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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Iola Hitchens for Elladora Black. The Blacks' black sheep.
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Runaway Chocolate
April 1st, 1888 - High Street in front of Backus Family Bakery for this!
Maggie was still pondering what had happened with Lorcan nearly a month ago. While she was quite certain he'd been joking initially, he had left sounding almost as though she'd offended him by it had actually bothered her some and she hadn't seen him since to apologize. Though, that wasn't entirely unlike him. He'd go through periods where he stopped in frequently and times she wouldn't see him for more than a month. She just hoped this time it wouldn't be longer than a month. She'd decided she really needed to talk to him. Perhaps there was something that could be worked out..

She was brought out of her reverie by the sounds of giggling outside the shop. When she looked up, she noticed a group of kids outside and assumed them to be up to no good. Bustling outside to shoo them away from the front of the shop so as to not deter customers, she couldn't help but to grin as they scattered. There wasn't actually anything left in their wake but she did notice a brightly colored Easter egg tucked up in the awning of the shop. She figured they had been trying to come up with a way to get to the egg. For once, she was grateful for her taller stature as she only had to step barely up on her tip toes to reach the egg.

But when she brought the egg back down to be further inspected, it was no longer an egg and instead a bunny shaped chocolate. She tried to bring it closer to her face to give it a sniff only for it to start squirming in her hands! She hadn't expected it to do so and as a result dropped it. It started to bounce away and she quickly turned to see someone heading toward the shop.

"Watch out for th-" she started to warn only to hear what she was certain was a squeak as the person stepped on the chocolate rabbit and quite effectively squished it.

Open to any character walking along High Street!

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
Easter was always a fantastical time for Thomas. There was something just magical about the strange chocolate and rabbit based festivities that he simply adored.

His day had started as it always did; breakfast at sunrise and then training until it was time for some food. The problems started at that point and unbeknownst to Thomas, his day was going to get worse.

The first issue was in the simple fact that he had no food. Or rather, he had no food that he had taken a fancy to eating. It was an inconvenience that had set Thomas up for a generally awful rest of the day. So, slipping on whatever clothes he could find (which happened to be an undershirt, a pair of trousers, and a black robe with his team's logo etched into the front), Thomas ran out of the door and apparated to the high street.

That's when problem two happened. He disapparated close to the high street but as he began his walk toward the shops, his nose guiding him toward the smell of fresh baked bread, he noticed a distinct lack of money in any of his pockets.

And a wand.

This was just not okay.

But, not all was lost. Thomas figured he could use his... wit? Charm? Status? Something in order to persuade the baker to let him get a bread roll if he returned shortly with some money.

So there he was; determined, hungry, and going through an imaginary conversation in his head.

Problem three happened just as he approached the bakery. A loud crunch and an unnerving noise that sounded  distinctly like a rabbit coming from his feet.

He looked at the woman who tried to warn him and then to his foot before shifting his eyes back to her, "Oh Merlin." Thomas said with a sorrowful tone as he moved his foot from the chocolate, too scared to avert his eyes downward, "I think I killed your rabbit."

He swore he could see her heart breaking.
Maggie laughed. It probably wasn't a time to laugh but she couldn't really help it. Not with how miserable the man before her looked after he realized he'd quite obviously stepped on something. It was almost as though he thought he'd killed a real bunny or something, not just a bit of chocolate that clearly had an over zealous charm cast over it. She hadn't even been sure if she'd wanted to actually eat the chocolate but she was certain she no longer wanted to because who knew what was on the grounds of High Street.

"It's quite alright," she managed to say once she was no longer laughing though her blue eyes still danced with amusement, "It seems the enchantments on the Easter eggs around town were a bit exaggerated. The egg turned into a chocolate bunny that apparently preferred being squished under a shoe over ending up digested."

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
The woman was laughing. Laughing. What kind if sick, twisted, psychopathic murderer laughs when an innocent person steps on a poor, helpless rabbit and renders it lifeless?

'Quite alright' indeed. Thomas was too scared to move at this point and his expression was shifting from fearful to mortified to worried and then to confused. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on or why she was laughing but he was certain he would not look down.

Seeing the sight of a dead rabbit on his shoes was not something Thomas wanted to bear witness to.

After she stopped laughing completely and explained what had happened, Thomas looked down and his shoulders visibly dropped. He stepped away from the broken pieces of chocolate and ran his hand through his hair, "Yeah. I knew that, Miss. Haha." He laughed awkwardly - trying to brush off his clear embarrassment - and suddenly it hit him: chocolate. He'd stepped on some chocolate.

"See I don't know if this is worse. That's some good chocolate! Now look at it!" Thomas over-dramatically gestured toward the broken bunny before looking up at the woman with the blue eyes and realising where he was.

He coughed, straightened his clothing and bowed his head a little, "Sorry, Miss, Thomas Tilcott. Sorry about that outburst. I'm extremely hungry. In all facts, though, I was 'eaded to this bakery." Thomas pointed at the sign above their heads before looking briefly back at the chocolate, "But that can wait. What's more pressin' is what drove you to throwin' good chocolate on the ground? I'd have just eaten it myself."
Maggie couldn't help but to laugh again as she shook her head at the gentleman. He was certainly a different sort though he was at least entertaining. "I didn't throw it on the ground," she said as he hands were placed on her hips as if displeased for being accused of doing such a thing, "It jumped from my hands when I tried to eat it. Like I said, someone got a little over zealous with their charms." It definitely wasn't edible any longer though.

"But, to assuage your guilt for killing my rabbit," she said with a smirk as she stepped toward the door of the bakery and opened it for him, "I can treat you to another treat." She waited for him to go into the shop then, watching him almost expectantly to see that he was following her direction.

