Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Armando Dippet [Done]
    In Character
    Full Name: Armando Alexander Dippet
    Nicknames: TBD.
    Birthdate: March 27th, 1637
    Current Age: 248 years
    Occupation: Member of the Wizengamot
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: A handsome country dwelling in England, the exact location of which really doesn't matter.
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Apple, 12 1/4", unicorn hair - unbending.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Vittorio Dippet — Father — Deceased
    Felicita Dippet — Mother — Deceased
    Antonio Dippet — Brother — Deceased
    Christina Dippet — Sister — Deceased
    Vittorio Dippet — Brother — Deceased
    Elisabetta Dippet — Sister — Deceased

    Agnes Dippet — Wife #1 — Deceased
    ____Felicita Dippet — Daughter — Deceased

    Bridget Dippet — Wife #2 — Deceased

    Philippa Dippet — Wife #3 — Deceased
    ____Hester Dippet — Daughter — Deceased

    Honour Dippet — Wife #4 — Deceased
    ____Fortune Dippet — Daughter — Deceased
    ____Abraham Dippet — Son — Deceased
    ____Julia Dippet — Daughter — Deceased

    Caterina Dippet — Wife #5 — Probably Deceased
    ____Armando Dippet II — Son — Deceased
    ____Teodor Dippet — Son — Deceased
    ____Angelo Dippet — Son — Deceased
    ____Ludovico Dippet — Son — Deceased

    Appearance: Armando Dippet is fairly short for a man, standing at a very modest 5'5". Even in old age, he has retained his wiry build, though this is more often than not hidden beneath bulky wizards robes. He has no appreciation for muggle fashion and has no intention of ever adopting any other mode of dress besides wizards robes. He has a vast collection of wizard hats that he is privately very fond of and is rarely seen without one on his head. This habit may have begun around the same time that he noticed a small bald patch on the top of his head. He is right handed.
    1637 — Armando Dippet is born the first son of a wealthy Italian merchant and his wife. Well, his sort of wife. In reality, Armando's parents had courted back in Italy and were at one time engaged. After Vittorio's business looked to be failing, Felicita's parents broke the engagement and sought a new suitor for their daughter. Armando's father had no option but to travel to England to save his family's business, leaving the woman he loved engaged to another man. When he finally returned to Italy, she was married. Shortly after, the pair ran off together and settled in England, changing their last names names and claiming to be married.
    1641 — Armando proves his magical-ness for the first time by summoning a toy from his younger brother.
    1644 — Four year old Christina escapes the grounds and ventures into the nearby village. An unfortunately obvious outburst of magic alerts the muggles to the fact she is a witch. She is burnt at the stake before the family can recover her.
    1648 — Armando attends Hogwarts and finds him self sorted into Ravenclaw. Having proven to be a very intelligent and curious child, this is of no surprise to him or anyone else.
    1649 — His mother is murdered by a man sent by her husband back in Italy. Armando is deeply shaken and withdraws from his friends and family. His father is even more distressed by her passing and consoles himself with drink. This disgusts his eldest son.
    1652 — The annual letter from Hogwarts informs him that he has been made a prefect. He is very pleased.
    1654 — He is made Head Boy.
    1655 — Armando leaves Hogwarts with highly impressive NEWT results. He is not surprised by this.
    1656 — Armando decides to travel and conduct magical research.
    1658 — He returns upon the death of his father. He inherits almost everything, including the family home. His research and dabbling continues.
    1659 — He meets a young woman by the name of Agnes and quite quickly falls in love with her. They marry within the year.
    1661 — Felicita, his first child, is born.
    1662 — Felicita contracts a fatal illness and dies.
    1663 — Agnes dies from a miscarriage. Armando struggles with the loss and keeps his grief (mostly) at bay by pursuing knowledge for the sake of it.
    1665 — Armando takes a job at the Ministry.
    1668 — Feeling he really ought to father a son, he begins searching for an amiable wife.
    1669 — Armando marries Bridget.
    1670 — Bridget catches Dragon Pox. The cure doesn't save her and she dies. Armando is sad, but not distraught.
    1679 — Still in need of a son, Armando makes a hasty marriage to a woman called Philippa. He soon regrets this as she turns out to be lacking in intelligence to such a degree that he finds her presence extremely tiresome. Just in time for Christmas, Philippa presents him with a daughter.
    1680 — Philippa trips over a stool and manages to break her neck in the fall. Armando can only be exasperated by this, although his relief at her death makes him feel awfully guilty.
    1688 — Nine year old Hester contracts an incurable illness and dies.
    1692 — The International Statute of Secrecy is established, Armando is in deep support of it, believing the distancing of wizardkind from muggles is for the best. While not exactly a blood purist, he doesn't trust muggles or really like them at all. He avoids all things muggle, but he doesn't discriminate against wizards with close muggle relations. His intolerance is born out of deep distrust and resentment.
    1695 — A young woman by the name of Honour - barely more than a girl *cough*twelve*cough* but this is is the 1600s so it's totally not creepy or hugely abnormal - enchants (not literally) Armando, though it should be noted it was her impressive intellect that attracted him, not her youth.
    1696 — After courting and a brief engagement, the pair are married.
    1697 — Honour has a daughter. They name her Fortune.
    1699 — Abraham is born, Armando is more than pleased to finally have a son.

