Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Beatrice Skye
    In Character
    Full Name: Beatrice Skye
    Nicknames: Trixie
    Birthdate: March 12, 1868
    Current Age: 16
    Occupation: Student, Prefect
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Springy, 9'', cherry and jobberknoll feather
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper Class, used to be Lower.
    • Joseph Browning, 1841, adoptive father
      Miyako Browing, 1845, adoptive mother
      Richard Browning, 1859, adoptive brother
      — Iphigenia Browning nee Hamilton, 1862, sister-in-law
      — Josephine Browning, 1882, niece
      Ayumi Hamilton nee Browning, 1862, adoptive sister
      — Rupert Hamilton, 1862, brother-in-law
      Joseph Browning, 1882, adoptive brother

      Anthony Skye, 1851 - 1882, father
      Jane Triscott, 1853, mother

      Maria Brown nee Skye, 1847, aunt
      George Brown, 1843, uncle
      Anna Brown, 1866, cousin
      Liam Brown, 1867, cousin
      Peter Brown, 1871, cousin
      Emily Brown, 1872, cousin

    — Physical Description

    • Beatrice could never be described as overly beautiful. Due to the lack of food she is rather skinny unlike the other girls around her age. Her body started to change recently and become a little more feminine, even if she already realises that she would never have a feminine body. She is 159 cm/5'2'' ft tall and will like grow a few centimeters more by the time she reaches adulthood. She has a really thin nose that is covered with some invisible freckles. Her lips are small and Beatrice believes that they are the worst part of her body. Her eyes have a warm and light brown colour and they are surrounded by a thick wall of dark eyelashes. When she lived in The Slums people often described her eyes as the eyes a dragon would have. Her hair is thick and curly and it has a light auburn colour, even if people usually describe her as a redhead.
    • Trixie loves the colour blue, so she wears it a lot. Many say that the only reason she likes it is the fact it is her House's colour. Truth to be told, she wears blue so her dresses can fit her Hogwarts robes. Red and brown are also colours which suit her well. Trixie loves simple and plain shapes, but her style cannot be described plain at all. Trixie is rather sophisticated for a girl who grew up in the Slums. Her style also hides a shyness.

      When Beatrice lived in the slums she couldn't afford new clothes. In fact, she was wearing her older cousin Anna's dresses which didn't really suit her due to her cousin's curves. Her wardrobe became bigger when she was adopted by the Browning though. Beatrice has a lot of kimonos and a couple of new expensive dresses. Even if Trixie has a good fashion eye she never really cared about fashion.
    • PRE BIRTH - 1868 | Anthony Skye was born to a family of halfbloods and while his father had managed to attend Hogwarts, his parents tried not to make their life too much centered around magic as they knew that they wouldn’t be able to send their children to the magical school. It rather came as a blessing when Maria proved to be a squib, as that removed some guilt over their lack of means to provide their children with a magical education.

      When he was seventeen, he found out that his union with a muggleborn prostitute had resulted into the birth of a daughter. Jane had named the girl Beatrice, after the brothel’s madame, but other than that, she didn’t have the means or the desire to raise a daughter, so she left her on Anthony’s doorstep. While Anthony quickly took to his baby girl, he felt too much of a child to raise her so he left her under his sister’s care who had been married and already had two children, promising her that he’d try to send her some money every now and then. Then, he left for the Americas.

      1869 - 1878 | Although Maria could barely afford food for her own children, she took in Beatrice with the promise that she’d receive some financial help from Anthony. For the first few years, he did send small amounts for money, that usually went for the Browns’ other needs other than Beatrice, but by the time ‘the bastard’ reached six, his modest amounts had become more than just modest and soon her stopped sending money altogether. Maria considered leaving the child on the streets, or to give her to her parents - surely, they’d want to take care of their granddaughter, even if she was born out of wedlock? - but she was not such a hardass, so she decided to just make the child work at the family’s shop instead. It was tiny shop that repaired old clothing and sold second-hand one and while it did not make that much, some more help could surely bring more bread on the table.

