Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Katherina Selwyn
    In Character
    Full Name: Katherina Zenobia Selwyn née Lestrange
    Nicknames: Kathy, by her sisters, sometimes Kath by her husband
    Birthdate: 2nd of October, 1830
    Current Age: 56
    Occupation: Socialite
    Residence: Elsewhere; Norfolk (looks roughly like this)
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    Wand: Supple, 13'', silver lime and chimaera scale.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    William Lestrange, father (1763-1879)
    Octavia Lestrange nee Yaxley, mother (1803-1852)
    Klaus Lestrange, half-brother (1801-1875)
    His son, Priam (1844), is married to one of Katherina's daughters.
    Lucius Lestrange, brother (1827) and family
    Sebastian Lestrange, twin brother (1830-1882) and family
    Tybalt Lestrange, brother (1834) and family
    Olivia Pendergast nee Lestrange, sister (1837-1887) and family
    Mariana Macnair nee Lestrange, sister (1840) and family

    Edric Selwyn, late husband (1826-1884)
    Edric was always an emotional man. He spoiled Kath and all of their children. Because of the latter, Kath blames him for how some of their children turned out. After some of their son's transgressions were discovered by the family,
    Edric chose the 'easy' route out and left everything to some secret bastard of his.
    Said bastard is merely a decade younger than Katherina and she tries to be friendly with him, though obviously she's not too thrilled that her own blood children (even if they were daughters!) were "overlooked" in his will.
    Michelle Fawley nee Selwyn, daughter (1850-1884) and family
    If you were to ask Katherina about her eldest daughter, she'd very bluntly tell you that she had been a bitch. A snotty, stuck up girl who grew up to be a Suburban Wine Mom, basically. Most of her family was killed in the plague of 1884,
    along with Michelle herself. Katherina tries to act like a surrogate mother for her only living granddaughter, Miss Angelica Fawley (1869).
    Lucille Gallaghan nee Selwyn, daughter (1856-1884)
    Lucille was the only daghter who, thanks to timing, was able to pick her own husband. Katherina wasn't too thrilled. The Callaghans were nobodies to Katherina, a proud Lestrange, even if they claimed to be purebloods and they were wealthy enough. Following Lucille's death, the two families were estranged.
    Nephele Lestrange nee Selwyn, formerly Thicknesse, daughter (1858)
    The only child who hasn't turned rotten, in some way or another.
    Nephie had always been a quiet and sensible girl. She's married twice, first to a Mr.
    Thicknesse of her parents' choosing and then to Kath's own nephew, Priam Lestrange.
    Kath believes that Edric ought to have made Nephele his heir but she is also biased,
    seeing that all of his money would go back to Kath's own family.
    Kimon Selwyn, son (1862)
    Kimon is dead to Katherina, even if he was never formerly disowned and the public never actually caught wind of his transgressions. What hinted to something being wrong with him was when his father decided to leave most of his money to a bastard rather than him. Kimon lives abroad since.
    Noelle Macmillan nee Selwyn, daughter (1865-1885)
    A trouble child since birth. She died after breaking an Unbreakable Vow meant to keep her behaviour in check.
    For someone standing only at five feet, Katherina can have a rather intimidating presence. She was never a particularly striking beauty, but she looks young for her age so that's good. Katherina is almost always smiling in a sort of collected kind of way, and as Katherina likes to say, her smile is similar to that of Mona Lisa's. Her dark eyes are big and round and her light brown hair reaches her waist and has yet to show any gray hairs, though that's because Katherina puts great care into her hair, often by using potions. She is mostly clad in dark and cold colours, though she doesn't shy away from warmer hues as they look good with her colouring. Katherina is right handed.
    October 2, 1830 | Katherina and Sebastian are born to William and Octavia Lestrange.

    1834 | Tybalt is born. Katherina shows her first sign of magic by magically appearing at the bottom of her house's stairways after she almost fell of them.

    February 23, 1837 | Olivia is born.

    August 2, 1840 | Mariana is born.

    Winter of 1840 | Olivia shows her first sign of magic by blowing up Katherina's dolls, who is not particularly pleased and demands her dolls are replaced with new ones.

