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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Reluctant Lawyer
Reluctant Lawyer

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Finnian Byrne

Full Name: Finnian Clancy Byrne

Nickname(s): Finn, Finny

Birthdate: April 01, 1857

Age: 31

Occupation: Reluctant Lawyer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Connolly House in County Galway, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus ('75)

Wand: Dogwood, 8½ inches, Kelpie Hair, Pliant

Desmond Byrne, Father [1825]
Siobhán Byrne (née Connolly), Mother [1827 - 1884]
Connell Byrne, Brother [1852]
Lorcan Byrne, Brother [1861]

Aaaaand the rest of the Connolly brood.
Finnian considers himself extremely handsome, and has on many occasions told many they're wrong (to their face even!) for suggesting otherwise. While not especially tall, he stands taller than average at five feet, eight inches tall and has somewhat of a naturally-athletic build. He has medium brown hair and brown eyes, and light skin. Like his brothers, one of his more notable features are his expressive eyebrows.

He dresses modestly fashion-wise for a man of the middle class, instead enjoying outfits that are more functional. He usually wears browns, neutrals, or anything that really allows him to blend into his surroundings. He is right-handed and holds his wand in an notably odd, but still fully-functional position.


Notable elements of his personality:

Growing up, Finnian level of competitiveness outweighed his actually ability to compete, leading to low self-esteem throughout his childhood. He'd often switch between giving all of his effort to giving none, baffling anyone who had ever begun to think he was finally putting in that long-awaited work. It never helped that he never kept his interests in one place, so while it might've looked like he was still putting in effort into his many endeavors, it wasn't real effort. He's not completely devoid of caring, though; he actually hates being a failure and has many regrets (not that it stops him from making more mistakes in the present).

On the inside, Finnian is an inherently good person, showing a desire to help others when they may need it. He has listening ears, though doesn't always give the best advice. He loves with all of his heart and shows loyalty to his family, which he showed when he remained with the Connollys when his brother and father broke tradition by moving out. He can come across as a bit bitter and depressing sometimes, especially when others are of the opinion that bringing up his past failures is a good idea.

Despite being involved in the law, Finnian shows a startling lack of interest in politics. It's probably because he believes that change is temporary and that any new leaders will swiftly undo the actions of the previous — or at least that's the most likely reason, because he sure hasn't told anyone why.
    ☛ A fire ant, which was so embarrassing that he refused to cast it except when forced to.
1857 | His mother gets the biggest April Fools Day prank of all by giving birth to him. Not that he's a particularly troublesome baby, but his parent's belief that he'll be no trouble is precisely what leads to him being an utter failure. 'Probably would've done better with helicopter parenting, but whatever.

1859 | Finnian's first sign of magic makes a rather early appearance, happening in the late afternoon when wrestling his stuffed dragon. Though simply a stuffed animal, Finnian manages to animate it... and then it almost strangles him #winning. He gets major revenge by throwing it away, only to cry when he can't find it.

1861 | Lorcan's birth comes a little over a week after his fourth birthday, and he's not very happy to have the attention off him. He subsequently makes innumerable attempts to catch the attention of his mother, only to be snubbed by having older relatives or the Connolly's governess come for him instead. His true win would only come years later upon realizing his parents would have no further children, ha!

1863 | Connell goes off to Hogwarts and meets the first expectation of the family by being sorted into Gryffindor. ♬ For the first time in forever ♬ Finnian is finally the Big Boy of the house and promptly decides to boss around two-year-old Lorcan, who likely could not give less fucks.

1868 | His eleventh birthday means impending Hogwarts, which means the first test of Connolly-ness. Luckily, the hat doesn't spend much time making him worry pondering on his house, and promptly sorts him into Gryffindor. Apparently, rather than being the Bold and the Brave™ brand of Gryffindor, he instead falls under the Young and the Reckless™ brand when he almost fails his first year of examinations. After being sternly reminded that the family is counting on you to live up to expectations and yada yada yada, he promises to try harder. And he actually does, much to everyone's shock.

1870 | Connell graduates and becomes a reluctant potioneer instead of the curse-breaker he wanted to be. Sucks to suck, but tradition is the Connolly way, and Finnian likely (and ironically) reminds him of that at the obviously ripe and wise age of thirteen. He also adds Ancient Studies as his only elective, because Finnian knows he'll be going into law and it just seems like the most suitable (???) elective.

1871 | Fourth year he makes the decision (which wasn't all that difficult when he actually sat down to think about it) that he's going to become an auror, and as such he puts much greater effort into the classes that matter. Not that it matters for long, because he is Finnian and Finnian is easily distracted by nature.

1872 | Fifth year comes and he's not prefect, which surprises literally no one except himself, who thought he'd be just perfect at the job, thank you very much.

1873 | OWLs examination scores come in the summer and he is the only one not surprised with his decent scores — at least in the classes he cares about. With plans for the auror training program set in his mind, Finnian continues on with the bare minimum needed to succeed: Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. His sixth year goes as smoothly as it can for him.

