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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
23 September 1893
Death Toll from 14 September Attacks Rises

The magical community remains reeling from the events of 14th September (though fortunately, the muggle community is now once again none the wiser) as reports of death, injury, and illness continue to trickle in.

Known deaths related to the incident include:

Former Minister of Magic Balthazar Urquart, 48, of Swallowbury, Irvingly, Scotland. Mr. Urquart was Head of the Department of Mysteries and a sitting member of the Wizengamot at the time of his passing. He is survied by a son, Sebastian, and daughters Delight and Topaz (notably a werewolf). He is joined in death by daughter Ruby Urquart, 20, also of Irvingly.

Mr. Priam Lestrange, 48, of Wellingtonshire. A sitting member of the Wizengamot, Mr. Lestrange succumbed from his wounds several days after the initial attack. He is survied by his wife, Mrs. Nephele Lestrange, and their children.

Mr. Hadrian Scamander, 65, of London. The Minsitry official is survived by daughters Miss Holly and Miss Camille Scrimgeour.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexandra Newberry, 65 and 61, respectively, of Newberry hall. They are survived by their son and three grandchildren.

Mrs. Ellory Lestrange, 26, of Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade, Scotland. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Claudius Lestrange, two daughters (Simonetta and Lucia), and a large extended family.

Mrs. Wisteria Bulstrode née Parkinson, 30, of London. The wife of Elisha Bulstrode, Mrs. Bulstrode is survived by her husband, her parents (Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Parkinson), and six siblings. A notable socialite, Mrs. Parkinson is said to have been "a ray of sunshine" to those who met her.

Mrs. Delphine Farbridge, 42, of Coventry, England. Survived by her daughter, Mrs. Angelique Parkinson, and a grandson, Henri Parkinson.

Mrs. Ophelia Devine, 29, of Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade, Scotland. A notable socialite and the wife of Mr. Roberto Devine, she is survived by her husband, son Nicholas, and Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Armando Dippet. Mrs. Deine was known to be a "fashion icon", quite active in high society, and was predeceased by many of her immediate family

Mr. Andren Lovegood, 26, of Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade, Scotland. Quidditch fans will know Mr. Lovegood from his time as a beater for the Wimbourne Wasps. He is survived by his brother, Orlando Lovegood (and family) and sisters Adelia Lovegood (a spinster) and Olive — née Lovegood (and family).

Mrs. Margaret Callum, 75, of London. The noted historian is survived by her children and grandchildren.

Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew, 54, of London. Survived by her son Arthur Pettigrew, who bankrupted her in his youth, and his family. Notably, Mrs. Pettigrew is the sister of Mr. Priam Lestrange, also deceased as a result of the attacks.

Mr. Robert Montague, 76, of Hogsmeade. Predeceased by his wife, Mr. Montague leaves behind his son, Robert II, and a number of other children.

Mr. Finlay McKinnon, 39, of South Bartonburg, Hogsmeade, Scotland. Mr. McKinnon served as a healer, and leaves behind a widow and children, as well as parents and several siblings.

Miss Amelia Evans, 31, of Irvingly, Scotland. The magizoologist leaves behind an aunt and uncle.

Mr. Asa Scabior, 19, of London.

In addition to those who have now perished, a number of victims were gravely, and in some cases, irrevocably, injured in the attacks. Others remain still missing.
C. Neill
Compiled by Kayte

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
23 September 1893

Candidate Interview: Miss Sweetie Whitledge

[The review below was delivered via correspondence. The author, Mr. Chester Parkinson, is not an employee of the Daily Prophet and his views do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of the paper.]

Magical Citizens of Great Britain, yesterday I was able to sit down with Ministerial Candidate, Miss Sweetie Whitledge, aged one and twenty, who is a member of the esteemed Society for the Transfiguration Arts and currently an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries, in order to discuss her campaign for future Minister for Magic. She was welcoming and open to answering all of my questions and hopefully, answering some of the ones you may still have as well regarding her platform. Read the excerpts from this Daily Prophet exclusive interview below!

“I know you’re tired of hearing it, but it’s the first thing everyone thinks of so it’s best we get it out of the way. You are the youngest candidate campaigning right now and this has left a lot of people skeptical on whether you are ready for such a big role in our government. What would you say to everyone to assure them that your youth is beneficial to them and not a setback?”

"Tragically, we have recently been given a prime example of how youth can be a true asset in dire times from our leaders. When a crisis faces our nation and when we mourn as a nation, we need to have the strength and energy to be there for our nation. I do not take these words lightly. But we have to think realistically as to how long my older opponents wish to run, and how long before they cannot handle the type of disaster we just faced. Minister Ross did a marvelous job, and I applaud his efforts."

“Yes, this tragedy has really shown us how everyone handles crises and I would like to think it was handled well with as little casualties as possible. Speaking of which, you have received quite a bit of criticism for hosting a vigil in honor of those who were affected most by what happened. Can you tell us what made you want to reach out and host this? What went on in your mind? Just, a statement to our readers so they know your side of the story.”

