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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Hitching A Ride
7th September, 1888 — A Lower Level Corridor
The students had settled into their first week of classes, and Aubrey had settled into the vastness of The Castle once again. He was determined this year would be his last. But if he wanted that, he had to be brave. Shake off the hedgehog, and be the Gryffindor. Today was Friday and a Big Day. Today, he was going to hitch a ride.

His jailkeeper was in class, and Aubrey had hidden away this morning so he didn't get stuffed in a pocket, but now he had scurried out of the Slytherin dungeons and along a corridor or two, hoping to make it to the library, where he could continue His Research and maybe nibble on some dust mites. But there were stairs involved if he wanted to get there, and for the last ten years, stairs had been a struggle.

But not for him, because he Knew What To Do. The approaching footsteps reverberated down the hallway, Aubrey's heartbeat racing as they got closer closer closer - NOW! He launched himself forwards from the corner, leaping with all the power he had and using his tiny claws to try and latch on to the tail of a student's robes without them noticing.
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Archer couldn't believe that it had only been a week since classes had started. He still found himself overwhelmed by how large the castle was, and the crowds of boisterous peers that seemed to pop up around every turn. He found himself seeking solace in either the library or the owelry for at least a shred of quiet to allow himself to recharge.

It was for that reason why he wandered the lower levels alone after he had spilled out of Potions class with everyone else. While they all headed in one direction, he had chosen another so that he wouldn't be jostled about, and he could fully process all of the information that had been thrown at them. He very much enjoyed Potions, but it was a class he was terrified he would be a failure at.

Archer passed Aubrey at a slow speed, so it was likely fairly easy for him to hitch a ride on the bottom of his robes. The boy didn't notice he suddenly had acquired a hedgehog companion, his thoughts elsewhere for the moment. He headed toward the stairs and started to climb them, hoping to head somewhere less populated, or, at least, quiet.

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The boy he'd chosen was small. (For a giant, in a world of more giant giants.) To Aubrey, of course, he was mighty tall, and a much better conduit to getting up those ridiculous stairs.

Where are you going, Aubrey wondered, as he began to be pulled along on the hem of his robes like it was a flying carpet. The boy was not a Slytherin, which was good: he wouldn't be going straight back to the Common Room, aha! The library would be best. Maybe a classroom - Transfiguration was his favourite. The grounds were always good. Even if the child wandered right back to their own common room, Aubrey wouldn't much mind: anything to escape his jailer for an evening.

There wasn't a great deal of time to mull it over, because the stair-climbing had begun and the ride was getting bumpier. Loath to find himself falling off (and rolling all the way down, in a ball - fun, but only when it was on purpose), Aubrey got a little more daring, and edged forwards to try and latch himself to the back of the boy's leg, like an abnormally large and extra prickly burr.

Once he'd climbed one set of stairs, there wasn't much respite for poor Aubrey before he started heading up yet another flight. Archer had flipped through about a dozen options of where he could retreat to and had decided on the library, since it was liable to be the easiest place to hide. He was ahead on his homework, but he figured maybe he could sneak in a bit of light reading on the subjects he was most interested in. That too would be easier to hide than in his common room.

He was about halfway up when he started to feel something prickly, jabbing into his calf. At first, he thought perhaps he just had an itch, but, when his fingertips brushed against the little, hedgehog, he let out a pathetic sort of yelp. What was one his leg?! It was pointy! And it was moving. Merlin, what if it bit him?

Archer held his own leg away from himself as if he thought whatever had attached itself to him was some sort of contagious affliction. Aubrey was lucky that his first instinct was to freeze instead of flail about, kicking his leg about wildly, which his brain screamed to do. Very, very slowly, Archer reached down and took hold of his pant leg and tugged it so he could see the creature better.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed...harmless? Maybe. He wasn't the best when it came to identifying creatures, magical or mundane, so he wasn't quite sure what a hedgehog even was. Maybe it was someone's pet?


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Goddamn it! He'd been caught hitch-hiking. And they were mid-stairs, so this was... precarious, to say the least. Before he had time to come up with a plan of action, the boy began to tug his clothes around, and Aubrey was left clinging on for dear life as he got swivelled round too, not wanting to bury his tiny claws into the boy's legs any more than necessary just yet, because that was asking for trouble.

Don't leave me here on these godawful stairs, Small Boy, please please please, Aubrey muttered in his head, shrinking back onto his haunches and flattening his spines when the boy spoke, doing his best impression of a small, scared... little guy... and looking up with wide prey eyes to incite pity, since he couldn't physically curl up into a ball right now. There, he'd look tiny and pathetic and terrified, and the boy would be nice, wouldn't he? Maybe. Hopefully. This was not Aubrey's usual tactic.

But when the alternative was being batted off his perch and plummeting to his doom down a flight of castle stairs, one had to do things they didn't much like. What a miserable fucking existence.
Archer's expression softened just slightly when he noticed Aubrey seemed to appear quite tiny and petrified. The look he seemed to be giving the tiny creature was just as alarmed. He wasn't sure what to do. He seemed to stare at the hedgehog for an abnormally long time before he decided to make his move.

Very, very slowly, Archer reached out and tried to very gently boop Aubrey on his tiny little nose. It was a test, and the young Ravenclaw appeared very apologetic about his action, either way.

"I-I'm not going to hurt you."

If he got bit, though, all bets were probably off.
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For the past ten years, Aubrey had mostly wished that people could read his mind, but in this case, he would have rather liked a window into what on earth Small Boy was thinking here. All he was doing was staring. Like he'd never seen a bloody hedgehog before in his life. (Maybe he hadn't, as a matter of fact. The Davis family had grown up in the country, certainly, but back as a footman, he'd met more than one scullery maid who'd grown up in the city and didn't know a pig from a cow.)

Aubrey held still, hanging on in protracted anticipation. Eventually, the boy's hand moved closer, a finger outstretched - right where Aubrey liked to bite 'em. Oh, this was hard. He watched, and watched, and winced internally as he went cross-eyed from it, and Small Boy prodded him in the nose.

Regrettably, he didn't bite the boy. Instead, he sneezed loudly, his whole body clenching in the motion of it and letting out a wet snuffling sound. As he did so, he lost his clawed grip on the boy's leg, and found himself sliding dangerously down the fabric. Shit! Aubrey scrabbled for purchase, digging in more tightly, trying to regain his hold. Save me, Stupid Small Boy, quick! I'm falling!
Residing in London didn't provide much exposure to wildlife. In fact, he wasn't even really the type to take a stroll through the park unless it was to find a tucked away spot to read. He knew what a few animals were, but he hadn't taken the time to notice the existence of hedgehogs. After this encounter, he might just have to discover more about the adorable, little things.

When Aubrey didn't bite his finger off, Archer let out a sigh, deciding that maybe hedgehogs weren't vicious. One couldn't ever be too careful. The sneeze caught him off guard, and he twitched, but that was to be expected when a nervous little boy was startled.

Despite his previous anxiety, the young Ravenclaw was rather quick to react when Aubrey lost his grip. "Oh no." He swooped in and tried to scoop him up with both of his hands, gently, both to remove him from his leg and to make sure he didn't keep slipping.

"Are you alright?" He glanced at the stairs, noticing the long way down, and he gulped. Quickly, he carried Aubrey up the rest of the flight so that they stood on the landing instead. Less likely for any unhappy accidents to occur. Level ground.

"W-why don't we go somewhere...safer," he murmured and turned to very slowly head down the corridor that lead to the library, still being sure to cradle Aubrey gently.

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