      Beatrice was first assigned to run errands like her two older cousins, but when Maria saw that she was quite good with a needle and a thread, she let the now eight-year-old help her with the sewing, which brought the envy of Anna who would much rather do the sewing that run errands. As if that wasn’t enough, Trixie also proved to be good with numbers, so soon, Maria and her husband started to trust the girl for even being on the counter.

      While to many in their neighbourhood Trixie could be considered rather lucky, the girl wanted more than that. She picked up any old newspaper that still had readable text on it and during the nights she tried to practice reading. By the time she received her Hogwarts letter, Beatrice knew some basic reading that would quite benefit her, as she went for her first year solely with a scholarship.

      1879 | Trixie knew that her family would not pay for a second year at Hogwarts, which gave her the determination to try hard for her classes. Everything she owned - even her wand, that was passed down to her by her grandfather - was second-hand and even if she knew some reading, Trixie could see that she obviously progressed in slower paces than those students who came from families with better means. She did not allow that to stop her, though. Beatrice studied hard and joined some studying group and by the end of the year her efforts had paid off. Trixie had made good enough grades to return for her second year.

      1881 | In the summer, Trixie is adopted by the Brownings, who ran a charity program that she was part of. Obviously, Trixie’s life improved for the better, as he could finally not stress about passing each of her classes and she could afford her own items, rather than second-hand ones. Trixie also finally had a loving family, though. While the Browns were not that bad, Trixie had never really received any affection from them. With the Brownings, Trixie finally felt that she had a family - a real family.

      At first, it was quite difficult for her to get used to the upper class way of life. While Trixie had always been a well-mannered and polite girl, some of the upper class customs seemed quite odd to her. It was difficult to get used to her much tighter clothing, to the new hairstyles and to the rules that applied to her new position. She had a tutor to teach her all she needed to know and while Trixie learnt quickly, even today she feels that she will never quite be a true upper class lady.

      In December, shortly before returning home for Christmas, Trixie received her first kiss from a girl named Lysandra Sutherland. She was quite shocked at first, as she was afraid of what would happen to her if people found out, even if it wasn’t technically her fault. Her secret remained a secret, luckily and Trixie stopped thinking of it with that much fear and loathing.

      1883 | Trixie is picked as a prefect in her fifth year, which pleasantly surprises her.
    • Intelligent, curious, clever | Trixie has the stereotypical Ravenclaw traits. She is intelligent and she enjoys learning. She often considers books to be her best friends and she would much rather spend her afternoons by the fire with a good book rather than with other people. She is not only book smarts, though, as her lower class upbringing forced her to become street-smart as well.

      Polite & well-mannered | Trixie is a naturally polite person, which helped her greatly when she raised to the upper class. She is cautious not to hurt others’ feelings, as she mostly takes them into consideration. She cannot stand rudeness.

      Detached & introverted | Although Trixie is friendly, she finds it difficult to truly attach herself with other people. She is not very supportive, in the sense that she might be rather awkward if someone needs personal advice from her. She only has a few close friends and while she wouldn’t deny her company to people who wanted it, she prefers to be on her own most of the time.

      Independant | Trixie prefers to deal with her issues on her own, as that is what she was used to during her childhood. She knows how to handle a crisis calmly and prefers to take care of her problems on her own, rather than ask for help that could potentially not be at all helpful.
    Patronus: When she manages to perfect it, her patronus will take the form of a phoenix.
    Boggart: Shadows which repressent her parents. She often fears that they will return and take her away from the Brownings.
    Amortentia: The scent of any kind of tea, something she developed after being adopted.
    Out of Character
    Name: Soph
    Age: 17
    Contact: PM, AIM
    Other Characters: Myriads.
    How did you hear about us?: RPG-D
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Hi Sophia, I'm glad to see you love Charming so much to make a third character! You'll need to decide whether she'll be in strictly middle or lower class so I can put her into a user group. Also, please check for spelling and grammatical errors (make sure all the verbs are in past tense, if that is how you chose to go, etc.) Other than that, everything looks great! ^^
    I think it's done.
    [Image: trixie2.png]



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