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Body Discovered in Fog
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
June 20th, 1888

Georgia Whitledge Murdered?

On Saturday, the local constabulary was alerted to the discovery of a body in Hogsmeade's affluent Wellingtonshire. The body has since been identified as area resident Mrs. Georgia Whitledge, widow of the late Mr. Harvey Whitledge, who passed away in 1880. Identification was made swiftly, with notices going to family the next day.

Mrs. Whitledge had reportedly not been seen by family since venturing out on the Wednesday prior, but her household believed she had simply taken refuge with a friend nearby. Such stories have been common in Irvingly since the fog first appeared, but have proven less so in Hogsmeade.

Coroners report that the cause appears to be several crushed bones, consistent with being hit by a quick-moving carriage. Local residents had been advised to limit speed given the overpowering fog in the area, but evidently not everyone took heed. The culprits have not yet been apprehended, but residents are encouraged to come forth with any information. Even if Mrs. Whitledge's death was not deliberate, failure to report remains a crime.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Kayte
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