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Andromeda Blaire
Full Name: Andromeda Emerie Blaire
Nicknames: Romy (general), Andy (by her family, preferred)
Birthdate: May 14th, 1866
Current Age: 21
Occupation: Debutante
Reputation: 9
Andy comes from a nearly sterling upper-class pureblood family. She does not work but has interest in studies that are not of the womanly art (i.e. continued interest in strengthening her defensive and protective magic and writing, though most of her interest lies within the columns of Witches Weekly). Her father is fairly lenient on this as long as she doesn't do this in public but given Andy's personality, she's never been the type to stifle her own intelligence and has the tendency to be a bit of a know-it-all in conversation.
Residence: Morgana Crescent, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna ('84)
Wand: Fir, 12 3/4", Slightly Yielding, Single Phoenix Feather
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper
Craig Blaire, Father [b. 1839]
> As a second son, Craig found work as an Obliviator once he had the proper credentials. He immigrated to the former colonies in 1864 fascinated by the American dream, he worked at the MACUSA during his time there and was still in contact with his parents who encouraged him to return home and stop being foolish. Craig married Gracia in 1865. He eventually moved his family to Scotland in 1874, finally relenting to his parents' letters for him to return home but relocated to Hogsmeade in 1877 due to the mandate.
Gracia Blaire née Moon, Mother [b. 1844]
> Gracia does not work but she does occasionally chaperone. She grew up as the eldest child of her parents and was Andromeda's age when she married. A fact she often reminds Andy of whenever she feels disappointed in her daughter in hopes that she'll work harder to gain a proposal.
Orion Blaire, Twin Brother [b. 1866]
Cassiopeia Blaire, Younger Sister [b. 1870]

Angus Blaire, Grandfather [b. 1810 - d. 1876]
Catriona Blaire née Murray, Grandmother [b. 1815]
Mackenzie Blaire, Uncle [b. 1838]
-- Celine Blaire née Harper, Aunt [b. 1840 - d. 1859]
Atticus Blaire, Cousin [b. 1859]
-- Jacqueline Blaire née Favreau, Aunt [b. 1843]
Cosette Blaire, Cousin [b. 1864]
Vivian Blaire, Cousin [b. 1867]
Alexandre Blaire, Cousin [b. 1870]
Alice Cabot née Blaire, Aunt [b. 1841]
-- Lawrence Cabot, Uncle [b. 1837]
Harcourt Calbot, Cousin [b. 1870]
Jack Cabot, Cousin [b. 1872]

Dae-Suk Moon, Grandfather [b. 1811]
Anne Moon née Scott, Grandmother [b. 1810]
Solomon Moon, Uncle [b. 1846]
-- Seoyoung Moon née Lee, Aunt [b. 1851]
Jericho Moon, Cousin [b. 1870]
Carson Moon, Uncle [b. 1852]

Andromeda stands at an average five foot one with long black hair and hazel eyes. She has faint freckles on the bridge of her knows on cheeks from her redheaded Scottish father. She is slight and willowy in build with elegant shoulders and long legs. Her fingers are slender and dainty, fairly small in size. Andromeda is right handed and well groomed when it comes to hygiene and skin care. Her hair, however, doesn't often remain neatly in place for long and she often tucks locks of it behind her ear when she's thinking. Fashion has never been of much interest to her but her mother and younger sister often advise her on her purchases (as she's fond of the color purple and tends to purchase anything of a suitable shade of it if not advised). Andy shares her mother's mother's Korean features, though hers are not as prominent as her mother's.
Spring 1866 - Andromeda is born three minutes before her brother Orion in New York City, New York. Their father named them after his favorite constellations due to his high interest in Astronomy. Gracia was just pleased to have survived the pregnancy. They're welcomed home from the hospital a few days after their birth once Gracia was able to be checked out. They are given a nursemaid and share a room.

Early 1870 - Cassiopeia is born. Both Andromeda and Orion have begun showing signs of magic which pleased both of their parents (Andy changed one of her toys a different color during a temper tantrum and Orion caused the family cat to hover over the ground for a moment whilst it was sleeping, startling the poor beast). Craig discusses his inclinations to move the family back to Scotland, wanting his children to attend Hogwarts. Orion and Andromeda are given their own rooms and the nursery is filled by Cassiopeia.

1871- The Blaires hire Miss Tupper as a governess for Orion and Andromeda.

1874 - The Blaires move to the family home in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Craig continues work as an Obliviator and begins making investments in land.

1877 - Due to the muggles' discovery of wizarding kind, the Blaires take residence in Hogsmeade. The family settles into the Wellingtonshire district near the home of Craig's older brother, Mackenzie and his family. Both Orion and Andromeda attend Hogwarts and are sorted into different houses. Andromeda is sorted into Slytherin. Their first year continues without incident though Andy begins spending more and more time in the library.

1879 - Andromeda and Orion are granted permission to visit Hogsmeade. She spends most of her time visiting her parents and younger sister. She expresses interest in writing for Witch Weekly once she is older but her mother shuts down the idea and encouraged her to simply attend to her appropriate studies.

1882 - Cassiopeia is accepted into Hogwarts is accepted into Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. Andy enrolls in Divinations, Ghoul Studies and Muggle Studies for her electives. Andromeda does well on most of her O.W.L.s with at least an E except for Divination (T), and Potions (A). She decides to drop Divinations but continues taking her other two electives, Ghoul Studies and Muggle Studies. This prompted Andromeda to start reading muggle literature - particularly the works of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron. Though her interests branched out and she found herself sneaking around to read Edgar Allan Poe (not just his horror tales but particularly anything involving C. Auguste Dupin), Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Elizabeth Gaskell (her favorite by far was The Old Nurse's Story).

