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October 5th, 1889 — Pumpkin Regatta, Black Lake, Padmore Park, Hogsmeade

"Gideon! Did you see that!? That guy fell out!" The wild haired kiddo practically cackled at the poor man's expense. Unable to help herself, she shouted, "Don't let the mermaids drown ya!"

She slapped the water ridiculously with her paddle. The thing was bigger than she was; it had to be if it was going to able to dip into the water. Their pumpkin was massive! In fact, she stood atop a crate they had to belatedly toss inside because she couldn't reach over the edge. Not that she was much help navigating the boat either way. Poor Gideon did most of the work.

"Wow! Look at that quidditch one!" She practically squealed. Her new obsession was quidditch. Not that she knew how to fly, yet, but she was determined to learn and become a star. "I LOVE YOUR PUMPKIN, MISTERS!"

Theirs also looked nice, thanks to Gideon. His carving skills were impressive, and he had appeased her by adding nearly anything she suggested. She was especially enamored by Gideon's carving of a niffler that she was absolutely convinced appeared almost real. The strangest carving was a cat wearing a top hat, boots, and a monocle. She'd been giggling about it for days.

"Smell ya at the finish line, Fish Face!" She hollered at Jimmy Fletcher who piloted a dinky, little pumpkin with one of his obnoxious friends. The face she pulled was so fierce that she nearly toppled out of their boat in the process. She swung her paddle in their direction, nearly knocking the boy in the back into the dark water.

She didn't realize she could pretend to be jousting! Why hadn't she been doing that the entire time?!

"I wish this wouldn't rot 'cause I wanna ride in it every day."

For the days leading up to the event, winning was the only thing on her mind, but, now, she was just content to enjoy the day. She was having the time of her life 'helping' paddle, shouting things at people, using her paddle as some sort of battering ram/bo staff, and belting out off key, made up sea shanties.


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