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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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Brigit Langley for Fletcher Langley.
The Matchmaking Menace
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Plottable Characters
Adopt & Plot!

Members are encouraged to post any adoptable characters needed for specific plots here. Remember to state why the character is needed, such as “Stuart is a potential love interest for Lorraine”, or even “TOP SECRET FAMILY SHENANIGANS TO COME GET READY YO”—“I want my mother because she’s my mother” is better suited for our Adoptable Characters listing instead :)

These ads will be cleaned out infrequently throughout the year, but players will be given notice to ensure all posts are up-to-date and posted with active accounts.

Try Lonely Plots instead!

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Elladora Black, or @Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Current as of 11/30/18.

The Vampire Coven
Any of these characters are to be used to get a plot involving @Lyra Potter, the vampires of Britain generally, and the Ministry liaisons who have to deal with them off the ground. These can be temporary characters, can be filled by previously existing characters, or can be combined with other ads if applicable.

While I would obviously prefer activity, your ability to make dramatic plot choices is a higher priority. Please don't be scared away from taking one of these if you feel you can play them well, regardless of your availability!

All roles are gender fluid and unless specified, have entirely open backstories. This includes age, magical background or lack thereof, ethnicity, origins, and history. Most characters should be working class unless you have a damn good reason why they're not, and no one should have a reputation higher than five (though most will likely be lower). Their residence should be the vampire caverns unless you have another idea and want to discuss it with me!

The Cynic
An older vampire and therefore one who carries a good deal of respect in the community, the Cynic distrusts the magical community and thinks Lyra's ambitions to be more seamlessly integrated with them will only end in disaster. The Cynic is her main foil and will work to sabotage her efforts at establishing a "clean slate" for vampires, either by deterring others from joining her cause, or by more overt acts of violence. The Cynic sees vampires as inherently separate from witches and wizards and does not believe it is morally wrong to kill them in order to sustain themselves. Reserved for Fallin.

The Pragmatist
The Pragmatist is older than Lyra, though that isn't saying much (she was only turned five years ago and is still a "baby" in vampire terms). Because of this, the Pragmatist tends to see her ideals as rather naive or even "cute," though would not go so far as to actively sabotage them. The Pragmatist thinks killing is regrettable but necessary, and tries to justify it to themselves by choosing his/her targets appropriately - for instance, killing a 'bad person' or someone who is unlikely to be missed. The Pragmatist also has extensive connections to the black market and often procures blood bags or donations from Slum dwellers for themselves and other residents of the Caverns. The Pragmatist generally disapproves of how much press vampire murders have received lately, but only because s/he dislikes unnecessarily putting their community in the spotlight. Played by MJ as @Ishmael

The Mouse
The Mouse's defining trait is fear; s/he is skittish around witches and wizards due to some previous poor encounter with magic which has left him/her mistrustful of anyone who can wield it. Despite this, s/he is conflicted about killing, and would like to see Lyra's goals succeed — though may be persuaded or bullied by the Cynic into not openly supporting her.

The Idealist
The Idealist is a young vampire (turned less than twenty years ago), who shares many of Lyra's ideals about being able to live openly with the magical community. Unfortunately, the Idealist has not really mastered impulse control, and has incredible difficulty being in close proximity to humans if s/he hasn't eaten very recently. The Idealist may have existing ties in the magical world; that's up to you! Whether s/he is or has ever been in contact with them and how they reacted to the news that s/he had been turned is also up to you. Played by Kit as @Dimitri Lancaster

If you play a vampire who does not fit into one of these boxes, please plot with me all the same! The community is too tight for Lyra and your vamp not to meet sooner or later!
Kayte's Plottables

Hello friends! Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
  • Please reserve your character with me before apping!
  • Obviously, I'd prefer activity from anyone to take these on XD If, after six months, I don't think you're doing much with them (I have very lax standards, don't worry!), I reserve the right to ask you to give them up so someone more active may take them on.
  • I'll give you two weeks after loosing a character in an AC before I put them back up for grabs! If you drop them via Maintenance, they become immediately available again. If you just want to temp drop them, talk to me first! :)
  • Anyone picking up one of my ads must include the family and personality sections. I provide the family in all my applications so just mentioning the names is quite fine by me. Personality can be as minimal as three basic traits, just so I know for sure that our ideas of the character mesh.
If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Aldous Crouch, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)

Last updated April 9th, 2019


Wanteds for...
Below, you’ll find requests that I need for a specific thing for a specific character. Go figure. They are different from my other wanteds in that they are not blood relations and there is some sort of arc in sight. So that’s exciting.

