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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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May 25th, 1888 - Diagon Alley
He wanted to get something to send Angie. Angie was on an adventure, and Cash was stuck here, which meant that he should send her something. If she found Avalon, she would undoubtedly send him something neat - that they probably wouldn't find Avalon was not high on Cash's priority list today.

He was twenty-two, which Eli would never be, and it was a year today since Cash got him killed. Angie loved Eli too. She deserved -- something. Flowers were probably too morbid, though, and would not reach her boat before they died anyways. So Cash was looking for something eccentric when he spotted them.

"Miss Abercrombie!" Cash called. Part of hypothetically falling for a girl was making a point to speak to her, right? And besides, he liked her. He crossed the street with his usual grace and stopped in front of the pair. "And - I don't believe I've had the good fortune to meet your companion."

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Part of Operation: Get Hitched, Get Rich was hanging around her already-wealthy friends, which was not at all difficult seeing that her two closest friends already fit that description! Lucy wasn't in attendance due to family matters, which left Helga and Nora to take to the streets by themselves with a single chaperon in tow for the two to share.

Or at least they were by themselves.

In the middle of a conversation about the Sanditon Season Opener that had happened the previous weekend, an unfamiliar voice — that was attached to a face that was familiar, once she'd turned to look — called Nora's name. It was Mr. Cassius Lestrange, a younger gentleman who she'd never met in person, but had seen numerous times on the cover of quidditch magazines that lined the tabloid stands.

She briefly eye Nora knowingly, a mischievous smile spread on her lips, before turning to face the gentleman.

"You're Mr. Lestrange! Chudley's seeker, right?" she chirped, her smile widening. "If I knew Nora was well-acquainted with you—" Which she did, but she wouldn't say that. "—I would have asked to meet you sooner! My name's Helga Scamander." With that, she turned to her friend and gave a subtle wink, as if to say you're welcome!

Post Log
Wandering around London and the Alley was quite the wonderful way to spend the afternoon and with Helga (and a chaperon of course) in tow too! The warm weather of the impending summer left Nora with lots of places to escape her mother and shopping for a new dress had certainly done the trick! They had a few places to stop and visit, chitchatting idly about the Sandition event last weekend when Nora suddenly heard her name called.

Her initial reaction to seeing that it was Mr. Lestrange was delighted; the second was abject horror as Helga launched into some kind of round about introduction. Nora had shared a couple of details with her friends about meeting Mr. Lestrange, but not much beyond their coincidental run-ins. She hadn't really told them about how much she enjoyed the encounters, but they could probably guess.

Which was what led Nora to be so horrified as Helga was clearly using that in this very moment. Her friend was the sweetest, most outgoing person Nora had ever met, something Nora envied about her friend, but sometimes it was a little over the top! She passed Mr. Lestrange an apologetic smile and just let Helga go on with her introduction. "Yes, my apologies. Helga this is Mr. Cassius Lestrange and as you now know, this is my friend Helga Scamander. It's lovely to see you again."

Merlin willing, this would hopefully be a brief encounter in which Nora wouldn't die of embarrassment somehow.

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Holy shit, this one was enthusiastic. Cash blinked twice, and turned to Miss Abercrombie, who was operating at her usual level of mellow. Then he could go back to looking at both of them. "Nice to meet you," Cash said cheerfully, "And to see you again, Miss Abercrombie."

Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

"What brings you two to London today?" Cash asked, mildly.

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Helga, ever the idealist, was fairly clueless about how her introduction had caused Nora embarrassment. Of course, Nora's cheeks were red, but Nora's cheeks were always some shade of red or pink. Why should she think this was any different?

Mr. Lestrange wasn't as debonair as she'd imagined a gentleman from a very powerful, dignified family might be — which, upon further consideration, made him an even better choice for the skittish Nora! Marriage wasn't something that was a definite in Helga's head yet, though; Cassius Lestrange was still very young, though she had little idea if it mattered to Mrs. Abercrombie. This was a Lestrange they were talking about!

"We were window shopping," she explained with simplicity, continuing to glance at Nora with the hopes that Mr. Lestrange's eyes might stay on her friend. The more attention Nora got, the better (even if Helga was prone to putting herself in the center of attention). "I think Miss Abercrombie wanted to get some books. Would you like to join us?" she asked, tossing a knowing glance at her friend.
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Post Log
Nora could only nod along with Helga's explanation as her friend beat  her to the punch. She had mixed emotions about Helga's invitation to have Mr. Lestrange join them. On one hand, she would very much enjoy his company, on the other, as much as she loved Helga, Nora thought she would really rather spend this time one-on-one with either one- not both at the same time.

Thankfully Helga suggested the bookstore and though it hand't been Nora's original destination, it would certainly be less awkward than picking up the dress she'd intended to. That could wait for another day or Nora could ask someone from the household staff to pick it up for her. Also, Nora knew books were at least a common ground for them as they'd already discussed some during their previous encounters. "Only if you have time." Nora added, trying to assure Mr. Lestrange that he needn't indulge Helga's request if he was busy. Chancing a glance at their chaperon, the woman seemed outwardly alright with the idea, but Nora already knew the maid would be telling her mother.