    September 1, 1842 | Katherina begins her schooling at Hogwarts. She surprises her parents by being sorted into Gryffindor, though the girl is hardly displeased with the Hat's decision and quickly adapts to the new environment.

    September 1, 1846 | Katherina returns to Hogwarts for her fifth year and is picked as a Prefect.

    May, 1847 | Katherina succesfully completes her fifth year by receiving excellent scores at her OWLs. She receives O at Transfiguration and Charms, A at Herbology and the rest are all Es.

    July, 1847 | Katherina is informed that she is set to marry Mr. Edric Selwyn once she completes her education.

    September 1, 1848 | Katherina returns to Hogwarts for her seventh and final year, now possessing the position of the Head girl.

    October 2, 1849 | Katherina marries Edric Selwyn on her nineteenth birthday.

    1850 | Katherina gives birth to her first child with Edric, a girl named Michelle, after Edric's favourite sister.

    July, 1852 | Octavia Lestrange dies, leaving Katherina especially distraught, who, as a result, miscarries the child she was currently carrying.

    March, 1854 | Katherina suffers her second miscarriage.

    December of 1855 | Katherina learns that she's pregnant again, and this time she is determined not to miscarry.

    1856 | Katherina gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Lucille.

    1858 | Katherina gives birth to another girl, Nephele.

    September 1, 1861 | Michelle starts her schooling at Hogwarts. She's sorted into Slytherin.

    1862 | Katherina finally gives birth to a son, Kimon.

    March 10, 1865 | Katherina gives birth to her fifth and final child, Noelle.

    September 1, 1867 | Lucille starts her schooling at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

    1868 | Michelle marries an acceptable pureblood.

    September 1, 1869 | Nephele starts her schooling at Hogwarts.

    1869 | Michelle gives birth to her first child.

    September 1, 1873 | Kimon goes to Hogwarts for his first year.

    1874 | Lucille marries Aidan Callaghan. Although he is pureblooded, Katherina does not take well to him, as she feels that Lucille could do a lot better. She had always considered her perhaps the prettiest of her girls and she had been certain that she’d manage to bag herself someone from a more prestigious family.

    1875 | Lucille gives birth to her first child.

    March, 1875 | Tybalt slaughters thirteen Ministry workers, one of them being their older brother Klaus.

    September 1, 1875 | Noelle begins her first year at Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin.

    1877 | Nephele marries Mr. Julius Thicknesse, who she found thanks to Katherina’s help.

    September 1, 1882 | Katherina’s twin brother commits suicide after having made his family fall to the middle class due to his gambling problem.

    1883 | During Noelle's final year at Hogwarts, their relationship becomes quite strained. Because of her daughter's rather rebellious personality, Katherine forbids her from attending her coming out ball and even sends her to a family home in London so her behaviour can be fixed. Finally, a few weeks before Noelle's wedding, Katherina forces her to take an Unbreakable Vow that she will not disrespect her husband and family in any way. In June, the widowed Nephele marries Priam Lestrange.

    January 23, 1884 | Lucille dies after delivering a son who is named Edric. Her death causes the rift between the her parents and her husband to deepen, as Aidan distances himself from the family. Katherina doesn’t see her Callaghan grandchildren since then.

    August, 1884 | Edric loses his life to the “Laughing Plague”. The family is shocked when his Will is read and it is found out that he left the biggest part of his fortune to his bastard son, Mr. Edric Slughorn, whose existence was unknown to the whole family. Katherina feels deeply betrayed by her husband’s actions, but she tries to look at the bright side. At least he made sure to provide for her after his death.

    February, 1885 | Noelle foolishly dies after breaking her Unbreakable Vow by slapping her husband's cousin at a charity function.
    Good negotiator.
    Sees potential where other people might not.
    Not too fond of second chances. If you screw up once then chances are that you'll screw up again.
    Loyal to her family.
    Cheerful and optimistic most of the time. She's not the type of person to despair when hope isn't lost yet.
    Has big determination.
    Can be intimidating when the situation demands it.
    Out of Character
    Name: Soph
    Age: 20
    Contact: PM

    Last updated on August 26th, 2017
    [Image: 6S0w9Fm.png]
    photobucket tried to deprive me of this shante set, but failed <3
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