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Don't lie, Brother
September 13th, 1889

I know you're planning something. You know you can trust me, whatever it might be that you're hiding. We've had to many secrets this year. We still have to many to count, but some of them never need to be spoken about.

Even if you choose to not tell me, Sybille should know before it comes to light.

Whatever it is, good or bad, she needs to know that you trust her to keep it out of public ears.

Elaine made Avril's set!
September 14, 1889
Dear Avril,
I don't know what your talking about. Whatever it is, you all will know before those of society does.

Do you have no faith in me? I would never do something truly stupid.


Magic by Elaine!
- Unsent -

September 14, 1889
Yes. If recent events are any indicator, I do think you'd do something reckless and stupid.

Elaine made Avril's set!

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