"Excellent question. Mourning holds a delicate place in my heart. The Whitledge family is certainly no stranger to tragedy. My father's passing, then my mother's, my grandmother's, then finally my older sister's. All in sudden tragedy. Then to have a new tragedy at our debate? Why shouldn't it be our duty to honor those we couldn't save with our efforts? That was the job dealt to us. If it had been my sister or my mother, or any of my other lost loved ones, I would expect nothing less from the people that were tasked to help evacuate them."

“Thank you for sharing that with us, Miss Whitledge, that couldn’t have been easy. Moving on a little bit, but still speaking of the tragedy, many discussions have been happening about the laws regarding dragons and other dangerous magical beasts. If you were made Minister, what would you change in order to prevent this sort of thing from happening again? Or, would you keep everything the same? Should we be worried that our current Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures isn’t doing a good enough job?”

"I would like to get into further discussions between the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures and the Department of International Magical Cooperation. See how communication may be improved upon, how standards can be enhanced for everyone's safety. Perhaps even bring in the Experimental Charms Committee to discuss new containment methods when creature transport is being handled legally. Sadly, this is a problem that needs cooperation, and not simply limited within our own borders."

“Yes, magical cooperation is of utmost importance, especially as we begin to transition into the twentieth century and continue to look to the future. So far we have a fairly healthy relationship with many countries, especially ones here in Europe. If you were made Minister, besides what’s related to the dragon attacks, what other things would you want to discuss with leaders of other countries in order to help our country? And, speaking of cooperation, would you think to involve the muggle leaders as well in these discussions?”

"As of this time I am currently doing active research on government policy among the countries that we keep close ties with, alas my answer could not be as satisfactory as I would hope at this time and I do beg your pardon. What I can tell you is that what I do not know, I expect the experts in the field to know in abundance. Working with departments and listening to what experts have to say is an important part in leadership. As for muggle leaders, I have no plans thus far to alter the current relations between muggle and magical leadership, especially for government that I have no say in."

“That’s fair, though of course, things may change in due time. Speaking of muggles; during the Ministerial Debate, Mr. Prewett was asked about his ties to former Minister Faris Spavin, who plotted to rid Hogsmeade of muggleborns. This question is important, even today, because many voters are muggleborn themselves and wish to see someone in office that is willing to take their safety and concerns seriously. While you have no ties to the former Minister, nor have you publicly expressed anything to suggest you agreed with his ideas, the public would like to know what your stance is on muggleborns and their place in the magical world, regardless, just to give them a peace of mind when deciding who to vote for.”

"One of the professors that I had the pleasure to dine with during the beginning of my campaign raised some issues regarding the safety of muggleborns as well. This is a real and present concern that we still need to consider even if that former Minister is no longer in office. A proposal I had offered was a policy to require at least one muggleborn employed on the school board. This idea may be expanded to the Muggle Liaisons Department, the Law Enforcement Department, or any other department should it be deemed necessary. As I told the professor, I was raised in a magical household. I cannot speak to a muggleborn's experience. I highly doubt few in my position can say any different."

“It sounds like you do seem to place importance in the safety of those with muggle parentage, which is a great relief to many. Also during the debate, you were asked to speak on the marriage ban between beings and wizards, and while your statement is indeed on the record, there is another marginalized group that have also faced problems in relation to it. Before the marriage ban went into effect, many were married and had children of mixed blood; we saw a brief ban on their attendance at Hogwarts before it was eventually overturned. If you were in office, should we expect to see that ban brought back? More laws placed to protect children of beings and wizards? We know what your take is on the marriage ban, but what of their children?”

"I believe that every student has a right to an education, aside from students who actively endanger others and earn an expulsion. The Hogwarts Ban should have never happened. This was during my own school experience, I watched the impact with my own eyes, being indirectly impacted when my best friend was not allowed to stay in the same year as me as a result. It is no secret that Miss Chrysanta Ruskin is a dear friend of mine, that this ban is personal to me. I have no reason to hide it. I do, however, have plenty of reason to know that it has no place in our modern society. Outside of student-by-student expulsion, I would move towards a ban of removing children from education outside of parental will."

“There is nothing more important than a child’s education; it’s good to hear you think so too. Thank you for sitting with me and answering my questions. I hope our voters learned a lot about who you are as a candidate and I wish you luck in the upcoming election. Before I go, if there is anything you want to say to the voters that you feel we haven’t discussed that would help them better understand your platform, please go ahead.”

"Thank you for taking the time to listen. I would also like to thank each and every reader. Regardless if you agree, if you read to the end, thank you. May the rest of this election go much more smoothly, and may the next Minister have a wonderful and prosperous term."

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into the mind of Ministerial Candidate, Miss Sweetie Whitledge and it has helped you further decide on who you may want to vote for in the upcoming election. To summarize, Miss Whitledge believes her youth is beneficial in times of great need, holds our leaders to a high standard, she cares deeply about various marginalized groups within society, and wishes to uphold and continue magical cooperation around the world to bring Magical Great Britain into a prosperous era. If you have comments or concerns regarding the topics covered in this interview, I encourage you to write in and share them!
Chester Parkinson
Written by Kelly & Cherry

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