Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Tiberius Lestrange
    In Character
    Full Name: | Tiberius September Lestrange |
    Nicknames: | Tib |
    Birthdate: | April 10th, 1864 |
    Current Age: | 21 Years |
    Occupation: | Unspeakable |
    Location: | Oakshire Hall, Kent, England |
    Hogwarts House: | Slytherin Alumni |
    Wand: | 12 inch Pecan with Runespoor Fang, Rigid |
    Blood Status: | Pureblood |
    Social Class: | Upper |
    Zebediah Dawson, Slave | [1883]
    Antigone Baudelaire, Fiancée | [1867]

    Natal Family
    Tybalt Lestrange, Father | [18xx]
    Permelia Lestrange néše Grimaldi, Mother | [18xx]
    Tatiana Lestrange, Sister | [18xx]

    Childhood Family
    Lucius Lestrange, Uncle | [18xx]
    AndriaLestrange, Aunt | [18xx]
    Claudius Lestrange | [18xx]
    Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange | [18xx]
    Cassius Lestrange | [18xx]
    Cornelia Pendergast née Lestrange | [18xx]
    Seneca Lestrange | [18xx]

    Extended Family
    Sebastian Lestrange, Uncle | [18xx]
    Katherina Lestrange, Aunt | [18xx]
    Cousins Lestrange: Orestes [18xx]
    Andromache Pettigrew [18xx]
    Priam [18xx], two unnamed children of Katherina [18xx], [18xx].

    Olivia Pendergast, Aunt | [18xx] & Philip, Uncle | [18xx]

    Cousins Pendergast: Regan | [18xx] & Aoife | [18xx]
    Linaeve | [18xx] Disowned.
    Evelyn | [18xx]
    William | [18xx]
    Rosalind | [18xx]
    Ellory | [18xx]

    Mariana Macnair, Aunt | [18xx] & Eustace, Uncle | [18xx]

    Cousins Macnair:
    Valerian | [18xx]
    Agrimony | [18xx - 1885]
    Betony | [18xx - 1885]
    Yarrow | [18xx]
    Germander | [18xx]
    Sage | [18xx]

    Complete Family | Hogsmeade Genealogy

    Titan, owl. An aggressive bird who historically always liked Tatiana and Valeria more than him.

    The spitting image of his father, Tiberius has the characteristic thick dark hair of most of his relatives, accompanied by heavy brows and very versatile facial hair if he ever lets it grow, which he seldom does. He has a lean build but impeccable posture, and for a man without much muscle to speak of he manages to look imposing when he wants to. He dresses well but doesn't care much for clothing, so if he has no plans to go out he very well might walk around his room half-dressed all day. He has a self-inflicted scar on the inside of his left thigh, since he would occasionally test the spells he read about on himself, provided they weren't too terrible. After the scar didn't heal he stopped, cautious of having too many scars.

    Tiberius' facial features are a rather normal and unassuming: his nose a bit on the wider side of average, his lips just a tad pinker than his skin and usually drawn up in a small smile or a smirk. His cool grey eyes are casual, usually looking as though he could be taking in his surroundings or he could be a thousand miles away, mentally. When he wants to seem imposing, however, he has quite a glare, and his eyes tend to seem much more piercing when he is attempting to use Legilimency.

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Hand: Right
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Grey
    April 10th, 1864 | Tiberius is born the eldest child of Tybalt and Permelia Lestrange. He has vague but fond memories of his mother, despite being mainly handled by a nurse at this point.

    May 9th, 1866 | Tiberius is joined in the household by the birth of his sister, Lysistrata Angelica Lestrange. His mother dies two days later.

    1870 | At the age of six, Tiberius accidentally turns his sister purple. Although he tried to remember many times throughout his childhood how this happened, he can't, and this is the only magic he shows before going to Hogwarts.