    1700 — Julia is born.
    1701 — Everyone dies in childbirth. Not really, just his wife and kid. Armando is heartbroken and to this day she is the only wife that he still misses.
    1708 — Fortune is the first of Armando's children to reach the age of eleven and go off to Hogwarts. He is very proud.
    1710 — Abraham follows his sister to Hogwarts.
    1711 — Julia leaves for Hogwarts. Armando decides to do some more travelling while his children are at Hogwarts, returning annually to spend summer with them.
    1713 — While staying in Italy, Armando decides to take a fifth wife as he feels his daughters need a feminine presence and Caterina was nothing if not very feminine. This would later prove to be a flaw rather than an attribute. Armando decides to remain in Italy for the time being.
    1714 — Caterina has a son and names him after his father.
    1715 — Fortune finishes her schooling and Armando decides to live permanently in Britain again.
    1716 — Fortune marries. Caterina has another son, Teodor.
    1717 — Abraham finishes his schooling.
    1718 — Julia also finishes Hogwarts. In September, Armando takes up the post of Charms professor at Hogwarts.
    1719 — Angelo is born.
    1721 — Ludovico is born.
    1722 — Caterina runs off with a lover, abandoning her children and husband. Armando never loved her, but feels deeply betrayed and made a fool of. He leaves the care of his youngest children to paid staff and returns from Hogwarts only when he has to.
    1725 — Armando Dippet II leaves for Hogwarts. Classes are the most he's seen of his father in years.
    1727 — Teodor goes to Hogwarts.
    1730 — Angelo goes to Hogwarts.
    1732 — Ludovico turns out to be a squib. While Armando isn't an elitist, this does unsettle him immensely as he dislike muggles so very much. He does not disown his youngest son, but does endeavor to avoid him until he is old enough to move out of the family home.
    1737 — 100 years of Armando Dippet! He is thrown a surprise party and dislikes it immensely. He does pretend to enjoy for the sake of those who organized it, though he wasn't as convincing as he thought.
    1740 — Ludovico the squib, fully aware of his father's avoidance by now, goes to live amongst muggles. He is never heard from again.
    1741 — Dilys Derwent becomes Headmistress. Armando doesn't appreciate this and finds that he wouldn't mind being Headmaster of the school himself, if only to protect the school from those he feels aren't able to efficiently run the grand institution.
    1742 — Armando quietly donates to the Accionites, an anti-muggle extremist group. He (mostly) supports their cause but wouldn't dream of partaking in it for a multitude of reasons.
    1747 — One of Armando's closest friends is found in a compromising situation with one of his granddaughters. He is shocked and appalled and promptly refuses to speak to either of them again. Fortunately, they marry before any scandal gets out. Armando did not attend the wedding.
    1761 — He takes a slight fancy to the Hogwarts nurse. Being that she is of a lower station than he, he does nothing to indulge this, but he is still mortified when she vaguely implies that he is old.
    1765 — The nurse marries a man much younger than Armando, much to his annoyance.
    1768 — To Armando's delight, Headmistress Derwent retires/dies. He refuses to begrudgingly admit she wasn't terrible.
    1792 — A rampaging cockatrice injured the judges during the Triwizard Tournament. Armando, who had never liked the competition because of the danger, is very pleased when the Triwizard Tournaments are put to a stop.
    1798 — The first female Minister of Magic. Armando is deeply skeptical and not at all instilled with confidence for the newly elected Minister.