For Elinor

----- GOYLE
[Image: UzE2f7x.jpg?1]
----- and Elinor grew up together, and though they were different in nature—bold vs. reserved, impulsive vs. thoughtful—they were very close until their Hogwarts years, and still moderately close even then. It was, therefore, the height of betrayal when ----- did not stand by Elinor when she and Frederick became engaged. ----- later went on to marry Amos Goyle, though Nora didn’t learn this until many years later.

Wanted to plot out some decade-old drama because #yolo. What her marriage is like etc. is up to the first person to pick up a half of the happy(?) couple. Pictured PB is Anna Camp but this is flexible as long as her family had been in England for at least three generations.

Can't commit long term? This character can be a temporary!

Immediate Ties: @Elinor Goyle

For Holliday

[Image: FYCgfhe.jpg]
B. 1872-1873 | WCAB/MCAB | RAVENDOR | FIFTH YEAR (’88)
Topaz Urquart received ample support from many of her peers after being turned into a werewolf. Too much support. Enter the trio (@Beatrix Borgin et al) of friends who hate her for it, and, by extension, hate her best friend Holliday and her twin, Ruby!

“Dolores” isn’t as actively anti-Topaz as her friends, but is very pro-Her Friends and so will back them 98%. She is in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. As a fourth year, this character can apply for prefect next year! Her family structure, feelings on other halfbreeds, etc. is all up to you! Pictured is Lana Condor.

Immediate Ties: @Beatrix Borgin @Holliday Fudge
Potential Ties: @Citrine Weasley @Elaisa Galloway
Double Up: Dahlia Potts, Ms. Banges (4), "Jemima", "Ethel"

For Lucius

[Image: M03FnJ3.jpg?1]
Loyalty. It cannot be bought, but it can be won. Such was the case between Crouch and his employer, Lucius Lestrange. After his father (a cousin to the grandfather of @Aldous Crouch et al.) lost everything in a scandal, it was Lucius Lestrange who took a chance on the wizard, employing him first as a footman (which, brought up in the comfort of middle class, he was absolute trash at) and shortly after as a valet. He has functioned as Lucius' right hand ever sense, trusted even more than Lucius' sons in many matters—though the Unbreakable Vow his promotion necessitated, that he "never willfully betray his master", certainly helps. Still, if Lucius was the sort to really have friends, they would definitely be friends!

Crouch likely married a woman of Lucius' suggestion and has a child or two that the Lestranges kindly put/will put/are putting through school, though they probably live in a cottage on the Lestrange estate rather than rove about with Crouch himself. He's a deft hand with wandwork, and not all of his tasks are entirely legal or within the typical scope of a valet. Pictured is Conleth Hill.

Needed for my/Lucius' NEW SCHEMES so get at me plz.

Immediate Ties: @Lucius Lestrange
Bonus Ties: @Tiberius Lestrange @Cassius Lestrange

If I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
Bree's Adoptables
❧ Please talk to me before registering or posting an app! I generally like to ~review a WIP app to make sure everything matches the applications/development of other family members!
❧ I generally have a rule of one family member per player to ensure the maximum interaction possible!
❧ Details may or may not be set-in-stone, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious!
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently, to avoid hurt feelings! If you're just not feeling the character, either, don't be afraid to tell me so!

For Edric Umbridge
@Edric Umbridge (&, by extension, @February Umbridge)


b. 1828 | MC/WCPB | Open House | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Rebecca Front

The mother of @Edric Umbridge. Born to the middle class, she married an upper-middle class gentleman named Oswald Umbridge with the hopes of a fairy tale romance. Five year into their marriage, a conversation between the couple led to the realization that her husband had not married her for love. Distraught and heartbroken, she took a lover on the side and ran off with him when the opportunity struck.

She was eventually divorced by Oswald Umbridge on the grounds of abandonment and adultery, she's likely unaware of this fact. Her life after she ran off is up to the player, but here's some plot ~ideas:
  • She and her "lover" got illegally married and had a family of their own, making their (adult) children technically bastards. (You could put them up for adoption and stir up more #drama.)
  • She read the Daily Prophet announcement that her son had been promoted to head auror and is now trying to find him - be it because she misses him, needs money, etc. etc.
  • She's been abandoned by her lover and is now living a life of destitution. She gets caught doing some shady shit to make money, and ends up in the auror office - where her son works.
  • Literally anything else.
— still looking as of November 20th! —

Want to help ruin the social lives of your favorite characters? Contribute to Witch Weekly!
MJ's Plottables
  • Please contact me before picking up one of my wanteds! If in doubt as to how to reach me, PM @Elias Grimstone.
  • Let me know if you plan to drop the character, temporarily or otherwise! If they go inactive and I don't hear from you, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption.
  • For the most part bolded facts are fixed, but (depending on the character) I might be flexible on some of the details, provided you discuss your ideas with me first!
Last updated: 25/11/18 | Click here for my adoptables!

