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Oh My, Milano
April 4th, 1894 - Milan

As the floo spell dissipated, Salvatore adjusted his neckerchief and looked across at his fiance as she too experienced the effects of arrival. This evening would be fun, a night away from Britain to savour the sights and sounds of Milano, already Italian music filled the air, coming in through the cracks of the wall from the floor station. It was a very short walk from here to the art gallery that he wished for them to attend.

He had been planning this jaunt for a while, a lovely art exhibit to treat his beautiful aesthete. The show was primarily various life paintings and some of the billed names had raised quite a stir amongst the artistic community, or at least so he had heard, his own understanding of art was entirely founded on knowing just enough to be a fulfilling partner to Cordie. No doubt upon finding out the plans Cordie would have her own information on the artists, or perhaps not, Salvatore had keenly sought a set of more obscure artists in order to provide something new for her enjoyment.

"Here we are, shall we make our way to the gallery or do you need a moment?" There would be fine art, fine wines and then of course, Salvatore had booked two private rooms in a boutique hotel opposite the Duomo. He privately hoped that an evening in a lovely place far from the prying eyes of victorian society might at least allow a nightcap in a shared room, but his wife to be was a woman of morals and he would expect her to honor them.

He would allow Cordie the time she needed to prepare before he made the correct motions to exit the floo station and join the bustling pedestrian traffic on the main street towards the gallery. This should be fun.

Cordie Middlemiss

Cordie could hardly contain her excitement. She had been looking forward to going to an art gallery in Milan with her beau, Salvatore, for quite some time. Traveling by the Floo spell, however, seemed to have added to the thrill of it all.

In an instant, Cordie had been engulfed in a swirling vortex that splashed lots of colors and lights, feeling as though she was being pulled through a tunnel at breakneck speed. She felt her heart beating in her chest as she had hurtled through time and space to get to where she and Salvatore needed to be.

She would blink in astonishment for a moment, continuing to comprehend how traveling such a distance can happen in the blink of an eye. Cordie would look around in awe, taking in the location that she and Salvatore were in. Her eyes would gaze at her beau when he asked her a simple question.

"I may need to fix my hair a bit, and possibly my dress as well," she said with a slight chuckle. Cordie would take the time as needed to prepare by fixing her hair and her dress. She wanted to look at least a bit presentable before stepping out and explore the marvelous wonders of the paintings that may share a story.

[Image: Cordie-Middlemiss-Signa.gif]
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Salvatore laughed as his fiance commented on her hair. "Well I for one think you can pull off the windswept look. You look beautiful tonight." his eyes sparkled as he gave her the complement but allowed her time to address herself.

The streets were busy but the pait easily picked their way across the short distance to the gallery. There was a well dressed gentleman on the door who Salvatore quickly addressed to confirm that their names were on the list. He said their names and a quick check later and they were handed a small pamplet each regarding the details of the exhibit. He took Cordie's arm in his and walked in, giving her a smirk. "I am quite excited by the fact that it won't be "tickets for Howlett and Middlemiss," for much longer"

The atrium of the venue opened up in front of them and they were assailed by the warmth and relative opulence on display. "Alta Langa per mister e miss?" a man asked in Italian, holding a tray of sparkling glasses from which Salvatore took two. "sì grazie." He replied, not knowing Italian but picking up a few etiquette words just in case.

In the centre of the room was a large statue of some southern Italian gentleman leaving very little to the imagination. It put him in mind of the statue of David, but this one's pose seemed a little more military. "What do you think he is thinking of?" Salvatore asked, glancing at the small open window that the statue had been postponed looking out of.

The rest of the first room was circular and lined with lovely paintings of various places around Italy. The main exhibit was through a grand double door at the opposite end of the atrium, but it was worth taking the time to enjoy all of the sights rather than just racing through to the main event.

Cordie Middlemiss

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