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
She didn't throw it on the ground, she exclaimed with a displeased demeanour. It jumped from her hand. Thomas raised a questioning eyebrow; why were people enchanting chocolate rabbits everywhere?

Thomas smiled as she moved and spoke with a rather welcoming smirk. Evidently his day was starting to look up as it appeared she worked at this bakery.

"Thanks, Miss," Thomas said, lowering his head slightly before heading into the shop and looking around. He turned to stop awkwardly in the centre of the bakery and looked at the woman with a charming, though clearly forced, smile; "I 'ave to ask. Is this your bakery? It smells rather good."

Thomas looked around and moved toward some of the sweet buns. Some of them appeared to have been shaped festively to match the day it was.

Tommy would wait until the right moment to tell her about his misfortune with his money.

For now, idle conversation would do.

"And 'ow is it you got the rabbit in your hand anyhow? The way I see it, you 'ad to 'ave picked it up from somewhere and I don't see anymore chocolate 'round this bakery."

He raised himself back into a fully standing position and looked at her, an ever friendly smile still on his face.
Maggie smiled at the gentleman as he began to peruse the goods of the shop as she moved around behind the counter. "It's my family's shop," she said once she came up to the counter in front of where he'd been looking, "And thank you. We specialize in breads but do have some different treats for those with a sweeter tooth."

She gave him a small shrug when asked about the bunny. "There were some children outside the shop giggling and that isn't always good news," she started, leaning against the counter, "So I went out to see what it was they were up to and an egg had been stashed up in the awning. When I grabbed it, well, it turned into a chocolate bunny and you know the rest." Not that any of it matter now as he'd squished the rabbit.

"But there's plenty of other things to pick from," she said as she motioned toward all of the other displays around the shop, "Pick your vice."

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
"It's a lovely store," Thomas said as he looked around, his eyes fixed on some of the sweets.

Her story about the bunny wasn't as exciting as he'd have hoped though it was still a rather enjoyable one for him to listen to, "What a strange place for someone to put an egg," Thomas shrugged, his gaze turning to a few glazed buns, "Though I 'spose it's for a little fun - and I am truly sorry for standing on it! I wouldn't ever waste food like that normally."

Thomas looked around and came upon a rather nice looking fruit bun bearing a cross on the top - much in the theme of Easter - and he peered back toward the shopkeep, "How much is one of these buns?" Thomas paused; he wasn't sure if he ought to be honest and tell her he'd be back very shortly with the money (whilst he could've already been home and gotten it, it was on principle at this point that he hadn't) or pretend like he thought he had the money. He opted for the former, "But I can't lie to you, miss, I left my money pouch at 'ome and I am happy to drop the money by later - and a little extra to say thank you."

And with that, Thomas waited awkwardly for the response to his embarassing predicament. Of course, he had no qualms giving her an autograph (most people seemed to enjoy those) when he got back later or giving her a few extra knuts. Ultimately, though, it was down to her generosity.
This gentleman certainly was a talker. It made Maggie smile. It was a bit of a fresh air compared to some of the more stuffy customers and clientele that they got in the shop. Of course, there was another gentleman that had always been a bit of a talker but he often flirted shamelessly with her while he did all his talking. The thought of him made her smile more though she wasn't about to admit to that. Things were complicated there and she didn't want to dwell on it if she didn't have to.

She looked to where he was pointed and came over to grab the bun out he had indicated. "I suppose you're in luck then," she said as she pulled the bun out and put it into a simple paper sack before handing it to him, "Because I said I'd treat you to something so you didn't feel so guilty."

She took a step back then and continued to smile as she wiped her hands off on her apron. "But I wouldn't get used to it," she added though didn't bother elaborating further, feeling what she said held enough meaning as it was. Though she was sincerely hoping her next conversation with Lorcan would prove fruitful and then she wouldn't even be there at the shop to give the gentleman anything for free anymore.

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
Thomas couldn't help but feel a little bad at the fact he was getting free food - though her reasoning seemed logical. It just didn't seem like a gentlemanly thing to do; not really. But then, the more he dwelled on it, the more he realised he wasn't particularly a gentleman now, was he? He was a rough Quidditch player who was in too much of a rush for food that he left his money and wand at home.

Food always won, it seemed.

He took the paper bag and smiled back, "Thanks then, Miss." He said with a little confusion - of course he wasn't going to get used to it; next time he would have money. Did she think him someone who begged for free food?

"No, Miss, I won't. I don't mind coming back with money. Honest. I just... I was 'ungry. You really do 'ave a nice place 'ere."
Maggie continued to smile at the gentleman and gave him a nod in response to his thanks. He was polite enough if not a bit eccentric. He seemed to at least be able to laugh at himself despite his problems. But then he seemed to think she thought less of him or something when that was far from the case.

"Oh no, sir," she said, still smiling and a shake of her head, "It really isn't a problem. I only say not to make a habit of it cause I may not be here much longer. If all things go according to plan, I hope to my own shop some day." And she doubted her brother would be so kind in such a situation.

Marvelous MJ Masterpiece
[Image: xpDSaN.png]
"Oh, okay, miss." Thomas responded politely with a smile. It was nice to see that she had plans for her future and if he was to be honest, he hoped she succeeded. The woman had an air about her that told Thomas she was passionate and to him, that was paramount to success.

He held up the bag and smiled before moving to leave, "Well, thanks miss. I 'ave to go now; I 'ave some trainin' to get to and stuff to do. But thank you again and I 'ope you get your store." He looked around the bakery, "'Cause I think you'd do well."

Thomas nodded with one last smile and left the shop. Sighing contentedly as he did, he took note of the name of the store; Backus Family Bakery. He would keep an eye out and one day, Thomas decided in that moment, he'd repay her.


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