Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Iphigenia Urquart
    In Character

    Full Name: Iphigenia Urquart née Goyle.

    Nicknames: Hortensia calls her Iphi. Literally no one else would dare.

    Birthdate: 24th May, 1821.

    Current Age: Sixty-Five.

    Occupation: Socialite.

    Reputation: 5.

    Residence: Somewhere in the English countryside with Caspar. (Elsewhere)

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin.  

    Wand: 14 inches. Oak. Dragon heartstring. She is right handed.

    Blood Status: Pure Blood.

    Social Class: Upper Class. (Oh holy hell ratios...)

    Goyles – various family members
    Gaylord Urquart | Husband | 1802-1879
    Melchior Urquart | Son | 1840-1884
    -Jacqueline Urquart nee Wilde | Daughter-in-law | 1852-1884
    --Elijah Urquart | Grandson | 1874-
    --Gabriel Urquart | Grandson | 1880-
    Balthazar Urquart | Son | 1845-
    -Mary Urquart | Daughter-in-law | 1853-1885
    --Delight Urquart | Granddaughter | 1871-
    --Topaz Urquart | Granddaughter | 1873-
    --Ruby Urquart | Granddaughter | 1873-
    --Sebastian Urquart | Grandson | 1875-
    --James Urquart | Grandson | 1884-
    --Adam Urquart | Grandson | 1884-
    Caspar Urquart | Son | 1843-
    -Olivia Urquart née Burke | Daugther-in-law | 1855-1875
    Evelyn McGonagall | Daughter | 1854-
    -Demelza McGonagall | Granddaughter | 1873-
    -Timothy McGonagall | Grandson | 1873-
    -Ethan McGonagall | Grandson | 1875-
    -Edward McGonagall | Grandson | 1880-

    Appearance: Standing at a perfectly demure 5’3 and blessed with the sort of facial structure that would make Marlene Dietrich weep (or y’know, will in twenty years when she’s born) Iphigenia was an attractive woman in her youth that fancies herself still appealing for a woman of her age. Her age being something that no one mentions naturally.  With icy blue eyes that she uses to great effect when disdainful but a surprisingly genuine smile Iphigenia has always been able to use every aspect of her appearance to her advantage. She has rarely cried in her life. She has blonde hair which has grown lighter as she aged.  

    1821: Iphigenia Goyle is born the second daughter of Braxton Goyle and Alexandra Lestrange, the latter of which is a connection she will be especially fond of throughout her life. She is close with Hortensia all her life due to their closeness in age.

    1827: Elinor is born. Iphigenia doesn’t especially care because babies are boring. She is an exceptionally well-behaved girl who finds her studies exceedingly boring but their governess exchanges lessons in the mornings for horse-riding in the afternoon and she immediately recognises the power of exchange. A year later she displays magic for the first time by permanently turning Elinor’s hair colour black because fuck off, she doesn’t get to be blonde too.

    1831: Hortensia goes to Hogwarts in the same year that Roderick is born. The former is upsetting and Iphigenia has a private cry in her room where no one can see her. The latter she doesn’t much care about but it makes her parents happy, which makes them kinder to their daughters so it could be worse.

    1832: Iphigenia attends Hogwarts and is immediately sorted into Slytherin to be with her sister, a reunion that pleases both of them. #slightlytooclose

    1832-1839: Iphigenia is good at school and stuff. She and Hortensia are sociable members of their house and by the time Iphigenia graduates after a final year in which she is Head Girl (something she is quite proud of and grateful for as it passes the time in the year she’s alone), the two of them are considered extremely eligible. They have dreams of travelling together but Hortensia is married immediately to Alexander Travers after her coming out ball in 1838 and the following year Iphigenia follows suit and marries Gaylord Urquart. He’ll do.

    1840: A year after their marriage Iphigenia gives birth to their first son, Melchior. He is handsome and quiet and Iphigenia doesn’t mind him too much and he’s certainly livelier and healthier than her sister’s son Abraxus, cursed with weakness since his birth by warrant of being too early.