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There was probably something for Angie at the bookstore.

Cash didn't know how to find a book that would encompass what he had to say. I'm sorry and I don't want to be here anymore and please just let me go. Probably there wasn't one. But Angie loved books, she was a curious creature if she was anything, and he suspected that she was going to run out of books on her boat sooner or later.

"I was actually headed in that direction myself," Cash said after Miss Abercrombie, "If you don't mind?"

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She was far too excited and far too giddy about the possibilities—the marriagepossibilities—to consider what might actually make Nora comfortable, and thus was quick to pipe up after Mr. Lestrange's question. "Of course we don't mind. The more the merrier!" she chirped, tossing a subtle suggestive look at Nora.

If anything else, Nora and Mr. Lestrange browsing through books together would give her time to evaluate how good of a match they might be. And how tall their children might be.

Post Log
"Of course, we'd be delighted for the company." Nora added.Well that settled that. Helga agreeing for both of them, though it did seem that Mr. Lestrange was indeed headed the same direction. Casting Cassius a cautious smile, Nora started off toward the bookshop at an easy pace. The urge to ask if he was shopping for another adventure novel was high, but she wasn't sure Mr. Lestrange would appreciate such an admission in front of Helga, so she refrained and instead opted for,

""Looking for something new for yourself?" She was indeed curious, but thought that a more appropriate question and he could answer with as much detail as he liked.

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Cash shook his head. "A friend of mine," he said easily. "He's traveling, but I wanted to send him something." It was easier to pretend that Angie was a man for the sake of this conversation - easier, because there was nothing suspicious about it. People would have expected Cash to have feelings for Angie, and yet he didn't, at least not in that way.

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Rather than interject herself in the conversation, Helga allowed her eyes to wander, but there was no hiding the knowing smile on her face as she glanced around. Oh, how she couldn't wait to see Nora married off, and likely as a bridesmaid, too! It was only when her eye caught a particular sign—an advertisement for a new adventure book—that Helga added her two cents.

"I'm sure the bookshop has plenty of adventure books to choose from. And they always have little trinkets lining the windows if you're looking for something less wordy," she suggested, though toned down her voice to seem less overly-enthusiastic and more conversational.

Post Log
Nora cast Helga a look. Perhaps she had mentioned reading or two recently, but other than that, had no idea why her friend would specifically mention them. Clearly Helga paid closer attention than Nora realized.

"That's very kind of you." She instead turned to Mr. Lestrange at the mention of a gift for a friend. The reached the steps of the bookstore itself and Helga was indeed right about the window, but Nora chose to breeze into the shop itself without pausing to look, not wanting to appear frivolous. "What were you looking for to send your friend?" Though Nora wouldn't pretend to know what gentlemen liked to read in their spare time, she supposed if Mr. Lestrange's friend liked the same kind of novels he did, it wouldn't be too hard to find something.

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"Well, he's a cursebreaker," Cash said, following Miss Abercrombie into the shop. "So I'm not sure he'd actually enjoy an adventure book." He smiled, briefly, at Miss Scamander.

"He does like weird trinkets, or - mysteries, maybe." Usually Cash got Angie something eccentric, but now he was - planning, or uncommitted, or whatever. He just didn't know.

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Helga wasn't sure what sort of trinkets would be best-suited for a curse-breaker; those weren't the sort of people she usually associated with, nor the type that she was encouraged to associate with.

"Well I'm sure we'll find something," she said with a dismissive wave as they neared the storefront. All the while, she was beginning to formulate a plan—one that began with leaving Nora and Mr. Lestrange alone to spend some quality time together. They could not find love if she was attached to their hips!

Post Log
Nora ran her gently her fingers over the spines of the books beside her as she meandered down the first aisle of the bookstore, pausing here and there to look at a title or pull out a book to read the first page. Things like the knickknacks were more towards the outskirts of the shop, but she wasn't in any rush as it appeared neither was Mr. Lestrange. There was little she enjoyed more than the bookstore and looking for new books to get lost in.

"Does your friend have any other interests besides cursebreaking?" She cast a curious glance at Mr. Lestrange, one to make sure she hadn't lost him. Nora wasn't all the familiar with the occupation itself, but she could venture a guess as to what it entailed. Then again an job did not make up a person entirely, surely they had other interests.

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Cash knew Angie better than he knew anyone, but he still had to think about it. He knew that when he saw something she'd like he would know right away, but it was still difficult to describe Angie to other people. Especially to Miss Abercrombie and Miss Scamander, because while he had only just met them, Cash knew already that they would not like her. Angie was too - well, she lived off the beaten path, and people had a problem with that.

"Egypt," he said, because that was technically separate from cursebreaking, "Anything historical. He likes his cat, too." It was hard to remember to use the different pronouns, but he did not want to deal with explaining his female best friend to these two. If he had his way, anyways, Miss Abercrombie would never know that Angie even existed.

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