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The Snake, The Witch and the Wardrobe
31st December, 1889 — Fort Lestrange
@Kristoffer Lestrange @Frida Lestrange

Gretchen Lestrange was not one for fits of high melodrama, a feature she had in common with many of her preferred relatives, however there were certain slights that could only be dealt with by violent revenge and anything her thrice damned brother did fell straight into that category. Where did he get the nerve?!

“Move away from the door and let me at him!” She demanded of her sister, wand out, cheeks flushed with anger as her mind turned over possibilities for grisly vengeance. He had no right to steal from her, and certainly not something that was one of the few family heirlooms she had been allowed to take for herself - he got everything else, and he had been allowed to live with uncle Lucius rather than having to put up with Nephelle's simpering. It simply wasn't fair! Tatiana had been sent to aunt Mariana which was ludicrously unfair on her and Frida: how was one supposed to find one's way in the world with Priam and Nephelle for guardians?!

She banged on the door, satisfied that the reverberations would not reach too far into the house and alert the others to her loss of control. But he really was a miserable worm and if he didn’t return mama’s locket right away then she might well kill him. The rest of the family would help her cover it up and no one would miss him because he was terrible.

“Come out of there you coward!” What kind of man hid in a wardrobe anyway? Had he mistaken it for a vanishing cabinet and thought he could escape her that way? She hadn’t seen him pick up his wand so she doubted he could get away through magical ends and, even if she wasn’t supposed to do magic, she would like to see the Ministry official that would come to Lucius Lestrange’s house to accuse his niece of something as insignificant as underage magic!
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