would have been if he had made the team only briefly before being pushed back to the commentator spot.
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    Gorgeous set by MJ!
    “Were many players expelled?” Alby asked the man who did not look old enough to have children playing, and so whose motives for being present were rather mysterious. “I’ll confess, though the list did cross my desk—for administrative reasons, of course—I did not pay it much mind, as few names but the most notorious were those I even recognized.”
    rune is a graphics wizard!
    [Image: fBhZ638.png]
    Thom had not had the privilege the other man had of having observed the list of expelled students, but he was quite familiar with the plight of at least one former student. "Michaud played for Gryffindor until this whole thing started," Thom said. While it was hardly a secret that the boy had left school, Thom was uncertain as to whether he was advertising his distant nonhuman ancestry. In any case, it wasn't his secret to tell and Thom didn't necessarily want to start a discussion with this relative stranger on the pros and cons of employing a partial vampire, so he added, "Just because of a lack of paperwork, you know. Now he plays for me, though, and he's not planning on returning next semester."

    It was probably selfish of him to have ascertained Michaud's plans to stay on with Puddlemere immediately after the news that he did, in fact, have a choice hit the papers. Thom was a businessman, though, not a philanthropist (except when his image necessitated it); he was quite glad that after everything he'd done for the young man he had no interest in going through another year of school.

    "I'm not sure who else was affected - just a few players, I think," Thom admitted. "But you have to factor in as well the spots left open by the graduating class." Thom was rather familiar with that group, since he'd tried to poach most of them and was still a bit disappointed by his failure to do so. He'd lost the enchanting Miss Winterdowne to the Harpies, of course, and the Gryffindor Captain to the Cannons. "There were five or six vacancies this year that might have been filled by older, more experienced students, had they been here." The lower class had been disproportionately affected by the halfbreed ban, as everyone knew, and they did tend to make the best Quidditch players provided they weren't too scrawny coming in.

    Gorgeous set by MJ!
    Two bushy eyebrows arched in surprise. He did not know this man, but his earlier curiosity as to his presence was now satiated: the gentleman was involved in quidditch. Given that he looked too genteel (and a bit too old) to be a player properly, Alby surmised that he either sponsored or coached one of Britain’s many teams. Impressive company—and good company to be sat next to to view the game at hand.

    “Whose chances do you fancy today, then?” he inquired good-naturedly. “I’ve a sickle on Gryffindor, as you might imagine, against a colleague, though confess it was rather more nostalgia than logic that guided my choice.”
    rune is a graphics wizard!
    [Image: fBhZ638.png]
    Thom turned his attention back to the pitch as he turned the question over in his mind. Of course he always hoped for a Slytherin victory just for the sake of house pride, but he wasn't feeling particularly confident in their team from what he had heard of it this year. Gryffindor wasn't in much of a better position, though; there was hardly any difference at all in having a pair of first years and a pair of second years, as far as skill and talent was concerned. Unless they were prodigies, they were unlikely to contribute much beyond the bare minimum of their position.

    "Well, I'm a former Slytherin myself," he admitted, not wanting to seem overtly biased by letting the fact slip out later in the conversation. "But I do think they've a better chance today. With players so inexperienced, a lot comes down to leadership - and Lestrange has already been Captain a year. The Gryffindor one is new. One of their beaters, I think," he said, surveying the pitch to see whether he could spot the one that had been indicated to him earlier. He made a habit of knowing at least which players were the Captains, even if he didn't always remember the names of some of the younger and more inconsequential players. Captains tended to make better professional players, he thought, since they had a better understanding of the game as a whole - and their dedication to the sport while in school meant they were more likely to be able to be persuaded to actually becoming professional players upon leaving it.

    Gorgeous set by MJ!