Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Ismene Swift
    In Character
    Full Name: Ismene Chastity Swift

    Nicknames: Issie

    Birthdate: April 3rd, 1867

    Current Age: Fourteen

    Occupation: Student

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

    • Cherry with a single unicorn hair at its core, Ismene's wand is precisely 10? inches in length. Though she typically finds it easy to get along with, she finds it gives her best results in Transfiguration, while it takes a little more work to get a decent hex out of. Not, of course, that she would use hexes, but Issie is nothing if not thorough in ascertaining the uses of her possessions.
    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle Class

    • Ixion Rhesus Swift, Father (42; Hogwarts Flight Instructor and Referee) | Though she loves her fatherùand, more so, that he loves herùIsmene is rather apprehensive about having him at the school. Certainly, her behaviour is nothing that she would keep from him, but the feeling of having him always there is something she finds rather intimidating.

      Letitia Diligence Thornthwaite Swift, Mother (38; Governess and Etiquette Instructor) | The two never have been close, but as far as Ismene is concerned, her mother is everything that a woman should be.

      Cassandra Abigail Swift, Sister (17; Student) | Though she does care for her sister, the two are very different people, with little in common besides their parentage.

      Myles Aaron Swift, Brother (13; Student) | Ismene's younger by two years, Myles can be something of a bother (as brothers are apt to do) but, by and large, is reasonably sweet.

    • Ismene, to her dismay, has never been more than slightly above plain in looks, in spite of her mother's beauty. Nonetheless, the Hufflepuff does the best to work with what she has been given, and so can seldom be found with a hair out of place or a stain on any garment. Her clothes are as fashionable as can be afforded, and primarily in lighter tones, adding to the overall lightness of her complexion. Standing at an unremarkable five feet, two inches, her slight frame is hardly an imposing one. Though left-handed writing was dutifully stamped out early in her life, her wand can still be used, comfortably, with either hand.

      Issie's eyes share the shape and light color of her father, but her facial structure is more akin to her mother's. Hair that was quite dark at birth has, over the first decade and a half of her life, lightened to a medium-brown shade, and is typically worn pinned-back to flatter her face. Any imperfections in her skin are hidden religiously, as the witch is not one to appear any less than she has to.


      In Ismene's mind, her earliest years were, by and large, unremarkable. Like many young girls, time was spent more in the care of nannies and nurses than her actual parents, however she and her sister were both blessed in a way that others were not: their mother was their primary instructor in what was right and wrong in the world. As such, they spent more time with her than their brother, more time with her than many in their circumstances would spend with their mothers, for which Issie is grateful. Such lessons trained both her and Cassandra from the earliest of days in appropriate decorum and the ways of the world, preparing them for a life (semi) on their own at Hogwarts.

      It was not until she was four years of age that Issie began to show signs of magicùthough whether that is early or late, she, today, could not say. It was a simple summer day, just after lessons. Cassandra had done something to vex herùagain, she could not say what it might have beenùprompting the girl to have something of a tantrum. Such behaviour was not acceptable within the Swift home, a fact she well knew, but, an emotional four, Ismene found herself unable to rein in her temper. The result was unlike anything she had experienced in her years prior: each and every plate and glass on the dining table shattered. Needless to say, this did not go over well.

      As a result, it was not surprising when, shortly after her eleventh birthday, Ismene received her Hogwarts letter. The girl was apprehensive about it at first, uncertain as to whether or not she wanted to leave home. In the end, though, Issie knew she hardly had a choice in that particular matter and, as any good girl should, she went dutifullyùif with some uncertaintyùto school that fall.


      Her first day at Hogwarts was one of the most overwhelming of Ismene's life.

      After some ado, the sorting hat saw the eleven year old placed squarely into Hufflepuff. This disappointed her somewhat, as she had hoped to follow in her parents' footstepsùeither Gryffindor, like her father or, better still, Ravenclaw, like her mother. Nonetheless, Ismene did her best to adjust to her new circumstances, and by the end of her first month at school had acquired a small, but close, group of friends within her house. Likewise by the end of her first month, while she had yet to discover anything she particularly excelled at, Ismene was certain about thing: she did not and would not ever gain a fondness for herbologyùit was something about the dirt.

      The years wore on with little incident, save for a particularly bitter moment in which Issie felt the need to cut one of her friends from her acquaintance. Though she doesùand likely always willùfeel guilty about the matter, she still believes that it was a necessary move in order to ensure her own reputationùand futureùwould remain intact.


