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14th May, 1890


I write to let you know that I have applied for—and been accepted to—a potions internship during the summer season. Enclosed, you'll find the letter of acceptance from Professor Valenduris. In it, you will note that I do need you to write to him confirming my participation (a formality), and so I would ask that you please do so quickly so that I do not lose my spot.

I shall, of course, live at home and make the journey via floo each day; I presume this is acceptable.

Do give my regards to Mother.

— @Ewart Fraser/@Elias Grimstone

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15th May, 1890

Professor Valenduris,

I am writing to you regarding our daughter, Idunn Fraser of fourth year, and the summer apprenticeship offered to her under your supervision. I cannot in good conscience say that we are happy with this arrangement

— no, indeed we are much more than that! We are quite thrilled. Idunn had the good fortune to be born of two Ravenclaws, after all, so her mother and I are very impressed at how vigorously she is already pursuing her intellectual goals, and of course grant our permission. We hope she will flabbergast you with her dedication and astound you with her talents! She shall not trouble you by remaining at your residence the whole summer, but if I know Idunn she will be there with preternatural promptness every day by Floo.

Thank you ever so kindly for granting her this opportunity - and do let us know if she gets up to anything particularly interesting during the internship; these youths often sell themselves short when it comes to their achievements, and always seem to keep the most interesting nuggets to themselves! Of course her mother and I are already very proud, but do let us know if there is anything more we can do to assist this summer.

With my sincere thanks
Yours kindly,
Ewart Fraser

@Meserimus Valenduris / @Madeleine Backus
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15th May, 1890

Dear, dear Idunn,

Unthinkable, I’m afraid! Utterly unthinkable!

I jest, I jest. Rest assured that I have written to your professor to confirm the arrangements - and of course, as any responsible parent ought, I have asked him to send us daily reports of your behaviour, and to take plenty of pictures of the young apprentice! Your mother is already terribly excited to see them. 

Much luck on your end of year exams. We are so very looking forward to having you back at home - after 5pm, at least!

Your favourite Father

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Dear Mister Fraser,

Wonderful! I am delighted to hear that she will be able to take up the oppertunity. Over the summer my wife and I would be delighted to host you and your family at our home for dinner.

Kind Regards
Meserimus Valenduris

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