For @Ishmael

Ishmael doesn't often turn people into vampires, but when he does, it's usually because he's gotten attached. He met these two - at different times - while they were still human, magic or muggle, and has either seen them on and off since then or they've fallen off his radar for a while and showed up in Britain out of the blue. Their backstories are very flexible, as they will be younger than Ishmael but can be from anywhere between then and now, be it from Revolutionary America, turn-of-the-century France, or basically anywhere from Britain, Europe, or Asia. I'd prefer you to talk to me first, obviously, so we can figure out the details - also take a look at Lynn's vampire plottables to see whereabouts they might fit into Lyra's schemes. These characters can be either permanent or temporary, depending on what you want to do with them: either way, come join the vamp!drama!



This dude once helped Ishmael out of a bind, and they became friendly after that. In fact, they were such bros that when this guy got in a life-threatening situation, Ishmael got sentimental and rescued him from his untimely deathbed. Or that's how Ishmael remembers it. This guy is much less cool with being a vampire than Ishmael is; being a good, honest, moral person, he has issues with drinking people's blood and may well have a lot of #angst if he has killed people in the past. Understandably, this has caused a bit of a rift in their friendship - Ishmael just wants him to lighten up and have fun so they can continue to be bros eternally. Pictured is Aldis Hodge but face is totally open, depending on their background.



Okay, so turning this girl was a Big Mistake. When they met and she was human, Ishmael probably had a big old crush on her and they may have started off having a fling and/or Ishmael using her as a willing blood bank. At some point, he turned her (either accidentally, or because #Romance?) but he quickly came to regret this, when he realised this girl likes being a vampire too much. Even more than Ishmael, she has no qualms about feeding off people - or killing them - and probably lures her victims out by trying to seduce them. She may target a certain type of person she has a vendetta against, or may never have bothered to learn any control and just goes on mad sprees, letting other people clean up her messes. Obviously, if she doesn't reform her ways, she may well get into big trouble in Hogsmeade - but how things go is all up to you! Pictured is Jessica Parker Kennedy but face is totally open, depending on their background. Played by Lady as @Azazel

For @Jude Wright



Jude's mother. Emilia comes from a generally traditional/conservative upper class family. Although she and her husband got along reasonably enough, it was probably an advantageous match more than one of affection -  and, for whatever reason, they only had one child. Unfortunately for them, that child was Jude. Precocious as a kid and painfully opinionated as a teenager, he didn't make it easy for them to be the typical hands-off UC parents, but things only got worse after he'd graduated Hogwarts, butting heads with his father and derailing far too many dinner parties with socialist rhetoric and other distressing things. Worried about their standing in their social circles, they basically tell him to shape up or ship out - Jude does the latter, moves away to London, and basically ignores his parents' existence as much as humanly possible. At first, at least, they do the same to him - but they come across as perhaps too soft to disown him properly, as when Michael dies of the Laughing Plague in 1884, his will passes on the family estate and inheritance on to Jude as though nothing has happened. (No one is best pleased about this.)

Emilia herself may continue to live on the estate, rent somewhere in Hogsmeade/London, or some combination of both. Her personality is largely open, as is her Hogwarts house, what she does with herself since her husband's death, and how her feelings have or have not changed. I imagine her own rep/social standing has probably suffered somewhat since her socialite wife days, and she may have gravitated towards new friendships or interests as a widow. At some stage in her life, she might even have liked to have a career of her own - but as a married UC woman, didn't follow through - so maybe she's thinking about that again! Maybe she's even becoming more liberal! ;) Regardless, I think it would be interesting if Emilia tried to bridge the gap with Jude and gradually repair their relationship - but I'm pretty open to seeing how things develop!  

(Her natal family situation is also up to you, since Jude probably holds the title of 'Angry Gay Cousin' and doesn't see much of the extended family anymore.) Suggested face is Naomi Watts, but open to alternatives as long as they're blonde/blue-eyed.

Kelly's Plottables
  1. Please let me know that you wish to reserve a character before apping or registering them!
  2. Suggested PBs are just that—suggested—but please run alternative PBs by me before reserving them!
  3. If you drop a character suddenly and without notice, they go back up for adoption. I'm willing to keep a character under your name if you have to drop them temporarily.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    Updated: February 16, 2019
Bree is magical and let me copy this for my own adoptables.
I have characters labeled in levels of priority. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want the "low priority" characters made, but rather that they're less intertwined with my character's doings at the current moment! I'd still love to seem them played if you're interested!
  • A "High Priority Character" is one whose actions are directly tied to the actions of my character at the current moment and likely have the ability to make decisions that could affect the fate of my character. Such characters might be parents to unmarried women, potential love interests, etc.
  • A "Medium Priority Character" is a one who is probably mentioned as an NPC somewhere and would be good to have around for current doings, but whose actions and involvement wouldn't likely directly affect whatever plots are happening. Such characters may be members of a friend group, relatives who they rely on for advice but not support, etc.
  • A "Low Priority Character" is one who likely isn't involved with the day-to-day doings with my character, likely because they have a life separate from my character. They may be a younger sister off at finishing school or Hogwarts, a married brother off with his own family, etc.
The School Bestie

