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I'm so sick of running
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'Cause if I was a man
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April 2, 1890 - Potions Classroom
It was rather frustrating. To say the least. Sweetie had seemed to be overlooked at every turn today. Outshined by one male peer or another. She was beginning to get quite sick of it. Her protection charm had been far better than Mr. Bones. That defensive spell had been more awe inspiring than Mr. Pyrites. And even Mr. Macnair's potion had smelt a bit off, in her opinion. But they all seemed to get higher praise today. It seemed like that was a constant.

Having had enough of it for today, she had actually been stupid enough to mutter 'are you serious' out loud. This had resulted in being asked to stay after class. Which was not her norm. She was not used to this. She didn't like this. "Professor Valenduris, I apologize for my blunt rudeness earlier." She stated the moment the last fellow student had left the room.

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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Miss Whitledge had been on edge since she had arrive din his classroom, that much was obvioius, na dher muttered exclaimation at his praise of Mister McNair was final proof positive. He wasn't one to give out detentions willy nilly, and even less so against his own house, especially the likes of Miss Whitledge who was a superior student. Her mastery of the animagus transformation well ahead of expectation, and her age was proof enough of that. It had been enough even to impress Archimedes, who had nodded thoughtfully and asked for her to be pointed out to him.

When the rest of the class left, she started by apologising, but he gestured into his office, and took a seat behind his deak. 'Take a seat please Miss Whitledge' he gestured to the ladies chair which sat opposite his desk, in his office. Normally the chairs defauly position was as a gentlemans chair but would augement itself to suit the gender of the person taking the seat; the lowered arms of the ladies chair necessary to accomodate the skirts of the young ladies.

'Have you thought about what your prospects are after your schooling is complete?' he steepled his fingers before his face. Having recently had a similar conversation with Miss Lestrange he was curious as to wether their answers would differ.

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The gesture did not sit well with Sweetie. Did that mean he didn't want to hear another word? Was he that insulted? It was just one comment. She had more negative words with her own brother. But she did as - gestured? - told.

The chair she was faced with sitting in magically changed before her eyes to better accommodate her dress. At least that was a positive to her day thus far. "I plan to be an unspeakable." Not an answer that most women were likely to admit so quickly. And she was unapologetic of that. No mention of a marriage. She could honestly care less about getting married at this point.

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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Meseirmus was perhaps more understanding than most would be of a woman wanting her own profession, after all part of his attraction to Katerina had been drive and her ambition. He also understood that most women of rank and breeding were looked as ascant if they sought a career rather than the normal avenues of acceptable behaviour for women of their class.

'I have 2 important questions for your Miss Whitledge and I won't judge younr answers' he explained, 'Are you very sure that you have no interest in debuting and being a debutante, and if not, has anyone made an introduction for you at the ministry?' he asked.

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Father and mother had always been ones to encourage a career. Mother had even taken one after she had been out of mourning over father. It was hard for each of the Whitledge children, but it was also something to be admired. Though Sweetie wasn't very sure if she would ever choose to have children. Risking giving up her job in order to raise them. But that was not something she mentioned to anyone. She had dealt with enough judgement over her choices in life.

The questions were to be expected, though the first was not all that welcomed. Sweetie was sure not to let any negativity show. "I'm certain that I shall not be an official debutante of the season. No one has made any offers to introduce me in the Ministry." As if Handsome would ever bother.

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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