    • April 3rd, 1867ùIsmene is born, the second daughter to Ixion and Letitia Swift
    • 1869ùThe family is completed by the introduction of Issie's brother, Myles.
    • July 5th, 1871ùIsmene shows her first signs of magic.
    • September 1st, 1875ùCassandra leaves for Hogwarts.
    • September 1st, 1878ùIsmene begins attending Hogwarts, where she is sorted into Hufflepuff.
    • 1879ùHer father leaves his position as an assistant coach for a more relaxed career as a consultant.
    • September 1st, 1880ùShe is joined at Hogwarts by her brother.
    • September 1881ùIssie adds Ancient Runes and Arithmancy to her subjects. She doesn't particularly like either.
    • December 1881ùIxion informs the children that he will be going with them to Hogwarts in the fall, and intends to stay on as an instructor. Issie is less than enthused, but acts pleased for her father's sake.




      Defense Against the Dark Arts



      History of Magic

      Muggle Studies




    • When describing Issie, the first term that springs to the tongues of most is proper. With a mother like hers, how could she not be? Though toes may occasionally inch out of line where institutional rules are concerned, Ismene takes great pains to follow the rules of society to a T. This is not simply out of fear of displeasing her parents, but a habit ingrained within her from her earliest yearsùto expect her to stop is to expect her to stop breathing, both of which are simply ludicrous in her mind. She extends this foundation to the company she keepsùthough a friendly girl, and compassionate towards those less fortunate, she will not willingly seek the companionship of those who knowingly flaunt the boundaries of propriety.

      Still, Ismene is hardly a machine. She has always been passionateùnot verbally, for that way can lead to troubleùand become quickly attached to people and things in her presence. She does not have friends, she has sisters, every book or dress or pin is her favourite, and she is unlikely to let her opinions on any matter be swayed by those around her. Unfortunately, this route also leads to some measure of stubbornness within her, and an unfortunate matter to fall "in love" with various males that she deems worthy. Luckily, her shyness around the opposite sex, at least, guarantees she would never do anything about it.

      The Hufflepuff has never been a stupid girl, and tends to do quite well in her classesùthough, Herbology has always eluded her, particularly since digging about in soil has little appeal for her. Too, she finds book learning rather tedious, and so courses that do not have a practical aspect to them are sometimes left to fall by the wayside. She can debate intelligently, speaks with clarity, has an uncanny knack for needlework, and is overly fond of sweets.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:Absently, Felicity played with the spoon in her hand, relatively uninterested in the soup in front of her. In light of the rampaging snow storm that had stranded so manyùworkers, patients, and visitors alikeùat the hospital, the tearoom had stepped up considerably to help keep them fed, providing food to those who did not have a room in which to have food brought to them. Nonetheless, after several days of patient fare and whatever pastries the tearoom had on offer, Fee found herself thoroughly unimpressed with food in general. Coupled with her hefty workloadùwhich often distracted her from basic needsùthe intern had scarcely eaten more than nibbles here and there of late, and imagined her mother would fuss about æhow small she was' when she finally made it home.

    That was another preoccupation for the witch. Home. Unlike previous years, todayùChristmasùwould not be spent surrounded by her large, loud family, but instead at work with strangers, acquaintances, and the sick. True, this Christmas was not to be as usualùFiona, she knew, had planned to visit cousins, and Fabian had chosen to remain at school for the holidays, for whatever reasonùbut nonetheless, the absence of any family to one from a family so large was a strange concept, one she had not quite been able to get her little fiery head around.

    Then there was the other thing, but that much she would ignore. For now.

    The halls had been relatively quiet as she had descended from the Spell Damage wing to the tearoom, which had suited herùintrospection was not something with which Fee had ever had much experience, but on the rare occasion that it did occur, her social skills became something to be desired. The tearoom saw a bit more bustle, with several off-duty healers (though "several" was more in proportion to the staff that hadn't already escaped to their homes, rather than the more conventional sense of the word) and a couple of visitors who had been stranded, none of which seemed to share the witch's melancholy at being kept from home.

    Felicity sighed, taking a sip of her now-cool soup. It was best to make the most of things, she supposed.

    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte

    Age: Twenty-One

    Contact: Feel free to PM me for my AIM and MSN!

    Other Characters: Alphabetically by last letter, Ivana, Magdalena, Odira, Nikolai, Nathaniel, Callum, Castor, Darcy, Felicity

    How did you hear about us?: Duck.
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