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A Guilty Party
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June 20th, 1888, Lunch time — Sanditon Dining Room

As refreshing as it was to still have magic in their lives, Rufina could not rightly consider the Mulciber's sojourn at the Sanditon a relaxing vacation. Even if there was not a great deal of uncertainty behind every conversation, there was still the knowledge in the back of the socialite's mind that she had—indirectly, of course—killed a woman. That morning, though, had seen them blessed by good weather, and Rufina and Flora had even taken in the bathing machines, leaving the witch decidedly more relaxed when she descended upon the dining room for lunch.

Flora would be dining in the children's tearoom and Merriweather had not yet arrived, leaving only empty seats and the day's Prophet for occupation as she waited to be served. This, it seemed, would prove positive, for Rufina was quite certain that if she had been eating anything when she saw the headline, she would have choked upon it.

Body discovered in fog.

Immediately, she flashed back to the moment when she had realized the bump in their way had not been a log or a sack but a human corpse. Wide-eyed and stunned, she stared at the page, having not even reached the name of the deceased. Her heartbeat became a deafening drumming in her ears, a chant: You're caught. You're caught. You're caught. You're caught.

Open to up to 4 potential companions, MC+, full human, 5+ rep — Sanditon does not like to offend with their seatings

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Warwick had decided to take himself and his wife out of Hogsmeade as a precaution when the fog first reached Hogsmeade. Having left in the area that was still clear at the time in the village, they hadn't been back since. Hopefully the fog was not a permanent status for the area known as Hogsmeade. That would be quite troubling.

After a while of staying in one of his families other homes, he decided to take a vacation with his lovely wife to the Resort. Sadly his dear wife was feeling ill on this particular morning, and had elected to stay in their room until she felt better. Not that he could blame her for this decision.

Lunch had come about and it seemed that his wife was still sick. It was quite disappointing, as they had been having such a nice time before hand. Having decided to give her space, he had his lunch in the dining room. While enjoying said lunch, he noticed the startled gaze of a woman nearby who was looking through the Daily Prophet.

Deciding it would be irresponsible of him to check on the woman, he went over and actually recognized the woman. After all, they were of similar social standing, aside from the difference in gender. Also, if he recalled correctly, she had been in the same house as him in Hogwarts, though a year ahead. "Mrs. Mulciber, are you alright?" He asked, deciding to stick to what he came over for rather than start with small talk.

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It took a moment—too long a moment—for Rufina to realize she was being addressed. She swiftly recognized Mr. Nott, and returned with what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

“Quite, Mr. Nott,” Rufina answered. “Only, I was quite taken aback by the news.” she gestured to the paper, lying open on the table before her.

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Mrs. Mulciber had taken too long. Warwick could tell that something was wrong. However, part of him was hesitant to ask any further. She wasn't his wife, or one of his sisters. Perhaps her own husband would ask her later, if she still had such troubles on her mind.

Looking at the paper that she gestured to, he began to see why she could be so rattled. "A tragedy indeed. I'm sure it was an accident." He assured, giving a polite smile to the lady. Hopefully that would put some ease into Mrs. Mulciber's mind.

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"I would never have thought any different!" Rufina returned, aghast at the prospect. Of course, she expected, Mr. Nott would think her aghast at the prospect of murder, not because she had been involved.

"With the fog having so infected Hogsmeade," the witch continued, "it is a miracle we have not seen such news more often. My own children might have been victims, had we not left with haste."

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Women always seemed to be so sensitive. Hence why Warwick favored his brothers rather than his sisters, and his nephews rather than his nieces. Men always seemed to be more reasonable in Warwick's eyes.

Nodding slightly, that was a troubling thought indeed. "And my new wife could have been a victim as well. Quite an unthinkable possibility." He responded. Oceane was the woman he loved, and loosing her would be a deep tragedy indeed.

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Was Mr. Nott married? Somehow, that detail had escaped her altogether—but then, Rufina was unusually preoccupied, however much she tried to hide it.

“We are fortunate indeed to have the means to flee such disaster, then,” she allowed brightly. Fortunate to have been in the carriage rather than under it.

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He did wonder how his parents were doing, due to the fact that they had decided to not travel for the sake of father and his health. The fact that the man had not improved recently had become a worry for the family. Of course he would wish for this father to get better. He respected and cared for the man.

"I'm sure the Ministry will think of some safety precautions to try to prevent such things from happening again in the future." He mused. What else could the Ministry possibly doing at this point?

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“It is rather appalling that we have had to take measures into our own hands in such fashion,” Rufina replied. “Honestly—do they expect us to live as muggles?”

Magic had all sorts of uses. It could discern secrets.

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Mrs. Mulciber did have a point. "It is quite frustrating. I can't imagine how those still stuck in Hogsmeade and Irvingly are coping." How could those muggles live day-to-day without magic?

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“Indeed!” she exclaimed as though altogether shocked by the idea. Instead, Rufina was still shocked by her discovery, but relief had already begun to course through her as the topic of conversation had moved away from her transgression. Mentally, the witch vowed to better watch her emotions, for they might give her away—and such a scandal was a fate worse than death!

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