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My Boa!
June 10, 1889 — The Golden Hearth

"MY BOA MY POOR BOA!" Shrieked a woman mid tears from the women's quarters.

Felicity sighed as she stared up at the ceiling. Why? Why her? Why a boa? What was so damn important about a bunch of feathers strung together anyway? Moments later a pounding came at her door. "Aye?" She called out nearly reluctantly.

"Little Fella, there be a woman screaming about boa, but I can't go in there because they get mad when I open the door." said William.

"Right...Where's Nanny?" Felicity asked as she slipped out of bed and quickly went to dress throwing on some old patchwork robes.

"She's out getting more booze. Griphook has a cold, and Silvertip is in the kitchen getting breakfast for everyone." William replied.

"Right." Said Felicity again. She stepped out of her room and moved back down to the female dorm. "Ms. Connel...Ms. Connel I need you to open up..."

Forty five minutes later and Felicity found herself writing a rather odd owl to a Ms Eavan Mackay, the only person she knew who just might be able to supply her with the creature that would save the show, as everyone knew it had to go on.

Dear Ms. MacKay,

It is in desperation that I write to you in hopes that you will understand my urgency. Our lead star, and opening act for this evening's show, has undergone a rather unfortunate circumstance; her occamy died. She insists that this occamy is pertinent to her performance, and seeing as I have billed her as the highlight for the next three weeks surely you can see why we simply must have another occamy. Please respond post haste if you can help. I've checked with all the locals and none of them possess one!

Your most greatful customer.
Philip Ghallager

A black owl flies off in quite the rush from the Hogsmeade owlery. Phil sighs as he watches it go and then checks his pocket watch. 8 hours to showtime.  

Tag: @Eavan MacKay

[Image: qEjS5UV.png]

Eva was looking for any kind of distraction these days so when a random letter asking about an occamy came through, she read it quizzically before decided it would be worth investigating, if nothing else. A simple letter may have solved the problem, as her occamies at the aviary were not exactly for sale, she wasn't a black alley black market dealer of magical creatures after all, but could likely get them in touch with a legal breeder if necessary. She was also curious to know what happened the aforementioned occamy in the letter.

Showing up empty-handed probably wasn't the best way to do it, but Eva had never really had an qualms about doing what was best for the creatures in any situation, over the people requesting her help. The theater to which she arrived was not a place she'd even know existed, but then again she didn't often frequent this section of Hogsmeade. As it was, she was rarely in town at all, work keeping her particularly busy these days, thank Merlin.

Approaching the first person she found, Eva asked after a Mr. Gallagher, citing the letter she'd been sent and pulling it from her pocket after receiving a dubious look in response. Even in her bloomer suit, she stood out from the characters she was finding in the theater itself, but it wasn't as if Eva was unfamiliar with the more... unsavory aspects of the slums. She was a working class girl in a rough occupation after all. She was asked to wait a moment near the entrance and so she did just that, humming quietly to herself, swaying lightly in an effort to assuage her need to be in constant motion.

“It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope.”

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William alerted Griphook who alerted Silvertip who finally got the memo to Felicity that a woman was at the front inquiring after Phil due to a letter. Felicity had just slipped out of her Phil persona so that she could carry on with the inner cogs of the theatre and gave a nod. "Right." She stepped out of her room smoothing her skirts and headed to the front of house and finally to the entrance. The door lurched open with a hefty tug, "You must be here about the light boxes. Phi's out but I'm his sister Felicity come in." She opened the door gaze looking left and right down the street keen of any rift raft that may try and follow and then ushered the woman in.

The performers were in the middle of rehersal all save for the one woman balling her eyes out in the back to which only her sobs could be accounted for. "Don't mind her she's been in hysterics since sunrise, when it rains it pours am I right? Nanny get us some ale and two bowls of soup. So Phil may have told you the light boxes are sparking and I'm not sure which enchantment is causing it. " Felicity hadn't eaten all day, and she moved to sit at one of the many tables gesturing for the woman to sit. It never occured to her that this woman was Eavan because she half expected her to show up with an actual occamy in hand.

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