Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Timeline of Events



    IC: 1877 — Muggles discover that there are wizards living among them and ostracize them from society. Although the Obliviators were able to remove the knowledge of magic from muggles, socially the damage was done and outcast wizarding families begin moving to the newly established village of Hogsmeade. (To read more, see the plot.)

    OOC: June 9, 2010 — Charming's Grand Opening.

    IC: Feb 22, 1881 — A dangerous and crazed patient escapes from the Hogsmeade Hospital. The bad, stormy weather makes it impossible for officials to search properly. The Ministry denies that it is true. The Daily Prophet publishes an article about it. This marks the beginning of our first sitewide plot.

    IC: March 1, 1881 — Timothy Benton, a lower class muggleborn stableman, is found murdered in the Forbidden Forest. It serves as a warning to all muggleborns with a message carved into his body, "Mudbloods Beware."

    IC: March 12, 1881 — A group of three muggleborn students go missing from Hogwarts. In retaliation, Hogwarts locks its doors and refuses to let anyone in or out until the Ministry declares that it's safe.

    IC: March 22, 1881 — Faris Spavin, the Minister of Magic, decrees that all muggleborns must temporarily leave Hogsmeade as a matter of safety.

    IC: March 24, 1881 — The escaped patient is caught. It is revealed that the Minister of Magic, Faris Spavin, was behind the murder and disappearances in a plot to rid Hogsmeade of muggleborns. He is immediately relieved from his post and taken into custody by officials. The search for the new Minister begins.

    IC: May 14, 1881 — Darcy Potter is elected Minister of Magic in a landslide victory.

    IC: May 1, 1882 — The Sitewide Plot #2 begins with a Daily Prophet article announcing that the Ministry has devised a draft to force citizens of Hogsmeade to go out and explore in order to find more land for the ever expanding village.

    IC: May 4, 1882 — Thanks to menaces, women are also now included in the draft.

    IC: May 16, 1882 — The Hogsmeade Trail expeditions begin. Most groups don't return for at least a month. There are many injuries (some severe) and two deaths.

    IC: August 3 1882 - August 4, 1882 — The very last trail groups return with news that they had run into a recently settled group of muggles who took them captive for several weeks. Luckily, the last group to come upon them was clever enough to convince the muggles to give the captives over to them. They all returned to Hogsmeade worse for the wear.

    IC: August 26, 1882 — Darcy Potter, the Minister of Magic, and Harry Ilkin, the leader of the muggle town Irvingly, have a secret meeting agreeing to a mutually beneficial deal between the two towns: Hogsmeade will build the muggles proper housing and share resources with them so long as Irvingly agrees to share land with the wizards. They have also been guaranteed continual income from the magical community by being host to a casino. Magical residents of Irvingly will also be restricted to those who went on the expedition and were promised land or those with professions that are useful to Irvingly - such as healers, teachers, shop owners and skilled craftsman.

    IC: August 31, 1882 — The deal is announced to the Hogsmeade populace through a Daily Prophet article.

    IC: September 3, 1882 — Expedition groups who were promised land are allowed first rights to move to Irvingly, though are responsible for the building of their own homes.

    OOC: January 1, 2013 — The Third Sitewide Plot is announced: The Quidditch World Cup.

    IC: February 25, 1883 - February 28, 1883 — Quidditch British Team Tryouts take place.

    IC: August 18, 1883 — Egypt defeats France to win the Quidditch World Cup.

    IC: February 7, 1884 — Minister Darcy Potter survives an assassination attempt.

    IC: March 1, 1884 — Minister of Magic Darcy Potter is murdered outside of his home after attending his brother's wedding. On the 6th, his murderer is killed by aurors.

    IC: June 9, 1884 — The carnival arrives in town and the Summer Solstice Festival begins!

    IC: June 11, 1884 — Balthazar Urquart is announced as the new Minister of Magic.

    IC: June 13, 1884 — Drought in Hogsmeade is confirmed by weather witches.

    IC: June 16, 1884 — A troll wrangler from the carnival dies under suspicious circumstances.