    1871 | When Tiberius is eight, a servant is caught stealing; he sneaks down the stairs to see what will happen and sees his father hex the woman into silence and then disappear her. What happened to her, whether she died or simply vanished, he still doesn't know.

    1872 | Lysistrata, six, shows her first sign of magic when she lights a stray dog on fire. Tiberius remembers this being much cooler than his first sign of magic and he starts staring at things he doesn't like in the hopes that he can make them burst into flames. Unfortunately, nothing happens, and he resolves to wait the few more years until he can go to Hogwarts, then learn how to set things on fire.

    1873 | At nine, Tiberius follows his father everywhere, hoping that maybe his dad can teach him how to do the things that Lysistrata can, like setting dogs on fire. Although his father does occasionally mention things he deems helpful, mostly what Tiberius hears is "when you're older," which frustrates him. He strives to be more grown-up than his sister, who just watches the snakes, and tries to read some of his father's books, though it is hard to understand them.

    1874 | Angel again trumps him as far as outbursts of magic go; after being struck by a nurse she causes the woman's hand to break out in boils. Desperate to prove that he is equally capable of magic, Tiberius "borrows" his father's wand and attempts to hex boils onto the servants' face, however being completely untrained the curse ends up doing far more damage than he intended. By the time their father realized what was happening, there was little to do but put the nurse out of her misery and hastily covering up the children's mistakes. Their father lets Lysistrata keep the hand with boils as a trophy and offers Tiberius the other, which is twisted and burnt, but he is still ashamed that he cannot have outbursts of magic like his sister does. He continues to try, but can't seem to get angry enough at anyone to make anything happen.

    March, 1875 | His father disappears, and Tiberius knows immediately what must have happened, despite how his aunt tries to shield the children from the news. Tiberius steals a newspaper and reads about the entire event, then cruelly tells his sister and his cousins all about it. This, coupled with his strangely stoic attitude, leans his aunt Mariana to feel uncomfortable with him, and she increasingly tries to distance him from Lysistrata and her own children. He becomes even quieter and more stoic, which leads her to believe that he is plotting something.

    August, 1875 | When his father is sentenced to life in Azkaban, Mariana and her husband Eustace agree to take Lysistrata into their home, but are hesitant about Tiberius. Lucius, the oldest of his uncles, takes him instead to live in his country estate. Tiberius is a bit sad to leave his sister, but his sadness is quickly replaced when he learns that Lucius has taken control of his father's books. Eager to discover exactly why his father did what he did, Tiberius starts sneaking into the books at night to read his father's notes.

    1875 - 1876 | Tiberius heads to Hogwarts eagerly to start some real studies. He is sorted into Slytherin, the house his father was in, and is proud of the accomplishment. That Christmas, Lucius catches him sneaking in to read his father's books, and says that this is nothing to be ashamed of and that a little curiosity is helpful. He gives a few of the more "age appropriate" books to Tiberius to take to school. He reads them quickly and then gets more from the library, constantly frustrated by the restricted section.

    1876 –1877 | Tiberius befriends his surrogate-brother Claudius just enough that Claudius will borrow books from the restricted section for Tiberius on occasion. Tiberius decides to add Ancient Runes and Arithmancy in addition to his core classes of Astronomy, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration when his third year comes around. That summer, Lucius and his family relocate to the newly founded Hogsmeade. Tiberius gets to have some say in the construction of his room in the new estate, and he ends up walling himself in with booksùmostly his father's.

    1877 - 1878 | His sister joins him at Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. While at school, the MacNairs also move to Hogsmeade, which Lysistrata is excited about since they are again within walking range of each other.

    1878 – 1879 | In his continued "extracirricular studies," Tiberius stumbles upon and bcomes fascinated with the arts of Occlumency and Legilimency. He confides his fascination with them to Lucius, who reveals that he has studied them at least briefly and encourages Tiberius' interest. Tiberius realizes that Occlumency is easy for him, since it revolves around the lack of emotion, but has significantly more difficulty with Legilimency and continues to try and practice while not with his uncle.

