Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Audrey Borgin vs. Cassius Lestrange
    Another duelling tournament had started. This time it was summer time, so she got to judge the duels outside the school. It was quite interesting to see her students in a different environment. Once again, she would make sure that females wouldn't do combative spells, as it was considered unladylike after all.

    She gently reminded the participants about the rules, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. "Please, remember, if any of you breaks the rules, you will be DISQUALIFIED. We had such cases last time, we do not want them to happen again. Miss Borgin, you can start. Mr Lestrangee, please wait until miss Borgin is done ad then you can respond." Julie said, giving them a sign to start.
    Well, at least she was paired with a pureblood. Audrey would hate to be defeated by some mudblood.

    She tried not to sigh with boredom when Professor Harper told them the rules, as if they didn't know them yet and then took a deep breath when the woman told her she could start.

    Defense against the dark arts had always been her favourite class, but she could not really cast many of that spells because they were not ladylike enough. Finally, she casted her spell. If eveyrthing worked right a snake would appear and it would circle around her and then eat its own tail.
    The etiquette teacher - Professor Harper, Cash had paid that much attention - told them the rules. Cash bowed to Audrey Borgin, his potions partner's cousin, and watched as she cast a spell with a snake.

    He thought back to the books he had been reading for weeks now and, with a slight smile, turned to cast his spells on the dummy. "Aqua eructo!" If it worked correctly, a powerful stream of water would erupt from the tip of his wand, which he would control to hit the dummy, possibly knocking its 'wand arm' backwards.

    He wondered if Eli was competing.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Julie watched the two with curiosity sparking in her eyes. It was a difficult decision, but she knew who deserved to win.
    "The round goes to miss Borgin, mr Lestrange you may begin now."

    OOC: Audrey 8, Cash 7
    He lost, unfortunately. Cash chewed on his lower lip. After a moment of thinking, he turned his wand again to the (now soaking wet) dummy.

    "Engorgio!" The intent was to make his target swell in size - he had no idea what that would do to a person, though he bet that Tiberius would know.

    If Cash didn't outlast Tib in the duels, he would be very disappointed. He hoped this spell ended up working impressively.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    She had won! Audrey tried hard not to jump happily, she had to concentrate if she wanted to win that battle.

    After Mr Lestrange did his display, she pointed at the ground and said her spell with a clear and loud voice. A huge dark tree made it's way out of the ground. If everything worked right the dark leaves of the tree would turn into ravens.
    The duel was uneven. The winner would have to show extra skill to get to the next part.
    "Mr Lestrange showed marvellous skill and for that I give this round to him. Miss Borgin, please begin now."

    OOC: Audrey 8, Cash 10
    Well, it seemed that trees did not impress Professor Harper.

    She tried to think of something marvellous, but in the end, she came up with nothing. She could only think of conjuring a flock of birds. That wouldn't show much skill, but Audrey did not want to keep the audience waiting while she was trying to think of a spell.

    Finally, after she took a deep breath, she shouted "Avis."
    Audrey Borgin did birds, and Cash thought carefully.

    After a few moments, he waved his wand at the dummy, "Densaugeo." If it worked, the dummy's 'teeth' would grow rapidly. He hoped it would work, and he was glad that the terrible nightmares had mostly stopped; if they had not, he never would have been able to do as well as he had so far.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Julie watched both displays of magic carefully. Both were excellent, but the winner had shown something she did not expect from them.

    "Mr Lestrange's excellent display of magic had learned him a pass to another round. Congratulations! Commiserations miss Borgin"

    OOC: Cash 9, Audrey 7

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