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Juniper Edevane
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Played by Gin
19 year old Pure
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Juniper Maeve Edevane

Nickname(s): June

Birthdate: May 26, 1874

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Edevane Estate of Wellingtonshire; Blackthorn Manor in Magical London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 9 ½”  Dogwood with Dragon Heartstring core, unyielding, right handed

Alistair Edevane, father| 18xx
Deceased - Malinda Edevane née Bacchus* | mother | 18xx-1880 Died during childbirth

Grace Edevane nee Crowther | stepmother | 18xx
Ophelia Edevane | younger twin identical sister | 1874
Redford Edevane | younger brother | 1880

Mother's Side:
Cadmus Bacchus, uncle & family | 18xx
Kiera XXX, née Bacchus* | aunt & family | 18xx

Father's Side:
Windsor Edevane | uncle and family |18xx
Sylvester Edevane | uncle & family | 18xx
Leopold Edevane |uncle & family | 18xx

*Denotes twins

General | Identical to her sister, Juniper is a very pale girl with blonde hair that falls past her shoulders; she hates having it pulled back and tends to only do so for special occasions. She has bright green eyes a wicked resting face that can make her look unapproachable and downright cruel. She stands at an average 5 foot and four inches and is right handed.

Expressions | Juniper has a resting bitch face that makes her look unapproachable; she's prone to frowning, glaring and pinching her eyebrows together. It takes a lot for strangers to make her smile, even if she'll throw a pity laugh or smile so she doesn't look too mean. She's a winker, which Juniper does to make people feel uncomfortable.

Clothing | Juniper leans toward darker clothing, choosing colors her twin tends to scoff at, although they also correlate with her morbid curiosities. (What can she say? She enjoys night more than day.) They are always the most up-to-date fashions of England, although she also enjoys Italian and Spanish styles when it comes to fancier dresses. Most of her season dresses, ironically enough, are pale pink or warmer tones.

Scent | Juniper enjoys the smell of vanilla and orange.

Face Claim | Anna Selezneva


Childhood| 1874-1885| Edevane Estate of Wellingtonshire

May 1874: Juniper is the oldest child of the Edevanes, being thirty four minutes older than her twin sister. Malinda and Alistair Edevane had been delighted, fearing that Malinda would be far too old to have another successful pregnancy. They are both fussy babies and share a nursery in their rented town home in London. They are separated once they are old enough and a governess takes over the duties of spending the most time with them.

November 1878: Ophelia displays signs of magic a year before Juniper does. Juniper is four when the seat on the swing set her sister is sitting on suddenly shrinks, causing her to fall into the sand below; it doesn’t cause any harm, but Ophelia wails anyway and Juniper just stands there staring at her. (She wouldn’t let her have a turn, and of the two of them, she has the least amount of patience.) For siblings they are not close, and for twins they are pretty indifferent about each other. They are different, there is no mistaking that. Soon after, they moved into the Edevane Estate in Wellingtonshire now that Alistair's father has passed. Juniper is thrilled for the extensive nooks and crannies to hide in.

January 1880: A surprise pregnancy, Malinda and Alistair welcome their first male heir, Redford. Malinda does not survive childbirth. Alistar turns toward the dark arts in hopes of reviving his wife, to no avail. Despite her young age and inability to truly understand what her father is attempting, Juniper develops a fascination with the dark arts; she hears him muttering a spell and she commits it to memory, although she is too afraid to try it herself.

He nearly plunges them into the middle class, but Alistair manages to keep his job; his desire to bring back Malinda continues, now under the guise of shadows.

Hogwarts| 1885-1892| Slytherin Dungeon at Hogwarts

1885 - 1886: Juniper (and Ophelia, ugh) are sent their Hogwarts letters. Juniper is sorted into Slytherin, a fact she is thrilled with - her fascination with the dark arts has only continued to grow, although she is afraid to use it and won’t touch it.  She meets Poppy her first year, and finds herself much closer to the girl than she’ll ever be to her twin.

Summer 1886: In the summer of 1886, Alistair weds Grace Crowther, a governess for an upper class family. She is older and less picky of who she married. She attempts to teach the girls the manners they are apparently lacking.  June hates her immediately.