    1811 — Artemisia Lufkin is Minister no more! He is deeply satisfied when Grogan Stump takes over the position.
    1818 — It takes Armando several months to realize he has been teaching for 100 years.
    1819 — His health starts to fail him and he decides to retire. This may or may not have coincided with another female Minister being elected.
    1822 — Armando has mostly recovered his health after a few years of feebleness that baffled the healers. In all likelihood it probably had something to do with stress.
    1824 — He starts tinkering around with spells again and makes a slight effort to get to know his grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on. There are too many, however, and he frequently forgets most of their names regularly. This is not a memory problem, merely a lack of interest problem.
    1827 — Ottaline Gambol becomes Minister. Dippet vehemently dislikes her and goes so far as to think her predecessor was preferable. When she introduces the Hogwarts Express as the official form of transportation for Hogwarts students, Armando just about has a stroke. Actually he did stubbornly take ill for a few months in opposition to the change.
    1835 — Ottaline Gambol is replaced by a very male Lestrange. Armando throws a party in celebration, it is possibly the most impulsive thing he has done in his entire life.
    1837 — 200 years of Armando Dippet. No surprise party this time, instead he celebrates his 200th birthday with his few trusted friends and some fine liquor.
    1841 — He is most upset when Radolphus Lestrange is replaced by another woman. Fortunately, he doesn't dislike her as much as Gambol and so doesn't feel compelled to "sickness" again.
    1849 — Another woman Minister. Armando is about ready to try running for himself to prevent any more women being elected.
    1855 — Orpington is proceeded by another woman. Armando did not enter the running for Minister because he "felt unwell". Truthfully he was a bit of a coward and feared failure, plus he was quite convinced in the ability of one of the male contenders to win. Dupont's infamous disliking for the muggle Prime Minister very slightly made her less terrible in Armando's opinion - he doesn't think much of the Ministers working with the muggle Prime Ministers as he thinks all muggles innately inclined towards deception and believes they all want to screw over the wizarding world.
    1858 — Dugald McPhail is made Minister of Magic. Confidence restored in the Ministry a little, Armando joins the Wizengamot.
    1868 — Armando is offered a position as an Interrogator but declines, not wanting such an active role.
    1876 — Armando blames the debacle with Peeves at Hogwarts entirely on Eupraxia Mole, claiming females cannot run the school and definitely cannot assert authority over the infamous poltergeist. He likes to pretend the entire situation wasn't resolved thanks to her. Her succession by Phineas Black is initially met by approval. Armando comes to the conclusion some months later that Black is too young and inexperienced to run the school and worries immensely for the future of Hogwarts.
    1883 — One of his [insert numerous greats here] granddaughters is orphaned and he is apparently her closest living relative. He finally realizes that his descendants are not flourishing and this troubles him. Armando takes in Ophelia and finds he doesn't really know what he's supposed to do with her, it's not like he was a very involved parent and he was an even less involved grandparent.
    1884 — Having assumed she was already out in society, it is to his great surprise that the girl informs him that she has not debuted. He tries to remedy that but having limited knowledge of debutantes and debuts, the event was not the fashionable ball to be seen at that season, to say the very least. By living in the countryside for the summer, Armando avoids the plague which is a good thing since it would likely have killed him. Later in the year, he allows Ophelia to go off to finishing school and is very relieved to be passing the burden of dealing with the young woman to Mrs. Pendergast. He gives the girl credit for wanting to attend and suggesting it.
    1885 — Now too old for the finishing school, Ophelia is now solely his responsibility again and this makes him somewhat uneasy.
    Personality: Proud - Distrusting - Cautious - Reserved - Stoic - Selfless - Strict - Solemn - Occasionally Foolish - Narrow-minded.
    Sample Roleplay Post: 248 years of history later...
    [Image: stock-photo-funny-smiling-skeleton-sitti...799008.jpg]
    Out of Character
    Name: Olive
    Age: Don't.
    Contact: Ask.
    Other Characters: Don't ask.
    How did you hear about us?: my butt.

    — You should be titled in a few moments. Please post with your new character in the Character Master List thread.

    — If you have a playby you would like to claim, you can go here.

    — Don't forget to record your character's past position(s) in our history records.

    — Not sure where to start? You can introduce yourself in a new topic here and fill out the plottage preferences form so people know what you're interested in. If you're looking for assistance in getting integrated into Charming, check out our Welcome to Charming: Getting Into the Game doc written by newbies!

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    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D
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    set by MJ!

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