1875 | Upon graduation, Finnian has no doubts about his scores despite the side-eyes he gets from his family members. He is not disappointed when his scores show up (ha!) and wastes no time shoving them in any of his relatives' faces. He should've held his breath, though, because he fails the psychological examination for the auror training program, with his "inability to work cooperatively" cited as a reason he shouldn't be let in. Well fuck. Embarrassed, Finnian refuses to look any of the Connolly family members in the eyes for two weeks.

1876 | Having had a whole year to think over his issues (what's wrong with a gap year?), Finnian once enters testing for the auror training program after working on his teamwork skills. Sadly, other reasons are cited for the second time he's rejected from the program, and he doesn't even remember what they were because he was so filled with rage. While he maintains his composure, he punches a tree upon arriving back on Connolly property and manages to break his hand and has to be treated by his cousin (the embarrassment!).

1877 | Third times must really be the charm, because he actually manages to get into the auror training program. Fearing fucking up one last time, Finnian puts all of his effort — an entirely new practice to him, actually — into his career with the hope that he won't be a failure. Everything goes fine. For now.

1879 | From his point of view, everything is going fine. He hasn't failed any examinations at work thus far, which totally means he's not really failing, right? Well, that's not how his superiors see it. He can't seem to find a mentor anywhere and after his uncle manages to escape mentoring his failure self, he puts in one last ditch effort to get his cousin, Connolly Brennan, to mentor him. His response? A sharp no, leading to likely the Biggest Overreaction Ever with a rant at dinnertime later that evening. Without anyone actually willing to mentor him, Finnian has no choice but to leave the program as a bitter mess and takes a clerk job. At the very least, the department doesn't force him to be a god-forsaken intern.

1882 | After three years of bullshitting his way through his clerk job, he finally finds himself in the position as a junior lawyer. He's surprisingly not awful, but doesn't appreciate the job. He watches the auror office from afar in the Creepiest Way Possible, shooting nasty glances if he catches sight of his ~super successful auror cousins~, especially Maeve who becomes a full auror despite her fiery temperament and short stature. Ugh.

1883 | He gets in trouble with amortentia-laced tea, but somehow manages to not impregnate or elope with any woman while under its influence, which is arguably his greatest success to date.

1884 | Finnian takes it hard when the laughing plague marks the end of his mother's life, but he takes it even harder when his father declares he's leaving Connolly property — and more notably, that Lorcan has decided to accompany him. While Finnian would just love to get away from the house full of exceedingly more successful people than himself, his loyalty to the family and their traditions prompt him to stay.

1887 | His thirtieth birthday comes with a promotion to full lawyer, which wouldn't have been awful if the first part of the sentence hadn't taken up his thoughts. Who reaches their full job at the age of thirty? Isn't that, like, getting old? At least he's spared from the pressure of getting married, as he's fairly sure everyone in the Connolly family is frightened by the prospect of him reproducing anytime soon. Stay tuned.
☛ Finnian is a member of the infamous Connolly family, known for their odd members and traditions.

☛ Finnian is one of those odd members.

☛ Despite working at the Ministry since age twenty, he only reached his Adult Job™ at the age of thirty.

☛ He resigned from the auror training program after his second year.
☛ He resigned because he failed so hard at auror-ing that even his own cousin wouldn't mentor him.

☛ He resides with his maternal family rather than his father and younger brother.
☛ He has a tumultuous relationship with a select few members of his family (simply because they're aurors, and that was his life plan, you assholes).
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

Plot Preferences:
❧ I value communication over anything else, as a lack of communication breeds (unwanted) tension! As such, if you wish for a certain outcome you can't reach without me or my character cooperating, please let me know! I can generally find ways for my characters to reach certain points while keeping true to their personalities.

❧ I prefer faster-paced threads, as some of my character's plot-lines move quickly enough to where the outcome may make no difference if it takes too long. I tend to respond quickly; if you feel I'm taking too long, don't hesitate to nudge me!

❧ I generally prefer organic development to pre-plotting, except, of course, in the case of plottable adoptables and other plots that have a needed outcome.

❧ My post length varies based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: length of post I'm given to work with, muse for the character, and plot-importance.

❧ Concerning mature threads, I'm perfectly alright with swearing and violence, though will write smut only if it's required to further character or plot development.

❧ I'm perfectly fine with basic god-modding actions (i.e. your character leading mine somewhere, touches, etc.), but prefer control in most other situations. If you have a question, just ask! I won't bite ;)

❧ Unless important for plot development, I generally prefer not to be in basic meet-and-greet threads. If conversation between characters turn idle, I'm prone to creating sinkholes. Seriously.


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If it weren't for logic telling him he was not, he would have sworn his body was aflame. The humidity and heat meant that he had to use twice the energy to breathe, and he could taste the sweat as they dripped down from his forehead. The only saving grace was the sudden presence of Mrs. Bones—and <I>Merlin</i> was she beautiful, even when she looked terrified. (Arguably she looked even <i>more</i> appealing, as her fear meant he could be her savior!)

He reached out and squeezed the hand on her arm in an attempt to comfort her.

"<b>Not at all, Mrs. Bones,</b>" he breathed (or wheezed, in this case). "<b>I hope that—</b>"

He could hear rustling around them, but wasn't sure if there was another person or a <i>creature</i> there.