    1879 – 1880 | Tiberius is named prefect, though he tends to neglect his duties for the most part and instead throws himself into his studies, both class and personal. He comes out of the year with excellent OWL scores, passing all of his classes. Ancient Runes: O; Arithmancy: A; Astronomy: A; Charms: O; DADA:O; Herbology:E; History of Magic:E; Potions:O; Transfiguration:E. And he didn't cheat on any of them, since the best he could do with Legilimency was to occasionally see quite trivial memories of very foolish, silly girls, which didn't seem at all useful.

    1880 – 1881 | Tiberius drops Arithmancy, Astronomy, Herbology, and History of Magic, leaving only Ancient Runes, Charms, DADA, Potions, and Transfiguration. He fills the gaps with more dark studies, but especially focuses on his Legilimency training, though it is especially slow going with no one to teach him.

    One breakthrough occurs when he locks eyes with one of his classmates and realizes that she has a crush on him, though he had been mostly oblivious to her before. Intrigued, Tiberius begins talking to her and, eventually, falls into an almost-relationship with her, which completely baffles him since he was by and large equally ambivalent to her after their "friendship" started. At the end of the year he loses his virginity to her, which she clearly thought was a bigger deal. They slept together once more, and he became more and more aggressive. After this, she broke things off, saying that his energy was scaring her. He wasn't too heartbroken, but realized he had neglected his Legilimency studies in favor for studying her, and quickly threw himself into it for make up for lost time.

    That summer with Lucius he has another breakthrough, and Lucius informed him that they would need to stop, since Lucius was not skilled enough to continue his training. Tiberius goes back to his solitary practice, and while he can occasionally see things, it is still difficult to look into someone's mind with any sort of direction.

    1881 – 1882 | Someone mentions the possibility of marriage to Tiberius, which baffles him. More people, namely relatives, ask him what he is plannig on doing after graduation, which is equally baffling, since he had always been too absorbed in his studies to plan out a career. For the most part, he ignores both the reminders that men his age usually look for wives and that they often look for jobs.

    1882 | To be determined. ;]

    October 04 :

    Externally, Tiberius is a rather stoic character, quiet and reserved, but with a smug smile and some slightly manipulative sarcastic charm. Most with any good social skills, however, see something just a little bit creepy behind that facade, as if something were broken just behind that smirk. In truth Tiberius has trouble really experiencing emotions at more than a surface level; there are very few people he has any real connection to and most of the emotions he shows are put on, though he rarely bothers with this, hence the perceived stoicism. Because he has trouble connecting with people, he rarely feels any remorse or guilt for hurting them, seeing them and their pain more as means to an end, though for the sake of appearances he tries to avoid hurting other humans if possible.

    Tiberius is an excellent liar and a practiced Occlumens, and has no problem making up a story on the spot to explain whatever it is he is doing, and backing it up with even the minutest details if necessary. Tiberius dedicates himself to his studies, but can be irresponsible or forgetful when it comes to personal relationships, which means the only "friends" he has are those who have learned not to rely on him.

    Tiberius is well aware that he doesn't feel as much as others–he has seen into a few people's thoughts and memories and knows he is different. He is always trying to feel, just as in childhood he was constantly trying to get angry enough to have a magical outburst. This comes across through reckless behavior, though he always covers his tracks well, having been taught by Lucius that appearances are important. Things he throws himself into include putting himself into dangerous situations, using dark magic on animals, and occasionally, when he can get it, having rough, aggressive sex, though none of these help much in the long term, only offering short little bursts of connection that soon pass.
    Role Play Sample:
    [Image: tumblr_m2kcr78Lsh1qgt1f6o1_500.gif]

    Out of Character
    Name: | Lynn |
    Age: | 20 |
    Contact: | Ask For Info |
    Other Characters: | Check Log For Current List |
    How did you hear about us?: | Kayte |
    [Image: mZROQz.png]
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