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August 10th, 1889 — Determinate

Character: Ginshi Inoue
Quick Facts: An upper-class Japanese foreigner, Ginshi is extremely formal and somewhat socially stiff, uncomfortable with informal contact. When she comes of age, she’ll be in control of a former samurai, feudal lord title, as per the rules of Inoue Clan inheritance.
Age: 11
House: S
Grad Year: N/A(future-1896)
Class: U
Reputation: 9
Blood/Race: PB
Occupation: N/A

Friends/Classmates:She needs a friend in this unfamiliar country, or a classmate to show her around the school! Really, what Ginshi really wants is to meet al kinds of people, but preferably those not looking only to combat or degrade her.
Hurls: As she is unavailable in this department, any may try to pursue her, but none(At least, none planned) will succeed.
Hello! I can offer @Flora Mulciber and @Carius Bulstrode for new connections! Both are wealthy purebloods who are going into their second year at Hogwarts. Flora is a Slytherin and Carius is a Gryffindor, but both will likely dub her "strange" until they get to know her! @Holly Scrimgeour is always an option, too, but she's more inclined to bully other people than befriend them :P <3

set by MJ!
I think starting a thread with the shy Carius or the bubbly Flora would be cool to see, but I’m split between the latter and Holly for final picks! ,_,
Hiya, Shichan!
If you don't mind a class difference, I have Calla here who will be a third year this up coming school year. She literally tries to make friends with everyone and would talk Ginshi's ear off if given the chance.

However, Calla likely wouldn't end up near where Ginshi lives, but if Ginshi ever came to Hogsmeade or sometimes Calla could be in London.

I have a few other students as well but they are all much older.

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Lady is utterly amazing!!
... Can I have both of you(as in all submitted characters here) bc the indecision is killing me

Wait nvm can I have Flora, Holly, and Calla(If having multiple threads is allowed, I’d like one on ones with each I just don’t know if the site allows that)
You can have as many threads as you can keep up with! After a month(?, give or take idk what the exact time span is) of no replies, it will be moved to the dead threads board but you can request those back if you wish!

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Lady is utterly amazing!!
Then I would like to start threads with Holly and Calla! Thank you for helping clear that up and also replying in the first place ,,
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Would Ginshi be in London for any reason? Seeing that it's summer and Ginshi has yet to start Hogwarts, it would be the only reason for them to come in contact with each other ^.^

set by MJ!
I suppose Ginshi could be in London to sightsee, or to acclimate herself to Western society a little. Wherever in London works best for you, please say so!
Hiii, welcome!

If your character is visiting London, I have:

@Fleur Rey, an UC incoming Hufflepuff 2nd year. She just loves to meet people (and feed them baked goods).

@Archer Belby, a painfully shy and awkward incoming 2nd year Ravenclaw. He is middle class and wouldn't mind meeting someone new. He'll be curious of her.

I have other Hogwarts people who are older: @Thomas Montgomery and @Clementine Rookwood. Clem likes to mother younger children and might take her under her wing.

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Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Leif's going into his first year as well! There's a pretty big difference between them, though, what with the fact that he's a working-class boy who lives in Hogsmeade with a bunch of siblings and basically follows only the rules his parents set(not many). That's a pretty big contrast haha.

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Could you be a Heaney?
Though everyone else I have that's useful will have to wait until she's at Hogwarts, I do have @Gervaise Ollivander if you'd like to thread her getting her wand :)

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Hey there, Shichan! I'm Eve, and I have Irene Fudge here to offer you a plot once school begins.

She's a Fourth Year Slytherin who could take her time to show Ginshi the school. I think she'd approve of how proper Ginshi is, and I'd be curious to see how their interaction goes. Let me know if you want to try this =)

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