Alistair promises she won’t be around for long, whatever that means.

1886 - 1889: Second, third and fourth year aren’t exciting; June finds she has a pension for the Defense Against the Darks Arts and Transfiguration. She also immensely enjoys Charms. She butters up to her professors in hopes of gaining permission to enter the restricted section of the library (she just wants to browse to see what spells she’s not allowed to be taught, nothing more), but none of them are daft enough for that. She and Poppy are nearly inseparable, and lose many points for the mischief they cause. Still, Juniper focuses on her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts.

1889 - 1891: Juniper returns for a fifth and sixth year and she spends just as much time in the library as she does flirting with boys. (It’s always thrilling when people confuse Ophelia for herself, and when she’s feeling especially frisky, she’ll introduce herself as her twin. Juniper wouldn’t blink an eye if Ophelia’s reputation was ruined.)

She uses her first dark arts spell to give Ophelia antler ears during a confrontation in the courtyard. Juniper takes the detention with pride.

Though she still focuses on her studies, she also spends time pouring over books she’s borrowed from her father, who in turn bought them from Knockturn Alley. Her fascination becomes more than just the dark arts - she’s interested in those who are forced to live in the night. The lore behind them is interesting to read. It's a secret hobby, and she keeps it to herself.

Summer 1891: She sleeps with an older man the summer before her seventh year - he breaks her heart, of course, and she vows to herself that he will be the first person she curses when she learns the dark arts.

1892: In January she meets Mr. Olixander Blackwood, who is equally as intriguing as he is frustrating. She graduates Hogwarts with little fanfare.

Debutante Years| 1892-Present| Blackthorn Manor in Magical London

Summer 1892: A fresh debutante. Oh joy. She manages to survive her first season without much drama, outside of being reunited with the man she lost her virginity too in August. As expected, she hates him.

Juniper has a (borderline obsessive) fascination with lore and creatures of the night, although she tries to keep it to herself, or at least within her friend group. She can be a little odd at times because of her fascination, but she is friendly toward most people, although she takes most initial meetings with a grain of salt. While not shy, she can sometimes come off as reserved.

She is generous in her own way, although she won’t go out of her way to help many people; her envy can rear its ugly head when she least expects it. Sometimes more fun matters take precedence over academics, although she has a desire to keep up in her academics - someone has to teach her the dark arts, even if she’ll have to be her own teacher. Mischief follows her but Juniper embraces it with open arms.

Juniper has an innate desire to move up the social ladder, and perhaps make the Edevane name a little less sour tasting. Because of this, she has little desire to rebel against her family, although her oddity and desire to move up can sometimes get her into trouble.  The Edevane family can be perceived as a bit odd. Hopefully their dabbling of the dark arts is a well kept secret.

The Edevanes have their own system of values and she makes her decisions guided by these values. As Juniper can be reserved, it often takes people by surprise when she expresses her emotional intensity when one of her values is called into question. Trying to stay out of the spotlight and be the perfect lady society expects of her, Juniper can be kind and gentle to those who mean no harm, but can also be downright cruel to those who she believes deserves it.

  • Boggart: Herself hanging from a broom that will never allow her to touch the ground; she has a mixture of a fear of falling and a fear of heights, leaving her with a dislike of flying on a broom. (Perhaps she also holds her breath when she watches quidditch games.)
  • In that same breath, she is also afraid of bugs.
  • Patronus: An Aardvark
  • Amortentia: A combination of grassy notes with a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness - the smell of old, long forgotten books, and mushroom truffle oil - her dad puts it on nearly everything he eats.

  • "While Olixander had never imagined Ms. Edevane would actually go through with all of this, he had to say it did impress him a touch. She was clever, but obviously itching for excitement in her small world within castle walls."- Olixander Blackwood
  • "Poppy always counted herself lucky to have a friend like Juniper; a friend that she could always rely on to help her out of trouble, even when that trouble was of her own doing."- Poppy Dashwood
  • "The young witch perceived then that these little ministrations had come from none other than this angel-eyed blonde. Only, Ida knew her personally, and was acutely aware that she was no such thing." - Ida Chang

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