___ ___

b. 1872 | UCAB/MCAB | Sixth Year ('88) | Suggested PB: Corey Fogelmanis
Medium Priority Character

Sweetie and ___ have been best friends since first year. ___ was always a bit of a trouble maker, though was careful not to get into too much trouble as that meant the possibility of too many detentions for his liking and possibly expulsion. Ever since the whole drama with Handsome, ___ has since wisened up a bit to try and help Sweetie out of her emotional pitt of sadness. Even if he got into trouble, he tried his best to keep her out of doing something stupid due to anger.

There is the possibility that he has a crush on her, given how much he's willing to help her and stand by her. His relationship with Chrysanta is up to you, but he wouldn't go starting a fight while Sweetie is around given how close the two girls are. He is a Slytherin.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Sweetie Whitledge
❧ Potential Ties: @Chrysanta Ruskin, @Eldin Bones

The Church Bestie

___ ___ NÉE ___/___ ___

b. 1864-1866 | ACAB | Open | Suggested PB: Brenda Song
Medium Priority Character

She individual may or may not be married. Having been close to Earth since the 1878-1879 school year of Hogwarts, she was the one who converted Earth to the Church of Magical Jesus near the end of the school year. Likely to be in Ravenclaw as well, she had a very open mind regarding Earth's name as well as that of her siblings.

While things were awkward for a bit for the two friends when it was discovered that Uranus is a squib, the two friends have stuck by one another.

Now having relationship trouble, she has come to Earth for help with trouble in paradise. She's in love with someone besides her courter/fiancé/husband. Moral conflict comes to light for the two friends. This plot will officially begin when the character is taken. It would be ideal if the 'lucky' loves are played.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Earth Beck
❧ Potential Ties: @Temperance Fairchild, @Blythe Fairchild, Other fellow church members

The Rawlinson Family


b. 1850 | UCPB | Socialite | Suggested PB: Annabelle Wallis
High Priority Character ~ During Season
Medium Priority Character ~ Off Season

Mother of Margaret and her siblings, she tends be a bit pushy towards her children towards her views. By a bit, meaning 'tries to set up her daughter with a man while on her first season'. A soft purist, she and her husband have allowed for their squib daughter to remain under their household. Though they try to keep it quiet that one of their children is a squib.

Emmeline has taken it upon herself to play as a very insistent match maker for her daughter, hoping to find a pureblood man for Margaret to marry who has similar views some in her family do.

Emmeline is open as a short or long term character, but I'd love to see her played out during this season and see which lady finds Margaret a husband, if either of them do by the end of the season.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Margaret Rawlinson
❧ Potential Ties: Other Socialites (Mainly Purebloods with similar views)

The Lécuyer Family


b. September 23, 1868 | UCPB | Rebellious Debutante | PB: Katerina (Kat) Graham
High Priority Character

Now a former Pendergast Rose, Mireille is technically on the husband hunt... technically. This is all in thanks of Odette convincing their father to allow both twins to 'prove' themselves to be worthy of his respect and showing that their worthy of being out in society. Whether she actually likes that plan is up to character. She was also on the Fogsmeade expedition of 1888, but did not make it past the first day.

Along with her sisters, Mireille had unofficially added her mother's name as a second middle name with their father's consent in the summer of 1881 to honor the woman after she had passed on in 1877, along with their brother.

Having never been much for society herself, she grew up in a strictly purist household. So much of a purist household that when she expressed an obvious interest in muggle fashion she was attacked with an Unforgivable curse in the summer of 1883. The incident was kept quiet and the aunt was promptly disowned for 'being a disappointment' as the family has let known to the public. It was only after this that she started really becoming distant and more rebellious. What was once a proper young girl with a small interest in muggles, now was the rebellious young lady who openly objected to her families views. Though not an outright activist, she does speak out at times when her family states something particularly purist-like.

The same year as the attack from her aunt, she decides to start learning to become an animagus. In the school year of 1885-1886 her progress is slowed due to keeping up with her grades, but not completely stopped. It is in fall of 1887 that she succeeds in her first transformation into a marble fox. This allows her for more freedom and a sense of accomplishment. She is currently unregistered and uses this to explore unchaperoned. Only her father and sisters know of this.

