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NEWT CoMC Homework
November 29th, 1889
NEWT Level CoMC Students,

Before you head home for the Holiday break, please ensure that you have turned in the follow assignment.

Please present a case for a level XXX or higher beast that you would like to study in the spring term. You will need to include;
    • A brief summary of the beast and its nature
    • An argument for why it is necessary to study
    • Why the creature is of interest to you

Due December 15th, sssays should be between 10 and 12 inches on clean parchment, legible and clearly thought out and explained. The most impressing and persuasive arguments will go before the class for a vote on what we study this spring. Use your resources and please see me in my office during office hours with any questions.

Best, Professor Collins

[Image: r6csEx.png]
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