    1841-1842: Her niece Viola is born in 1841 and the following year Abraxus dies.

    1843: Caspar is born in April. Another strong and healthy son to make her equally pleased and guilty.

    1845: She and Gaylord have become rather fond of one another over the years of their marriage and this is solidified into something that, if not actual love, is fairly close to the feeling when she delivers a third healthy son, Balthazar in April. Later that year Hortensia gives birth to another son, Bartholomew, a considerably stronger infant.

    1851: Melchior attends Hogwarts. Iphigenia is extremely proud and is really looking forward to all the kids going so she can start throwing proper parties again.

    1854: In the summer Iphigenia unexpectedly gives birth to her fourth and final child Evelyn and later that year Caspar goes to Hogwarts. Oh well, one in, one out.

    1856: Balthazar attends Hogwarts. Evelyn seems excessively sad which makes little sense to Iphigenia as she doubts Roderick even noticed she was gone.

    1858: Melchior finishes his schooling and does them the tremendous favour of buggering off to the continent to have a grand tour with some of his peers. Iphigenia and Gaylord are all too happy to send him money and as long as he doesn’t fuck up too much they don’t want to know what he’s up to.

    1861: Caspar graduates and becomes an intern. It’s not the most embarrassing thing in the world and is therefore acceptable.

    1863: Balthazar graduates and enters the Department of Mysteries. It sounds rather glamorous and clever so Iphigenia is in favour.

    1865: Roderick marries Selena Rowle, whom she and Hortensia never entirely take to, mostly on purpose. Evelyn attends Hogwarts. Her nephew Edmund is born to Roderick.

    1866: Cassander is born.

    1868: Balt goes to America. It seems a reasonable decision and Melchior returns at roughly the same time of Iphigenia still has plenty of sons to nag.

    1869: Casimir is born.

    1871: Melchior marries Jaqueline Wilde.

    1872: Balt returns home from American with a wife that defies every expectation they ever had for their son and Iphigenia and Gaylord promptly disown him. It is not done easily but they feel it is necessary. Later that year Evelyn marries Matthew McGonagall, who is almost as bad, and she too is cut off. Beatrix is born.

    1873: Caspar marries Olivia Burke, who Iphigenia decides she likes purely because she is an improvement!

    1875: Olivia, annoyingly, goes and dies.

    1879: Unbeknownst to Iphigenia Melchior and Caspar conspire to kill their father in order to inherit sooner rather than later. He is found dead in the snow and the murder is never solved. Iphigenia moves in with her oldest son.

    1884: The whole household comes down with the plague – obviously they would, their blood is the purest – and Melchior and Jaqueline succumb whilst Iphigenia and the children make a full recovery. And subsequently move in with Caspar. She is also very aware that her estranged son has become the Minister for Magic. she is sort of proud but shush

    1885: Iphigenia hears about her son’s bereavement and has mixed emotions. On the one hand she never exactly warmed to Mary so fuck her, but on the other if Balt would only make a proper marriage she would be able to see him again and it might smooth the way to Evelyn too.

    1886: Iphigenia is happily swanning around Caspar’s house, occasionally seeing her grandchildren and wondering why he hasn’t bothered to get married again. He really should. She’s concerned about him talking to his cat.

    Personality: Cold and distant to most she considers unnecessary in her life Iphigenia is nevertheless charming company when she’s amongst the right people and the son she actually still gets on with. Whilst she does harbour some secret regret at being estranged from two of her children she truly believes she was in the right about it and is unlikely to back down on this front. A dedicated socialite she considers women who work to be a queer breed and as such finds even the most respectable of them distasteful.

    Sample Roleplay Post: “Kayte made me do it,” Lauren cried as she beat her head against a wall.

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Age: 26.
    Contact: PM Helena MacMillan.

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    set by the unparalleled lady

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