❧ Immediate Ties: @Odette Lécuyer, @Durant Lécuyer
❧ Bonus Ties: @Clarissa Cosgrove, @Angelica Fawley, @Evelyn Abercrombie, @Alexandra McPadraic
❧ Potential Ties: Any debs and single men

Magic by MJ!

Finn's Plottables!

Heya!  These are the plottables for Finn.  If you want to play someone, please contact @Billie Farrow.  Please try to be active!   If you want adoptables, check over here.

For @Thomas Montgomery:

Run away with a pornographer!

Ester Montgomery
36 (1852) | Any House | Working or Middle Class? | Halfblood or Pureblood
Probably a nude model or something or a moocher

Ester Montgomery is the mother of @Thomas Montgomery.  Three years ago, she ran away with a pornographer and left her family in the dust.  I mean, who wouldn't?  It is highly likely she was already having an affair with him long before the two took off.  After Ester's daughter died before she was even able to turn one, she started to act differently and would often disappear for days on end.  The family moved from Yorkshire to Hogsmeade to Irvingly in a rather short span of time to try and make a new start.  Two years ago, Ester started sending her son letters while he was at school.  None of these letters have been answered, but they keep arriving.  It's getting harder and harder for her son to avoid them any longer.
Play-by must have dark hair.

For @Billie Farrow:

Jimmy Fletcher
9 or 10 | Will head to Hogwarts the same year as Billie 1890| Working Class | Halfblood or Pureblood
Billie's arch nemesis and occasional frenemy

Jimmy Fletcher is a working class lad who resides in Hogsmeade. Him and Billie are constantly fighting and arguing. They both absolutely loathe each other, yet they somehow enjoy each others company. Their distaste for one another has become almost a competition and a game. They beat up on each other. They shout atrocities. Sometimes, they declare a truce! Especially if they decide they need to band together to help another, fellow Hogsmeade child from one of the dreaded kids from Irvingly or elsewhere. Jimmy isn't a bad kid, per se. He just has very little manners, and he's the rough and tumble, short fuse sort.

He goes by Jimmy, but he could have a different first name.

He has a punchable face.
Play-by can look like anyone!

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
UPDATED: 23/11/18
[Image: MV5BMjUzZTJmZDItODRjYS00ZGRhLTg2NWQtOGE0...17_AL_.jpg]

'Anna' is a Russian socialite, she is between 25-35, and she is upper middle class and was/or is married.  She is HB/PB but most likely Halfblood
She may or may not have children, and her husband could be in the picture or dead - that is up to the player.  She has some sort of base/house in St. Petersburg

She is confident, vivacious, and outgoing.  While not upper class she conducts herself as a consummate lady and is adept at navigating social situations.  She is witty and intelligent.  She is basically the type of lady that all little girls would dream of growing up to be.   She completed her education at Koldovstoretz, and would have been a Raven-dor if she had gone to Hogwarts.  

She has a reputation no lower than 8.

She was introduced to society by Maddie's grandmother, who treated her as a daughter after Katerina was disowned.  

This summer (circa end of June) Maddie made a trip to St. Petersburg and the two were introduced.  She knows all of the circumstances surrounding the estrangement and the inheritance.  She and Maddie became friends, and she has helped Maddie adapt to society, albeit in Russia.  

When Maddie determined that she was going to return to England, 'Anna' decided to go to, if her husband is in the picture he should have come too.  This decision was made mostly for fun and because she hadn't spent any time there and well, because she could!

Now that Maddie and Maggie are a little strained, Maddie confides a good deal in 'Anna' and trusts her opinion on how to adept to her new role.  

Face is open - Brunette Preferred  but any non-blonde is grand
[Image: m.media-amazon.c_.jpg]

The Teacher was @Benevolence Montague mentor when she was learning herbology. They could be male or female - Ben was apprenticed to them after she left Hogwarts and spent a year working with them. They had been friends of her fathers.

Marital status, children, blood status, etc are all open.

[align=center][Image: ItXbzb.png]
<3 Nolan sets are crack!
Maddie has moved out of her family home and is now living in Bartonberg, and living with a middle class Russian family.  Her inheritance is common knowledge.  

Kit's Plottables
❧ Please contact me before making a character.
❧ I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
❧ I obviously want activity out of you but I am fairly lax on that! If there are repeated losses in the AC though and you don't talk to me about what is happening with it, I reserve the right to throw the wanted ad back up for someone else to take.
❧ Please contact me before you drop a character, whether it be temporarily or permanently so I can plan accordingly.

For Philip Aymslowe

b. 1857-1862 | ACAB | Open House | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Dominic Sherwood for lols but very open

This Friend is a friend of Philips that frequents his sweet shop and is very close friends with Philip. Philip has a crush on him and unbeknownst to him, perhaps this friend has a crush on Philip in return. Either way, Philips mother thinks they are a thing and thinks her son is gay (he's bi but still) since he has never shown much interest in holding a womans interest.