    IC: June 20, 1884 — The Padmore Park lake begins to decline in size.

    OOC: June 21, 1884 — Charming's fourth sitewide plot, The Plague, is announced.

    IC: June 23, 1884 — The Padmore Park lake is shrunk to an oversized puddle by the drought.

    IC: June 28, 1884 — The carnival reports five more deaths; Hogsmeade Hospital has also noticed an increase in patients with similar symptoms.

    IC: July 4, 1884 —  The Ministry of Magic officially declares an epidemic! The quidditch season is cancelled, and a curfew is imposed upon the communities of Hogsmeade and Irvingly. The Daily Prophet tweaks their policy on obituaries.

    IC: July 7, 1884 —  Hogsmeade is placed under quarantine!

    IC: July 11, 1884 — High Street and Wellingtonshire are set on fire! Hogsmeade Hospital is placed on Lockdown. OOC, there is a new flaming skin to commemorate.

    IC: July 16, 1884 — The fire finally subsides, and escape from quarantine is now possible. (read more). Hogsmeade Hospital lifts lockdown, but plagueless patients must first go to the field hospital and then, only if bad enough, may be brought to the hospital proper.

    IC: July 28, 1884 — Researchers learn that muggles and squibs cannot be infected, though (incorrectly) assume this also means they cannot carry the disease.

    IC: August 4, 1884 — Healthy Ministry workers are able to move in and out of quarantine.

    IC: August 8, 1884 — Start of term at Hogwarts is delayed.

    IC: August 15, 1884 —  The drought is over!

    IC: August 21, 1884 — A vaccine for the laughing sickness is found, but is only available to select members of the public.

    IC: September 5, 1884 — A cure is found! The quarantine lifts on September 8th. Hogwarts' term is announced to begin on September 14th.

    IC: September 14, 1884 — The Hogwarts school term begins.

    IC: September 16, 1884 — The Pan-Magical Games are announced.

    IC: January 4, 1885 — Representatives from schools in Brazil, India, Italy and South Africa arrive at Hogwarts to participate in the Pan-Magical Games.

    OOC: January 25, 2016 — Sitewide Plot #5, The Pennyworth Project is announced.

    IC: March 11, 1886 — Construction begins in the Slums.

    IC: May 22, 1886 — Pennyworth is officially opened to take in residents.

    OOC: May 30, 2016 — Sitewide Plot #6, The World’s Wizarding Fair is announced.

    IC: June 15, 1886 — The World’s Wizarding Fair officially opens.


    IC: October 6, 1881 — The Daily Prophet publishes article entitled "Hogwarts Hussies" that calls three students out by name for their alleged unladylike and scandalous behaviors.

    IC: October 22, 1881 — Daily Prophet publishes another article about a student's misbehavior.

    IC: October 25, 1881 — Hogwarts institutes new rules: required etiquette classes for all students and female students are officially banned from playing quidditch. The punishment for inappropriate contact between students is harsher and male professors cannot be alone with female students. OOC explanation here.

    IC: October 27, 1881 — The Ministry agrees with Hogwarts' new rules.

    IC: February 3, 1883 — Due to a spill, Hogsmeade's tea becomes laced with amortentia and havoc ensues. This was a mini boardwide event.

    IC: August 23, 1883 — Hogsmeade gains its own quidditch team!

    IC: August 30, 1883 — The ban on female quidditch players at Hogwarts is announced to be abolished.

    IC: May 10, 1884 — After another Hogwarts Hussy scandal - this one featuring a prefect! - Hogwarts institutes a chastity cuff policy. The cuffs are further described here.

    IC: March 30, 1885 — An explosion in the Department of Mysteries causes the Ministry of Magic to go into lockdown for the week following the disaster.

    IC: April 27, 1885 — Six Azkaban convicts escape custody.

    IC: May 29, 1885: — Hogwarts is put into lockdown, ending on the morning of the 30th, when students are also sent home early. The Annual Hogwarts Coming Out Ball is subsequently cancelled.

    IC: April 5, 1886 — The Wizengamot rules to allow women to duel combatively.