1884 - Andromeda graduated from Hogwarts with N.E.W.T.s in Defense the Against the Dark Arts (O), Charms (O), Muggle Studies (E), Transfiguration (E), and Astronomy (O). She is later accepted into Pendergast's School of Younger Roses that same year and begins in September. Her mother discourages her from continuing any further study of magic and focus more on the womanly arts in order for her to find a husband. As the eldest, she is reminded of her expectancy to marry well so that Cassiopeia may follow suit in the future. Andromeda is stubborn and still pursues her studies in order to learn the Patronus Charm when she is home for the holidays.

1886 - Gracia discovers Andromeda had continued practicing in order to produce a Patronus (her corporeal Patronus was revealed accidentally in her mother's presence after the woman had entered her husband's study after Andromeda decided to show her father what she had been studying). Her books on the subject were removed and Andromeda was punished for her disobedience. Andromeda later graduates from PSYR.

1887 - Andromeda is still unattached and still looking to secure a husband. She has begun writing in her spare time and hopes that whoever she finds herself attached to in the future, will let her pursue some of her own ambitions.
INTJ-A Personality Type
Andromeda's best qualities would be her quick wit and sense of humor. She is well versed in what is proper and conforms considerably well in societal values in the presence of others. Though she finds some traditions outdated and rather outrageous in her opinion. Her wit isn't always seen as a positive thing, however, as she has a hard time holding her tongue and biting back her sarcasm. She's very stubborn and strong-willed and often butts heads with her mother. She's a cynic and not the type to easily make friends or simply trust others upon meeting them. Andy sees vulnerability as weakness and often covers up her own with her sarcasm and wit. She finds it easier to keep others at arm's length and keep a polite and prudent public presence. Admittedly she is a bit of a closet romantic (if her stash of romance novels say anything about her) though she'll often say gothic novels are her genre of choice.
Patronus: Given her stubbornness and interest in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Andy has spent some time practicing this particular charm. She's only been able to produce her patronus once before (as it's usually noncorporeal) and it was revealed to be a Fennec Fox.

Amortentia: Andy has a preference for fresh parchment, lavender and apples.

Boggart: It would likely be her twin brother's corpse though she hasn't had a run-in with a boggart and wouldn't be able to confirm it.

Star Sign: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Languages: Andromeda is fluent in English and Korean. She can speak some passing Scottish Gaelic and phrases in French.
Sample Roleplay Post:
Sometimes she wondered if the only good men were fictional.

Andromeda spent day after day being fitted into her corset and bustle, her hair being pulled back and placed into draping curls that cascaded down her back, tastefully decorated with either pearls or ribbon. Humans were one of the only species where women had to attract their mate. It was one of the rare times humans fell onto a list next spotted hyena and praying mantis. She supposed it was a good thing that having to attract a male was the only thing similar between a female human and a praying mantis, all things considered.

"Andy, don't slouch."

Her mother's voice rang clear as day across the parlor. The older woman seemed to watch her with narrowed eyes, waiting for her to straighten up before she returned to one of her projects. This was the same too. Though she knew her mother was only looking out for her. A man this day in age needed a woman of impeccable modesty and posture. The bustle could only hide so much - they were nearly impossible to sit in and sometimes the extra weight drained her of energy before she ever entered a ballroom. Still, if her novels taught her anything, it was to expect the unexpected. Even if some days it felt overwhelming and her uncertainties about ever leaving her parents home sometimes haunted her dreams.

Andromeda felt trapped sometimes. She didn't doubt her ability to attract attention - but the right kind of attention and the interest of someone she felt was "right" was a different matter altogether. Perhaps she was simply too picky but in this day and age, men may have had the power of choice, but women like herself had the power of refusal. Though that power was balanced by family influence and there was where things became messy.

Perhaps it was too much to hope for a husband that would accept her quirks? It would've been far easier to settle down with any respectable gentleman that met her parents' standards and then she wouldn't have to worry about her financial situation. Still, settling disrupted her. Happiness in marriage was a matter of chance, according to Jane Austen. Then how did one make it a reality? Fairytales were well wishes of children and unlike many of the other young women, she didn't find anything romantic about Cinderella. Then again, it was an old muggle's tale, but it had never sat right with her.

She didn't often like to think about her prospects. Most days she was preoccupied with reading or a little writing up in her room if she could get away with it. Her mother often brought up her state of affairs almost regularly. It was only natural for her to daydream and wonder what it would be like if she was free to travel and not have to spend her time wondering when she was going to get married and produce children. She did want that but by her own terms. The idea was preposterous, that's what her mother said when she attempted to be candid. In times just like this, when her mother was focused on her projects and scrutinizing her daughter's posture.

"You're slouching again, dear."

She was often told she though too much. Thinking was dangerous for a woman, that had been often been said. Like children, they were meant to be seen and not heard unless asked for their opinion. Her mother was adamant about that. Perhaps that was her Achille's heel but really it could not be helped. "Yes, mother." she replied sardonically as she straightened up once more, away from the cushion that was serving as her backrest. Her spine seemed to ache in response. This was just a normal afternoon, repeated against the sanguine days of not only Spring but likely perpetually throughout the following seasons of her life until she was released from her cage.

Merlin help the poor soul that was stuck with a restless wife like her, that wasn't an uncommon phrase in this household. The social season was just beginning and Andy was nearly certain that perhaps after all this time, she was the problem. Call it selfishness, but Andy felt no need to change for all she saw was misery if she became the perfect daughter. Still, the vices of her choice echoed in her soul and her usual look of indifference etched across her face as her mother corrected her once more. There was no use hardening or softening her features if that were the case. If she really wanted to escape, she should just try harder. But perhaps escape wasn't her goal. Maybe of all things, all she wanted was to find herself.

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