I am totally open for this being a new developing thing, especially if you want to squeeze an existing character into this!
For Roberto Devine

b. 1860-1865 | UCPB | Open House | Open Occupation | Suggested PB: Adriana Lima, open

The Wrench is the woman that got paired up with Roberto in the Pink Letter thing. Only, when it wore off, she decided that this was Fate or something like that, her reasons are up to you. But at any rate, she has decided that Roberto is 'wasted' on @Ophelia Devine who is a) not pureblood and b) used to be middle class before Armando took her in. Suffice to say, she personally feels that she is a much better match for him than Ophelia is and wants to be sure they both know it.

This can totally be an existing character if she fits the bill!

reserved for fallin

For Richard Gladstone
b. 1859 & 1861 | UCHB | Open House | Wives | Suggested PB: Redheaded, please!

Rowena (b. 1859) and Lenora (b. 1861) are Richard's very protective and social conscious sisters. They both read Witch Weekly pretty thoroughly and while some things they laugh off as being ludicrous, they also take some heed in what the magazine and general rumor mill says. Thus, they were none too happy when they heard that their precious big brother had a thing for the notorious @Bella Scrimgeour.

They might be sympathetic to her plight, thats up to you and how they personally see things. But either way, they have seen how torn up Richard is and no matter what Bella is to him, they are Not Into him being hurt that way and have taken it upon themselves to toss him into the path of any and every suitable woman they can think of.

UPDATE: Richard finally came to his senses thanks to this and has been moping around ever since. His sisters have done their best to cheer him up and have been dragging him to events in the hopes that he will finally be open to meeting a much more suitable woman. Especially with this rumor floating around.

Bee's Plottables
01 | Reservations are requested so I know you're interested, just touch base with me. They are at my discretion for duration. All of my contact information is in Elsie's profile.
02 | Not much is set in stone here, but I would like you to run any drastic changes by me, please! Feel free to mix and match, if you'd rather the Work Mate be a girl, just discuss with me beforehand!
03 | Lots of activity is a nice bonus, but I totally understand that real life gets in the way. Please keep me updated about your intentions as they change (ie vacations or deactivation) just so we're on the same page! If I notice repeated deactivation in ACs I'll reach out!

Geek Squad
for @Nemo Fisk
extra ties @Zelda Fisk, @Ari Fisk, @Dionisia Fisk

Nemo needs friends, so why not base a little friend group off The Flash? Because I can, so I will. Ages/occupations/blood/class are flexible, though I've included ideas so that they're applicable. HMU if you think you can combine/fit into another fam etc, I'm pretty flexible! These can be existing characters within reason!

The Work Mate
1862-1866 | open house | single | 7+ rep
Dept of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Tom Felton

Nemo works in the Muggle Liaison Office, so his Work Pal would need to be somewhere in the DMAaC somewhere so they cross paths often. Work Pal may be a couple years older and have taken Nemo under his wing when Nemo first joined the dept OR they have a friendly work rivalry going on. He's pretty open in regards to history, though is likely WC/MC. If he's WC he would have probably been bright enough to scholarship through NEWTs.

The Best Mate
1866 | Puff/Gryff | single | 7-9 rep
Keiynan Lonsdale
POC Encouraged!

Nemo's childhood bestie, the two went to Hogwarts together (though he doesn't have to be a Puff it would be fun!). Likely MC, he's a little more outgoing and charismatic than Nemo. He could have played quidditch if there was room, but likely followed his dad into the ministry upon graduation. He may have gone for something a little more flashy, Auror, Hitwizard, Accidental Magical Reversal Squad, etc. The Best Mate pushes Nemo to be a little more social but the pair get on well. Nemo is often the level-headed one keeping Best Mate out of trouble.


The Little Sister
1868-1870 | open house | single | 7-9 rep
Deb/Appropriate for Class
Candice Patton
POC Encouraged! (must match Best Mate)

Best Mate's little sister has always been trailing after the boys and may or may not hold a candle for Nemo. He's oblivious because he's Nemo and because #brocode. She's likely independent and may hold a job appropriate to her class (likely MC), healer, secretary etc. She's been in Best Mate's shadow her entire life and just wants to be her own person.

The Mom Friend
1866 | Puff/Gryff | single | 7-9 rep
Melissa Benoist

The Mom Friend (likely Puff, WC/MC) was in the boy's year at school, but is also likely friends with The Little Sister. The two could work together or just have bonded over their mutual exasperation with the boys. She was always making sure they stayed out of trouble, likely has the most common sense, though not necessarily the best student, she did well enough to get enough NEWTs to pursue healing. She may or may not have a little crush on The Best Mate, but probably  never said anything.

OR you could #doubleup and hurl her at Eugene! hahah

And remember graphics to whoever picks one up, regardless of the condition of my shop!!

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
The Revolutionaries

The Revs are a group of activists, progressives, optimists and do-gooders who have been orbiting @Jude Wright since around 1882. Names and concepts very loosely borrowed from Les Mis. Everyone has a lot of Opinions on the election, and political beliefs all veer leftwards. The gang hangs out in a wizarding London pub named ‘The Augurey Beak Cafe,’ and are mostly lower/middle class. Reps should be mostly 3s/4s.

To adopt, please contact MJ or Beanie!
  • Names and PBs are up to you; POC encouraged.
  • Should be aged between about 21-31.
  • Reservations last for 2 weeks.
  • In case of willful dropping, ads will go up straightaway. If you lose them in an AC, we’ll wait a week.
’The Enjolras’ @Jude Wright | The leader of the Revs, an ardent progressive who will either lead them to doom or victory. Played by MJ.

The Combeferre  | @Kingsley Wells MCAB. Jude’s best friend, a ridiculously intelligent healer who is in many ways the ‘brains’ of the operation. Former Ravenclaw. Lives with Jude in London. Middle Class. He’s part of the leadership-trio that includes Esteban Zavala, and so should have been yearmates with Esteban and Jude (so born in about 1861.) I like Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for his face.

The Courfeyrac | @Esteban Zavala The ‘center’ of the group, Esteban is charming and energetic and personable. The third part of the leadership trio. Played by Kit.

’The Marius’ |MCAB. Born to the upper class, Marius was disowned by his grandfather for being an ardently progressive nerd and is now in the ~middle class and about a rep 3. He is ridiculously in love with ‘Cosette,’ and often ridiculous in other ways, too. He is ardent and optimistic and frequently naive, and I love him. Suggested PB: Tom Webb

’The Joly’ | @'Finn Rowe' Finn is an anxious healer with hypochondriac tendencies, a sometimes-hazardous combination. Generally eccentric. He lives with Bossuet and Musichetta, and is played by Fawkes.

’The Musichetta’| LCAB. Musichetta is an amiable woman, quick-witted, and light on her feet. She lives with Finn and Bossuet. There is room for a functional polyship between Finn/Chetta/Bossuet, to be discussed with Fawkes. Suggested PB: Paulina Singer.

’The Bossuet’ | @Asha Bilton LCAB. Bossuet is a cheerful person with legitimately terrible luck all of the time, basically proof of the law that if something can go wrong, it probably will. Despite this, he’s a huge optimist and always laughing and cracking jokes. He and Finn are BFFs. There is room for a functional polyship between Finn/Chetta/Bossuet, to be discussed with Fawkes.

’The Bahorel’ | @Raymond Beasley A solid boxer who can and will cheerfully kick your ass. He was definitely a Gryffindor and has the kind of bold personality that can rub people the wrong way, but is also one of the best friends you will ever have once you have him. His favorite human being is Marius and he sometimes boxes with Kieran. He is a member of the middle or lower class and I love him.

’The Feuilly’ | A member of the lower class, Feuilly is an orphan (or had a similarly difficult childhood) with a generous heart. Extremely hard-working, he did not get to complete his schooling; still, he champions education for all, and is probably self-taught and multi-talented at a bunch of skills and/or personal interests (and Jude thinks he’s basically the best person ever). A down-to-earth guy, he likely gets along pretty well with people outside the group. Suggested PB: Markel Williams.

’The Jehan’| @Marmaduke Warbeck MCAB. Comfortably middle class, Jehan is sweet, sensitive and very shy. He’s a dreamer and melancholy poet, has the worst fashion sense imaginable, is really into literature and flowers and nature and music and falls in love easily but also Dramatically Contemplates Death and is Ready to Fight. (Think John Keats.)

’The Grantaire @Kieran Abernathy | Kieran is a borderline alcoholic asshole secret-werewolf, who originally came to meetings to heckle but now comes to… heckle. And be painfully in love with Jude. It’s a thing.

’The Eponine’ @Eileen Buchanan Eileen is a delightful smart-ass and Kieran’s roommate. She’s in unrequited love with Marius, because the Kieleen flat is a painful place, and so Hufflepuff it hurts.

’The Cosette’ @Betsy Cooper AN ANGEL AMONG US. MCAB, Cosette is a rep 3 for being a known bastard, or at least a suspected one, because she is not her father’s biological daughter. She’s generally lovely but has a hard edge if pushed, and had a terrible childhood that she usually doesn’t talk about. Kieran thinks she’s an actual angel and she often models for his drawings. She is dreadfully in love with ‘Marius.’

’The Montparnasse’ @Monty Morales LCAB. A London criminal and general asshole, Montparnasse swings by to antagonize the rest of the gang and is sort of the anti-Jude. Generally lacking in morals, Montparnasse is useful if you want to get something done under the radar… But might stab you in the back to do it. We think it would be cool if he was tied to the Ashwinders, but talk to Kayte if you want to go that route! Beanie thinks it’s fun if he has some brief sexual history with Kieran, but it’s up for discussion. Suggested PB is Joseph Gilgun.


Coding for this compiled by Lady, but taken from various things around the site. Soph coded the quote at the beginning, the headers are integrated into the site's coding, and the coding for the justified paragraph format is taken from a letter coding also by Soph! Kayte  basically scalped this to make a zombified want ad thinger, and then Beanie stole it from her. >.>

Updated Dec. 23

For Ernest Mulciber:
Mrs. Montague
Mrs. Montague is an ACAB (pref. MC) woman in her 20s-30s. She is in some kind of relationship (married, courting, engaged, has kids, whatever), but unhappily so, as she is very intelligent and feels she is wasting her potential as a housewife. Her younger brother (or some relative she's close to) recently started working for the Department of Mysteries, leading her to meet Ernest at a Ministry party of some variety. The two banter and hit it off, leading her to seek him out in the future for some intellectual stimulation/witty conversation, which leads to ~other things. She may actually enjoy his company or may be trying to use him/his position as a way to improve her future (angling for a DoM position herself? wants some DoM secrets for an independent research project?) - that's up to you/up for discussion.

Interested parties should be open to the idea of rep-affecting events in the future as there is DRAMA in the stars for this gal. 

Pictured PB is Katrina Bowden, alternatives to look nothing like @Rufina Mulciber.

The only important aspects of this character are her personality and the potential for future shenanigans; everything else is flexible. Want to tweak the idea for a new character? Have an existing character who might work? Hit me up!

For Reuben Crouch:
The Princess
The Princess is a 18-26 year old girl from a powerful family (either UC or MC-with-connections); she can be any blood status. She and Ben developed some sort of relationship in spring/summer of 1887, which lead to him getting in trouble with her family. His older brother decided it would be best to send him off to Canada for a few months while things cooled down, and he returned in the beginning of 1888.

What exactly their relationship was like prior to Canada is open; the inciting incident that got him sent to Canada is open; what interactions they've had since then are open; what they do next is open. I'm really just looking for someone who is open to drama moving forward and willing to retcon a little baggage into their past. Depending on your preference we can thread out their previous interactions in past threads or just talk them over before moving forward.

Existing characters strongly encouraged! New characters with existing connections (friends, family, etc, etc) also super welcome. I'd also not turn down a totally new, blank slate sort of girl, but having other people to get involved is just much more fun, so if you want to make her I'd encourage you to plug her into an existing family. ;) ;)
For Katherine Russell & Isaac Russell:
For upcoming family drama shenanigans:

Mr. Russell
"Thomas" Russell (name changeable-ish) is the father of Katherine and @Isaac Russell. He lived and worked in England until late 1880, when the family next door was murdered. As he was the prime (only) suspect, he fled the country and has been living as an exile in Morocco ever since. Everyone (including Kate) assumes that he did it, but no one knows why — what really happened is up to you. He is comfortably upper MC, perhaps because of his dealings with the Moroccan sea traders or perhaps because he stole the fortune of the murdered family. His wife divorced him in absentia, and he now avoids speaking about her (or the divorce) to his children. He gave Kate a great deal of freedom in Morocco - whether that's out of trust or whether he just didn't care enough to keep tabs on her is up to you. He employed a tutor for Katherine but sent Isaac to England in order to be taught at Hogwarts. His reputation in England would be 1-2. The arrest warrant is still current for him, so he may not travel to England or any country with an extradition treaty unless he does so secretly. If played, I can manufacture a catastrophe that would require him to come to England for #drama.

PB is open, pictured is Viggo Mortensen
Ms. Davies (formerly Russell)

Pauline Davies (name open) is the mother of Katherine and Isaac Russell. She was taken in for questioning in 1880 after being spotted wearing a necklace that allegedly belonged to her recently murdered neighbor, and told authorities it had been a gift for her husband. Thomas then fled with the children to Morocco, and Pauline underwent a lengthy process to divorce him. She was harbored by her family and now lives with one of her relatives as a "spinster" aunt/chaperone. Her reputation has been slowly climbing since the murders but should not be higher than 6. She has not been in contact with either of her children since 1880 — if you prefer, she may have written letters which were kept from the children prior to their arrival in England.

PB is open, pictured is Amanda Peet.

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